Posted August 18th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Special referee Triple H. comes out first:


It’s clearly a Daniel Bryan crowd.

Match started at 10:18 EST.

After trading holds for a few minutes and Bryan getting the better of him, Cena rolled out of the ring to talk to the ringside Doctor for a moment (Cena has a protective elbow sleeve on his left arm).

They trade bridges, armlocks and more. Bryan is knocked to the floor with a clothesline and the fans loudly boo Cena. He goes after him but Bryan slams Cena into the ring steps and then Cena suplexes him off the steps.

Back in the ring Cena punches at Bryan and whips him into the corner. Cena kicks him and then powerbombs Bryan and gets a “two” count pin attempt.

Cena to go for his finish but Bryan kciks out. Ceana again for the “five knuckle shuffle” and Bryan gets loose from the finish, climbs the ropes and dropkicks Cena and gets a pin attempt but only “two.”

With Cena down Bryan keeps kicking him. Bryan with an armbreaker and Cena is in big trouble. He keeps yelling for Cena “get up” and then kicks him down each time Cena tries.

Bryan with a STF! Bryan with a series of suplexes and again the Yes Lock.

Cena gets the Attitude Adjustment and tries for a pin but only “two.”

Cena to the top rope but Bryan with a dropkick to Cena’s face and suplex off the ropes but Bryan stays on the ropes (the corner). Cena is in the middle of the ring, lying down, Bryan with a flying headbutt and gets a two count as Cena rolls out of the ring.

Bryan goes for a dive but Cena catches him with an elbow. Cena off the ropes with a flying drop but Bryan gets out of the pin at “two.”

Cena on the top rope with Bryan on his shoulders. Bryan uses elbow smashes and tries for a Frankensteiner. He drops Daniel and turns it into his finisher. It looks like Bryan will pass out. Bryan reverses it into a Yes Lock.

Cena turns Bryan over in the air with a devestating clothesline.

Finally they start to slap each other! Bryan with a flip off the ropes. Cena catches him and smashes him down on his back but Cena takes the impact as well on his face.

With Cena down Bryan mounts the corner turnbuckles and is caught by Cean in mid-air. He goes for the finish but Bryan gets out and kicks Cena in the head.

Bryan with a flying knee to Cena’s face and it kayoes Cena and he pins him.

Daniel Bryan is the new WWE champion!

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