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It was a night of brutality as Michael Elgin returned to battle Hanson.

Roll the opening montage!

Welcome to Baltimore, MD…hometown of my half-brother, Bobby.

Roderick Strong vs Papadon

Papadon is a superstar from Greece. This dude is just freakin’ chisled. He was one of the most decorated Greek wrestlers of all time. Code of Honor Handshake. Nice to see Roddy doing that again.

Collar and Elbow and Papa went after the arm. Roddy Cartwheeled over but got locked in a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Papa. Universal into an Under Roll Arm Drag. Papa got free and kicked away. Float Over by Roddy into a Leg Lariat. 2 count. Roddy shoved Papa into the corner and then pulled him out for an outstanding Back Breaker. Kneelift by Papa into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. 1-2-no.

Strong Kneed out of a Suplex and hit an Enziguri. Papadon tripped Roddy, on the ropes. Rope Assisted DDT by Papa. 2 count, again. Papa yelled at the ref for a slow count. Jumping Knee by Roddy that led to Roddy finishing off the Greek God with a Suplex into a Flying Lung Blower.

Your Winner: Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5 out of 5

Strong threw out his challenge to the World Champion, no matter who it was, that he was coming after the belt.

Hanson vs Michael Elgin

RoH showed the issues between War Machine and Elgin and his personal cameraman. Elgin has a new attitude and music to match. Steve Corino mentioned that Elgin actually wore wrestling gear, this week. Elgin took the microphone said his beef was with Ring of Honor, not the fans or the boys in the back…unless they got in his way. Elgin knew the fans wanted to see a fight and he came there for a fight.

The two began slugging it out. Elgin kicked the knee and punched away. Shoulders but neither man would go down. Elgin with a La Bandera but Hanson pulled Elgin out and threw him into the barrier. Hanson with a wild Suicide Dive that dropped Elgin. Hanson tossed Elgin back in the ring and put him on the top rope. Hanson bashed at the chest. Elgin came back with knees. Hard Whip by Hanson. Enziguri by Elgin. Elgin reversed a Whip but Hanson with a Cartwheel and Inside Out Clothesline. Elgin blocked the Spin Kick O’ Doom and planted Hanson. Hanson rolled out to the apron and he and Elgin fought through the ropes. Elgin kicked the middle rope up into Hanson’s chest. Elgin with a 360 Flip Leg Drop to put Hanson back in the ring. Elgin went up top and hit he Frog Splash. Could be…might be…Denied! Elgin went for the Butterfly DDET but Hanson fought free.

The fight spilled out to the floor. Hanson pulled back the protective padding. Elgin fought back with a hard kick. Elgin also pulled the mat back. Hanson with a Back Body Drop as a counter to the Double Underhook DDT. Hanson went under the ring to find a table! The ref pleaded with the guys to get back in the ring. The Camera Guy jumped on Hanson and got sent into the barrier. Elgin bashed Hanson with the table and then set up the table. Elgin pulled Hanson up on the apron. He hit the Double Underhook DDT to put Hanson through the table. Paul Turner threw out the match.

Your Winner: No Contest
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

Hanson was back up and ready to fight. Time for a commercial break.

Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara vs Brutal Burgers (Brutal Bob Evans and Cheeseburger0

The streamers flew like crazy for Brutal Burgers. Code of Honor Handshakes all around. Will and Cheesy started this one. Will worked over the arm. Cheesy flipped out of a Snap Mare attempt. The announcers talked about Caprice losing his dad, recently. I send my best wishes out to Caprice at this most blessed of times that the memories of your father will help ease the pain of his not being with you, this year. God bless.

Sunset Flip by Cheesy but Will rolled through. Will blocked an Arm Drag but Cheesy spun around and sent Will flying, the other direction. The fans chanted for “Cheeseburger”. Cheesy has never missed a training session. Tag to Bob. Bob worked over Will’s arm until Will got to the ropes. Flying Arm Slam by Bob and tag to Cheesy. Double Hip Toss and Bob slammed Cheesy onto Will. Tag to Caprice. Deep Arm Drags by both Will and Caprice. Double team to both Cheesy and Bob. Caprice with a Scoop Slam for a two. Tag back to Will. Cheesy blocked a Suplex, for a while. Will would not be denied. Cheesy went under Will and tagged out Bob. Will hit Clotheslines but Evans would not go down. Bob put Will down, hard, with an Armbreaker over the shoulder. Bob then put Will into the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Caprice made the save. Bob tore into Caprice and Will. Caprice with a series of Flipping Northern Lights Suplexes. Will ended up pinning Cheeseburger with his own Northern Lights Suplex.

After the match, Bob attacked his partner. They seemed to bury the hatchet, almost immediately.

Your Winners: Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25

Cedric Alexander vs Tommaso Ciampa
No-Disqualification Match

Ciampa went under the ring to find “toys”. Cedric looked a bit nervous but he was ready to go. The streamers were blanketing the ring. Both men grabbed a chair. Cedric dropped his and attacked Ciampa with knees. They then went into a Chair Duel. Big Boot by Ciampa but Cedric hit a nice Dropkick. They ended up on the floor. Knife Edge Chop by Cedric. Ceric threw Ciampa into the barrier. Ciampa got a can but didn’t get to use it. Cedric flew off the ropes but Ciampa caught him. 540 Kick by Cedric. Cedric went for a Suicide Dive but Ciampa threw a can into Cedric’s face. RoH went to break.

Ciampa tore at Cedric’s face as the show returned. Ciampa Chopped Cedric. Ciampa grabbed a chair and drove the chair and Cedric into the ring post. Todd Sinclair, the ref, could not stop this insanity. Ciampa rolled Cedric back into the ring. Ciampa jammed trash can over Cedric’s head and hit Running Knee Strikes and a Dropkick. 2 count, only. Ciampa actually hurt his own hip with those wild moves.

Ciampa left the ring and went up to get a section of metal barricade. Ciampa slid the guard rail into the ring but Cedric nailed a Dropkick, through the ropes. Cedric pounded and stomped on Ciampa but he was so out of it. Cedric tossed more chairs into the ring. He also threw one right into Ciampa’s face. Cedric piled several chairs on top of Ciampa and then attacked with the chair to the others to drive them into Ciampa’’s arm. 2 count. Cedric stomped away on Ciampa and drove a chair into Ciampa’s ribs. Cedric set up several chairs and then put the piece of guard rail across them. Cedric put Ciampa on the railing. Cedric climbed the ropes but got caught. Ciampa Chopped Cedric as the “Please Don’t Die” chant got going. Superplex onto the guard rail! Ring of Honor took another quick break.

Ciampa unlaced the ring apron but Cedric knocked Ciampa off the apron. Wild Flip Dive by Cedric. Holy Mother of Pearl. Cedric with a Frog Splash to get a two count. Cedric put a chair on Ciampa’s chest and went back up top. Frog Splash! Dang! 2 count, yet again. Cedric pulled back the padding in the ring. That so takes me back to the days of setting up rings. Ciampa spat at Cedric which energized Cedric. Cedric used the bungee cord from the apron to choke Ciampa. Running Corner Dropkicks by Cedric. Ciampa was out cold. Tommaso came out of nowhere to hit a Brainbuster. 2 count. This match had me flashing back 15 years or so to Viking Hall in Philly. Knee Trembler by Ciampa. Neckbreaker onto the bare wood of the ring. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

The refs and security checked on both men.


–Jay Shannon

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