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As the sun set on Season 11, many CHIKARA stars already looked ahead to the rising sun off in the distance. Now, out on the horizon, Season 12 is looming ever closer! It all starts on Saturday, February 9th, as we return to Reading, PA at 7:00 p.m., and bring to you “All the Agents and Superhuman Crew”. Don’t forget – all kids 12 and under are admitted free to the event with a paying adult! Here is what we have in store thus far:

1) The Inevitable Clash!
-It was in Philadelphia that Archibald Peck was banished from CHIKARA and the site of his triumphant return, much to the disdain of the Young Lions Cup Champion, “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, (the man who had sent him packing in the first place!) At “All the Agents and Superhuman Crew” the former “Mysterious and Handsome Stranger” looks to avenge the loss of his feral pigeon Sapphire and humiliate his obnoxious jock rival once and for all!

How did Archibald find his way back to CHIKARA? Find out here: http://bit.ly/UkL9uR

2) Two Titanic Trios Collide!
-CHIKARA is famed the world ’round for trios action, and this is perfect example thereof! 3.0 (Scott “Jagged” Parker & Shane Matthews) will get a crack at their Campeonatos de Parejas foes, The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) on the eve of their title clash in Easton. 3.0 will have Gran Akuma in their corner to back up them up, but The Bucks will have Ring of Honor Champion Kevin Steen joining them in this high-stakes trios match. The reigning Campeones vowed to take out their opponents, but can 3.0 steal a victory and crucial momentum heading into Easton’s championship bout?

3) Who is King of the Anthill?
-The ripple effects of Wink Vavasseur’s random rulings characterize this ant-icipated match, as Fire Ant and assailANT are made to do battle with Soldier Ant and deviANT in Reading. Can the distrust and dysfunction finally be put aside, or will this test of loyalties prove too much for these pairings of former partners?

4) Yummy vs. Yucky!
-It’s been several long years Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream, Jr. & El Hijo del Ice Cream) have secured a title shot at Los Campeonatos de Parejas, but The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) take a back-step to no one in CHIKARA. Only one tandem can leave this encounter with a point toward title contention, can the delicious duo unseat the demons and start a sweet streak to the gold?
CHIKARA: “All the Agents and Superhuman Crew”
Saturday, February 9th
Live at The Goodwill Beneficial Assoc. Hall in Reading, PA!
Tickets on Sale Right Now!
Doors = 6:30 pm Belltime = 7:00 pm

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