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Michael Elgin and A.J. Styles squared off for the second time, with a future shot at the Ring of Honor World title on the line. Get the seatbelts ready, this one is going to be one seriously wild ride…

The show started with the new “Creating Excellence” opening. I love that one.

Highlights of Styles/Elgin I aired. The first match went to a time limit draw. The fans begged for it byt champion, Adam Cole, rushed in the ring to attack both men. Tonight…THE REMATCH!

The regular opening montage aired.

This week’s show is from the home of John Waters, Baltimore, MD. The fans were psyched about the main event. Before that, we had tag team action…

Cedric Alexander and Andrew Everett vs Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (ReDRagon)

The streamers flew into the ring. Code of Honor Handshakes. That is so cool. The bell sounded and Cedric and Fish opened up the match. Cedric dropped Fish and stepped back. Tag to Kyle. Collar and Elbow. Kyle dropped Cedric but missed an Elbow Drop. Cedric attacked both opponents but got distracted. Universal in a Snap Mare and Dropkick by Cedric. Tag to Everett. Kyle took a hike, big time. Fish was ready to take on the 21-year old. Whip by Fish. RVD Back Roll into a Leg Sweep after a Backflip. Andrew with a Dropkick and Flip Up.

Cedric took the tag and kept Kyle down. Ta to Andrew. Double Hip Toss into a Knee Drop/Moonsault combo. Fish made the save. Kyle with a hard boot. He sent Andrew into the ring post. Fish with a Dropping Arm Bar that sent Andrew’s shoulder into the ring apron. Kyle extended the arm and tagged to Fish. Bobby worked over the ribs with a series of Knee Lifts. Power Spin Arm Bar by Fish. Hammerlock by Fish. He threw Andrew into the corner and tagged Kyle. Andrew went for a Sky High Sunset Flip but Kyle caught him in the Arm-a-Geddon (Cross Armbreaker). Andrew got to the ropes. Andrew fought out of the Dragon’s corner. Double Team Hammerlock Back Suplex to Andrew. Time for a quick break.

Highlights of Supecard of Honor Viii Aired during the commercials.

ReDRagon still controlled the match as Kyle worked over Andrew’s arm. Hammerlock Bearhug into a Flip Slam to get Kyle a two. Fish tagged back in and nailed a Hammerlock slam to further injure the weakened limb. Andrew tried to punch back. Kitchen Sink by Fish. Power Spin Arm Bar by Fish. Knee Drop to the arm. Kyle came back in and Andrew tried to fight back. Andrew flipped over the ropes and hit a wicked Missile Dropkick. Steve Corino talked several times about the Young Bucks. I’ve had the honor of working with those two young men, several times, over the years. In fact, I have a great photo of me with them just after they won the PWD Tag Belts. They were the first two stars that my wife, Dianna, and I met when we went to Kirk White’s Wrestlefest convention, 4 years ago, this very month.

Fish and Cedric both tagged in. Springboard Clothesline by Cedric. Cedric slid under Bobby and hit a quick Thrust Kick. Running Dropkick by Cedric. Kyle came in but Cedric countered him, easily. Cedric with a weird variation of White Noise. Cedric wanted a tag but Andrew was pulled off the apron by Kyle. Double Team Corner Attack by ReDRagon. Cedric cleared the ring and then hit a wicked Crash and Burn Flip Dive. Andrew with a Handstand Hurancanrana/Enziguri Combo and an incredible Springboard 450…to the floor. Cedric with his Overtime move to get as close to a 4 as anyone could get and still not score the win. Andrew missed a huge 450 Splash. Fish and Kyle took out Cedric but Andrew was determined to keep going. Fish with a Super Falcon Arrow. Dang! Kick out at two. Chasing the Dragon to seal the deal on this match.

Your Winners: ReDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish)
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

The rest of the hour was set for Elgin/Styles II.

Next week, Cliff Compton and Kevin Steen will join forces to battle Outlaw, INC. I asked Cliff about the situation with him and Steen while I was in New Orleans. He just grinned and said “You just never know what might happen next”. Hmm….

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs “A.J. Styles
Number One Contender’s Match

The men in the ring were almost completely obscured by the sailing streamers. TNA went to a break so the ring could be cleared of the crepe paper.

The fans were split in their allegiance to the two men in the ring. I have to cheer for them both but Elgin has so impressed me. Leg Pick by Styles. Both men were being so cautious. Styles went back to the leg but Elgin blocked the Leg Pick. Styles kicked at Elgin’s legs and the big man was getting quite frustrated. Elgin threw Styles in the corner but Styles came back with hard Shoulders, in the corner. Elgin blocked a Whip and cracked Styles with a Forearm Smash that sent Styles to the floor. Styles swept the leg on the apron and Elgin hit hard.

Back in the ring, Styles ran Elgin into the corner. Side Backbreaker by Styles, though he struggled to get Elgin up. Elbow Smashes by Styles. Elgin returned fire with hard blows. Elgin with a hard Shoulder and a Powerslam, when he caught Styles on the fly. Jumping Elbow Drop by Elgin. Elgin with another Forearm Smash and a Hammer Throw. Elgin with his own Side Backbreaker. RoH went to a break as the two men kept fighting.

Thank goodness for replays. The original airing of this great match on our local CW affiliate was pre-empted by Reno Aces baseball. I’ll be making an appearance there on July 7th. I won’t be there to sign autographs or anything, I’m just going there for my birthday. Smile. I already have the tickets set and ready to go. Smile.

Back to the action. Elgin worked over Styles’ back with Forearm Smashes. Jawbreaker by Styles. The crowd was almost silent as they watched the match. Styles with hard Clotheslines. Styles flipped out of a German Suplex. Universal into a Styles Dropkick. Elgin went to the floor. Styles got tangled up in the ropes. Styles with a Hurancanrana, from the apron. Flying Forearm by Styles. The announcers talking about Styles’ membership in the Bullet Club, in Japan.

Back in the ring, Styles got sent to the ropes. Calf Killer by Styles but Elgin reached the ropes. Styles kicked at the thigh and went for a Bridging Indian Death Lock. Elgin Elbowed Styles in the face but finally had to grab the ropes to get free. Knee Jammer by Styles. Styles yanked at the leg to further hyper-extend the knee. Figure Four by Styles with a Heel Hook. Elgin reversed the move. Styles had to let go. Styles kicked away and stalked his opponent. Shoulders by Elgin.

Tip of my ratty old NY Yankees cap to Steve Corino for knowing that “Cowboy” Bob Ellis was the first man to reverse a Figure Four…at Madison Square Garden…against Buddy Rogers. Despite my rather embarrassing outing at the trivia contest at Wrestlecon, I still consider myself a bit of a wrestling historian and I had no idea what the answer was to THAT question. Kudos

Let’s get back to the best match that I’ve seen in many months, if not years. Styles blocked the Suplex as Elgin’s knee buckled. Styles with the Double Leg Trip into an attempt at a Single Leg Crab. Elgin blocked that. Elgin and Styles traded Forearms. Whip by Styles. Styles flipped Elgin to the apron. Back Flip by Elgin. Elgin blocked all of Styles’ offense. Elgin with Clotheslines to the front and back of Styles’ neck. Styles missed the Enziguri. Bridging German by Elgin for a two. And the sound went out. Dang it. RoH took another break.

We’re back and the two men were starting to show their tiredness. Elgin lifted Styles but Styles with the Elbows. Elgin flipped Styles around and hit a Forearm in the corner. Thrust Kick by Styles. Elgin went for the Crippler Crossface but couldn’t cinch it in. Styles snapped Elgin’s neck over the top rope. Springboard Slop Drop, by Styles, for 2. Styles lifted Elgin for a Suplex but Elgin blocked it. Styles eventually Suplexed Elgin into the turnbuckles! 2 count. Elgin blocked a Tornado DDT and nearly took Styles head off with an Open Hand Slap. Elgin climbed the ropes but Styles fought him off. Styles went for a Tornado DDT but Elgin turned it into a nasty Side Bomb.

Elgin went up top and drew up Styles for a Stall Superplex. Styles kneed his way out and pulled Elgin off the ropes. Elgin landed so wrong. Styles came off the ropes but got rocked with an Enziguri and a Flying Code Breaker. Styles with a Backwards Hurancanrana. Damn, that was spectacular. Styles missed the Springboard 450. “This is Wrestling!”. No kidding, campers.

Styles and Elgin went back to the Forearm Smash-a-thon. Both men were so exhausted, at this point. Elgin with a wicked back elbow but that woke Styles up. Styles with his Flurry but Elgin nailed the Buckle Bomb. Styles blocked a second one and nailed the Pele. He wanted the Styles Clash but couldn’t lift Elgin. Samoa Joe Corner Uranage by Elgin. Another Buckle Bomb but Styles exploded out of the corner with an Inside Out Clothesline. Styles went for the Styles Clash but Elgin hit another Buckle Bomb and the Elgin Bomb to take the win!

Your Winner: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.95

Even though he was beyond spent, Elgin still wanted the microphone to address his opponent and his future. Elgin showed massive respect to Styles by shaking his hand. Elgin then told matchmaker, Nigel McGuinness, that he was ready for the World Title Match on June 22nd. Elgin said he would prove that he is the Best in the World at Best in the World 2014!


–Jay Shannon

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