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Randy Orton was looking for Kane to have a little talk. Kane said it was unwise for Randy to show up in Kane’s area. Randy admitted that he was wrong and he was sorry. Randy wanted an apology but Kane quoted Love Story with Never having to say Sorry. Randy wanted to be sure that John Cena didn’t leave with the titles. Kane said either he or Randy would win, but seriously suggested it would be him.

The Pre-show panel was split on their predictions for the WWE World title match. Christian and Alex Riley picked Roman Reigns. Booker T went for Randy Orton. I picked John Cena.

The Rusev and Jack Swagger situation was analyzed.

Lana had to do her typical anti-American rant.


Rusev and Lana ended up arguing because Rusev went to the floor to avoid the Patriot Lock. Rysv was rocked with Knees but Rusev came back to Steam Roll Swagger. Fallaway Slam by Rusev. Rusev assaulted Jack’s back with hard kicks. Kabuki Claw to the neck. Crossfaces by Rusev. Rusev kicked at Jack’s hamstrings, over and over. Rusev went back to the Kabuki Claw. Jack stomped the foot of the big Bulgarian/Russian but was sent over the top rope. Jack hit the Spanish Announce Table, hard.

Rusev kept Jack from getting into the ring until Zeb psyched his charge up. Jack got in and ran over Rusev. Swagger Bomb for a two. Jack blocked the Thrust Kick and cinched in the Patriot Lock. Rusev couldn’t reach the ropes. Lana screamed at her man. Rusev used his last bit of energy to reach the ropes. Jack and Rusev fought on the floor. Jack clamped on the Patriot Lock, again. The ref began to count. Rusev sent Jack into the ring post. Rusev rolled into the ring, just before 10.

Your Winner (by Count-out): Rusev
Battleground Scorecard: 2.75

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