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Michael Elgin had a fantastic Ring of Honor World Title Match against Tommaso Ciampa. Plus, Hanson went solo against a former World Champ.

After the Creating Excellence montage ran, Elgin cut a promo about Ciampa. It was extremely positive about Ciampa but Elgin made it clear he was going to retain.

Roll the Opening Montage.

We are still at Night 2 of Death Before Dishonor. This is Chicago Ridge, IL. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino were manning the announce desk.

Hanson vs Adam Cole

Raymond Rowe, if you haven’t heard, has been sidelined for an indefinite amount of time, due to a horrible motorcycle accident. I want to join with the RoH announcers (and so many fans) in wishing a speedy recovery to Rowe. War Machine has the potential to become one of the greatest tag teams in the business. All my prayers to you, young man.

Code of Honor Handshake. The two hooked up with the Collar and Elbow. Cole got free and bailed out, after a Pie Face. Cole ducked and dodged but Hanson caught Cole. Cole tried to slide under by Hanson picked Cole up and popped him good. Cole snapped Hanson’s neck on the top rope. Corner Mount Punches were somewhat blocked by Hanson. Running Big Boot by Hanson. The big man slid out of the ring an blasted Cole through the ropes. Fist Drop, off the apron, by Hanson. Cole smacked Hanson and slid back into the ring. Cole kicked Hanson in the chest. Back Body Drop, on the floor, by Hanson. Hanson used a Catapult to send Cole into the ring post. Hanson threw Cole around like a rag doll. Hanson pitched Cole back in the ring and stalked him. Corner Mount Punches by Hanson. Cole slipped under and tripped Hanson. Hanson landed badly, as RoH took its first break.

Cole slammed Hanson’s leg into the ring pole, multiple times. Hanson threw Haymakers to the ribs and face. Cole with a Jumping Enziguri and Shining Wizard got Cole a two count. Cole rammed Hanson into the corner but he went all Missing Link with shaking it off. Hanson exploded with punches and a Whip. Corner Clotheslines by Hanson. Chop Block by Cole. Cole wanted another Shining Wizard but Hanson with a Back Body Drop. Hanson bashed Cole on the top rope and then nailed one of the biggest Bronco Busters in history. Cole reversed a Whip into a Dropkick. Cole attacked the knee. Inverted Spinning Powerslam by Hanson. Hanson urged Cole to come get some. Hanson missed the Spin Kick o’ Doom. Hanson kicked Cole completely out of the ring, while blocking a Figure Four. Hanson went for a Suicide Dive but Cole moved. Crash and Burn! Hanson was almost counted out but he finally made it back in the ring.

Superkick by Cole brought a two count. Cole cinched in the Figure Four but Hanson wasn’t about to five up. Hanson powered out and kicked Cole in the face. Hanson limped over to get Cole. The two traded shots. Cole kicked the knee of the bigger man. Cartwheel by Hanson but Cole nailed a Superkick. Hanson fell into the ropes and got tied up. Cole refused to listen to the ref and beat on Hanson. Cole taunted Hanson, who got free and hit a Superkick and Inside Out Clothesline. Hanson went for the Spin Kick o’ Doom but Cole caught Hanson with an Inside Cradle to get the win.

Your Winner: Adam Cole
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

After the match, Cole flipped off Hanson. Bad move. Michael Bennett and Maria rushed out to double team Hanson. Spear from Bennett. The Kingdom completely decimated Hanson. Cole wanted to share Story Time with the fans. Cole said no one cared about the Bearded Troll, Hanson, or War Machine. Cole claimed that no one cared about Raymond Rowe’s motorcycle accident. Michael Elgin hit he ring to clear out the Kingdom.

Elgin took the stick but didn’t get to use it. Ciampa came out to face the World Champion. This was filmed several weeks prior to Michael Elgin vs Jay Briscoe. The two stood nose to hose, without saying much of anything (at least that we could hear). Elgin didn’t want to wait and told the ref to grab his belt.

Michael Elgin vs Tomasso Ciampa
Ring of Honor World Title Match

The two slugged it out. Ciampa stomped Elgin, in the corner. Ciampa dropped the kneepad and hit several Running Knee Strikes. The two ended up on the floor. Ciampa threw Elgin into the ring barrier. Ciampa with another Running Knee Strike. Ciampa took a chair and sat Elgin in it. Wild Running Knee Strike by Ciampa. Ciampa rolled in and out, to reset the count. Ciampa dragged Elgin back to the chair and placed him in it. Elgin flipped Ciampa over the barricade and into the front row. Elgin with a Uranage to put Ciampa through the chair.

Next week, RoH will present the 20-man Honor Rumble.

Elgin launched Ciampa with a Buckle Bomb into the barricade. Flipping Senton, from the top, by Elgin. Could be…might be…Denied. Elgin grabbed Front Face Lock by Ciampa dropped to his knees. Elgin with the Stall Suplex. Ciampa with the Testicular Claw to escape. Haymakers by both men. Elgin heated up and Ciampa kept taunting Elgin to hit him. Elgin sat down and urged Ciampa to hit him. Elgin took a kick to the back but got right up. Face Wash by Ciampa. Elgin with Flying Bridging Germans. Kelly and Corino got shots in on the Brock Lesnar 16-Germans at SummerSlam. Elgin used a German to send Tommaso into the corner. Ciampa blocked the Outside In Superplex. Ciampa pulled back the padding on the floor. “Please Don’t Die” rang out from the crowd. Ciampa wanted the Inside Out Superplex, to the floor, but Elgin wasn’t having any part of it. Death Valley Driver, by Elgin, from the apron through a table. Wow! The ref began to count out both men. Elgin forced himself to his feet and slid into the ring. Ciampa sprang up and got in the ring at 19. After that, RoH needed to take a break.

RoH looked back at Matt Hardy giving the Iconic title to Maria, a few months back. Maria is now calling herself the Iconic Title. The Kingdom discussed how great things have been going for them, even though Matt Hardy has left (to go to TNA). Maria suggested that Matt was soon to return.

Back to the action. Both men were seriously hurting from that table spot. Elgin called for the Lariat but Ciampa dodged it. Both men hit wild Knees. Lariat from Beyond Hell by Elgin. Buckle Bomb but Ciampa came back with a Lariat of his own. White Noise by Ciampa for a two. Ciampa slapped himself to get back in the right mindset. Ciampa put Elgin up top and Knife Edge Chopped the champion. Ciampa drove his fingers into Elgin’s eyes. Elgin fought from the top rope. Ciampa nailed a series of Headbutt. Sunset Bomb into an Elgin Bomb got a two plus count. Crippler Crossface by Elgin but Ciampa got his foot on the ropes. Break time, again.

Elgin finally got to his feet and went after Ciampa. Outside In Stall Superplex by Ciampa but Tommaso converted it into Project Ciampa. 2 count! Sicilian Stretch but Elgin countered it. Both men kept countering each other’s moves. Spinning Back Fist into a series of Knee Drops to the back of the head. The ref stopped the match.

Your Winner (by Referee Stoppage): Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.90

Kelly and Corino called for water and ice for both men. Ciampa finally came to and couldn’t believe that the match was over. Ciampa begged to have the match continue but it wasn’t happening. Ciampa withdrew into himself for a few moments. Elgin offered the handshake. Ciampa ignored it, at first. He picked up the World Title belt and then dropped it. Ciampa went out of the ring, refusing to hake the champ’s hand. Ciampa attacked one of the ringside crew and then spat and slapped another one. Ciampa got up in Kevin Kelly’s face and attacked him. He threw Kelly into the ring and Steve Corino came in to stop Ciampa. The fans chanted for Steve Corino. They finally got Kelly out of the ring as Ciampa slowly descended into madness. Ciampa attacked the ring announcer, Bobby Cruise. I’ve been attacked, by wrestlers, and it is scary as Hell. Ciampa with repeated Running Knee Strikes to Cruise. Ring of Honor cut the feed.


–Jay Shannon

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