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Genesis, Part One

TNA is cutting the former PPV into two shows, one this week and one next week. The Age of Magnus was set to begin, this week. Plus, Sting was set to battle Ethan Carter III.

The show opened with Taz and Mike Tenay dedicating tonight’s show to Mae Young. It was a very nice way to say good-bye to the wonderful lady.

From there, the crowning of Magnus was highlighted. Magnus’s first defense was a unification match against A.J. Styles. The no-Disqualification Match saw a whole slew of guys rushing the ring to attack Styles. Styles’ buddies were systemically removed from the equation. Sting was the only one left to try and help but he was so outnumbered. Eventually, Bobby Roode hit what is now being called the Roode Bomb (Attitude Adjustment) to help Magnus defeat Styles. Styles is now off to Ring of Honor.

Rockstar Spud was in the ring to introduce Dixie Carter. The Huntsville, AL crowd nearly booed him out of the building. Spud took a shot at Huntsville. He then successfully brought out Dixie Carter. The screeching violins brought out Dixie. My wife, Dianna, was watching the show with me and asked me “Does she not realize just how bad she is in talking in the ring?” Dixie talked about running Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles out of the company. She was ready to send more people packing. She then reminded Styles that she is the “Law” in TNA. God, she is so boring. Sign of the night was right behind Dixie “Magnus wears Panties”. Too funny. The crowd chanted for A.J. Styles but Dixie said everyone was chanting for a change. She stumbled through the introduction of Magnus.

The Brit came out wearing one World title belt and carrying the other. Magnus gave one of the world title belts to Dixie, as a reward for her being the TNA’s champion of our hearts. Chants of “You Sold Out!” echoed off the walls. Dixie said she did deserve the gift but Magnus was the true champion. Magnus said all this (around them) was because of Dixie. I tend to give more credit to one Jeff Jarrett, thank you very much. Dixie brought out several people to thank them:

Lei’d Tapa, Gail Kim, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Robbie E, Jessie G, Zema Ion and Bobby Roode all joined Dixie, Magnus and Spud in the ring. Dixie handed her belt to Spud, to hold. Dixie praised the people in the ring, especially Bobby Roode, for their actions in helping protect Dixie’s TNA. Dixie said tonight was the Genesis of Dixie Carter’s TNA. Dixie wanted everyone to stand tall and united. Dixie then pushed how Ethan Carter III was going to take out Sting. She then brought out EC3.

The highly over-rated EC3 almost danced his way down to the ring. My wife did like his purple attire. Before he could speak, he was cut off by the arrival of Sting (in the crowd). Sting pointed his bat at the ring. TNA took its first break prior to Sting’s comments.

TNA was back and Sting was ready to unload on those in the ring. Sting questioned Dixie’s comments about the “Future” of TNA. Sting explained that there were men and women, in the back, that could not be bought because they had “Honor”. Sting said it was bad to mess with wrestler’s families, like Dixie did with Kurt Angle. Sting called Magnus a “Paper Champion”. Sting felt Magnus hadn’t earned anything in the business. Sting said the Main Event Mafia did have faith in Magnus but they didn’t expect him to stab them in the back. Sting said TNA was a “House Divided” that was certain to fall. Sting said it was time for “We” to fight. Dixie questioned who the “We” were. Sting bought out his troops:

Samoa Joe, “Cowboy” James Storm, Gunner, Eric Young, Joseph Park and ODB. The six rushed the ring and all Hell broke loose. The 12 people went wild on each other. The fight went out to the floor and Sting got up in Tapa’s face. Sting got in the ring and faced Ethan Carter III. Sting blasted EC3 in the ribs with the ebony bat. TNA went to break, again.

The two groups had separated and stood ready. Sting’s Army was in the ring and Team Dixie was on the ramp way. Joe had the stick and said they were ready for a fight. Spud dragged out a ref and said there would be a12-man tag match to start the action.

Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park, “Cowboy” James Storm, Gunner and ODB vs Lei’d Tapa, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Robbie E, Jessie G and DJ Zema Ion
12-Person Mixed Tag Team Match

To call this match chaotic would be such and understatement. Zema Ion tried to go after Samoa Joe. Joe ran over him like the 5:15 Amtrak special. Joe with wild punches to Ion’s face. Ion went for a Springboard, off the ropes, but Joe just moved. Corner Rush and Jumping Enziguri. They went to the floor and Tapa nad ODB took over. ODB with the Low Bridge and the girls hit the floor. Storm and Daniels went at it. Storm with a Reversed Hip Toss. Tenay mentioned that Huntsville, AL was the site of the very first TNA show, back in 2002. Kazarian took out Storm with a wild Dropkick.

Gunner tore into Kazarian with wild punches and the Gorilla Press Drop to the outside. Eric Young and Robbie E went at it. He took out Robbie with the Flying Forearm. Joseph Park joined EY to blast Jessie. Huge Splash by Park. Robbie pushed EY off the ropes. Flapjack by the BroMans and Ion with the Springboard Moonsault to EY’s back. ODB then got up in Ion’s face and laid him out with the Fallaway Slam. Tapa with the Freight Train charge.

Daniels caught Eric with a Leg Lariat into a Rear Chin Lock. The two ended up trading hard fists. Eric wanted a tag but Daniels stopped him. Whip but Daniels. Float Over into the Close Quarters Belly to Belly. Tag to Samoa Joe. Joe with Clotheslines to Daniels into the Inverted Atomic Drop and Big Boot. Backsplash Senton to Kaz tried to make the save and got planted by the Snap Powerslam. Suicide Dive by Joe to take out the BroMans. Kaz Dropkicked Park in the face. Park’s lip was busted open. Park went into Abyss Mode and Chokeslammed Ion. He then hit he Black Hole Slam on Kaz. Park even hit a Double Clothesline on Gunner and Storm. Joe with the One-Arm Uranage on Daniels. Kokina Clutch by Samoa Joe. Daniels tapped out.

Your Winners: Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park, “Cowboy” James Storm, Gunner and ODB
Impact Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Velvet Sky was talking with Austin Aries, backstage. Chris Sabin came up and was seriously ticked that “his woman” dared to speak to Austin Aries. Sky didn’t want to discuss this in front of the backstage people. Sabin agreed and then said they were going out to the ring to discuss all this. Not a wise move, Skippy.

Kurt Angle was stomping around backstage, looking for Dixie Carter and/or Al Snow.

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky were in the ring. Sabin felt Sky was being selfish. Sabin said he was the X-Division Champion for both himself and Velvet. He was cut off by the entrance of Austin Aries. Aries called Sabin “Worst Boyfriend that Ever Lived!”. Aries made a suggestive sexual statement towards Sky. Chris wasn’t happy that Aries was trying to steal his girlfriend. Sabin said Sky proved her love by doing exactly what he told her to do. Sabin she “This Piece is MY Piece”. Aries proposed a match for the X-Division Title, one on one. To keep Velvet Sky out of the mix, Aries suggested putting Sky inside a cage, at ringside. Sabin didn’t want any part of it but Sky accepted the stipulation. Sky went off on Sabin for this mess. Sky said it was time to figure out what kind of relationship they had. Sky would put it all to the test, next week. Sky said Sabin would not be able to force her to do her dirty work. Sky punctuated it by saying if Sabin didn’t win, next week, she might need to find someone else to spend time with. Ouch.

Kurt was still looking backstage for Dixie.

Pat Kenney was backstage giving instructions to the film crew. He stopped when he saw Sam Shaw. Pat praised the kid and talked about liking his finisher. Pat suggested Shaw back off of his staring at Christy Hemme. As Pat turned to leave, Shaw jumped him and beat him senseless. Shaw then made sure Kenney knew the name was “Samuel Shaw”. He even beat Kenney with Pat’s own shoe.

EC3 was psyching himself up for his battle with Sting. Magnus came in and felt EC3 was nervous. The two of them took jabs at each other. Magnus reminded Ethan that he beat Sting, by Submission, at Bound for Glory. Ethan kept saying “I’m a Carter. I can beat Sting”.

Bully Ray vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson
No-Disqualification Match

Ken ran down and attacked Ray before Bully could get in the ring. Impact went to break, prior to the actual match.

As Impact returned, Ray tried to slam Ken into the announce table. Ken blocked it nad slammed Ray’s face. Ken went off on Taz and then Ken and Ray got in the ring. Ray with a kick but Ken with Back Elbow, kick and Rolling Neckbreaker. Ray blocked the Mic Check. Double Clotheslines. By the way, huge congratulations to Ken Anderson and his lovely wife on the recent birth of their twins, a little boy and a little girl.

Ray threw his chain aside and found a steel chair. At the same time, Ken had gone out, the other side, and got his own steel chair. They did the Chair Slams thing. Ken drove his chair into Ray’s ribs. Ken missed a Corner Sot. Spear by Ray. Taz whined about the death of Aces and Eights. Ray used a chain to whip Ken. Ray then set a chair on Ken’s ribs and whipped the chair. Elbow Drop (with the elbow wrapped in the chain). 2 count.

Ray tried to intimidate Earl Hebner but Earl pushed him back. Ken cracked a chair into the chair that Ray was holding. Both chairs went into Ray’s face. Ken went to find more “Toys”. He found a length of guard rail. Ken slid it into the ring. Ray was resting, in the corner. Ray kicked the rail into Ken’s face. Ray Scoop Slammed Ken onto the rail. Ray went for the Big Splash but Ken moved. Kenton…onto the railing. Both men were hurt by their misses. Mic Check! 1—2—No! How the heck did Ray kick out of that move. Ken went back out to the floor and listened to the crowd. Ken found himself a table! The crowd had been begging for wood. Taz mentioned that Ray was a master of the table. Ken set up the table. Ken with a shot to the lower regions and hit the Green Bay Plunge…through the table. Could be…might be…No!

Ken went out and found another table. Ken set up the 2nd table and went after Ray. Uranage Bomb, by Ray, for a two count. Ray left the ring and went under the ring for lighter fluid! Ray said this was for Ken’s “wife and two B*stard kids”. Ken went nuts and hit the Mic Check. Ken then got the lighter fluid and seriously doused the table in the evil liquid. Ken then went into his tights for a lighter. Before he could ignite the table, Ray hit a Low Blow and then the Piledriver.

Your Winner: Bully Ray
Impact Score: 3.25

Kurt Angle found Al Snow and choked him while asking why Snow tricked him, last week. Show said he had a family to support and only did what he was told. Kurt socked Snow and stormed off.

Wanted to take a second to say a few good-byes to some actors that have been a part of my life for so many years. Russell Johnson (who played The Professor (character full name Professor Roy Hinkley) on Gilligan’s Island), Dave Madden (Reuben Kinkade on The Partridge Family) and Roger Lloyd Pack (Owen on Vicar of Dibley, Trigger on Only Fools and Horses and Barty Crouch Sr in the Harry Potter films) all left us this week. I hope that their trips to the next reality are peaceful and filled with love.

Kurt Angle stormed out to the ring, still highly ticked off. Kurt said Dixie Carter was the reason that Kurt came to TNA, 7 years ago. Kurt wanted some answers and ordered Dixie to get out to the ring. Dixie came back out and took a microphone. She tried to calm Kurt down. Dixie explained that things were changing and things weren’t like they were, 7 years ago. Dixie said she faked the emergency call to protect Kurt and his family. Dixie said she was protecting Kurt from himself. He called her twisted and warped and out of her mind. Kurt shrieked at Dixie for taking out half the locker room and make Kurt think something dreadful had happened to his family. Dixie was worried that Kurt would get injured and not be able to make her money. Really? Dixie said she did what she did because it was best for…her team. No Copyright infringement, there. Kurt said he would be out to support Sting in the main event. Dixie felt Kurt was unstable so she decided to postpone the cage match, until next week. Dixie hinted that if Kurt (or anyone else) got involved in the EC3 vs Sting match, they would be risking their job. Kurt urged Dixie to go ahead and fire him. Dixie called for security to take Kurt out of the building. In the middle of all the craziness, Bobby Roode rushed the ring and hit a Sneak Attack. Roode Bomb! Dixie then had her huge security guys take Kurt out of the building.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash tried to talk with Madison Rayne. Lei’d Tapa came up to distract Madison. Gail came up from behind and kicked the ribs of the number one contender. Gail smirked as she told Madison “See you out there, BFF!”

Backstage, Dixie argues with Earl Hebner. Dixie pulled him off the main event. Earl wanted to know who the new ref would be. She told him that it was none of his business.

Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne
Knockout Championship Match

Madison was still clutching her ribs. Tapa took her position at ringside but then opened the ropes for Gail. Madison rushed Gail, who Kitchen Sinked her. Gail with a Flying Clothesline for a two count.Madison tried for a pin but got a two. Roll Up for two into the Push Up Facebuster aka Scissors Stomp. Gail threw Madison into the corner and stomped away. Madison tried to fight back and the two traded hard blows. Double Sledge by Madison. Round Kick by Madison. Head Scissors by Gail. Madison rolled over to be able to reach the ropes.

Gail with a hard Forearm Show. Madison reversed a Whip. Gail slid to the apron and Madison used a Shoulder Block to send Gail off the apron. Gail crawled around until Madison threw her in the ring. Tapa attacked Madison and the ref ordered Tapa to head to the back. Gail with the Ring Post Figure Four. Madison shrieked in agony. Gail got in the ring and the ref started his count. Madison slid back in the ring and hit a Lift Drop on Gail Rayne of Terror!

Your Winner (and New Knockout Champion): Madison Rayne
Impact Score: 3.0

Sting asked the “Boys in the Back” not to put themselves or their careers in harm’s way to help him. He wanted to go after Ethan Carter III, one on one.

Dixie Carter was in the back, talking with…Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards! Those were the initials “D.R. and E.E.” She referred them as “The Wolves”. Dixie said they would have a try-out match. They said that the contracts were already signed. They handed them their contracts. There was a new TNA Investor. Hmmm…

Taz and Tenay discussed what would happen on next week’s continuation of Genesis.

Ethan Carter III vs Sting
Special Guest Referee – Rockstar Spud

Seriously? Sting should just hit the Scorpion Death Drop on that little weasel and move on. EC3 and Sting walked to the middle of the ring. The crowd started chanting “You’re a D***** Bag”. Not sure which one they were aiming that at. Sting took Ethan to the corner. Spud threatened to disqualify Sting, quickly. Ethan took Sting ot the corner but Sting reversed it. Spud stopped Sting from hitting EC3. Dropkick sent EC3 to the floor. Sting threw Ethan into a couple of the ring steps. Sting Suplexed Ethan on the ramp. Spud checked on Ethan. Sting threw EC3 back into the ring. Spud prevented Sting form hitting the Stinger Splash. Ethan with a low kick and stomps. Ethan with Corner Kicks. Whip by EC3. Corner Clothesline by EC3 into a Back Drop Suplex. Ethan went up onto the ropes but missed the modified Savage Elbow. Sting with the Stinger Splash. Sting locked in the Scorpion DeathLock. Ethan grimaced in pain. Spud jumped on Sting’s back. Sting spun around and used Spud’s legs to hit Ethan. Scorpion Death Drop but Spud refused to make the count. Oh, Come On. Sting forced Spud to make the count until Magnus pulled Spud out of the ring. Magnus pulled off his top shirt and had a ref shirt on. Roll up by Ethan with a Warp Speed Three Count.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Score: 2.0

Sting demanded to fight Magnus and said he would do anything to get the battle. Magnus stopped and started back to the ring.

Sting was still waiting for an answer, after the break. Sting said this was all about him and Magnus. Sting said that he was the one who chose Magnus to join the Main Event Mafia. He called Magnus a “cancer that needs to be cut out”. Sting wanted just one shot at the World title. Magnus said it was always about “One More Shot”. Magnus said Sting gave up the right to ever fight for the World Title. Magnus said he didn’t owe Sting anything. Sting pushed that the only way that Magnus could be King of the Jungle would be to beat Sting, all by himself. Sting asked Magnus if he wanted to be a man or a little boy. Magnus walked down to the ring to get in Sting’s face. Magnus knew Sting was using Reverse Psychology on him. Magnus said Sting’s contract was up for renewal. Magnus said if Sting wins, he gets the World title. If Magnus wins, Sting’s new contract would be shredded and Sting was done in TNA. Sting said he was ready to gamble. Magnus said he was ready to tear up the contract right in front of Sting’s “Stupid, Painted Face”. Magnus then left he ring. Interesting.


–Jay Shannon

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