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Welcome to the first of my weekly Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Recaps.

An Introduction:

Southern California has always been a hot bed of wrestling action. From men like John Tolos and Freddie Blassie through more modern superstars like Rey Mysterio Jr., John Cena, Sting and Ultimate Warrior, Cali has been a breeding ground for some of the brightest. Championship Wrestling from Hollowood now takes that decades-long tradition of showcasing the best talent on to the next generation and beyond. CWfH also embraces the “Old School” style of wrestling. Their product is much simpler in presentation but it is filled with great talent, solid story-telling and just a whole lot of fun. Let’s head to ringside for all of this week’s great action…

Our announcer team, this week, was Stu Stone, Todd Keneley and Johnny Loquasto. Tonight’s show focused on the leading faction in the company, The Vermin. We will see Ray Rosas vs Ryan Taylor and Scorpio Sky vs Johnny Yuma.

Roll the opening credits.

Shaun Ricker came out looking like something out of Mortal Kombat in his Scorpion-like ring gear. He took the stick and asked to talk to the ans. He was cut off by the arrival of Eric Cross. Cross called the fans “Mindless Sheep”. Cross decided to get all up in Shaun’s face and talked trash. Shawn joked about how small Cross is. Cross shot back with barbs and Shawn popped the loud mouth.

Shawn Ricker vs Eric Cross

Cross got the early advantage with hard shots in the corner. Cross had pulled Shaun into the corner. Eric stomped away and then finished taking off his outer clothing. Cross went to Shaun’s eyes. Ricker reversed a Whip and hit several Whips to the corners, followed by a huge Back Body Drop. Side Russian Leg Sweep set up Shaun’s finisher, The Gravy Train (a modified Michinoku Driver).

Your Winner: Shaun Ricker
Match Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Next out, Che Cabrera and Sasha Darevko of The Revolution were ready for action. They were joined by their leader, Fidel Bravo.

Che Cabrera and Sasha Darevko vs Steven Andrews and Drake Fortune

Sasha jumped Fortune just before the bell. He unloaded with European Uppercuts and a hard Whip to the corner. Che with a Corner Splash and Sasha with a Big Boot. Andrews took the tag after Fortune was thrown into the corner. Andrews flew off the rings and got caught. Sasha with a Stall Powerslam. Revolution Device. Double team on Andrews. A Superkick by Che sent this one to the pay window.

Your Winners: Che Cabrera and Sasha Darevko
Match Ranking: 3.0

Grant tried to interview The Revolution but Che took over and said The Revolution was hungry for competition. Sasha said the fans would have to embrace The Revolution. They called for a New Year’s Revolution.

Grant then interviewed Scorpio Sky. Sky explained this was all about respect. Sky was back after a short break. Sky said it was just a part of nature that Scorpio Sky would be kicking *ss.

Johnny Yuma vs Scorpio Sky

Yuma’s entrance music sounded like something out The Exorcist. The fans all turned their back of Yuma, because he was a member of Vermin. Scorpio, on the other hand, got a massive pop from the crowd.

Yuma jumped Sky before the bell. Shoulder Tackle by Sky. Universal but Sky with an Inverted Atomic Drop on the fly. Yuma flipped Sky onto the apron. Over the Top Hurancanrana by Sky. Yuma slid out to the floor. Sky blocked having his neck snapped over the top rope and hit a Slider Dropkick through the ropes. Sky pulled Yuma back in the ring and got a two count.

Sky rammed Yuma into the corner but Yuma pulled Sky off the ropes and nailed a Kneelift. Vermin was banned from ringside for this match. Elbow Drop by Yuma. Body Scissors by Yuma. Sky fought out with Bunches of Punches. Sky was bleeding form the nose. Yuma with a Butt Bump and went for a Backsplash Senton. Sky got the knees up and rocked the kidneys of Yuma. Double Leg by Sky into more punches by Sky. Sky kicked Yuma’s ribs. Kitchen Sink by Sky. Sky threw Yuma into the corner and Mudhole Stomped Yuma for a good 30 seconds. Yuma was so seriously out of it. Sky missed his finisher and Yuma went to the eyes. Spinning Heel Kick by Yuma. Sky escaped a Fireman’s Carry and hit the hard kick and knee and finished off Yuma with the Stage Dive (Cutter from the Fireman’s Carry position).

Your Winner: Scorpio Sky
Match Ranking: 3.5

Othello got in the ring to be interviewed by Grant. Othello thanked Grant for being there and then dismissed him. Othello focused on Stu Stone, his former manager. Othello demanded two idiots to fight. Stu Stone got up to go fight. This is exactly why I voted him MY choice for Manager of the Year. Stone cut a scathing promo on Othello. Stone said he was not afraid of the big giant man but he was a smart business man. Stone chanted for Cedric the Hitman. Cedric is no giant but he can hold his own in most fights. Stu took shots at Othello’s mom. Stu got the crowd into a sing song chant of O-Thel-lo to aggravate the huge man.

Cedric the Hitman vs Othello

Cedric jumped Othello, early. Cedric with wild kicks and a Dropkick to the knee. Chop Block by Cedic, followed by a Big Boot. Shoulder Tackle by Othello. Measure punch by Othello. Kneelifts and punches by Othello. Stu urged his man on but Othello kept throwing hard knees. . Hammer Throw by Othello. Othello tried to get to Stu, leader of Stu-S-A. Othello paint brushed Cedric. Cedric threw a punch but Othello clubbed him down. Scoop Slam by Othello. Gator Roll by Othello. Othello clubbed the back of Cedric.

Hard Whip by Othello into a Corner Splash by Cedric. Othello hit a 2nd Corner Splash and then went for a third one. Cedric dodged it and kicked Othello in the face when Othello hit the post. Missile Dropkick by Cedric dropped Othello like a bad habit. Othello lifted the lifeless body of Cedric but just decided to take the pin.

Your Winner: Othello
Match Ranking: 2.5

Stu Stone now needs to seriously rebuild The Family Stone. He is scouting and I’m sure if he looks up North, he can find some serious talent to try and take out the Ebony Annihilator, Othello.

Marcus Lewis vs Todd Chandler

Step-Daddy Sutton has taken over for Stu Stone. CWfH showed how Chandler turned on Dan Joseph, recently. Todd with an amateur takedown. Footloose is gone and Todd is now the Foot Soldier. Dropkick by Marcus. Springboard Buzzsaw Kick by Todd. Chandler with hard Back Elbows, in the corner. Stu rejoined the announce team. Running Knee by Todd. Todd stomped away in the corner and then choked Marcus with his boot. Scoop Slam by Todd into a Knee Drop. 2 count.

Marcus fought back but Todd with a strike to stop Marcus. Marcus came back with Clotheslines and an Enziguri. Running Forearm, in the corner, by Marcus. Todd with Inverted Shotgun Knees by Todd. Todd hit the Just Ribbin’ Ya (Tombstone position into a Gutbuster).

Your Winner: Todd Chandler
Match Ranking: 3.0

Grant went off on Todd for daring to breaking up Footloose. The feed was interrupted by Ryan Taylor. He said Ray Rosas was going to die, just like Joey Ryan, Mikey O’Shea and others. Ryan promised that Ray would be dead…

Ray Rosas vs Ryan Taylor
Heritage TV Title Match

Ryan is the reigning TV Champ. Rosas was dancing and working the crowd like a maestro. Ryan then came out to the John Carpenter-ish Vermin theme. Dan Masters did the official ring announcements for this match. Ray Rosas is the tag partner of “Pretty” Peter Avalon as P.P. Ray.

Ray used a Dropkick to send Ryan out to the floor. Ray almost pinned the champ within 30 seconds. It was time for a quick break. Ray punched away at Ryan. Knife Edge Chop by Ray. Ryan reversed Whip and hit a wild kick. Scissors Kick by Ryan. Cedric the Hitman will be out indefinitely, according to Stu Stone. Modified Abdominal Stretch by Ray. Ray punched away and ducked a Clothesline. Leg Lariat and Jumping Spin Kick by Ray. Rosas spent too much time playing up to the crowd. Ryan hit the Running Kick and pulled Ray off the turnbuckles. Drop Toe Hole into a La Magistral Cradle by Ray. Ryan went for one but settled for a hard kick to the head. 2 count. Ryan went for a 1%er but Ray got free and hit a Hesitation Dropkicks. Death Valley Driver by Rosas drew a two count. Ryan went for a variation of the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Rosas rolled over to almost pin Ryan. Ryan worked over the arm and kicked Ray in the head. Superman Punch and Step Up Enziguri by Ray. Wow!

Ray went up top but missed the Swanton. Members of Vermin came out to help their leader. It was a 4-on-1 beat down of the challenger.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Ray Rosas
Match Ranking: 3.75

Johnny Goodtime, Johnny Yuma, Ryan Tayler and Tito Escondido beat on Ray. The ring stairs were brought into the ring. The members of Vermin nailed the Drawn and Quartered onto the stars. Refs rushed out to check on Ray but Vermin wasn’t done. Fortunately, the locker room emptied to protect Ray Rosas. Vermin tucked tail and ran. The other wrestlers jumped Vermin and beat them senseless. The Vermin were all tossed into the ring. Scorpio Sky and The Hobo were ready to destroy Vermin. Vermin took down Ryan with a Uranage. Timothy Thatcher took out Tito with a European Uppercut. Johnny Yuma ran for the back. David Marquez, owner of the company, threw Yuma back in the ring. Sky dropped Yuma, big time. I couldn’t have asked for a better show to introduce you all to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!


–Jay Shannon

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