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Steve Corino returned home to Ring of Honor and he picked a great week to do it. Jay Lethal put his TV Title on the line against ACH. Plus, Raymond Rowe talked about the horrific motorcycle crash that not only nearly ended his wrestling career, but his life.

Jay Lethal and Truth Martini cut a promo about the upcoming TV Title battle. They joked about ACH actually making it to the arena, this time. A few weeks back, he missed a title shot, due to travel issues.

Roll the opening montage.

Caprice Coleman, TaDarius Thomas and Will Ferrara vs B.J. Whitmer, Roderick Strong and “Waterboy” Adam Page (The Decade)
Six Man Tag Team Match

Jimmy Jacobs wasn’t with his crew, this time around. A shoving match led to an all-out brawl. The Decade bailed out to the floor. Triple Team on The Decade. Will got flipped over to drop Strong, Whitmer and Page, who were on the floor. Thomas punched away on Whitmer. Whip by Thomas into a Running Corner Leg Lariat. 2 count. Tag to Coleman. Knife Ede Chop by Whitmer. Tag to Page. Deep Arm Drags by Caprice led to a Hip Toss. Will came in and Page got rocked by a Double Dropkick. Page slapped Will but ate a Back Elbow and Clothesline. 2 count. Tag to Roderick.

Knife Edge Chop and hard Whip by Strong. Will Hip Tossed and Dropkicked Strong. Strong blocked a Suplex. Will just pounded on the back. He also popped Page. Strong with a Dropkick. Tag to Whitmer. Double Corner Stomps. Whitmer ran Will into the corner and unloaded with a Knife Edge Chop and Face Rubs. Back Drop Suplex by Whitmer. It was time for a break.

Whitmer Snap Mared Will and Elbow Dropped the skull. Whitmer tossed Will into the corner as Roderick was tagged in. Will cut loose on Strong but got shoved into the corner. Will got the boot up. Strong pulled Will off the ropes and into a Backbreaker. Whitmer and Page took out Thomas and Coleman. Page offered Strong a chair but he would not take it. Will punched Strong into the corner. Strong reversed a Whip and then bet on Will. Will flipped free and nailed a sweet Tornado DDT. Coleman took the tag and opened up on Page, who had also tagged in. Coleman with the 1 Inch Punch to Strong. Coleman with a Jumping Hurancanrana to send Whirmer flying. Coleman nailed two Inverted Destroyers and a Double Northern Lights. Strong kicked Caprice. Thomas came in to rock Strong. Page pulled Thomas out and threw him into the barricade. Caprice with a fantastic Springboard Moonsault to the floor.

Caprice climbed the ropes but Whitmer caught him. Strong with a Enziguri and a Superplex. 1-2-Will makes the save. Will with Code Red to Strong. Whitmer attacked Will and nailed a Saito Suplex. Rolling Neckbreaker, by Thomas, to Whitmer. Page clocked a charging Thomas. Page pitched Thomas out to the floor. Caprice with a kick and escape from Strong. Page accidentally blasted his partner, Strong. Coleman with a wild Flying Inverted Bulldog to take the win.

Your Winners: Caprice Coleman, TaDarius Thomas and Will Ferrara
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Strong was ready to destroy Page but Whitmer said they were going to squash the heat. He ordered Strong to shake Strong’s hand. Page ended up jumping Strong. Strong did a major face turn as he went after Whitmer and Page.

A promo piece ran about War Machine (Hanson and Rowe). On August 12th, Rowe was hurt in a severe motorcycle. Rowe will not be able to return to action until sometime in 2015. Kevin Kelly was in the ring and he invited Raymond Rowe to join him. Kevin discussed the meteoric rise of Rowe, in 2014. Whitmer and Page came out to interrupt the interview. Whitmer told Rowe to take h is “B*tch *ss” to the back. The refs had to rush out and stop Rowe from kicking the crap out of Whitmer. Rowe stepped out and then Whitmer turned his focus on Strong. Whitmer said Strong proved how self-centered and selfish he is, tonight. Whitmer was ready to cut the cancer out of wrestling. That cancer was, of course, was Strong. Whitmer challend Strong to face Adam Page at Final Battle. That is going to be a slaughter.

A few select highlights were shown of Michael Bennett’s Bachelor Party. Sad, I’ve been married twice and never had a Bachelor Party. Oh well, probably wouldn’t have ended up married, if I had. Wicked Smile.

Adam Cole talked about finishing Jay Briscoe at Final Battle 2014.

ACH vs Jay Lethal
World TV Title Match

Matt Sydal was at ringside for this match. A few weeks back, Truth Martini did get a chance to chat with Sydal. Is Sydal’s presence at ringside a good thing or a bad thing?

Jay and Truth strolled out and circled the ring. Bobby Cruise made the official introductions. The two made did the Code of Honor Handshake before the bell. The bell sounded and Jay backed to the corner for a bit of strategy. Collar and Elbow to the corner. ACH gave a clean break after a few fake outs. Go Behind into an amateur takedown. Hammerlock by ACH. Drop Toe Hold by ACH into a Hammerlock Ride. Standing Side Headlock by ACH but Jay with the Push Off. Shoulder Tackle and Cartwheel by ACH. Cartwheel Dropkick by Jay. Nice combination of moves. RoH went to another quick break.

The two men traded wild punches. Jay went for the Lethal Injection but ACH tied Jay in the ropes and kicked the chest. Hesitation Dropkick by ACH. Lethal fell out to the floor. They were on the floor but quickly got back into the ring. ACH blasted Jay. Flapjack by Lethal. Jay pitched ACH out to the floor. Jay came out and nailed Knife Edge Chop. Jay put ACH on the apron for a Selfie. Truth took pictures with his phone. Sydal chuckled at the silliness from Truth. ACH reversed a Whip but Jay with a Sunset Flip attempt. ACH showed massive strength in blocking the move and hitting a Double Stomp. Scoop Slams by ACH. Jumping Elbow Drop by ACH to gain a two count. ACH slammed ACH’s face into the corner. Knife Edge Chop by ACH and another 2 count was registered. ACH with measured punches to the head. Lethal came back with punches to his challenger. Jay with a European Uppercut and Flying Forearm. Jay came off the ropes and ate a Big Boot. Go Behind by ACH but Lethal broke free. ACH grabbed Lethal every time that he went for the Lethal Injection. ACH fell out of the ring and crashed into Sydal. ACH hit the table, big time. The refs rushed out to check if ACH could continue. RoH went to a final break as ACH was being checked on.

Ringside was filled with refs. They led ACH to the back. He was not able to continue. Jay joked about how he took out ACH. ACH came running back down and tore into Lethal. He was not ready to give up. Cortino tried to tell ACH to fight another day but he kid wasn’t listening. Jay immediately went after the injured neck. Jay drove knees into the neck, over and over.1-2-not yet. Jay kept stomping and driving knees into the bad neck. Ach kept kicking out of pin attempts. Jay with a Seated Side Headlock. All 3 announcers were begging ACH to hang it up for this one. Todd Sinclair checked on ACH who was still with us. Ach got up and kept Knife Edging and punching away. Jay hit a Chop but missed a Corner Knee. Clotheslines by ACH. ACH was slightly Off Balance. Jay held onto the ropes to avoid a Whip. Roaring Elbow by ACH. Jay reversed a Whip but ACH slid under. Back Spin Kick by ACH. Jay flipped ACH over the ropes but ACH snapped Jay on the ropes. Warrior’s Way Double Stomp aka Dum Dum Stomp to Jay. ACH went up for his Midnight Star (450 Splash). He never got to hit it as Jay caught him. Jay pushed ACH off the turnbuckles. Flying Faceplant, off the ropes, by ACH. Jay slid out of the ring. ACH with an amazing Over the Top Flip Dive. ACH missed the Midnight Star but hit a Twisting Enziguri. 1-2-kick out.

ACH pounded away and tried to go UP. Jay held the leg and then pushed ACH into the corner. Superkick! Lethal Injection. 1 count kick out! Jay with the Small Package DDT to get a 3 count.

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

After the match, Matt Sydal got in the ring to talk with Jay Lethal and Truth Martini. Matt faked out Lethal as far as joining the House of Truth. Matt was more interested in the TV Title.


–Jay Shannon

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