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!BANG! TV Report – Edge and Christian to Host Monday Night Raw Tonight – Funk and Brisco Tag Team

Congratulations to Edge and Christian who will be hosting Monday Night Raw Tonight.

It was a privilege to be the Coach of Edge and Christian at the WWF Funking Dojo in 1998. Both Edge and Christian gave their all to go to the very top of the wrestling business.

I remember them telling stories of driving across frozen lakes in Canada to save gas money on the way to independent wrestling shows and tonight they will be together hosting Monday Night Raw.

Edge and Christian are an inspiration to all of us. They worked hard and   knew what they wanted to achieve. Everyone who has the determination   can accomplish their goals.
Professional Wrestling comes to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Wednesday  December 31st New Year’s Eve, Support Your Troops 113, “Hell’s Bells. The Card:

Dory Funk & Wes Brisco – Team up as Tag Partners
Dory Funk Jr. Wes Brisco, Dalton Drellich & Derrick Steeles
Shane Chung, Gabe Zilla, Jordan Decker & Sykarno

United States Championship
Wes Brisco vs Gabe Zilla (Champion)

Women’s Championship Match, World Title Match and Much More

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