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Battleground really angered the fans. People paid $40 for the show, only to have the feed go out. On top of that, the matches were disappointing. What will the WWE do to recover from, what many sources are calling, a major failure? Set up the next PPV…Hell in a Cell.

The program began with a look at how Big Show totally screwed up the end of the WWE Title Match. He knocked out Daniel Bryan, the newly-rehired ref (Scott Armstrong) and then Randy Orton. Still, no WWE Title holder.

Stephanie McMahon was introduced. She didn’t look happy. The announcers talked about rumors of what The Authority was going to do to Big Show. Stephanie said the main event was ruined. Stephanie said it was all because of Big Show. She ordered him to come to the ring. He took his time but finally emerged from the backstage area. Big Show tried to explain but Stephanie told him to shut up. Stephanie wanted Big Show to explain his actions. He only say “I’m sorry.”. She ripped into Big Show for being a pathetic individual. Stephanie said Big Show couldn’t even do his job. “Knock her out!” rang out. Big Show was ready to leave. Stephanie said Big Show didn’t have free will, thanks to the Authority. Stephanie ordered Big Show to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness. Show shook his head “No”. She called him “worthless” and said he didn’t have a soul. Show said he knocked out Randy Orton because he couldn’t take it anymore. He knocked out Daniel Bryan because Stephanie told him to. Show called Brad Maddox a “puppet”. Show called HHH a “Son of a B*tch”. Stephanie repeatedly slapped Show in the face and then fired him. Show said “Fine, I’m fired!” he stormed to the back. Well, that was almost intense.

Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow

Sandow seethed as he walked down the ramp. Sandow injured his knee, last night, and couldn’t cash in Money in the Bank. Sandow clubbed Dolph and hit vicious Shoulder Thrusts and kicks. Suplex by Sandow. Sandow with wild Crossfaces before clamping on a rear Chin Lock. Dolph punched his way free but took a Kitchen Sink Knee. Kneedrops by Sandow, followed by repeated punches to the face. Sandow punched Dolph, in the ropes, and then threw his weight onto Dolph’s back. Leg Scissors by Sandow. Dolph tried to fight back but Damien with a punch and repeated Headbutts.

Dolph threw major bombs at Damien but Sandow sent Dolph out to the floor. Raw went to break.

Sandow was still fully in control. He got a two count as the show returned. Whips by Sandow. Side Russian Leg Sweep into the Elbow of Distain. Sandow hit a second one, just for good measure. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Sandow. Big Show has been escorted out of the building. Sandow threw Dolph over the top rope and to the floor. Damien went out and ran Dolph into the ring apron and then the ring post. Back in the ring, Damien drove his knee into Dolph’s back. Damien pulled back on Doph’s neck. Hammer Throw by Sandow but Damien ended up striking the ring post when he charged. Dolph began to punch away and then hit a modified Spear. Dolph with Machine Gun Punches. One strike sent Sandow sailing out to the floor. Dolph went to the floor and dropped Elbows, left and right. Back in the ring, Dolph with Corner Mount Punches. Funk Neckbreaker by Dolph. Dropkick by Dolph for a 2. Dolph ended up on the apron and then went up the ropes. Sandow hit the ropes and Dolph tumbled into the ring. 1-2-no Dolph with the Famouser to get the 3.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

This week’s show came from Pittsburg, PA. In addition to my mentor and dear friend (1Wrestling.com’s own Bill Apter), the Pittsburg area has 2 additional Legends that have been childhood idols. One, of course, is the Hall of Famer, Bruno Sammartino. The other is the Guru of Gore, The Zombie Master…George A. Romero. TCM ran the original “Night of the Living Dead”, last Friday. I could sit and watch that movie a million times (I’m close now).

Back in the office, Stephanie was ripping Brad Maddox a new one. She ran down all the things that happened, including talking about the Black Out, the Rhodes Family and the Big Show issue. Brad tried to shift this over onto Stephanie warned Brad that he was lucky that he was suffering the same fate as the Big Show. She ordered Brad to go to the ring and tell the WWE Universe how he was going to make this up to them.

Michael Cole and JBL talked about how Jerry Lawler brought Bruno Sammartino out to his fans. This was sonly on the WWE App. What a rip off. They did show how Bruno came out to celebrate his 78th birthday. He turned 78 on Sunday. Lawler led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” to the Living Legend. Bruno looked great.

Alicia Fox, Aksana and Rosa Mendes vs Natalya, Eva Marie and JoJo
Six Diva Tag Team Match

Nattie started against Aksana. Takedown by Nattie. Arm Bar by Nattie. Aksana with a Leg Scissors. Tag to Eva Marie. Roll Up for a 1. Side Headlock by the rookie. Aksana threw Eva Marie down and dropped Elbows. This is painful to watch. Tag to Rosa. Rosa stomped away and locked in the Bow Tie. Eva, weakly, kneed free. Tag to Fox. Fox threw Eva into the mat and then nailed a Scoop Slam. Fox got a shot in on Nattie. Whip by Fox but she missed a Corner Rush. Nattie took the tag and nailed a series of Clotheslines. Nattie went Fox into her teammates. Kip Up and Discus Clothesline by Nattie. Sharpshooter! Tap Out. So, JoJo didn’t even get to play.

Tour Winners: Natalya, Eva Marie and JoJo
Raw Ranking: .25

Brad came out and apologized for what happened at BattleGround. He made a rematch…inside Hell in a Cell…between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. Also, Brad would present 3 Hall of Famers for the fans to vote on. Whichever one the fans chose, would end up as the Special Guest Ref in that match. Brad brought out the first candidate…Booker T. Booker was given time to explain why he should get the vote. Booker said the fan knew him and knew he would do what was right, for the people. He would also do what was right for business. Lawler was concerned that Booker was talking about doing what was “Best for Business”.

3MB (Jindar Mahal and Drew McIntrye) vs Los Matadores (yes, Again)

Diego with a Leg Sweep and Arm Drag on Mahal. Flying Head Scissors by Diego. Tag to Fernando. Double Whip into the Stereo Back Body Drop. Mahal sent Fernando into the ropes and Drew tagged in. Kicks and Chops on Fernando. Arm Bar by Drew. Head Scissors by Hernando. Tag to Diego. Flying Elbows by Diego. Diego flew off the ropes and that led to the Estocada!

Your Winners: Los Matadores
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Heath Slater chased El Torito until El Torito hit a wild Hurancanrana to send Heath flying out of the ring.

Paul Heyman walked with his “Guys”. That had something to say.

Heyam, Ryback and Curtis Axel were in the ring. Paul introduced himself as “The Best in the World”. Paul crowed about beating Punk with both hands tied behind his back. Paul admitted that Punk did pin Ryback. Paul tried to show footage of how Punk cheated but the still shot that came up was wrong…

C.M. Punk strolled out and mocked the Low Blow results he created at BattleGround. Punk was surprised that Paul would call him a cheater. Punk said all he did was win. Punk said he kicked Ryback in the b*lls, only to see if Ryback had any. Punk said he would beat Ryback, again. Punk accepted the open rematch challenge, even though it wasn’t actually issued. Paul told Ryback that Punk was bullying him. Ryback accused Punk of not having any b*lls. Ryback invited Punk to come to the ring and fight him.

Before Punk could decide, he was joined by R-Truth. Truth talked, off mic, to Punk. Looks like there is going to be a tag match.

C.M. Punk and R-Truth vs Ryback and Curtis Axel

Charles Robinson was the Zebra in Charge. Ryback was ready to go. He got Punk. Ryback tagged out. Axel bounced around. Side Headlock by Axel. Push Off by Punk but Axel with the Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a Drop Toe Hold, by Punk. Punk had the leg trapped and fell backwards. Truth tagged din and hit a Leg Drop to Axel’s neck. Axel sent Truth to the rope but ate a boot. Truth with a wild punch and the Shimmy. The Heyman Guys regrouped as Raw took a break.

Truth had tagged out and back in. Snap Mare to Axel. Truth with a rear Chin Lock. Axel rushed to the corner and let Ryback tag in. Truth with punches and kicks. Ryback kicked the knee and slammed Truth. Ryback with hard punches to the ribs. Bear Hug by Ryback. Paul screamed “You picked the wrong fight” at Truth. Axel tagged back in and hit a variation of the Ax Bomber. Axel punted the ribs but Truth fought back. Axel with a Dropkick to get a 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Axel. Kneelift and Hammer Throw by Axel. Ryback tagged back in and ran Truth into several corners, back first. Ryback with a brutal Hammer Throw.

Snap Mare by Ryback with a Back Kick. 2 count. Abdominal Stretch by Ryback. Ryback punished the ribs with shots. Truth tried to fight out but got rushed into the corner. Truth with a boot but Ryback tried for the Powerslam. Truth with the Leg Lariat. Punk finally got the tag and went wild on Axel, who had also tagged in. Rolling Neckbreaker into the Elevator Knee. Short Arm Clothesline. Punk nailed the Savage Elbow! Punk laid out Ryback and then blasted Axel with the Go To Sleep. Punk took out Ryback and then tagged in Truth. R-Truth with the Ax Kick. 1—2—3!

Your Winners: R-Truth and C.M. Punk
Raw Ranking: 3.75

The next candidate for the Special Guest Ref was…Bob Backlund. Really? Bob came out and rambled about why he should be elected to serve as the Special Guest Ref. I love Backlund. He is just so wacky.

It’s definitely a night of Legends. Speaking of Legends, I want to thank the great people who put on Legends of the Ring, this past weekend. While I was not able to be there, my partners in Rivalry Championship Wrestling, Darren Antola and David Wilkins, were in attendance. Legends treated them really well. Darren told me about how great the reception was for Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper and others. I also want to thank our friends at Family Wrestling Entertainment for letting us be part of their show, this coming Saturday, in Brooklyn, New York. We were thrilled to be bringing Ted DiBiase, Jr to the show for an exclusive Meet and Greet but I just learned that his old flame, Maryse, will also be available for autographs and photos. For more information and tickets, go to:


Back to business…

Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton

Randy with a kick and clubbing blows. Randy threw Kofi into the ring post. Randy threw Kofi out of the ring. Randy then went out and tossed Kofi into the barricades, a couple times. Clothesline by The Viper. Randy pitched Kofi back in the ring and tried for a pin. He only got 2. European Uppercut by Randy. Kofi reversed a Whip and Randy went to the floor. Kofi attacked Randy, when Orton returned, and sent him flying with a La Bandera Clothesline. Randy pounded on Kofi’s back and hit Headbutts and punches. Kofi began to battle back with kicks and punches. Randy went for a Whip. Kofi ran the turnbuckle and flew…into nothing. Kofi fell out of the ring as Raw went to break.

Orton Stomp to Kofi’s legs and ribs. Randy took control, during the break. Twisted Sister Backbreaker for a two. Rear Chin Lock by Randy. Kofi forced his way up to his feet and punches Randy’s ribs. Randy sent Kofi to the corner. Ax Bomber by Kofi. Randy reversed a Whip but Kofi slid under Randy. Randy recovered and nailed a Dropkick. 2 count. European Uppercut by Randy. Randy put Kofi on the top rope and punched away. Kofi gave as good as he got. Kofi woke up and hit Headbutts and then a interesting version on the Tornado DDT. Double Sledge and Dropkick by Kofi. Randy avoided Controlled Frenzy but took the Pendulum Kick to the face. Kofi went up top and flew with the Crossbody. 2 count, again.

Randy avoided SOS and Trouble In Paradise. Kofi came back and connected with the SOS. Randy flipped Kofi onto the apron. Kofi snapped Randy’s neck on the top rope. Kofi with a Springboard, off the ropes, into the SNAP POWERSLAM (by Orton)! Crap, that was impressive. Randy with the Rope Assisted DDT position but Kofi flipped Randy over the top. Kofi slid out of the ring and got Clotheslined out of his boots. Barricade Assisted DDT! Randy threw Kofi back in, at 9. Randy lifted Kofi and finished him off with the RKO.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 3.25

After the match, Daniel Bryan rushed the ring and attacked. Suicide Dive sent Randy sailing over the announce table. Refs rushed down to try and pull Daniel Bryan away. Cameramen got laid out and Michael Cole was knocked offline. Daniel kept breaking free to assault Orton. Randy took off for the back but Daniel broke free and chased after Orton.

Vickie Guerrero was backstage. She was invited by Triple H to be there. She was ripping into someone for going on vacation. Alberto Del Rio asked Vickie why she was there. She had a special announcement. Del Rio wanted the night off but the fans needed to see their champion. Del Rio knew Vickie could find him the right opponent to face. Del Rio kissed up to Vickie, big time. He called her sexy, beautiful and intelligent. He gave her his scarf and kissed her on the cheek. His face betrayed the fact that it was all baloney. Vickie smelled the scarf and dropped it.

The final choice for Special Guest Ref was…Shawn Michaels! It was SO obvious who was going to get the nod for this one. Shawn looked like he was ready to join Ted Nugent to go hunting. Shawn admitted HHH was his best friend. Shawn explained that there were two version of HHH. One was his personal friend. The other was the business guy. Shawn explained that he helped train Daniel Bryan. (I give more credit to William Regal, to be honest). Shawn said he just didn’t like Randy Orton. Shawn called himself “H-B Shizzle”. Whatever. Shawn promised to make sure that there was going to be a new WWE champ. He didn’t care about what was “Best for Business”, he cared about what was best for the fans.

They showed Stephanie slapping Big Show, over and over. I have never believed in hitting a woman, but I would have had a hard time blaming Show if he had clocked that cow.

Alberto Del Rio vs ?

RVD is taking some time off. Already? Jeez. Vickie came out and introduces his opponent…Ricardo Rodriguez. Seriously?

Alberto Del Rio vs Ricardo Rodriguez
Non-Title Match

Del Rio was ready for this massacre. Ricardo eased into the ring as Vickie made another announcement. Vickie said Alberto Del Rio will battle for the World title at Hell in a Cell against…JOHN CENA! Ricardo slipped in and rolled up Del Rio for the three count.

Your Winner: Ricardo Rodriguez
Raw Ranking: 1.0

After the match, Del Rio snapped. Ricardo was on the announce table and Del Rio tripped him. Running Kick to the face. Del Rio threw Ricardo into the ring steps and stomped away. Del Rio got a chair and wrapped it around Ricardo’s arm. Del Rio stomped the chair to try and break Ricardo’s arm. He then put on the Cross Armbreaker.

Zack Ryder vs Fandango

Summer Rae danced with her guy. She looked beautiful in Susan G Komen pink. Fandango took forever with their dance routine. Zack seemed smitten by the girl. Go Behind by Fandango but Zack exploded on the Dancing One. Fandango took Zack down and got a two count. Punch by Fandango. Snap Suplex by Fandango. 2 count. Fandango with the Rear Chin Lock. Zack got to his feet and then hit the X-Factor. Double Knees by Zack into a Missile Dropkick. Flying Forearm by Zack. Broski Boot didn’t connect as Fandango bailed out. Zack kicked through the ropes. Zack pitched Fandango back into the ring. Enziguri by Fandango. Fandango then snapped Zack’s neck, in the ropes. Fandango went up top and waited. He nailed the Perfect 10.

Your Winner: Fandango
Raw Ranking: 2.5

It was time to announce who would get the nod as Special Guest Ref for the WWE title match at Hell in a Cell. Of course, the West Coast got screwed out of the voting, for the most part. The winner, so obviously was…Shawn Michaels (61%).

The new Goldberg video hits stores on Tuesday. I have to admit that I was NEVER that much of a Goldberg fan.

The Real Americans were in the ring, along with Zeb Colter. Zeb has been blathering on about Los Matadores. Guess Fernando and Diego will be moving on the Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger, next.

Santino Marella and Great Khali (w/Hornswoggle) vs Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter)

Santino and Jack opened up the match. They went to the ropes and Santino with a Cartwheel off a Biel. Kneelift by Jack. Santino with the Power Walk and weird Inverted Atomic Drop. Jack with a solid punch to the face. Jack ran Santino into several corners and tagged in Antonio. European Uppercuts by Antonio. Jack with the tag and a Snap Mare. Butterfly Nelson by Swagger. Jack with a hard Clothesline and the Swagger Bomb. Antonio with the Leap Frog Stomp off the tag. Rear Chin Lock by Antonio. Stunner by Santino. Tag to Khali.

Khali pushed Antonio down and hit a hard Clothesline. Elbow Drops by Khali. Open Hand Slap by Khali. Khali also slapped Jack. Antonio clipped the leg and then went for the Cesaro Swing! Damn, that’s freakin’ awesome! The camera angle made me dizzy. 3 count.

Your Winner: The Real Americans
Raw Ranking: 2.5 (Bonus Points for the Swing)

Hornswoggle was thrown in the ring and Cesaro went into the Giant Swing. Santino struck with The Cobra. Cole slipped and called Hornswoggle “Dylan” (his real first name). Khali also came to Hornswoggle’s aid.

The announcers sent it to a video about the Susan G Komen organization. Titus O’Neil talked about his grandmother, who died from Breast Cancer. It was such a touching moment. They showed Titus, his wife and his kids. So nice.

The Miz walked backstage. He was not happy, at all. Miz will be doing MizTV with his special guest…himself.

Raw showed how Randy Orton attacked Miz, a few weeks back, in front of his parents. Randy did his best to cripple Miz with a chair around the neck. Miz was in the ring. He was cut off by the arrival of Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family. Miz bailed out of the ring to avoid Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Miz kicked Bray into his boys. Bray just cackled. Weird.

Brad Maddox talked with Stephanie. She said Brad had a long way to go before he made things right. Triple H showed up and said he had been working on fixing things up. Triple H told Brad to stay in the office. HHH said he was going to personally watch the main event and make sure things happened…Best for Business.

Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Cody Rhodes, Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) and Daniel Bryan
Six-Man Tag Team Match

R-Truth will challenge Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Title on this week’s Smackdown.

Goldust had a new odd face paint thing. Goldy came out to his music. Cody then came out to his own music. Daniel Bryan then joined the party. Daniel got the crowd going with the “Yes!” chant. Triple H then came from the back to watch this match. Lawler accused JBL of kissing the “Boss’s” butt. Goldust started against Seth. Seth pushed Goldy who did the Bark at him. Goldy with wild punches. Seth with a kick and Whip. Goldustin Uppercut and Inverted Atomic Drop. Running Kick by the Bizarre One. Tag to Cody. Missile Dropkick by Cody. HHH watched the match, quite intensely. Cody was tossed into the enemy corner. Dean tagged din but Cody dropped him. Front Drop Suplex by Cody. 2 count.

Tag back to Goldust. Snap Mare into a Kneedrop. Cody came back in and kicked away. Straight Fist by Cody. Dean took Cody to the corner and brutalized him. Kick by Cody but Dean with a Kneelif and Whip. Cody got the knees up and went up top. He kicked Roman away but Dean was able to send Cody flying off the ropes. He crashed into the barricade. HHH grinned as Raw went to break.

During the commercials, they showed the trailer for the remake of “Carrie”. Some things just should not be messed with.

Seth had Cody trapped in a Front Face Lock. Cody began to fight free but Seth took him to The Shield corner and Dean tagged in. Crossface by Dean into a Kneedrop and choke. Dean stomped the ribs of Cody. Modified Camel Clutch by Ambrose. Cody fought his way free but took a Kitchen Sink Knee. Dean blasted Cody’s back and then sat him on the top rope. Dean pulled at Cody’s eyes. Cody fought free and hit a fantastic Moonsault. Both men were down nad hurt. Dena held the ankle to prevent Cody from tagging. Cody with a Back Body Drop.

Daniel got the tag, as did Seth. Daniel threw major bombs on Seth. Daniel ran the corner and hit an unreal German Suplex. Hesitation Dropkick, to the corner. Hurancanrana by Daniel for two. Reigns made the save. It all broke down into chaos. Cody blasted Roman with the Disaster Kick and a La Bandera Clothesline. Daniel escaped a German and hit the Crescent Kick. Yes Lock! Dean brought in a chair, drawing the DQ. Triple H stopped the announcement and restarted the match. It went into total anarchy as all six men were tearing into each other. Daiel with the Kitchen Sink to Seht and Suicide Dive on Roman and Dean. Daniel started the Yes chant. Randy Orton came out of the crowd and blind sided Daniel Bryan. Orton pitched Daniel back in the ring and Seth pinned him.

Your Winners: The Shield
Raw Ranking: 2.5

The Shield was attacking the Rhodes Family and Daniel Bryan. Suddenly, Big Show’s music went off. The Giant One came out and HHH slid in the ring. He used The Shield as…well, a Shield. Roman, Dean and Seth jumped Show but Show was able to push them away. Show then got right into Triple H’s face…AND KNOCKED HIM OUT!

I want to end with a request for your thoughts and prayers for my brother-in-law, David. Four years ago, this week, David stood beside me, as my Best Man, as I married his sister. David has been very supportive of us. He is hospitalized, over in Reno, with an unknown issue that has caused him to pass out. For the first forty years of my life (give or take), I only had sisters in my life. David is the brother that I always wanted.


–Jay Shannon

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