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The Fallout from Lockdown saw a new regime running the show, plus the introduction of several new personalities…one of which was extremely disturbing.

The show was dedicated to Donovan Hill.

The remains of Team Dixie were looking for Bobby Roode, their captain. Ethan Carter III, the BroMans, Austin Aries and RockStar Spud were ready to lynch Roode but he said it was Bully Ray (the insurance policy) that was truly to blame. Bobby suggested that they destroy him, when he got there.

Highlights from Lockdown showed how Abyss cost Samoa Joe the World title. Dixie Carter put Bully Ray in as the special guest ref. The looked ready to give the win ot Team Dixie but then he attacked Bobby Roode and crew.

MVP came out to address the fans. I have to admit that this was the one match that I got completely, totally wrong. Thank goodness. MVP came out, dressed to the nines. MVP was happy to say that Dixieland was officially closed. Yeah! The fans chanted for MVP. MVP brought up Bully Ray. He had no idea what motivated Bully so he will give him time to talk, later. MVP said Bully Ray and all the rest of the roster would get an equal chance in his company. He unveiled the MVP principal: Motivate, Validate and Participate. The explained each section.

He was cut off by the arrival of Magnus. Magnus was strutting as he came to the ring. Magnus introduced himself. Magnus ridiculed the MVP Principle. MVP responded by doing the same for Magnus’ title reign. Magnus bad-mouthed Dixie Carter for her failures. He crowed about the Reign of Magnus. He then brought out his new associate…Abyss.

Abyss has a new mask and a cool duster jacket. So much for finding a new leader bringing back James Mitchell or someone else. “You Sold Out!” rang out from the crowd. Magnus said he didn’t’ see Abyss as a Freak or Side Show to be exploited for his personal gain. He called Abyss “a Machine that received a big time upgrade”. Magnus explained that he and Abyss were both all about money. “Paper Champion” rose as a chant. Magnus said both he and MVP were money-centric. MVP discussed how Magnus used Abyss to keep the belt. MVP stopped his talk to bring out Samoa Joe.

Joe lumbered to the ring. He was clutching his hurt ribs. He looked like a volcano ready to erupt. Abyss drove Janice into Joe at Lockdown. MVP knew Joe believes in the MVP Principle, which is why Joe was so calm. MVP announced that Joe would get another shot at Magnus, next week. MVP then allowed Joe to go up against Abyss…now!

Samoa Joe vs Abyss

Joe with a Spear! Impact went to break.

After the break, Abyss was in charge. He worked over Joe’s injured ribs. Joe fought back with sharp jabs. Whip reversed by Abyss. Jumping Enziguri by Joe. Joe couldn’t follow up, due to the ribs. Boot Wash by Joe. Kitchen Sink by Abyss. Abyss choked Joe on the middle rope. He then sent Joe to the corner and pounded on the ribs. Snap Mare into a Neck Wrench by Abyss.

Joe with wild punches but Abyss with the Goozle. Joe broke it and hit an Inverted Atomic Drop and Running Boot. Backsplash Senton by Joe. Abyss went back to the ribs. Snap Powerslam by Joe but he couldn’t follow up. Modified Elevator Knee by Joe. Joe wanted the Muscle Buster but couldn’t lift the Monster. Joe settled for a Headbutt. Abyss with a Chokeslam. He went out to find Janice. Abyss kissed the nail-filled board. Eric Young rushed down and took out Abyss with a Missile Dropkick.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Abyss
Impact Score: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Eric and Abyss had a brief fight before Abyss bailed out.

Jeremy Borash was waiting for the arrival of Bully Ray. He was stopped cold when Angelina Love walked up. She looked incredible.

JB was back to talk about Bully Ray. He was stopped by the arrival of the bizarre Willow. This alter-ego of Jeff Hardy is just goofy.

Brittany vs Gail Kim

Brittany was formerly known as Santana Garrett. Her dad was a wrestler and now promotes shows. Brittany said she was interested in the TNA Knockout Title. Gail came out with Lei’d Tapa.

Gail with a Big Boot and rush to the corner. Gail with hard kicks. Brittany with vicious Forearms but Gail with Gail ran Brittany into the corner and Shoulder Thrusted her. Reverse Samoan Drop by Gail. She stood on Brittany’s throat. Brittany began to fight back. Kick to the hamstring by Gail. Gail slapped Brittany and went for an F5-like move. Brittany converted it into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Lei’d Tapa got in the ring to help Gail. It backfired, big time. Tapa rushed the corner and ended up Splashing Gail. Brittany pushed Gail into Tapa and then rolled up Gail for the huge upset win.

Your Winner: Brittany
Impact Score: 2.0

Tpa and Gail got into it, after the match. Gail slapped Tapa and the Islandette went wild on the former Knockout Champion. Tapa just beat the stuffing out of Gail. Several ref rushed down to try and calm Tapa down. Gail screamed that Tapa would be sorry.

In the back, Bully Ray was stopped by RockStar Spud. That led to a major mugging by the BroMans, Zema Ion, and Ethan Carter III. Ethan screamed at Bully Ray. Spud used chain to choke Bully as Bobby Roode screamed at how Bully screwed him as well as Dixie. He said it was time for Bully learn about how it “Pays to be Roode”. Bobby kept yelling “You don’t screw with Bobby Roode”. The BroMans headed to the ring to face an international duo.

The BroMans (Jessie G and Robbie E) w/DJZ (Zema Ion) vs Sanada and Tigre Uno
Non-Title Match

Sanada recently beat Austin Aries for the X-Division title, in Japan. TNA ran a video of Sanada talking with Keiji Mutoh aka Great Muta. It was all in Japanese but had subtitles. Mutoh showed his respect to the young man and gave him much support.

The bell rang and Jessie with a Scoop Slam on Sanada. Sanada was a very popular character on the old Anime series Space Battleship Yamato (known in the US as Star Blazers. In English, I seem to remember he was Sandor). Jessie with a nice Dropkick. Tag to Robbie. Sanada with an Arm Wringer. Tag to Tigre. Kicks and Chops by Tiger-1. Robbie with a hard Clothesline and tag to Jessie. Press Slam by Jessie. Tag by Robbie. Elbow Drop by Robbie and tag back out. Double Whip but the International team rocked the tag Champs. They Suplexed Jessie onto Robbie. Tigre wetn to fly but the BroMans moved. Sanada with a Tope. Sanada flipped Tigre over the ropes and onto the champs. The champs got rocked by two Missile Dropkicks. Tigre took Jessie to the outside. Huge Moonsault by Sanda. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Sanada and Tigre Uno
Impact Score: 3.25

Bully gathered up his hat and chain and went on the hunt.

Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne talked about the return of Angelina Love. Velvet didn’t really want to talk about it. Sky looked surprised to hear that Love had returned.

The BroMans were grumbling about losing to Sanada and Tigre Uno. Bully Ray came in and beat the crap out of Jessie and Robbie and gave Zema Ion a Nuclear Wedgie. They were easy targets.

Elsewhere, Samual Shaw talked with “Christy”. He claimed he was an artist. He said “Christy” helped him win on Sunday. He wanted her to go with him to ringside as he fought Ken Anderson, again. Shaw noticed the cameraman and got upset .

Up in the rafters, Willow lurked.

Ethan came up to get RockStar Spud. They were on their way out to give “Aunt D” a proper tribute and send off. This is just going to be so awful…

Samoa Joe went looking for Eric Young. He wasn’t happy that Eric got in the middle of his business. Joe gave him a pass because Eric was trying to do the right thing. Joe warned that if it happened again, there would be a problem. Eric said he had to fix this situation with Abyss, since he created him. Next week, Eric Young was going to be chained to Abyss during the Magnus/Samoa Joe World Title Match.

Ethan and Spud came out with a huge poster of Dixie Carter. Spud faked tears as he talked about his “Queen”. The fans were going wild with the “Boring” chants, which I have to agree with. Spud was being creepy with stroking the poster. “Dixie’s Lap Dog” rang out for Spud. Spud said they were all in mourning. He talked trash about MVP as the “Boring” chants grew in intensity. Ethan acknowledged the chants and asked them to stop. The tribute seemed to go on forever and a day. He even presented a tribute video about Dixie. Yawn. Thankfully, he was cut off by the arrival of MVP.

MVP had a look of confusion and amusement. MVP wanted to know who approved this silliness. MVP did appreciate Spud’s loyalty. He said Spud had grown on him…like a fungus. MVP knew Spud could be loyal to the company and him. Spud was removed as Chief of Staff and returned to the position of a wrestler. MVP reminded Spud that he was under contract as a wrestler. Spud was scared because so many of the others were bigger than him. MVP said Spud had the heart of a lion. MVP motivated Spud to fight. MVP put him in a match against…Willow! Ethan cackled and MVP said he would fight, next week, Bobby Lashley! Holy Moses! Lashley is beyond ripped! Ethan said he was not going to fight someone NOT on the roster. MVP corrected the situation by announcing that he signed Bobby Lashley to a contract. He IS part of the Roster. Spud screamed at Lashley. Bobby took the poster and clobbered Spud with it, several times. Spud clutched the poster like a child with his teddy bear. A face off with Lashley didn’t go anywhere when Ethan took off running, tail between his legs.

I the back, Jeremy Borash talked with Ethan Carter III. Ethan said he was going to destroy Bobby’s knee. Bully Ray attacked Ethan and cracked him with a sign board.

Samuel Shaw (they changed the spelling of his name) vs Ken Anderson
Street Fight

Shaw came out but went back to get “Christy”. It was a mannequin, form the waist up, with a bright red wig. Guess he’s been learning from Al Snow. Shaw kissed the mannequin and stared at it. The lights went out and Anderson arrived. Ken started to do the Drop Mic intro thing but Shaw jumped him. Shaw with hard strikes as the crowd chanted “Creepy B*stard”. Shaw punched away but Ken started to club away. Ken went for a Whip but it was reversed. I like Ken’s new tights. Shaw ran Ken into the ring apron and punched away. Shaw ran Ken’s back into the apron. Shaw kept looking at “Christy”. Ken started to punch and kick. Shaw blocked a Suplex and hit one of his own. Ken slammed Shaw into the apron and they finally got into the ring.

The two traded hard punches. Thrust to Ken’s throat. Ken slugged Shaw and hit the Rolling Neckbrekaer. Green Bay Plunge! Ken went near the mannequin and Shaw freaked out. Ken threatened to punch “Christy” and Shaw begged for mercy. Ken kissed the mannequin and threw it to Shaw. Mic Check!

Your Winner: Ken Anderson
Impact Score: 2.75

After the match, Ken announced himself as the winner. He screamed “Anderson!” in the mannequin’s face. That was just weird. Shw grinned and looked like a psycho killer from a B-Rated movie.

Angelina Love said she was there for one person and we would learn who, next.

Willow walked around, backstage.

There was another promo for Kenny King aka King of the Night. I’ll be heading to Kenny’s hometown (and my old stomping grounds) of Las Vegas in early June for the Cauliflower Alley Club convention. I’m also heading to New York, that same month, for the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. And, of course, I’ll be landing in New Orleans in 3 weeks for Wrestlecon. By the way, I won’t be posting the TNA Recap for April 3rd. My apologies, in advance, for not being here but I’ll be taking part in that working vacation, alongside Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Andy Anderson.. You can check out my Facebook page for more details (it’s under Jesse Shannon or you can go to it through rivalry championship-wrestling) Be sure to friend me. Smile.

Angelina Love came out to the ring. She got in the ring and took in the love of the crowd. “Welcome Back!” rang out. Love never thought she’d hear her entrance music again. She was happy to be back home in TNA. Love said her life has changed a lot and she has become a lot wiser. Love said she never understood what she had (in TNA) until it wasn’t there anymore. Love wanted to rebuild a sisterhood/friendship that went to the side. She asked Velvet Sky to come to the ring.

Velvet walked down to join her old Beautiful People partner. Love was all smiles as they hugged. Love wanted to reform the Beautiful People with Velvet. Love gave Velvet credit for her success. There was a “Beautiful People” chant. Velvet listened to Love and then said that she has moved on and didn’t want to take a step backwards. Velvet admitted that this caught her off-guard. Sky talked about winning the Knockout title, on her own. She just waned to move on. Velvet said she needed a little time to think things over.

Bully Ray was still looking for Bobby Roode. Up in the rafters, Willow kept doing his Sting imitation and was getting ready to head to the ring. I already don’t like this character and he hasn’t even gotten in the ring yet.

Willow vs RockStar Spud

Willow’s entrance is a bizarre take on the old Black and White n.W.o. entrance. He came out with a black and white umbrella. He stumbled around the ringside area before getting in the ring. This is ridiculous. He chased Spud out of the ring. He then went after Spud. Hardy rushed Spud to the corner nad punched away. He screamed in a high-pitched tone. Willow ran Spud intothe corner. Willow with a brutal Whip. He missed the Corner Splash. Back Drop Suplex by Willow. Spud freaked out and scooted to the corner. Handspring Elbow by Willow. Goofy dance by Willow. Spud went to the eyes. Willow put Spud in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Willow then choked Spud with the boot. Willow went out and got his umbrella. Willow stomped Spud and then hit Spud with it, while flying through the air.

Your Winner (By Disqualification): RockStar Spud.
Impact Score: 1.0

Willow with a Twist of Hate on the ref. Willow then got a ladder and chair and threw them into the ring. This is just stupid. Willow set up the ladder nad pulled Spud over to hit the Face Drop Suplex. Willow then wedged the chair around Spud’s leg. Willow stomped away on Spud and then climbed the ladder. Willow went to the top and hit a Splash off the top of the ladder. I absolutely hate this disturbing new character. “We want Hardy!” was mixed with “We want More”.

Bully Ray came out and stared at the outrageous Willow character. They passed without incident. Impact took a final break.

Bully Ray couldn’t believe that the fans were chanting his name. Ray said when he was Mic Checked into the coffin, his career flashed before his face. Ray had planned to give a good explanation of why he did what he did. That changed when he was attacked, backstage. Ray said he tried to save Bobby Roode from himself. Ray said he was done with the talking. He wanted Bobby to come out and fight him, right now.

Bobby Roode came from the back and eventually got in the ring. The two went wild on each other with hard punches. Bionic Elbow by Ray. Ray got the crowd to chant for him to “Get the Tables”. He did. That started a monster “Tables!” chant. Ray brought the table in and set it up. Double R Spinebuster by Roode. Roode adjusted the table and got ready to put Ray through the table with a Roode Bomb. Ray escaped and hit the Bubba Cutter. Bully pulled Bobby in and Powerbombed him through the table!


–Jay Shannon

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