Posted December 1st, 2014 by Bill Apter

I have gotten lots of emails asking why I have not commented on CM Punk’s controversial appearance on the Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast. Here are my “Apter Thoughts!”

CM Punk made an unbelievable indelible mark on the mats of the Sports Entertainment/Pro Wrestling business.

Through the years there have been many departures from the WWE and it always boils down to this — not everyone agrees with whatever the company dictates. In the WWE it may be a battle over creative, a monetary issue, or perhaps the daily grind of being on the road.  To put this  in  proper perspective,  imagine this to be one of your co-workers vs. the company. We just can’t all be happy with our employer nor can they always be happy with a worker.

Punk changed so much of the WWE landscape in so many ways and like the majority of you,  I hated to see him leave. Keep in mind on the other side of the coin the WWE gave him that opportunity to blaze new trails as a performer for the company.

Rather than hear all the harsh words from either sides, I prefer to look back at CM Punk’s incredible journey we all witnessed in the WWE. I firmly believe we will see him again in a WWE ring — but  a lot of healing will have to happen between now and whenever that transpires.

I am glad that Punk finally had his say on the podcast of his best friend Colt Cabana. Now I say let’s move on. We need to let Punk enjoy being away from the Sports Entertainment world and be satisfied that he is indeed happy with his current life as stated. When that yearning for the four-corners of the ring re-enters his soul we’ll see him back and his fan base will rejoice!

BILL APTER–12/1/14

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