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It was the end of an era as this was the final Impact Zone show. It was also the beginning of a new age as Kurt Angle revealed just who is Aces and Eights’ VP. This was the lead-in to Sunday’s Lockdown show.

The show began with a Tribute photo to Bill Moody aka Paul Bearer. I’m still in shock about him being gone.

The recap video showed Hogan’s knee injury. Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray fought Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Aces and Eights took the spotlight until Sting unveiled his team, including the returning Eric Young. Kurt Angle went to find out who the VP of Aces and Eights is. He was shocked when he learned the truth.

Kurt was asked who the person under the mask is. Kurt said he would tell the world, later, and it would send ripples through the entire company. I’ve had so many e-mails from my regular readers and friends about who the VP is. I’ve heard Bully Ray, Joseph Park, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Eric Bischoff and various WWE people. The identity of who the VP is will stun everyone (yes, I scanned forward to see who it was).

Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy
Champion vs Champion, World Title Match

Aries took the stick and told everyone to calm down. Aries said he was the best way to start the show. Aries said he couldn’t reach his partner, Bobby Roode. Aries crowed about beating Hernandez, last week. Aries then said he gave words of encouragement to both Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray. Aries felt neither man appreciated his help. Aries called out Hardy for a World title match.

Hardy’s music went off and after a long delay, Jeff came out with both title belts. He was wearing pink and black, including the ugliest face paint, ever. Hardy partied with the crowd. Aries jumped Hardy, on the floor. Aries threw down the Power Rangers belt and called it “trash”. Aries choked Hardy, after they got in the ring. Whip by Aries into a Running Back Elbow. Snap Mare for a two, by Aries. Flying Kneedrop by Aries. Aries with repeated punches and a choke on the ropes. Aries hopped over the ropes, for some odd reason. He got right back in and tried for another pin. Jeff kicked out, easily. Measured Punches by Aries but Hardy with punches and kicks. Corner Mount Punches by Hardy. Aries reversed a Whip and threw Hardy over the ropes and to the floor. Hardy landed so hard. Impact took a quick break.

Hardy punched and clubbed Aries. Sunset Flip but Aries rolled through and hit a Dropkick for a two. Elbow Drops by Aries. Aries then mocked the fans for cheering for the World Champ. Hardy blocked the Brainbuster and put Aries into an Inside Cradle. 1-2-no.

Knife Edge Chop by Aries and straight punch. Hardy kicked out of the corner. Hardy whipped Aries into the corner but missed a Corner Splash. Aries sent to the middle rope and hit a Frog Splash for two plus. Aries argued with Brian Hebner about the count. Hardy with a School Boy for two. Spinning Mule Kick by Hardy into a Jawbreaker. Corner Splash by Hardy. Flying Clothesline by Hardy. Aries reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Frog Splash for two, by Hardy. Aries Blocked the Twist of Fate. Head Scissors sent Aries to the floor. Hardy flew off the apron and took down Aries. Hardy threw Aries back in the ring. Hardy to the top but he got caught. Hardy escaped a Suplex and hit a pair of Twists of Fate. Hardy stripped off his shirt. Matt Morgan hit the ring and took out Hardy with the Carbon Footprint. Morgan set Hardy against the post and went for another Carbon Footprint. Bully Ray rushed down to protect his Lockdown opponent.

Your Winner (by DQ): Jeff Hardy
Grade: B+ (88%)

Sting talked with Magnus, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Eric Young. He really motivated his team for their battle against Aces and Eights, on Sunday. Sting said he was ready to fight someone.

Impact looked back at Kurt finding out who the VP was. Kurt was shocked when he learned who the VP was. Kurt stormed through the backstage area with VP’s mask in hand.

Matt Morgan was interviewed. He knew what he wanted and deserved. Morgan promised to go through the whole roster to get what he wanted.

An Aces and Eights vs Kurt Angle video ran. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff were under Kurt’s tutelage but then they turned on their mentor to join Aces and Eights.

Wes Brisco came out, instead of Kurt Angle. Wes reminds me of Swan from The Warriors. Wes said he had to get something off his chest (That ugly tattoo?). Wes talked about his dad and uncle. The other Briscos told Wes that Kurt was the greatest wrestler, ever. Wes felt Kurt was worthless. Wes was certain that he can defeat Kurt on Sunday.

Enter Kurt Angle. Kurt talked about how Wes was always wanting to know about Olympic Wrestling. Kurt felt Wes didn’t respect the business. Kurt was ready to beat Wes to within an inch of his life. Kurt rushed the ring to kick Wes’ *ss. Kurt beat down on Wes. Wes slid out of the ring but Kurt followed him. Pat Kenney, Al Snow and D’Lo Brown ran down to break the guys apart. “Let Them Fight!” rang out. D’Lo blasted Kurt and Pat and Al. D’Lo picked up HIS mask! Yes, D’Lo Brown is the VP of Aces and Eights! Todd and Tenay were stunned at the news. D’Lo admitted that he is the VP of Aces and Eights.

Aces and Eights partied near the exit door. D’Lo sent Devon to go get the man advantage. D’Lo said he could trust each member of Aces and Eights with his life. D’Lo said Sting shouldn’t trust the men that he is locked in the cage with…

Devon vs Sting
Non-Title Match (Is that TV Title ever going to be defended, again?)
Best of Three (Man Advantage) Match #1

Devon tried for the Pearl Harbor but Sting with a Back Elbow. Devon with a Spear on Sting. Devon punched away on The Icon. Running Clothesline by Devon. Neck Wrench by Devon. Sting started fighting back but Devon with a Funk Neckbreaker. Devon choked Sting on the middle rope. Scoop Slam by Devon. Devon missed the Flying Headbutt. Clotheslines and Back Elbow by Sting. Stinger Splash. La Bandera Clothesline to send Devon to the floor. The two fought on the floor. Sting ran Devon into the barrier and ring steps. Some clown, in the crowd, threw a beer in Sting’s face. Devon ran Sting into the post. Devon with a Big Boot to take the win.

Your Winner: Devon
Grade: B- (80%)

Lei’d Tapa and Ivelisse Velez waited to find out if they would get a TNA Contract.

Gail Kim got in Velvet Sky’s face as she was being interviewed. Gail said Taryn and Velvet screwed Gail out of the title. Gail mentioned that she was unbeaten at Lockdown. Velvet slapped Gail and walked off.

Gut Check Time. Taz was no longer a judge because of his involvement with Aces and Eights. “Nightmare” Danny Davis is now the third judge. They pushed OVW. Bruce, Danny and Al talked over the two women. The judges were split on who should get the nod, if either were to get it. Bruce Prichard talked with the girls and said the one first eliminated was…Ivelisse Velez. The crowd was ticked off at that choice. The judges reminded Lei’d that she didn’t have things wrapped up, just yet. Taz was ticked about not being a judge, anymore.

Velvet Sky, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and Hernandez vs Gail Kim, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Mixed Six Person Tag Team Match

Kaz and Hernandez to start. Hernandez threw Kaz around the ring. Kaz went to the eyes and blasted Hernandez. Daniels took the tag and punched away. Hernandez blocked a Scoop Slam and hit one of his own. Tag to Chavo. Running Dropkick. Hernandez tagged back in and Launched Daniels. Stall Suplex but Kaz ran in. Double team by Bad Influence, backfired. Taz thought Hernandez would be a good member of Aces and Eights. Wicked Double Team by Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors. Daniels reversed a Whip and Gail tripped Chavo.

Kaz with a Cheap Shot Clothesline on Chavo. Tag to by Kaz. 2 count. Tag to Daniels. Gail choked Chavo, as did Kaz. Bad Influence with the Double Team but only got a two count. Kaz with a Rear Chin Lock but Chavo fought to his feet. Dropkick by Kaz. Fake Tag to Daniels. Rear Chin Lock by Daniels. Taz rambled about D’Lo. Dropkick by Chavo.

Tag to the girls. Back Elbow and Clotheslines by Velvet. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors and Spear by Velvet. Daniels got involved. Pounce by Hernandez on Daniels. Missile Dropkick, by Kaz, on Hernandez. Chavo and Kaz fought on the floor. Hernandez with the Super Suicide Dive! Gail with Eat Da Feet!

Your Winners; Gail Kim, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels
Grade: B- (80%)

Sting wondered if he could trust his team. Magnus said they were at war. Magnus was ready to show the world who he is.

It was time to head back to Georgia to another update on A.J. Styles. Styles went after the interviewer and threw him back in the truck. Tenay was surprised by Styles’ reaction.

Garett Bischoff and DOC vs Samoa Joe and Magnus
Best of Three (Man Advantage) Match #2

Joe and Garett locked up and Joe with the Wrist Lock. “Joe is gonna kill ya” rang out. Joe with hard punches but Garett went to the eyes. Clotheslien by Joe and tag to Magnus. Joe and Magnus argued, a bit. Garett went to Magnus’ eyes. Magnus came back with a Whip but Garett bailed out. DOC with the Cheap Shot, from behind, on Magnus. Garett dropped his weight on Magnus, over and over. Magnus fought back. Garett punched Magnus in the skull and choked Magnus on the ropes “You Can’t Wrestle!” echoed off the walls. Garett ran Magnus’ face on the top rope and tagged DOC into the match. DOC whipped Eric into Magnus and then hit a Corner Splash. DOC blasted Magnus. Styles said he would be in Chicago, next week, via a Twitter post. Double Clothesline laid out both DOC and Magnus.

Joe with a tag as did Garett. Trapped Leg Suplex by Joe. DOC attacked Joe and got double teamed. Backsplash Senton, by Joe, on DOC. Magnus took down Garett with a Clothesline. Joe with the Jumping Enziguri into Magnus hitting the Savage Elbow!

Your Winners: Magnus and Samoa Joe
Grade: B (85%)

Lei’d Tapa’s fate would be decided…next.

Kenny King bragged about winning the X-Division title. King aid tribute to RVD, the man he took the belt from. King said he would face anyone at Lockdown.

Eric Young talked with “his wife”, ODB. Eric Young and James Storm were waiting for Sting to pick. Eric said Aces and Eights tried to take wrestling away from him. Eric really pushed how many wars that he has been in. Sting thanked EY for his fury but put James Storm in the final Best of Three Matches.

Jeremy Borash introduced the judges: “Nightmare” Danny Davis, Bruce Prichard and Al Snow. JB then brought out Lei’d Tapa. The niece of The Barbarian came to the ring to learn her fate. Tapa was asked if she gave her best, last week. “No!” rang out, in unison. Tapa told the fans to be quiet. She is horrible on the microphone.

Danny Davis: Yes!

Bruce Prichard: He said good-bye to Bill Moody. (Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle) “Pooh-Bear, we love you and will miss you” “Rest In Peace” echoed off the walls.
Bruce’s vote: No

Lei’d Tapa talked about wrestling for only two years. Tapa knew shat she could bring to the Knockout Division.

Al Snow: “We will miss you, Uncle Paul!” Snow talked about what Tapa brings.

Al’s Vote: Yes!

Lei’d Tapa gets the Contract.

Just a quick Public Service Announcement! For those of you affected by Daylight Savings Time and all that mess, Sunday is the day you move the clocks forward by one hour. Spring Forward. Fall Back. I’d hate anyone to miss the first hour of Lockdown because they tuned it at what they thought was the start time but it was off by 60 minutes.

Robbie E talked, backstage. Robbie said Rob Terry tried to “Out Bro” him. Robbie will face Rob, at Lockdown. Really?

Anderson vs James Storm
Best of Three (Man Advantage) Match #3

Tenay pushed that Anderson was a two-time World Champ. The two walked around each other and then went into the Collar and Elbow. Push Off by Anderson. Hip Toss off the Universal by Storm. Anderson went to Storm’s eyes and hit a Clothesline. Stops and punches by Anderson. Hammer Throw by Anderson into a two count. Anderson attacked the ribs of Storm. Arm Wringer into a Shoulder Attack. Anderson took down Storm with a Shoulder Tackle. Storm popped Anderson in the face. The two traded fists. Bulldog by Storm. Anderson flipped Storm over the ropes. Enziguri into the Flying Neckbreaker. Storm Skinned the Cat off the Clothesline. Closing Time out of a Spinning Neckbreaker Attempt. Aces and Eights came out to the ringside area. Sting’s Army then came down to even the score. Mic Check!

Your Winner: Anderson
Grade: C+ (79%)

Aces and Eights gets the Man Advantage during Lethal Lockdown.

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan were ready for the Face to Face with Jeff Hardy.

Taz ran down the updated Lockdown card. Tenay joined in with the list of matches to be seen in San Antonio. Todd got his say about the matches, as well. It looks to be a really good PPV. Takes me back to the old WCW days.

Brooke, Bully and Jeff made their entrances. Hardy was seriously limping. Ray talked about being in the cage, in three days. Ray felt this would be TNA’s biggest PPV, ever. Ray was ready to make history. Ray told Jeff that it was a huge deal that Jeff battled back from his personal demons. Ray said he was proud of Jeff and what he overcame. “Hardy” chant rang out.

Hardy said he has been beaten down but has continued to be champion. Hardy knew Ray was going to beat the Hell out of him, Sunday. Hardy said he was proud of Ray for all of his accomplishments. Ray said he expected to reach his goals but he never praised himself. Ray said he would have to win the World title to be able to say he was proud of himself.

Hulk Hogan’s music went off. I though he was at home, recovering. Hogan came out on crutches. Hulk said this was as big as it gets. Hulk said the two men, in the ring, are the best of the best. Hulk said it was time to determine, once and for all, who the Leader of TNA is. “May the Best Man Win, Brother!” Aces and Eights strolled out to the ring. Jeff and Ray had to fight. Team TNA also rushed down and all Hell broke loose as TNA flipped over to the MMA show.


–Jay Shannon

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