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Impact was beyond wild as they ventured into Hulk Hogan’s hometown of Tampa, Florida. The action was off the charts and surprises were around every corner. Also, would A.J. Styles join Aces and Eights?

The show opened with a graphic sending thoughts and prayers out to the Oklahoma victims. It also showed how you can donate to the Red Cross.

Abyss is back and a lot of people want to know what’s up. Joseph Park went berserk on D’Lo Brown to earn a future shot at Devon’s TV Title. Bully Ray then said he wanted Sting to promise that if he were to lose at Slammiversary, he will never be allowed to challenge for the TNA World title. Ken Anderson said A.J. Styles would be patched in, tonight.

Hulk Hogan got a monster pop as he returned home to Tampa. Taz complained that Hulk set Impact to be in Tampa. Mike Tenay talked about the great Hiro Matsuda, as well as the Brisco Brothers. Hulk said it was great to be home. Hulk said the word out was that tonight it was going to be wild. Hulk even brought up Shark Boy. Hulk said the people around him were family. Hulk then turned his focus to A.J. Styles. Styles got booed, big time. Hulk said Styles’ defection wasn’t that big a deal. Hulk then invited Sting to join him in the ring.

Sting was wearing his new shirt. I like that one. My Sting shirt is starting to wear out. Hulk told Sting that he appreciated Sting’s willingness to risk never getting a future World title shot. Hulk said it didn’t have to go down like that. Sting asked Hulk to keep things just like they are. Sting knew he needed to take the title and the power from Bully Ray. Sting said if he didn’t take it all from Bully, he wouldn’t deserve to ever be champ, again. Hulk said Sting didn’t have to risk it all.

Brooke Hogan then strolled form the back. Brooke said she should take the blame for Bully Ray. Brooke said she fell in love with the jerk and drove wedges all around. Hulk told Brooke that she didn’t need to go there. Brooke said she was sick of seeing Hulk and Sting taking all the blame. Brooke was ready to resign from TNA. Hulk told her to move past Bully…

Out came her “hubby”, Bully Ray. Bully didn’t know why the three of them were trying to take the blame for how things happened. Bully made it clear it was all his fault. Bully said he runs the show. Ray did blame Brooke for making Ray fall for her. Ray said he thinks about her morning and night. Ray said he still loved Brooke. Ray said he would never take off his wedding ring, because of his love. Ray then walked away as Brooke broke down. Puh-lease.

It was time for another Suicide promo video. More bizarre crap. Suicide was ready to unleash his payback.

This is the anniversary of a sad day in wrestling history. On May 23, 1999, Owen Hart fell to his death at a wrestling show. 14 years have passed but it still feels like yesterday that we lost a great wrestler and an even greater man. Gone…but never forgotten.

Kenny King joined the announce team for the next match.

Joey Ryan vs Petey Williams vs Suicide

Zema Ion was supposed to fight Petey and Suicide but he is recovering from emergency surgery on his appendix. Suicide took down Joey, quickly. Flying Octopus by Suicide into a Roll Up on Petey. Petey with a flip of Suicide. Suicide with a Hurancanran. Petey with a Dropkick to Suicide’s back. Joey tried for a Dropkick but Joey put on the break. Joey with a hard throw. Joey poured oil on his chest. Ewww. Top Rope Head Scissors. Suicide with an Abdominal Stretch on Petey and an Indian Death Lock on Petey. Petey came back with a Side Russian Legsweep, which tweaked Joey’s knee. Joey took out Petey. Joey flew out of the ring. Petey with a Suicide Div on Joey. Suicide with a Cannonball Roll onto Joey. Code Breaker by Petey to Joey. Suicide pulled Petey ot the outside. Suicide with a Back Roll Roll Up to Joey. Petey charged the corner. Petey went for the Canadian Destroyer but Joey prevented it. Joey rushed the corner and Suicide with the Flying Neckbreaker. Suicide with a Butterfly Clutch into a drop onto the knees. Call that Euthanasia.

Your Winner: Suicide
Impact Ranking: 3.25

James Storm talked with Chris Sabin. Sabin wanted to be Storm’s partner but Storm wanted Sabin to go after the X-Title and then go from there to the World Title.

Brooke got in Ray’s face, backstage. Brooke wanted to know what Ray meant by saying that he still loved her. He confirmed his love.

Elsewhere, Mickie James told Velvet Sky that she was willing to postpone the Knockout Title Match until Velvet was healthy. Mickie wanted to be sure that Velvet wanted to do the match. The two girls hugged and got ready for war.

Sam Shaw vs Alex Silva
Bound For Glory/Gut Check Challenge Match #2

Last week, the first of the Challenge Matches happened. Sam came out but Aces and Eights were the next to arrive. Wes Brisco said he destroyed Alex Silva, in the parking lot. Wes talked about being a winner of Gut Check.

Your Winner: No Match
Impact Ranking: N/A

Aces and Eights got in the ring and did a 3-om-1 mugging. Garett Bischoff and DOC helped with the destruction. Suddenly, Magnus rushed the ring to help Sam. Aces and Eights scattered like cockroaches when the light comes on. Magnus said this whole thing didn’t sit well with him or the boys in the back. Magnus did a shout out to Harley Race. Magnus threatened to take out Garett Bischoff. Magnus said Wes didn’t deserve to be part of the Bound For Glory Challenge. Magnus challenged Wes to a serious Gut Check fight…against him.

Magnus vs Wes Brisco

Magnus with a Flying Knee and a Gut Wrench Suplex. Magnus pounded away on Wes’ face. Wes bailed out of the ring and Impact went to break.

Wes with a n attack in the corner. Wes choked Magnus on the ropes and then tried for a pin. When he didn’t get it, Wes clamped on a Rear Chin Lock. Whip by Wes into a Back Elbow. Wes went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Magnus got to his feet and punched away. Wes clubbed the back. Back Elbow by Wes. Clotheslines by Magnus. Wes got the boot up and then flew…into Magnus’ arm. Magnus Driver into a Top Rope attempt. Wes caught Magnus but Magnus fought out. DOC and Garett attacked Magnus, drawing the DQ for Wes. Samoa Joe rushed down to protect his long-time tag partner.

Your Winner (by DQ): Magnus
Impact Ranking: 2.5

Got to take a second to send out special congratulations to my niece, Sarah. I was at the hospital when the little lady was born, many years ago. I remember telling her mom and dad that she was a special girl that was going to be a huge success in life. Saturday night, she takes the first step as she graduates from High School down in Waxahachie, Texas. Congrats, kid. Wish me and your Aunt Dianna could be there to cheer for you as you cross the sage.

TNA showed the induction of Sting into the TNA Hall of Fame. The next person to go into the Hall of Fame will be announced at Slammiversary.

Aces and Eights wanted to know what was up with Brooke Hogan. Ray praised DOC, Wes and Garett for their performance. Ray was certain that A.J. wasn’t going to let Aces and Eights down.

Kurt Angle’s campaign to save Amateur Wrestling in the Olympics was showcased. Kurt was in NYC to see an amateur wrestling event. Kurt is determined to save Olympic Wrestling. I support him 100%. One of my best buddies, since elementary school, Todd Welch was a great amateur wrestler. I learned to really appreciate the sport from Todd.

Ken Anderson vs Kurt Angle

A.J. Styles rode in on a motorcycle as the match got ready to start. Kurt took over Ken with Side Headlock. Knuckle Lock led to a kick and clubbing blows by Ken. Ken with a Forearm to the face and shots to the body. Kurt reversed a Whip and dropped Ken. Kick to Ken’s face. Kurt with a measured punch. Kurt stomped away on Ken and choked him with the boot. Kurt with a Snap Suplex. European Uppercut by Angle. Shoulder Thrusts by Kurt into a Whip. Kurt charged and struck the post.

Ken choked Kurt with his boot. Hammer Throw by Ken for a two count. Ken worked over Kurt’s arm and shoulder. Back Drop Hammerlock Suplex by Ken. Ken stomped Kurt’s neck and chest. Kurt with a Whip but Ken with a kick and Clothesline. Taz talked about how great Styles was going to look in his “Cut”. Ken twisted the arm with a Keylock Arm Bar. Kurt rallied himself and the crowd. Deep Arm Drag and Big Boot by Kurt. Missile Dropkick by Kurt but he hurt his arm on the landing.

Kurt with Clotheslines from his good arm. Ken got the boot up. Belly to Belly Suplex by Kurt for two. Green Bay Plunge by Ken for two. Kurt fought out of the Mic Check and went into the Hat Trick Germans. Kurt tried for the Angle Lock but Ken came back with the Mic Check. 1-2-Kick Out! Everyone was surprised that Kurt didn’t go down. Ken went out to the apron. Ken climbed but Kurt with a Rope Run Superplex. Taz cheered for Ken as Kurt dropped the straps. A.J. came out to watch the match. Taz hugged Styles. Ken with a Low Blow. 3 count.

Your Winner: Ken Anderson
Impact Ranking: 3.25

James Storm walked backstage. James was about to announce who his tag partner will be at Slammiversary.

Gail Kim was asked about her match at Slammiversary. Gail didn’t care who she was facing. Taryn came in and just destroyed Gail Kim. Gail fled for her life as Taryn was restrained.

A profile of James Storm as an 11-time tag team champion. Storm got involved in the match between Aries/Roode and Bad Influence. Storm then got attacked, in the back. Storm was told there would be a four team battle for the tag belts. The Texicans (Chavo and Hernandez) vs Dirty Heels ( Bobby Roode/Austin Aries) vs Bad Influence (Daniels/Kazarian) and Storm and his mystery partner. It was time for the mystery partner to be revealed. Chavo and Hernandez were at the announce booth for this one. Storm took the house microphone and noticed there were a lot of beer drinker in town. Storm talked about America’s Most Wanted and Beer Money. Storm was cut off by the arrival of Roode and Aries.

Roode said Storm wanted to talk about the “glory days of tag team wrestling”. Roode said he was the King of Tag Team Wrestling. Roode said his four years with Storm were the worst of his life. Roode crowed about taking the World title from Storm, by using a beer bottle. Roode wanted to know who this “joke of a partner would be”.

Bad Influence came out before Storm could announce his partner. Daniels trash talked the Dirty Heels and the Texicans. Kaz called Storm a “Dumb Dummy”. Kaz said B-I was insulted that Storm refused to join them. Kaz said no one that Storm could pick could possibly live up to them.

Shark Boy strolled down to the ring. Are you kidding me? Sharky was still doing the “Stone Cold” gimmick. Shark said he swam there to be Storm’s partner. Storm started laughing at Sharky’s rambling. Robbie E then came out to make a bid to be Storm’s partner. Robbie called Shark Boy a loser. Robbie said he could make Storm a tag champ. Robbie said he carried Rob Terry for two years and he could carry Storm. Robbie had names for the team “Beer Bro” and “America’s Most Bro”. He did another few team names. Sharky got in Robbie’s face. Gunner then rushed the ring. Gunner took out Sharky and Robbie. Gunner with the Torture Rack. Gunner then got in Storm’s face. It’s official…Storm and Gunner! Call them the Straight Shooters.

Joseph Park talked about going after Devon’s TV title, at Slammiversary. Park didn’t understand the term “Getting Strapped”. Sting said he needed a partner, next week. Sting wanted Joseph to talk with Abyss to be his partner. Sting said if Joseph couldn’t get Abyss, then he’d like to have Joseph help him “Serve Justice”. So, Sting and Joseph Park or Abyss. vs Devon and Bully Ray.

Next week, Impact goes back to 9 PM.

The announcers ran down the updated card for Slammiversary.

While I won’t be in Boston for that huge show, I will be flying into Bean Town to head over to Fairhaven, MA for Mick Foley’s show on June 22nd. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, please check out my post from earlier in the week about Mick’s show.

Mickie James vs Gail Kim
Knockout Title Match

The two women shook hands and Velvet started working on Mickie’s arm. Mickie with a Cartwheel Arm Drag for two. Top Wrist Lock by Mickie. Sky with a Arm Drag to get free. Mickie went for a Whip but Velvet Reversed it. Snap Mare by Mickie. Basement Dropkick by Sky. The two traded Forearm Shots. Full Nelson Bomb by Mickie. That was nifty. Full Nelson by Mickie as Impact went to break.

Snap Mare into a Keylock Top Wrist Lock by Mickie. Sky got to her feet and sent Mickie flying. Sky with hard Forearm Shots. Sky with Flying Clotheslines. Sky with kicks and chops. Mickie reversed the Tilt-a- Whirl and blocked the Side Russian Legsweep. Sky would come back and get her Side Russian Leg Sweep. Sky blocked the Head Scissors. Mickie went after the ribs and slapped Sky in the face. Sky kicked Mickie away and went into the High Spin Head Scissors but clutched her knee. Chop Block to the knee by Mickie. Kneeling DDT by Mickie for the 3. New Champion.

Your Winner (and New Knockout Champion): Mickie James
Impact Ranking: 2.75

An A.J. promotional video ran. Styles has been recruited by both sides in the Aces and Eights vs TNA war. Styles is set to be “patched in”, this week. Will it happen?

In the back, Aces and Eights gave D’Lo Brown Hell. They also praised Ken Anderson and A.J. Styles.

Aces and Eights strolled out to the ring for the presentation of the Cut to A.J. Styles. Bully Ray was leading the troops. Ken Anderson had Styles’ Cut. Ray introduced himself and his crew to the crowd. Ray said they were an equal unit, where all the members are equal. Ray said D’Lo Brown was a disappointment. Ray then praised Ken Anderson. Ray ordered A.J. Styles to get in the ring.

A.J. Styles walked from the Aces and Eights entrance. Styles got in the ring with the rogue group. Taz was thrilled. Ray said Devon showed Styles respect by holding the ropes open for him. Ray said Styles had a lot of options but he chose the right path. Ray offered Styles a beer. Ray knew Styles didn’t drink but he wanted Styles to drink with him. Styles downed a beer with Ray. Ray was impressed. Ray brought up Ken Anderson to give A.J. his colors. “You Sold Out” rang out from the crowd. Styles looked at the vest and hesitated putting it on. Before Styles could put on the vest, Kurt Angle strolled from the back. Kurt said he had to see this with his own two eyes. He told Styles that A.J.’s legacy just went down the crapper. Kurt told Styles to throw it all away and join the scumbag group. Ray said this was what exactly what Styles wanted. Ray ordered Styles to put the best on. He did. Styles hugged Ray and took his place in the outlaw group. Kurt was thrown in the ring and beat down. DOC and Knox did most of the damage. Ray gave the hammer to Styles and told him to destroy Kurt. Styles cracked Kurt in the knee and then Booted him out of the ring. Styles then surprised everyone and attacked several members of Aces and Eights. He tore off the vest and threw it down.

Styles Walks Alone!


–Jay Shannon

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