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The Tournament to decide the new TNA World Champion began, this week. Also, a “Former World Champion” made his return to TNA. Ok, Dixie was Really stretching with this one.

So, Dixie walked in, arm in arm, with Adam “Pacman” Jones. Ken Anderson came up to them and said he wanted to fight Bully Ray. Dixie said she could make that happen, but only if Ken would really bring it. So, Pacman is the World Champion? Seriously?

Impact looked at the situation of the World Title. Dixie refused to accept A.J. Styles as her champion. She started off the tournament to find someone she wanted as leader of the pack.

The Main Event Mafia’s music sounded and the four remaining members of the group walked out together. Only Kurt was dressed to compete. The others were in suits. Sting said the Main Event Mafia has now completed it’s goals, as it relates to Bully Ray and the Aces and Eights. Sting said he was, temporarily, shelving the Main Event Mafia. Sting talked about coming up short in last week’s Gauntlet Match. Sting praised Magnus for “seizing the moment” and winning the 8th spot in the tournament. He also gave praise to Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle and knew they would both regain the World Title. He also felt Magnus would win the title, soon. Sting said it was time to deal with entitlement attitudes by some of those coming into TNA. Sting said he had respect for the business and it was time to teach them that. Sting showed his love to his “Brothers” and left the ring.

Joe took the microphone and addressed the crowd. Joe said it has been too long since he has held a championship belt. Joe knew he would have to face both Magnus and Kurt Angle. Joe said, for now, friendship would have to be put aside and they would have to return to being enemies. Joe then exited the ring.

Magnus took the stick and said Kurt was on the road to redemption. Magnus felt Kurt was the greatest of all time. Magnus said Kurt’s road would cross his road to destiny. Magnus was honest that he would mow down Kurt, if it came to that, to get the World title. Magnus was determined to become the World Champion. Magnus then headed to the back.

Kurt said Sting was right and the Mafia members needed to accomplish their own individual goals. Kurt said the World title would prove himself “Hall of Fame Worthy”. Kurt said his doctor had great news…

Bobby Roode came out to interrupt Kurt. Talk, Talk, Talk. Jeez…Wrestle already! Bobby claimed that Kurt was just making excuses. Bobby wanted Kurt to admit to back-to-back losses to the It Factor. Bobby said he was ready to move on and become the World Champion. Bobby said if they were to face each other, in the finals, Bobby would kick Kurt’s *ss for a 3rd time. Kurt said he would face (and defeat) Austin Aries, next week. Kurt said he wanted to get Bobby in the finals. He also wanted to kick Bobby’s *ss…now. Kurt tore into Bobby until security and refs rushed out to keep them apart. Spear by Kurt. Bobby kept pounding Kurt’s head as Impact went to commercial.

Kurt Angle had a chair, in the ring, and he was ready to wait all night to face Bobby Roode. Kurt ordered Bobby to come fight him. Roode came out and the two went at it, hard and heavy. Out came all kinds of officials came out to break them up. “Let them fight!” broke out and got louder and louder from the Cincy crowd. Kurt pretended to calm down, so he could break free from the officials. Kurt rushed the ring and attacked Bobby. Several wrestlers were brought down to keep the guys apart. There were roughly a dozen guys in the ring to keep Kurt and Roode from destroying each other. Kurt’s music went off as Samoa Joe and Magnus finally got Kurt out of the ring. Kaz and Daniels tried to keep their E.G.O. partner (Roode) in check.

Taz and Tenay discussed the ending, at least for now, of the Main Event Mafia. From there, they discussed the Full Metal Mayhem match between Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin, slated for later tonight. Daniels and Kaz got into it with Pacman and another dude from the Bengals. The two football stars got pushed and Evans and Jones jumped the railing and took the fight to Bad Influence. Scoop Slams to both Daniels and Kaz. Call that team…Tiger Blood. TNA looked at both Sabin and Hardy arriving in the building.

Ken Anderson ran into Knux and Bischoff, backstage. Ken asked them to stay out of his fight with Bully Ray. Ken urged the two guys to get out of Aces and Eights.

Velvet Sky vs ODB vs Brooke (Tessmacher)
Triple Threat Match to determine the number one contender to the Knockout Title

Brooke started by shaking her tush and Velvet let the pigeons loose. ODB just took out both women. ODB whipped Sky into Brooke and hi the Double Bronco Buster. Brooke tried to Roll Up ODB. Brooke then sent Sky into ODB. Whip by Brooke but Sky with Clotheslines. Flying Neckbreaker by Sky. ODB broke up the pin. Bulldog Bounce, by ODB, on Sky. Brooke then nailed the Funk Neckbreaker on ODB. Brooke went up top and hit a Savage Elbow. Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa strolled out to watch the match. Impact took another break.

All three women tore into each other. ODB laid out Brooke with a hard Forearm. Single Leg Crab by ODB on Brooke. Sky also clamped on the Single Leg Crab, on the other leg. ODB nad Sky went at each other. Knife Edge Chops by both girls. Shoulder Tackle by Sky. ODB Scoop Slammed Brooke onto Sky. ODB then went out to confront Tapa and Gail. Brooke slid out of the ring after nailing ODB from behind. Velvet then came out and attacked both girls. Sky tried to pin both ODB and Brooke. Someone lost coe hair, in the mix. Brooke climbed the ropes, again. Double Crossbody onto ODB nad Sky. Gail got on the apron, as did Tapa. Brooke jumped Sky, from behind. Sky kicked away on Brooke. Sky went for her version of the Pedigree and then Gail and Tapa hti the ring. Tapa took out Brooke and ODB laid out Gail. ODB took the fight to Tapa with Forearms. Tapa with the Samoan Cutter to ODB.

Your Winner: No Contest
Impact Score: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Gail said she had no competition in TNA. Gail issued an open challenge to any woman wrestler, outside TNA. If the person, from outside, could defeat her…that person would get a future title shot. This could be quite interesting. I know a couple of young ladies, from out West, that just might be able to rock Gail’s world.

TNA looked, again, at the whole A.J. Styles situation. Styles defeated Judas “El” Mesias, in AAA to retain his World title.

Taz and Tenay showed stills of Jeff Hardy beating Austin Aries, in 2012, to become the World Champion.

Bischoff and Knux talked about Ken’s suggestion of leaving. Bully Ray came in and said he knew about the talk with Anderson. Ray reminded them that he created the club for Bischoff and Knux, as well as himself. Bischoff and Knux both agreed that the votes haven’t counted in the past year or so. Knux said he, Bischoff, Bully Ray and Taz needed to take a vote…now. Ray looked worried.

I swear TNA is starting to mean….Talk, No Action.

Dixie was having a hissy fit over the phone. Carter said the person was humiliating everyone. She ordered the person, on the phone, to fix it or she would. Ethan Carter III came in to see “Aunt D”. Dixie wanted Ethan to pick his opponent, this week. Ethan was worried about his streak coming to an end. Dixie gave her “nephew” a little pep talk and sent him to compete.

Knux and Bischoff were in the ring. Bischoff said it was time to determine the future of Aces and Eights. Bischoff asked Taz to join them in the ring. Taz got a nice pop, from the crowd. Bischoff then asked Bully Ray to also join them. Ray ordered the music to be shut off. Ray wanted to know if the fans knew who he is. Bischoff took the microphone and called Bully Ray “the poison that has torn this group apart”. Bischoff said it was time for the vote…

Ken Anderson came out. With the jacket that he was wearing, something was obviously up. Ken said he was just there to watch this, in person. Bischoff voted himself out of Aces and Eights. He took off the cut and put it on the turnbuckle. Ray praised Knux for always being there for him. Knux then quit the club, as well. Ray was sure that it would be a tie vote on disbanding the club. Ray was certain that his “Best Friend”, Taz, would do as he was told. Taz took the microphone and addressed Ray. He told Ray to “pump the brakes, a bit”. Taz said Ray has always had the club doing Ray’s agenda. Taz said he was done, as well. Taz took over his cut and handed it to Ray. Ray ordered Taz to put his colors back on. “Make Me” was Taz’s response. Knux and Bischoff stepped out as Taz stood up to Ray. Ray ordered Taz to get in line or get laid out. Taz said he would destroy Ray. Ray tried to turn this onto Ken Anderson. Ken taunted Ray for not having anyone else to push around. Ken said he wanted to fight Bully Ray at Turning Point. He also wanted it to be a No-Disqualification Match. Ray brought up Ken’s admiration of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Ray then had Bischoff and Knux attack Anderson. Taz put the cut back on as Knux laid out Anderson with a Big Boot. Chain Whip by Ray as he told Ken “Don’t Trust Anybody”. Ray reminded Ken and the fans that Aces and Eights members…never ride alone.

Taz and Tenay discussed Full metal Mayhem. Bobby Roode came out and demanded to fight Kurt Angle…now. Oh, come on! Bobby ordered Taz and Tenay to get Bobby out to the ring. The fans chanted for Kurt. The lights went out, completely and Ethan Carter III arrived.

Ethan Carter III vs Dewey Barnes

Sigh. Another Squash match. Ethan grinned at the sight of his opponent. This is the skinniest wrestler of all time. Kneelift by Ethan into wild punches. Nice reference to Dewey Missing Link Robertson and the Three Stooges. That was more entertaining than this ridiculous match. Ethan laid out Dewey and then Punted the ribs. Dewey avoided a kick and punched away. Dropkick, sort of, by Dewey. Corner Punches and a Rolling Neckbreaker by Dewey. Dewey went for the Missile Dropkick by missed. 1%ER by EC3. Yawn.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Score: .25

Ethan bragged about being a Carter and the world needing the Carters. What the heck ever.

Joseph Park was having a candy snack until Kaz and Daniels showed up to hassle him. They talked about Park wasn’t here, last week, and Abyss was. This week, Abyss was gone and Joseph was here. They started to attack him but Eric Young came in and stopped them. Eric wanted to face Bad Influence, in a match.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Eric Young and Joseph Park
Special Challenge Match

Eric and Daniels to start. Kaz with a Pearl Harbor on EY. Double Whip but Eric pushed the guys into each other and hit a Dropkick. Tag to Park. Double Back Elbows on Kaz. Scoop Slam by Park. Tag to Eric. Double Sledge, off the top. Handstand by Eric into a Flying Headscissors. Suicide Dive by Eric. Crossbody, by Eric, on Kaz. 2 count. Flair Flop by Eric. Daniels tripped Eric. Eric struck the ring apron, seriously hard. Daniels threw Eric back in. Tag switch of Bad Influence. Double Team on Eric. 2 count, yet again.

Daniels with measured punches to the face. Eric flipped out of the Back Drop Suplex and hit one of his own. Kaz distracted the ref, so he didn’t see Eric tag out. Kaz took out his partner with an accidental Clothesline. Tag to Park. Park went semi-wild on Bad Influence. Kaz dodged a Corner Splash. Kaz missed the Missile Dropkick. Park with the Boston Crab but Daniels made the save. Eric took out Daniels. On the floor, Daniels fought back and sent Eric into the ring steps. Daniels got the bell ringer’s hammer as Park lifted Kaz into a Airplane Spin. Daniels threw the Appletini into Park’s eyes as the ref went after the hammer. Backslide by Kaz to take the win.

Your Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Impact Score: 2.0

Kurt Angle’s music sounded as the Olympian came out, looking for Bobby Roode. Angle said he would wait, at ringside, for Bobby. He was cut off by Austin Aries. Austin suggested to Kurt that he should focus on him, not Roode, since they were set to go, next week. Aries said next week would see two Wrestling Machines going one-on-one. He warned Kurt that if he didn’t bring 1000%, Kurt would lose. Dixie spun her Wheel of Dixie and the Aries vs Angle match would end up a Submission Match. Bobby Roode rushed out and attacked Kurt. Bobby beat on Kurt’s head, over and over. Aries rushed down and took the fight to his former tag partner, Roode. Kurt went past Aries to fight Roode. Aries tried to hold Kurt back.


Jeff Hardy vs Chris Sabin
Full Metal Mayhem, Tournament Match

All this build up and it gets less than 10 minutes? Seriously? The X-Title wasn’t on the line, by the way. Taz talked about Sabu, an old friend. Oddly enough, I have an action figure of Sabu standing right on top of my desktop..

Sabin went right after Hardy with stomps and a choke. Float Over Headscissors by Hardy. Sabin ended up on the floor. Hardy flew off the apron with a Clothesline. Hardy started throwing “toys” into the ring. Hardy went back over and stomped Sabin. Hardy also got a ladder. The two got back in the ring and fought over the ladder. Sabin used the ladder to Bum Rush Hardy into the corner, twice. Sabin lifted hardy and did a modified CrossRhodes, off the ropes, onto the ladder. 2 count for Sabin. Sabin adjusted the ladder and went for a Suplex. Hardy blocked it and tried for his own Suplex. Sabin blocked it, as well. Back Body Drop sent Sabin’s back into the ladder. Ouch.

Hardy with a trash can that he seriously waffled Sabin with. Hardy then grabbed a crutch and cracked Sabin with it. Hardy went out to get a table. Hardy ended up breaking the table so he went to get another one. Hardy slid the table into the ring. Hardy propped the table in the corner. Sabin blocked the Reverse Powerbomb and hit a Hurancanaran to send Hardy flying. Sabin pushed Hardy to avoid Whisper in the Wind. Sabin got a chair and nailed the back. Sabin pulled Hardy into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Sabin slid out of the ring and pulled Hardy’s ears back. Sabin got back in the ring and put a chair against Hardy’s face. Baseball Slide! Sabin climbed the ropes and Hardy took the char and nailed Sabin, while upside down. Dang. Chair Assisted Poetry in Motion! Sabin was sent to the outside with the La Bandera Clothesline. Hardy came out and set up another table. Hardy ran Sabin into the ring steps and then laid him on the table. Hardy went to the tippy top of the turnbuckles. Sabin moved as Hardy went to fly. Hardy crashed through the table.

Both men got back in the ring and Sabin reset the table that had been in the corner. Sabin forced Hardy onto the table and then went to the top. Sabin got the knees up as Sabin flew. The table collapsed beneath them. “This is Awesome!” began to rise from the crowd. Hardy with the Twist of Fate, big time. Hardy set the ladder, near the corner. He tore off his shirt and started to climb. I haven’t seen this move since Vinny Poochanellit did it, 3 years ago. Swanton up and over the top of the ladder to move on in the tournament.

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Impact Score: 4.5


–Jay Shannon

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