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The final players in the WWE World Title Money in the Bank match were put in place.

The stage was lined with all the roster members. HHH and Stephanie McMahon then came from the back. Steph patted Seth Rollins on the shoulder as HHH said something, unheard, to John Cena. Raw looked at how Daniel Bryan was stripped of the WWE World Title, last week. The Authority discussed how important the WWE World title is. Stephanie said the WWE is only as strong as its champion. She got her shots in on Daniel Bryan, as did HHH. HHH actually accused Daniel of not being willing to defend. Sorry, I thought he was injured? Stephanie announced a Battle Royal to determine who would go into the Money in the Bank. HHH said Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and John Cena would not be allowed in the Battle Royal. HHH told Cena he would be allowed to “Help” Kane and The Authority. HHH said they hated to lie to the fans, so Cena will get to battle Kane in a Stretcher Match. An ambulance was backed into the arena. The EMTs brought stretchers out of the ambulance and rolled them to ringside.

Kevin Hart, a comic, is the Special Guest Host tonight. Speaking of comics, I want to say my good-byes to one of my favorite British comedians/actors, Rik Mayall. He starred in great shows like The Young Ones and Bottom, as fell as being in dozens of films. He passed away, last week, from a heart attack. Rest in Peace and thanks for all the laughs.

Kane came out and looked at the ambulance.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

Dolph showed his respect for Special Olympics by drawing attention to the logo that is on the ramp. Dolph was billed as being from Cleveland. Seth has new music but the same in-ring outfit. Raw looked back at how Seth turned on The Shield.

Collar and Elbow into a Dolph Hammerlock and Side Headlock. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle by Dolph. Seth kicked Dolph in the face, over and over. Dolph reversed a Whip into a Hip Toss. 2 count. Seth bailed out to the floor. “You Sold Out” rose from the crowd. Seth hopped back in the ring and circled Dolph. Side Headlock Takeover by Seth. Shoulder Tackle by Seth. Universal into a nice Dropkick by Dolph. Seth with a brutal reversed Irish Whip that had Dolph crash into the corner at Warp Speed. Time for a break.

We’re back and the action was still going hot and heavy. Seth almost pinned Dolph. Seth cranked on Dolph’s neck but Ziggler hit a Jawbreaker. Dolph ended up on the floor. Seth went for a Suicide Dive but Dolph with a hard punch. Corner Mount Punches by Dolph. Flying Clothesline by Dolph but Seth got out of the Funk Neckbreaker. Jumping Enziguri by Seth. Seth bounced but missed the Curb Stomp. DDT by Dolph but only a two count. Back Elbow by Dolph into a Flying Crossbody. Wild punches by Dolph. Dolph with a Sunset Destroyer after Seth blocked the Famouser. 1-2-no. Seth went for the Curb Stomp but Dolph clamped on the Sleeper. Famouser! 2 count, yet again! Dolph seemed completely lost when that move failed.

Seth blocked the Zig Zag. Seth missed the Springboard Moonsault. Seth blocked the Flying DDT as Seth held him. Buckle Bomb by Seth. Full Mount Punches by Seth. Seth with another Buckle Bomb into the Curb Stomp. Dean Ambrose rushed in and started wailing on Seth. Seth headed for higher ground.

Your Winner (by disqualification): Seth Rollins
Raw Ranking: 3.25 out of a possible 5

Dean said he was going to destroy Seth. He demanded that Seth fight him like a man. Seth considered it. Dean was stopped by HHH, who was on the Tron. HHH said Dean was going to get to fight…Bad News Barrett.

Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett
Non-Title Match

I still haven’t figured out why Barrett’s music says “God Save the Queen”. You’d think they would have made it “God Save our King”. I know that Lizzie is still on the throne, in England, but it just seems strange. Anyway, the fight starts next…

Dean worked over Barrett’s leg. BNB reversed a Whip but Dean with a Flying Crossbody. Dean sent BNB to the corner and ran the elbow across the face. Snap Suplex by Dean for a two. Barrett started to fight back with a Headbutt and hard stomps. Rolling Neckbreaker by Barrett for a two. Rear Chin Lock by Barrett. JBL kept talking about what a nutcase Dean is. Back Drop Suplex by Dean. Thrust Kick by BNB into a Running Boot. 1-2-no. Knee Strikes by BNB< in the corner. Thesz Press into wild punches by Dean. La Bandera Clothesline by Ambrose. Dean flew over the top rope to take out BNB.

Dean pitched Barrett back in the ring and got on the top rope. Barrett hit a Clothesline that caused Dean to tumble out to the floor. Dean hit his shoulder, hard, on the apron. Dean’s shoulder was hurt, last week. BNB came out and Power Whipped the arm. BNB stood over Dean as Raw took another break.]’

Dean slid out to the floor as Raw returned. Barrett came out and rushed the shoulder into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Barrett worked over the arm. Dean came back with Back Elbows, using the good arm. BNB reversed a Whip. Tornado DDT by Dean. 1-2-kick out by BNB. Barrett punched away but Dean with a Necktie Neckbreaker. 2 count. Dean punched away with the good arm. Winds of Change by Barrett that almost scored the win. Barrett went for Wasteland but Dean converted it into a Crucifix Slide. Dean bounced off the ropes to nail the Clothesline. Seth got up on the announce table to distract. Dean got in a shot. Dean then threw Barrett to the outside. Suicide Dive by Dean to take out both Barrett and Seth. Dean went out to fight Seth. Barrett got back in the ring as Dean continued to wail on his former partner. Dean came back in and clocked Barrett in the back of Barrett’s neck. Dirty Deeds (1%er) to Barrett.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Wade “Bad News” Barrett
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Backstage, Roman talked with Vickie. He asked Vickie to put in a good word for him to get him into the Battle Royal. He flirted with her and also brought up that she was a Guerrero. He talked about how to kiss The Authority’s butts. He told her to get some sweetener for the coffees. As Vickie rushed off to get it, Roman did something to the drinks. Vickie had a nervous sneeze that made Roman laugh. This should be good.

Bray Wyatt told Cleveland “We’re Here”. The Wyatts are up next.

Bray Wyatt and his boys came out. The cell phones were sending blue glows like a Christmas tree all around the arena. Bray rambled on about Power. Bray said Power would be the downfall of all mankind. Bray pointed up at the titles hanging above the ring and said that was the ultimate sign of power. He then talked about how his “brothers” were outcasts and worthless like dirt. Bray then announced that Luke Harper and Erick Rowan would take all the power from the Usos, at Money in the Bank. Bray also mentioned that he would climb the ladder and change the world, forever. Bray started singing “Whole World”, again. That still irritates me.

Bray was cut off by the arrival of Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior stared at the odd trio in the ring. Sheamus talked about bad luck by walking under a ladder. Sheamus threatened to shove his boot down Bray’s throat. Sheamus yelled it was time to fight, Fella.

Sheamus vs Bray Wyatt

Bray ordered Luke and Erick out to the floor. Bray cackled and then went into the Collar and Elbow. The ref backed Sheamus off when they reached the corner. Bray laughed. The two slugged it out and Sheamus ran Bray to the corner. Bray fought out with punches and Headbutts. Headbutts by Sheamus. The two just went wild with punches. Short Arm Clothesline and Stomp by Sheamus. European Uppercut by Sheamus. Bray took Sheamus down and unloaded with rights.

Hard punch by Bray into a Hammer Throw. Bray stalked Sheamus. Sheamus and Bray blocked Suplexes. Sheamus ended up hitting one as Lawler talked about a weird encounter with a 4 year old who was a Bray fan. Creepy. Bray attacked Sheamus, in the corner. Double Sledge by Sheamus. Knee Strikes by Sheamus. Sheamus went to the middle turnbuckle and hit a Flying Elbow Smash. Sheamus knocked Bray off the apron. Luke and Erick stood guard over their leader. The Usos rushed down to even the numbers. Time for another break.

Bray had Sheamus down with a Modified Rear Chin Lock. Sheamus and Bray traded punches. Bray with a Headbutt to get a two count. Bray struck the Raven Pose. Sheamus blasted Bray. The two fought from their knees. Bray reversed a Whip but Sheamus with a Clothesline and Double Sledges. Shoulder Block by Sheamus but Bray nailed the Irishman. Sheamus blocked the Uranage and threw Bray onto the apron. 10 Beats to Bray’s chest. Sheamus lifted Bray up for White Noise but Bray escaped. Shot to the back of Sheamus’ head. Bray with a kick off the Reversed Whip. Powerslam by Sheamus. Sheamus called for the Brogue Kick but Harper and Rowan jumped Sheamus. That brought over the Usos. The ref called for the bell as all six men battle on the floor.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Rolling Senton, on the floor, by Sheamus. The Usos with a Double Thrust Kick to send a ladder into Erick and Luke. Sheamus sent Luke and Erick to the floor with a ladder shot. Ladder-Assisted Stereo Planchas by the Usos. Wild finish to what had been a decent match.

Vickie brought the coffee to HH and Stephanie. HHH spilled his coffee all over Vickie. He went off on her because he didn’t have anything to drink. He sent her to go get fresh coffee. Stephanie drank away on her “altered” beverage.

I want to take just a moment to wish my friend, Joe Bruen, the best of luck with his New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Fan Fest 4 event in Warwick, RI, this week-end. He’s bringing in tons of fantastic guests from the past, present and future of pro wrestling. The event will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, RI. I was originally scheduled to be there but due to recent dental surgery, I’m just not up to going. My apologies to Joe, and the fans. Through Rivalry Championship Wrestling, a trio of great stars WILL be there for the fans: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Nicole Bass and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner. For more information, you can go to:



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Raw looked at the ambulance and Finish Line for he Stretcher Match.

Renee Young chatted with Stephanie McMahon. She started to talk about the Battle Royal but Stephanie began feeling he effects of her laced coffee. She rushed off as Paul Heyman strolled in. Paul introduced himself and talked about the WWE World Title Match, that he was sure that Cesaro would win. He kept pushing the “Guarantee” that there would be a new champ. I still think Daniel Bryan is going to somehow come back and win this one. Paul had to get in that Brock beat Undertaker, again. Enough already, Paul E. Paul said he had a spoiler for Money in the Bank…Ceasro would win.

Raw looked back at Rusev getting a medal from Russia. Whatever.

Heath Slater vs Rusev

JBL talked about how Heath was the only remaining member of 3MB. (Drew McIntyre and Jindar Mahal were victims of last week’s bloodbath of releases, along with 9 others). Lana didn’t do her typical introduction of her charge. Rusev came out with the Russian flag and allowed Lana to take his medal for safekeeping. Rusev did his pre-match warm up. Lana then took the stick and started ranting about how weak America is and how fantastic Russia is. Yawn. Heath got sick of hearing her crap and said if they liked Russian so much, go back there. Heath said he was now the American Rock Star. The crowd popped for Heath for one of the few times in his career. This kid can actually talk pretty well on the stick.

The bell rang and Rusev was ready to annihilate Slater. Heath with a hard pop and kick. The former Golden Gloves competitor got blasted by Rusev’s Thrust Kick. Accolade! Tap Out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Ranking: 1.0

In the back, Stephanie was hurling day-glo. Vickie came in and HHH wanted to know what Vickie did to the coffee. HHH ordered Vickie to go in and check on his wife. Vickie got blasted by Stephanie’s vomit. Nasty. HHH took Steph to a local doctor and left Vickie in charge. He told Vickie to take a shower. Vickie freaked out and shrieked at the top of her lungs. HHH was about to blow chunks. HHH warned her not to let anything go wrong in the Battle Royal. The Guerrero Fire rose to volcanic levels.

Roman came to talk to Vickie. She was still covered in the nasty stuff that Stephanie threw up. Roman said Vickie should do something positive before The Authority fires her. Vickie screamed that Roman was in the Battle Royal. The plan worked to perfection. The Authority had left so neither HHH nor Stephanie could overturn the decision.

A preview of Kevin Hart’s new movie, aired. It doesn’t look like a movie that I would like, but it will likely do well. Renee Young then chatted with the star of “Think Like a Man 2”. They were interrupted by the arrival of Adam Rose and his crew. Adam invited Kevin to become a “RoseBud”. Kevin suggested that the invitation was something he just couldn’t be interested in. Kevin said he was headed to ringside for commentary on the next match.

Fandango and Layla vs Summer Rae and Adam Rose
Mixed Tag Team Match

Kevin Hart came out before the bout to join JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Hart is a pretty short guy. He seemed like a class act. They all joked about Hart’s shirt. Hart was seriously impressed with Layla. He then joked about Fandango’s hot pink pants. Raw looked back at all the backstage hi-jinks between Layla and Summer Rae. Kevin was surprised at the arrival of the RoseBuds and Adam Rose. Kevin was warming up to Rose and his crew.

Adam and Fandango opened up the match. Fandango was taken aback that Rose’s song was getting sung out, not his. They went to the corner. Semi-clean break. Roll Up by Rose but Layla had tagged in. She slapped Rose but got attacked by Summer. The girls rushed to the back. Rose caught Fandango with the Party Fowl. Another quick match.

Your Winners: Adam Rose and Summer Rae
Raw Ranking: .5

Kevin Hart got in the ring and danced. Rose and Hart did the Mosh Pit Fall Back. He and Rose were carried to the back. JBL was livid that Hart had become a Rosebud.

Damien Sandow vs Big E vs Bo Dallas vs Jack Swagger vs Diego vs Fernando vs Sin Cara vs Ryback vs Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler vs Curtis Axel vs Fandango vs Santino Marella vs Titus O’Neil vs Kofi Kingston vs Xavier Woods vs Rob Van Dam vs Bad New Barrett vs Roman Reigns
Battle Royal to earn placement in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match


Damien was in another silly costume. He got thrown out within seconds, by just about everyone. Los Matadores worked together to attack several stars. Sin Cara also worked with Diego and Fernando. Roman and Rusev slugged away. Santino was next to go. Bo Dallas almost got eliminated. Rusev went wild on both Matadores. He pushed one of them off the top rope and Thrust Kicked the other one out. JBL suggested they should gang up on Rusev. Xavier Woods was gone. Titus attacked Roman. Roman threw Titus over ht top rope. Jack with the Slingshot to eliminate Six Cara. Dolph barely escaped elimination by Rusev. Bo attacked Roman. Kofi tried to flip Jack out but failed. Kofi came back and did eliminate Jack with the Flying Headscissors. Break time.

During the break, Kofi was eliminated. Dolph then was sent out by Ryback. RybAxle with the double team on Rusev. Ryback and Curtis then turned their focus to Roman. Roman took out both men and then hit he Samoan Drop on Barrett. Superman Punch to Rusev. Ryback jumped Roman but Roman blocked the La Bandera Clothesline. . Double Spear on RybAxle by Roman. Roman with the Superman Punch to send Fandango off the top rope. Low Bridge eliminated Ryback. Roman then pitched out Axel. Rusev laid out Roman with a Thrust Kick. RVD and Barrett went off on each other. Bo Dallas jumped RVD. Spin Kick by RVD to Bo. BNB with a Big Boot to RVD. Bo kicked away on RVD. RVD clocked BNB with a Kick. Bo pushed RVD over the top rope and to the floor. Bo helped Barrett to his feet. They hugged and then Barrett with the Short Arm Clothesline. Bo held on after being thrown over the top rope. Barrett rushed Roman who threw him out. Bo eliminated Big E. Spear to Bo. Roman tossed out Bo Dallas. It was down to Roman and Rusev. Sweet. The two slugged it out, big time. Rusev with a Leg Lariat off the Reversed Whip. Rusev screamed and set for a Corner Splash. Roman with a Corner Clothesline and Fireman’s Carry to the apron. Roman with wild punches. Rusev with a Shoulder but Roman blasted Rusev with the Superman Punch. Rusev tumbled off the apron!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 3.25

John Cena was really digging all the action. Cena was ready to lend the helping hand to The Authority. Cena hinted about a secret message in his hand. It looked like a Stone Cold Salute but Cena swerved it. Cena was ready to take his spot in the Ladder Match.

Cameron (w//Naomi) vs Paige
Non-Title Match

Cameron was not impressed with the young champion. Double Trip by Paige for a quick two count. Paige threw Cameron around by the hair. Headbutts by the Brit Beauty. Rapid Knee Strikes by Paige. Paige threw Cameron in the corner and hit the Matt Morgan Back Elbows. Cameron went to the floor and ran around. Cameron tried to calm things down. Cameron offered a handshake. Cameron with a kick and hard slap. Cameron almost pinned the champ. Paige blocked a Suplex and hit one of her own. Paige went into a Dark Place and stalked the potential future challenger. Short Arm Clotheslines by Paige. Paige turned Cameron into the PTO. Cameron had no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Paige
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Raw focused on the situation with the Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes and Goldust). They were on a major losing streak and Cody felt Goldust needed a new partner. Cody has tried out several people to be Goldy’s new partner. Tonight, Goldust gets his new permanent partner. Byron Saxton chatted with Goldust about his new partner. Goldy was thrilled with his new partner. Goldy said the new partner was Super and Galactic. This should be interesting. The rumors had it that he new partner would be Hernandez. We’ll see…

Curtis Axel and Ryback vs Goldust and ?

Goldust came out and introduces…StarDust (Cody Rhodes in Goldy-like face paint). Sigh. I’ve been suggesting this for a long time but I was hoping Cody would have taken a different angle. He embraced his dad’s old nickname. Actually, Cody looked like a character from one of my old favorite films, “Phantom of the Paradise” (which celebrates its 40th anniversary, this year).

The Dusts attacked their opponents with a Double Team. Star with a DDT on Axel. Low Bridge to Ryback. Star with hard punches and a Springboard Bionic Elbow. Rolling Shoulder by Star into StarDust’s new finisher…an inverted Buffbuser. I’d call it the Starshine.

Your Winners: Goldust and Stardust
Raw Ranking: 1.25

OK, I really think this character could be great. It’s not he Coldust character that I suggested (Cody in blue and white and doing an Ice gimmick), but I think this could work.

The Special Olympics were highlights. I have a nephew that is a Special Olympian in Texas. I’m so proud of Robbie. He’s a great young man and a true credit to my family.

John Cena vs Kane
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match, Stretcher Match Rules

Cena went right after Kane with a wild offense. Kane reversed a Whip and Cena collapsed, out of the corner. Kane stomped away on Cena. Uppercut by Kane. Kane and Cena went to the floor. Kane put John on the stretcher and began to roll it towards the finish line. Cena kicked out and shoved the stretcher into Kane, a couple of times. Kane sent Cena into the ring steps. Kane sent Cena’s shoulder into the ring post. Cena began to fight back and slammed Kane’s face into the steps. Cena ran Kane into the barricade. Kane pitched Cena onto the other stretcher and began to go up the ramp. Cena jumped off and crawled back towards the ring. Kane chunked Cena in the ring as Raw took a final break.

The fight was back on the floor as Raw returned. Kane got a chair and attacked Cena with it. Kane rolled Cena into the ring and picked up the chair. Kane wedged it between the top and middle rope. Cena ended up sending Kane into the chair. Cena flew off the top rope…right into a Chokeslam. Kane brought in half of the ring steps and got ready to use them on Cena. Cena with a Low Dropkick that sent Kane’s face crashing into the steps. Ouch!

Cena got to his feet and lifted Kane for the Attitude Adjustment. Kane slipped free and nailed the DDT on the ring steps. Kane took Cena out and put him on the stretcher. Cena slid off the stretcher and ran Kane into the ring post. Cena with wild punches. Kane whipped Cena into the barricade wall. Kane dismantled the announce table and went back to get Cena. Cena was waiting. AA through the announce table! Both men were stunned. Cena dragged Kane away from the table. Cena with a Fireman’s Carry and he began to take Kane around to the stretcher. That was amazing to see John carry Kane for so many feet. Cena tried to dump Kane on the stretcher but it tipped under. Cena got a different stretcher and rolled Kane on the new stretcher. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton rushed down to attack Cena. Seth with a Running Clothesline. RKO! Seth got the steel chair but Dean Ambrose rushed in and attacked Seth. Dean sent both Seth and Randy to the outside. Kane Chokeslammed Dean. Low Bridge by Cena. Cena got the ring steps and threw them into Kane’s face, down on the floor. Cena retrieved the stretcher and lifted up Kane. Cena struggled to get the Monster on the stretcher. Cena said this was it. Cena rolled the stretcher but Kane rose up at the very last moment. Kane sent for a Chokeslam. Cena with the AA, onto the Stretcher. Cena pushed the stretcher the last few inches to cross the line and earn his spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 3.5


–Jay Shannon

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