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Raw had to change gears, at the last minutes, due to the anticipated Blizzard. They showed the two main events from Royal Rumble…the Rumble Match and Cena vs Lesnar vs Rollins.

Roll the Opening Montage.

Michael Cole and Booker T were in the studios in Stamford, CT. JBL would join them later. They started by talking about the Blizzard that stopped the scheduled live event.

Cole and Booker sent it to JBL, who was out on the roof of the WWE Corporate Offices. JBL grumbled about how cold it was outside. John was on his way to the inside.

Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins
Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Title

The fans absolutely hated Cena. They were okay about Rollins but really popped for Lesnar. It was obvious the Philly crowd was going to hate Cena. I expected more for Ring of Honor alum Rollins (fka Tyler Black). Seeing Lesnar drew the biggest pop was actually kind of cool.

Rollins hit the floor and Lesnar sent Cena flying with a German Suplex. Lesnar hit another German. J and J Security rushed in and Lesanr sent them sailing with a Stereo German. Lesnar tossed Rollins into the ring and blasted Mr. Money in the Bank. German to Rollins and then another one to Cena. The fans showed their serious respect to the Champ. Lesnar threw Cena across the ring and hit an awkward German. Seth landed badly on his neck. Lesnar threw his opponents around like they weighed nothing. Suplex of Rollins by Lesnar. Brock worked John’s ribs. Kimura Lock on John. John tilted back to try and lift Brock. Seth with a Springboard Knee Tremble to Brock. Seth kicked away at Brock. Seth punched the ribs but that seemed to fire up Brock. John and Seth with a Double Team Suplex on Brock. AA to Lesnar but Seth tossed John out. Lesnar kicked out at one! Brock pitched Rollins and then Cena out to the floor. Seth Dropkicked Brock into the ring steps. Cena also attacked Lesnar. John chased after Seth. John went Vintage on Seth. The crowd booed the Hell out of Cena, which distracted John. Seth tried for a kick and John planted Seth with the Protobomb. John showed off and Lesnar sent him flying with a pair of Germans. Superkick, by Seth, to Brock. Seth drove his knee into Brock’s back. Michinoku Driver by John to Seth. Raw took a break.

Seth Back Elbowed John and nailed the Buffbuster. Brock made the save. Brock threw Seth out of the ring. John worked the ribs and hit three Clotheslines. Seth pulled John out of the ring. Seth flew off the ropes…into an F5. John interrupted the count to keep his dream alive. Brock launched John with another German. Brock left the ring and prepped the Spanish Announce Table for something evil. Brock shattered a monitor on the steps. John caught Brock and hit a trio of AAs. Seth pulled John out of the ring to avoid a pin. Curb Stomp by Seth but John prevented the pin.

Brock rolled out to chat with Paul Heyman. John Bum Rushed Brock into the Bullpen. A “Holy S**T” chant broke out. Lesnar picked up a chair but John stopped him by sending him into the ring steps. John picked up the ring steps and bashed Brock in the face. Lesnar fell onto the Spanish Announce Table. Seth hit a Super Savage Elbow to Lesnar! (Later, they would state the move cracked one of Brock’s ribs). “This is Awesome!” rant out as Raw took another break.

John was the only man on his feet but a Small Package almost took him out. A follow up Superkick brought Seth a two count. Seth dived at the corner but John caught him. John didn’t get the AA but he did connect with a Pop Up Powerbomb. Paul Heyman shrieked for a doctor to come and check on Lesnar. John climbed the corner, holding Seth. John wanted the Superplex but Seth wouldn’t go. Seth with a Sunset Buckle Bomb. 1-2-no. All three men were down, 2 inside the ring and Brock on the floor. Seth went for the Curb Stomp but John converted it into the STF. Mercury and Noble rushed in to protect Rollins. A stretcher was brought out for Brock. Shield Bomb but John kicked out at two. Seth was talking to himself to get psyched back up. Raw went to break, yet again.

Seth called for his Money in the Bank briefcase. Seth was limping badly as he got ready to bash John. John flipped Seth over the ropes and hit a Double AA to J and J. He then nailed an AA to Seth. Could Be…Might be…Denied! Brock was placed on the Backboard, on the floor. John and Seth punched away at each other. Seth escaped an AA, twice. Jumping Enziguri into a Curb Stomp. 1-2- Kick out! Seth looked a bit lost as he tried to figure out what to do to finish off John. Seth with an amazing flipping, twisting Moonsault. Brock rushed the ring and hit more Germans. Holy Mother Mary, he shouldn’t be up. Seth bashed Lesnar twice with the briefcase. Seth went to hit a final Curb Stomp but Brock caught him and nailed another F5!

Your Winner: Brock Lesnar
Raw/Royal Rumble Ranking: A Perfect 5.0

I want to publically apologize to Brock Lesnar. I have been extremely harsh on Lesnar in recent months. He showed me just what a fantastic performer he is. I also want to send out kudos to Seth, John, Jamie and Joey. Everyone just took it up to the next level…and way beyond.

Michael Cole sat down to speak with Seth Rollins. Cole asked Seth if he felt he deserved to be in the World title match. Seth stated he proved himself worthy by his performance. Seth really thought the Curb Stomps would take out Brock. Cole then talked about Seth breaking Brock’s rib with the Super Savage Elbow. Seth did that to take out Brock so he could defeat John. Seth admitted that he was very comfortable on the top rope. Cole then discussed the Corkscrew Moonsault that almost got Seth the pin. Seth knew it was over but Brock showed up after the Phoenix Splash (Seth’s name for the move). Seth was asked what would happen if he met Brock one on one. Seth knew he underestimated Brock but he was sure Brock underestimated him. Seth brought up the Money in the Bank contract…plan B. Seth was about to leave until he found out Brock Lesnar was coming out. Seth challenged Brock to come and move him off the seat.

Seth Rollins was still in the interview area when Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman showed up. Brock wished Seth a Good Evening and explained to Seth that he was in Brock’s chair. Seth knocked over the chair and walked away. A techie reset the chair and added one for Heyman. Brock knew Seth was upset that he got his butt kicked. Cole asked Brock how he was feeling. Brock confirmed he did have a broken rib. Brock said he pushed through the pain to retain. Paul was taken aback when Cole suggested that he and Brock were at odds with The Authority. Paul explained Brock was for hire, for the right price. Cole had them run a video package of Lesnar’s defeat of Undertaker at last year’s Wrestlemania. The deafening silence of the crowd was one of the most incredible things that I’ve seen. Cole asked how he overcame the intimidation of facing Undertaker. Brock stated that he respects no one, including the Undertaker. Brock said he was The Beast, plain and simple.

Paul stepped in and said John and Seth were not in Brock’s league. Paul said Brock was a “Once in a Lifetime” kind of athlete. Cole then asked about the upcoming match with Roman Reigns, at Wrestlemania. Brock hoped that Roman was up for the challenge of facing The Beast. Paul stated simply that Roman had no chance of stopping The Beast. Paul said he might come back, later, o meet Roman Reigns.

JBL was back inside and complaining about his frozen feet. He’s a Texan and we just don’t do cold well. The announcers took us back for he Royal Rumble Match!

The Royal Rumble

Number one in the Rumble was…The Miz! Number Two was R-Truth. Miz wasn’t impressed with the rap intro and neither was I. Truth kept saying Wassup as Miz tried to remove his shades. Collar and Elbow into a Truth Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Truth. Truth put on the brakes and then almost eliminated Miz. Truth got put on the apron. Shoulder by Truth let him come back in. Big Boot by Miz. Miz lifted Truth with the Fireman’s Carry but he couldn’t eliminate Miz. I loved the fun statistics. Number 3 was…BUH BUH RAY DUDLEY! Holy crap! The Philly fans popped huge for one of their own. Buh Buh dropped Miz with a Clothesline and Back Body Drop. This was Dudley’s first Rumble Match. Bionic Elbow to Miz led to a Scoop Slam. Dudley and Truth hit Wazzup! on Miz. The “E-C-Dub” chant going. Buh Buh called for the tables. 3D on Miz! Number Four was ready to come out but MIz was eliminated first. Luke Harper was the next to arrive. Buh Buh got rid of Miz. The two traded wild punches. Luke escaped the Buh Buh Bomb but Dudley came off the ropes with a wicked Clothesline. Number 5—Bray Wyatt. Wyatt got right up in Buh Buh’s face. Luke and Bray stomped down on Dudley. The fans chanted for Devon but didn’t get him. Buh Buh got pitched over the top rope.

Entrant #6 was supposed to be Curtis Axel. He never made it to the ring as he got jumped by Erick Rowan. Erick came out he ring and Erick and Luke targeted Bray. Luke turned on Erick and attacked. Erick ran Bray into a corner. Rowan with a Corner Splash on Luke. Bray helped Erick eliminate Luke Harper (and Erick Rowan). Time for a break.

Number 7—The Boogeyman! Yes! Bray and Boogie tried to Out-Creep each other. Bray went all Spider to try and mess with Boogey. Bray laid out Boogey with a hard Clothesline and quickly dumped Boogie to the outside. Dang! Number 8 to arrive was Sin Cara. Cara flew off the ropes and chopped away. Bray threw Sin Cara onto the apron. Jumping Enziguri by Cara. Sin flew off the ropes and got punched. Sister Abigail led to Sin Cara being sent to the back. Bray wanted the microphone. He issued an open invitation to everyone in the back. He made it clear this was his year. Bray started singing “Whole World” as the clock counted down to reveal Zack Ryder. Inverted Shotgun Knees and a Missile Dropkick by Zack. Zack called for the Broski Boot and hit it. Bray dumped Zack in fast fashion. Number 10 to join the party was…Daniel Bryan! The crowd absolutely exploded at the arrival of the bearded battler. Bray and Bryan unloaded on each other but Daniel got the better of it. Hesitation Dropkick into the corner, multiple times. He hit four of them in a row. Bryan then blasted Bray with repeated kicks to the chest. Bryan took Bray up top and sent him sailing with a Hurancanrana. Raw went to break just before Number 11 showed up

Fandango and Rosa strolled out for he next entrant. Fandango went right after Daniel. Good Dropkick by Fandango. Fandango with a Hammer Throw to send Daniel into the corner. Daniel flipped out from a Back Drop Suplex and hit a hard Crescent Kick. Airplane Spin by Daniel. Fandango barely avoided elimination. Next out was Tyson Kidd. Tyson with a Springboard Missile Dropkick to Daniel. Fandango tok the fight to Fandango and ut Fandango on the rop rope. Daniel Dropkicked Fandango, who fell into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Kidd with a wild Hesitation Dropkick. Daniela and Kidd punched away. #13 was Stardust. Cole stated that this was Stardust’s first Rumble Match. Cody Rhodes as in earlier matches. Star attacked everyone in sight. Star Rising Kick to Fandango. Fandango and then Star Skinned the Cat to avoid elimination. Chop Block to Fandango’s knee by Star. Daniel flipped Kidd over the top and out of the match. #14 was Diamond Dallas Page! Really?

Stardust jumped DP as he slid in the ring. Star picked up DDP and fell to a Diamond Cutter! Fandango jumped DDP and punched away. Fandango went up top for the Legdrop but DDP caught him and nailed a Top Rope Diamond Cutter! Bray then attacked DDP. Page surprised Bray with a Diamond Cutter. Sweet! #15 was on his way out and it was Rusev! Dang it. Rusev blocked the Diamond Cutter, hit a Thrust Kick and pitched out DDP. Fandango went out almost immediately after that, thanks to Rusev. Bray and Rusev stared at each other down but Daniel took them both down. Kicks to both Rusev’s and Bray’s chests. Rusev with a Thrust Kick to Daniel. Bray eliminated Daniel after Rusev put Daniel on the apron. The fans were massively ticked off. They cut for commercial and I bet you won’t hear the chant from the rabid Philly fans that followed Daniel’s elimination. I’m just saying…

Goldust came in during the break. Kofi Kingston was #17. He threw Dropkick but almost fell to Bray Wyatt. Kofi went after Rusev. Rusev threw Kofi into the corner. Kofi kicked Rusev into Goldust as the fans still chanted for Daniel Bryan. It was time for another party guest…Adam Rose. The Rosebuds came out with Rose. Those girls were mega-cute. Kofi was thrown over the ropes but he Rosebuds caught him and put Kofi on the apron. Adam Rose was sent out by Rusev in less than a minute. Rusev flipped Kofi on the apron and used a Side Kick to take out Kofi. What a disappointment that Kofi had so little time to shine. Goldust tried to send out Bray. #19—Roman Reigns. The Cosmic Twins jumped Roman. Roman fought back with Clotheslines. He also attacked Rusev and Bray. Samoan Drop to Goldust and elimination. La Bandera Clothesline took out Stardust. Roman was getting massively booed. Rusev and Bray took turns to try and take out Roman. Roman fought back. #20—Big E. Big E took his time getting to the ring. Rusev immediately stomped and kicked away on Big E. Rolling German by Big E. Rusev held the ropes to avoid the Big Ending. Rusev with the Otto Wanz Bowling Ball into the corner.

The final third of the field started with Damien Mizdow. He got a great pop. Miz rushed out to explain that Mizdow should step aside and give Miz his spot. Roman punched Miz off the apron and Mizdow got in the ring. Seated DDT to Bray. Reality Checck and Kip UP by Mizdow. Rusev quickly tossed out Mizdow. Miz screeched in anger and Mizdow joined him for the hissy fit.

Double Deuce Position belonged to Jack Swagger. Jack tore into Rusev and Bray. Jack nailed the Swagger Bomb onto Rusev. Jack couldn’t eliminate the big Bulgarian. Bray jumped Jack and then got a shot in on Rusev. Rusev and Bray worked together to pound on Jack. #23 belonged to Ryback. Ruback immediately planted Rusev. Ryback then took out Bray, Jack, and Roman. Ryback with the Meathook Clothesline to Rusev. Rusev held the ropes like a baby clutching a sock monkey (nod to my great-nephew, Casey). Next out, at #24, was Kane. He was two shy of the elimination record. Kane went right after Ryback and put him up on the top rope. Ryback survived the elimination attempt. Big E almost put Jack Swagger out of the match. Time for the next player is this brutal game. #25 – Dean Ambrose. Dean with the Slingshot Clothesline to Bray. Dean dropped Rusev but Kane threw him into the corner. Dean went up top and hit a modified Savage Elbow to Kane. Time for more commercials.

We’re back and everyone was still going hot and heavy. Wade Barrett came in during the break. Cesaro came out at the 28 spot. Cearo went right after Kane and then others. Here were quite a few men in the ring. Dean got blasted by a Flying European Uppercut. Cesaro dumped Dean over the top but he didn’t go to the floor. Rusev used a Dropkick to get rid of Big E. Dean unloaded with a ton of chops on Rusev. #29 was…The Big Show. Everyone went after Big Show. He dropped everyone in sight. Kane with a CHokeslam to Dean, hen Roman. Double La Bandera to send out Ryback (Big Show and Kane). Kane Chokeslammed Rusev, who rolled out to the floor. Kane kicked away at Cesaro. Skillet Slap to Cesaro’s chest. The final entrant was…Dolph Ziggler!

No Undertaker? No Sting? No NXT Kids? Really?

Dolph with Superkicks and a Double DDT to Show and Kane. Dolph pitched Bad News over the ropes and used a Superkick to send him packing. Cesarp Swing to Dolph. Dolph almost got eliminated. Dolph eliminated Cesaro and then got back in the ring. Kane put him back on the apron. Dolph flew off the top and met the KO Punch from Big Show. Show easily dumped out Dolph and the crowd was NOT happy. Kane and Show then dumped out Bray Wyatt and the boos got even louder. It was Authority vs Shield in the Final Four. He fight was on as Dean took on Kane Roman took the fight o Show. Dean dropped Kane and then nailed Show. Clothesline by Roman took down Show. Dean and Roman tried to send out Show but couldn’t get it done. Kane Booted Roman. Kane stomped away on Dean’s chest. Kane and Show easily lifted Dean and dumped him to the outside. A very loud “BullS**T” chant rose from the crowd. Show and Kane got some cheers as they beat on Roman. This is Philly! Show almost dumped Kane over the top. Show and Kane went face to face and got into a shoving mach. Roman got a rest as the two slugged it out. Roman took out both men. It looked like Roman had won it, but everyone forgot about Rusev. Kane and Big Show came back in and beat on Roman until…The Rock…showed up! Rock helped his cousin, Roman, take out Kane and Big Show. People’s Elbow to Kane. Superman Punch to Show and then Rock hit he Rock Bottom. The bell had sounded but Rusev was still legal. Roman hit a Spear on Rusev. Oman hen dumped out Rusev to win the Royal Rumble.

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw/Royal Rumble Ranking: 2.5

Yes, I gave it a mediocre rating. As I mentioned, Sting, Undertaker, Sami Zayn and the rest of the NXT kids were left out. The Returns were decent but putting out Daniel Bryan very early was just bad booking. Leaving it as Big Show, Kane, Roman and Dean was ridiculous. The final four should have been: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns. I’m cool with Roman winning but this was one of the weaker Rumbles. Had I paid $55 (instead of my monthly 9.99, I would have be livid). I’m seriously worried about Wrestlemania at this point.

HHH and Stephanie came out to see Roman standing in the ring. They were not at all happy about how things turned out.

The announce team was back and JBL was still whining about his frozen feet. Cole asked JBL for his thoughts about the Rumble. JBL said Roman came into his own, Sunday Night.

Byron Saxton interviewed Roman Reigns. Bad audio feed with a massive hum. Roman knew about the comments that Roman wasn’t ready to main event Wrestlemania. Roman finally admitted that Sika was his father. He told a story about learning to swim as a kid. Byron brought up how rough the Philly crowd was on Roman. Reigns hoped for a warmer response but he would take what he got and deal with it. Roman did show respect to the fans, even though they booed him darn near out of the building. Roman didn’t care about life being “fair”. Byron questioned if Roman was “Hand Picked” by the Higher Ups. Roman said he may have gotten a chance handed to him but he was the one that had to run with it. Roman admitted that he didn’t want to play off his family connections but he was proud of Skia, Afa, Rikishi, Yokozuna, the Usos, Rock and High Chief Peter Maivia. Roman said he was looking forward to meeting Brock at Wrestlemania. He also wanted to talk with Brock, face to face.

John Cena’s Fastlane Opponent would be announced…next.

It was time to announce one of the main event of the new Fastlane PPV. Before it was announced, the announcers talked about Miz’s upcoming appearance on Sirens.

They looked at John Cena’s post-Rumble interview. Rusev rushed in and started yelling and screaming. The two got face to face and had to be pulled apart. John Cena vs Rusev was pushed up from Wrestlemania to Fastlane. Don’t know if the US title will be on the line. Cole sent it back to how John Cena overcame Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane, thanks to the appearance of Sting. Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback would get their jobs back and keeping his spot in the Triple Threat World Title Match. HHH wants a Face to Face confrontation at Fastlane.

The next member of the WWE Hall of Fame was about to be announced. He was a movie actor, politician, body building legend and a supporter of WWE for decades. Yep, it’s The Ahnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Raw ran a great promotional piece about the former Governor of California. My favorite Arnold film is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, The Running Man. I have it on both DVD and Blu-Ray. A lot of the stars did imitations of Arnold. Arnold actually beat the crap out of HHH, back in 1999. I was kind of hoping Joan Rivers would get the celebrity wing spot but I’m good with Arnold getting the nod. He did give tons of wrestlers jobs in his movies. I would hope Jesse Ventura would induct Arnold. HHH will probably do it.

Dean Ambrose was walking outside and wanted in the building. Why is he there?

Byron Saxton asked Dean Ambrose why he was at WWE Headquarters. Dean said he walked from Harford to Stanford to clear his head. He had gotten a ride from Philly to Hartford. He said he go a ride, part way. Dean said he wanted to prove a point. Dean knew he had obstacles and dangerous conditions ahead of him. Dean said he was going to make it o Wrestlemania, no matter what.

Renee young, looing gorgeous, talked with Daniel Bryan. She brought up last year’s Wrestlemania. Daniel talked about dreaming about being a wrestler since he was a kid. Daniel brought up hat he people have the power, not he money people. Daniel said his World Title win was for the fans as much as for himself. Daniel then talked about having his title taken away from him. He felt he disappointed the fans. Daniel was back and determined to win back the World Title. Renee acknowledged how ticked off that the fans were. Daniel said he was the Ultimate Davie to Brock Lesnar’s Goliath. Daniel suggested that Roman had a whole lot of help from The Rock and Corporate. Daniel will fight Kane in a Casket Match, on Thursday. Daniel said he would do anything he could to end the war with Kane.

Roman Reigns will face off with Brock Lesnar, next. I think Renee messed up on reading the script.

The final interview segment saw Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns sitting next to each other. Paul Heyman shook Roman’s hand and asked if he could do the interview. Roman was cool with it. Paul stated he knew the Anoi’a family longer than Roman has been alive. He talked about managing Fatu/Rikishi, in the past. Paul even took Yokozuna’s first publicity photos. Paul said he was proud of Roman’s accomplishments. Paul even brought up The Rock. Paul mentioned how Brock came in and took out The Rock, dropping him from his top spot. Paul compared Brock and Roman’s rises. Paul reminded everyone that The Rock never asked for a rematch against Brock Lesnar. Paul didn’t understand why Rock didn’t warn Roman about what he was about to face. Paul wanted to know how Roman was going to face his famous family when he loses to Brock Lesnar. Roman was quiet for some time. Roman said he would answer it to Brock Lesnar. He turned to face The Beast. Roman knew who and what Brock is and what he was facing. Roman wasn’t sure if Brock knew what he was facing. Roman said if he didn’t take the belt, he would take a huge piece of Lesnar. The two shook hands, brutally. Brock said he didn’t resect Roma. Roman told Brock…But you will!

It came back to the announce team to wrap things up. The announcers felt Brock Lesnar might not be stoppable.


–Jay Shannon

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