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The Wolves were a team divided, thanks to James Storm. They were set to defend against The Hardys but would that match even happen? Plus, Lashley was ready to destroy Austin Aries. Numerous surprises were waiting for the fans, this week…

The show opened with a look at Bobby Roode vs MVP, from last week. Roode took out MVP during the World Title Match. Lashley then Speared Roode out of his boots.

In the back, Kenny King ran into Lashley. Lashley wanted to know where MVP was. When King didn’t know, Lashley threw a trash can against the wall.

The Revolution emerged from the back. James Storm, Great Sanada and Manik strolled down to the ring. Storm said he gave Davey Richards one week to decide if he was going to join the Revolution. Time was up and Storm demanded an answer. Davey and Eddie came out together. Davey kept looking down as Eddie was ready to get up in Storm’s face. Davey snatched the microphone out of Eddie’s hand. He told Eddie that he could make his own decisions. Davey told Storm that he was out of his freaking mind and he told Storm that he would not join The Revolution. Storm unleashed Sanada and Manik on Eddie as he used his bull rope to tie up Davey. Storm went out and got a steel chair. Storm sent the chair into the recently healed leg. Davey clutched his knee in agony. Storm came back out with a briefcase. Storm drove the case into Davey’s bad leg. Manik also stomped the leg. The briefcase was Storm’s Feast or Fired Briefcase that he won months back. Storm cashed in…

James Storm and ? vs The Wolves

Storm thought it would be an instant pin but Eddie tagged out. Eye of the Storm on Eddie. Storm grabbed the microphone and cackled. Suddenly, Abyss’ music hit. Storm introduced him as the newest member of The Revolution. Abyss took the tag and nailed the Chokeslam. Black Hole Slam to Eddie. Storm hugged The Monster and tagged back in. Storm took the easy pin. 1-2-3.

Your Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: James Storm and Abyss
Impact Scorecard: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell
Special Challenge Match

TNA looked back at how Madison turned her back on Taryn, during a recent tag team match. Madison jumped Taryn before the bell. Whip by Madison but Taryn exploded off the ropes. Forearms and a Dropkick to take down the Queen Bee, Madison. Madison went to the floor and Taryn flew off to Crossbody her. Madison drove Taryn into the barricade and tried to take off. Taryn caught her and threw her back in. Madison tried for a time out but Taryn wasn’t having any part of it. Back Elbow by Taryn but Madison pulled Taryn off the ropes. Madison worked over Taryn’s arm and ribs. 2 count.

Madison choked Taryn over the middle rope. Madison Whipped Taryn to the ropes and Shoulder Tackled her. Madison rolled into the Push Up Face Plants. Madison kicked Taryn, who collapsed. 2 count. Corner Shoulders by Madison. Flying Clothesline, off the ropes, by Taryn. Taryn ducked under and then hit a series of Flying Clothesline and the Rolling Neckbreaker. Taryn mounted Madison and drove Madison’s head into the canvas, over and over. Madison with a boot and tried to use the ropes for leverage. It failed. Bridging Suplex by Taryn. Taryn sent up top but got caught. Taryn pushed Madison away. Taryn missed the Crossbody. Madison kicked Taryn and booted her in the head. Taryn fought out of the Reign Check and hit her version of a Diamond Cutter.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Lashley came up to Kurt Angle and demanded his rematch against Bobby Roode. Lashley got up in Kurt’s face. Lashley said he would do what he wanted to who he wanted.

Backstage, Manik ran into the new kid from India, Shera. Manik was doing his best to recruit the guy into the Revolution.

Kenny King came out to talk with the fans. King wanted to talk about his “Squad”, Lashley and MVP. King knew that Lashley was at the fans, Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle. King then wanted to squash things between himself and Sgt. Chris Melendez. The War Hero made his way from the back. Ken Anderson was at Chris’ side. A “USA” chant broke out, big time. Ken took exception to King’s insults to his heroic friend. King told Ken to back off. King didn’t think Chris belonged in the ring with him. King wanted to fight one-on-one against Chris. Melendez looked at Ken and then explained he has heard all of King’s trash talking. He knew Ken and the fans believed in him…and he believed in himself. Chris said he would fight later on. King with a cheap shot on Ken. King then took off running. Guess that fight will happen on another day.

Gail and Taryn were talking with Kurt Angle. They both wanted to fight Havok. Kurt made a Triple Threat Match, for next week, of Havok vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell..

The Extended Beautiful People (Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Jessie Godderz and DJZ) came out for an elimination match. They were followed by the members of The Menagerie. I guess The Freak is on an extended leave from the group.

Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Jessie Godderz and DJZ vs Knux, Crazy Steve and Rebel
4-on-3 Elimination Tag Team Match

Angelina and Rebel opened the match. Love with Forearms and knees. Love clamped on the Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Love. Love with the shimmy but Rebel with a Trip and Snap Mare. Rebel missed the Leg Drop and Love hit a Dropkick. Steve patted Love on the butt. Rebel rolled up Love.

Angelina Love –Eliminated

Knux and Jessie then came into the ring. Knux iwht a wild Cartwheel after a Clothesline and Big Bot. Dropkick brought a 2. Jessie sent Knux into the ropes but got planted by a Crossbody. DJZ tagged in and got caught. Jessie Dropkicked DJZ down onto Knux and then held the leg to eliminate Knux.

Knux – Eliminated

Crazy Steve rushed in and rolled up a surprised DJZ for a quick elimination.

DJZ – Eliminated

The girls got back in the ring to continue the fight. Velvet threw Rebel out on the apron. Rebel with a Sunset Flip. She stacked up Sky but only got a two. Angelina sprayed Rebel in the eye. The ref didn’t see a thing. Velvet with In Your Face.

Rebel – Eliminated

CJZ hit a Flip Kneebuster as the ref talked with Knux and Rebel. Military Press Drop by Jessie. Sky asked for the tag She stomped away on Steve and tried for a pin. He rolled over and smooched Sky, pinning her at the same time.
Velvet Sky – Eliminated

Jessie exploded on Steve. Steve went for a Hurancanrana but Jessie turned it into a Powerbomb. Lax cover only brought a 2. Jessie snapped and stomped away on the grappling clown. Whip by Jessie sent Steve crashing into a corner. Jessie bashed Steve and climbed the ropes. Steve pushed Jessie off the ropes and planted Jessie with a Tornado DDT.

Your Winners: Crazy Steve of The Menagerie
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Jeremy Borash and Eric Young talked about the attack, last week. Rock Star Spud came up to thank JB and Eric. Spud wanted to be in Eric’s corner as he faced Tyrus. Eric thought it was a good idea.
Storm and the Revolution talked backstage. Storm did not want to talk with Manik’s friend. He slapped Manik and then whispered in his ear. Manik nodded and bowed. Storm and Abyss chuckled.

Tyrus (w/Ethan Carter III) vs Eric Young (w/Rock Star Spud)

Eric ducked and dodged to get into position for a Go Behind. Tyrus pushed Eric away. Tyrus reversed a Whip . Float Over and Slide Under by Eric. He made a huge mistake by trying for a Scoop Slam. Whip and Corner Splash by Tyrus. Eric got a kick in but Eric pitched into the corner. Heart Punch by Tyrus. Eric tumbled out to the floor and Spud rushed over to block EC3. Tyrus took down Eric and clubbed the neck. Kabuki Claw by Tyrus. Eric got to his feet and punched free. Exploder Suplex by Tyrus. Corner Splash into a Tyrus Dominator-like Drop. Tyrus dragged Eric near the ropes. Tyrs climbed up for a Swagger Bomb but missed. Eric punched away on Tyrus.

Tyrus was rocked by Eric and taken down by a Flying Forearm. Scoop Slam by Eric. EC3 tried to get involved but Spud blasted him. Tyrus took the distracted Eric and went for an Exploder Superplex. Eric fought to send Tyrus off the ropes. Savage Elbow!

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Lashley rushed out and Speared Eric. He then He planted Spud with a wild Chokeslam. Lashley found a chair and put it around Eric’s arm. Lashley stomped the chair to try and break the arm. Lashley locked in the Crippler Crossface as the chair was wrapped around the arm. Austin Aries rushed out with his own chair to chase Lashley away. Aries stopped Lashley from leaving. Aries challenged Lashley to come and face him, straight up, tonight. Taz thought Aries may have just made a huge mistake. Lashley accepted the offer of a fight.

Brittany and Samuel Shaw chatted in the back. Brittany had some bad news for Shaw. She told Shaw that Gunner came on to her. Baloney. She grinned as Shaw stalked away. I hate women like that.

Samoa Joe came out in street clothes. Mike Tenay confirmed that Lashley and Austin Aries would fight, later. TNA showed the ambulance ride that Joe took to the hospital. Joe said he had a hard decision to make. Joe was not medically cleared to compete. Joe had been put on the shelves for quite some time. Joe talked about what the X-Division was really all about. Joe said the fans deserved better than he could offer, right now. Joe vacated the X-Division title. Joe placed the title belt over the top turnbuckle. Joe said he would return to reclaim his title.

After the break, it was announced that four men would go after the X-Strap, next week. They are: Low Ki, Manik, Tigre Uno and DJZ. I have a funny feeling that the Revolution just might add more gold to their collection (and NO I haven’t read spoilers on that on).

Impact flashed back to last week’s Hardcore Tag Team War. Tommy Dreamer and Devon won the contest. Bram issued a challenge to Tommy Dreamer for a Hardcore Match, next week.

Samuel Shaw vs Gunner
No Disqualification Match

Shaw laid in wait for Gunner to enter. Brittany was with her man. She distracted Gunner. Shaw jumped Gunner from behind and then kissed his girl. Gunner came back to punch away. Shaw ran Gunner into the ring apron and ring post. Gunner ducked a chair shot and nit a Fallaway Slam. Brittany checked on Shaw. Gunner pitched Shaw in the ring and got his own chair. Gunner drove the chair into Shaw’s ribs. Brittany kept distracting Gunner. Shaw Dropkicked the chair into Gunner’s face. Shaw went for his Choke Out but Gunner broke free and punched away. Gunner missed a Corner Splash. Gunner reversed a Whip into a Back Body Drop. Running La Bendera Clothesline took both men to the floor.

Shaw dropped Gunner onto the ring steps. Shaw adjusted the ring steps. Shaw went to Suplex Gunner out onto the steps. He failed as Gunner flipped Shaw into the ring. Gunner with a Lariat as Shaw flew off the ropes. Gunner went under the ring for another chair. Gunner piled several chairs in the same area. Gunner blasted Shaw with a chair to the back. Gunner put Shaw up top and went for a Superplex…onto the chairs! Brittany shrieked at Shaw to get up. Brittany got up on the apron. Gunner tossed Shaw aside. Gunner slipped out of the ring. Gunner with a Powerbomb to send Shaw onto the steel. Brittany bansheed Gunner. Gunner threw Shaw into the ring. Brittany slid into the ring. Brittany drove a knee into Gunner’s male parts. Gunner went after Brittany but took a chair to the back. Shaw screamed that he had this. Gunner with the F5-like move to take the win.

Your Winner: Gunner
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Austin Aries vs Lashley
Special Challenge Match

Aries threw his shirt in Lashley’s face and then attacked. Running Dropkick by Aries. Lashley pushed out of the Brainbuster. Corner Shoulders by Lashley. Lashley rolled the ropes to go for a Front Face Lock into the Lash Chancellory. Lashley powered out. Lashley tossed Aries out to the floor. Aries slid in and hit a Slide Thru Dropkick. Lashley caught a flying Aries. Aries pushed Lashley into the ring post. Full Speed Dropkick by Aries. Aries threw wild Forearms to Lashley’s face. Aries went to the top and hit a Missile Dropkick. It didn’t quite connect. Lashley punished Aries but Austin came back. Back Elbow by Lashley stopped Aries cold.

Aries punched the skull of Lashley and then nailed several Corner Mount Punches. Lashley pushed Aries away and hit a Running Clothesline. Break time.

Lashley with an Over Head Belly to Belly Suplex. Lashley came back to nail a 2nd one. Knee Strike by Lashley and hit several more Suplexes. TNA’s answer to Lesnar vs Cena? This got ridiculous as Lashley kept tossing Aries around. Lashley set for the Spear but changed his mind. The delay allowed Aries to get the boots up. Lashley caught Aries up top. Aries bit Lashley’s skull to avoid the Superplex. Ear Box into the proper Missile Dropkick. Lashley was stunned. The two men threw Haymakers at each other. Discus Forearm by Aries. Lashley blocked the Brainbuster. Aries got sent to the apron but kept throwing Forearms. Another Discus Forearm dropped Lashley. Funk Neckbreaker, in the ropes, by Aries. A Double with the Suicide Dive that jammed Lashley into the barricade. Aries rolled Lashley intothe ring. Aries went up top but Lashley caught him. Lashley pushed Aries off the top turnbuckle and Austin’s face hit the ring steps. Aries was out cold. Lashley pitched Aries into the ring steps. Lashley set for the Spear, on the floor. He hit it and Aries was basically done. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner: Double Count Out
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Gorilla Press Drop, on the floor, by Lashley. Lashley then cinched in the Crippler Crossface. It took three refs to break this up.


–Jay Shannon

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