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  1. By Scott Armstrong, posted

    Being in the arena a week ago Monday for Raw, and seeing the reaction the fans gave Ryback was impressive. He has crossed all genres of fandom. But I do think that this push is too quick too soon. Just a while back he was a Nexus jobber, now he is getting a huge push. He has gone from being fed local jobbers to A-Listers (like Dolph Ziggler). Now with the Hell In A Cell match, I honestly hope that the WWE doesn’t want to end CM Punk’s great run by having him lie down for Ryback. I would love to see this be what brings Brock Lesnar back (another Heyman guy), and start a feud between him & Ryback. Or find another way to prolong this into a further feud, but leaving Ryback as a monster and undefeated does harken back to Goldberg and the way that WCW treated him. But in this day and age, we don’t need a face of the WWE who only says “Feed Me More.” We need more of the John Cena/CM Punk/Dolph Ziggler/The Miz types who can cut a promo and build pops and heat with words, not just breathing hard and beating down jobbers.

  2. By Kevin Byrne, posted

    Here’s my biggest concern: Ryback is largely an “X Factor”. He hasn’t been tested in any kind of capacity that I know of (3 minute squashes don’t count as “testing”), he has no discernible mic skills and I’m not sere if put in a position as a top guy that he could manage to keep up with some of the more seasoned guys like Punk, Cena, Ziggler and others who have proven their in ring abilities as well as their skills on the mic. I think giving him a WWE title shot this soon is a big, big risk. On one hand, you can’t end his streak, but on the other, has he earned a spot at the top? Can he handle it? Yes, he’s a hot commodity. Yes, he has potential. But then again, that’s also what they said about the Ultimate Warrior…..

  3. By Justin, posted

    Many people talk about the parallel between Ryback and Goldberg. The BIGGEST difference between the two is push time. Goldberg wrestled for over a year before he was pushed to WCW World Title status. He won the US Title prior to being pushed to World Title status. I agree with Scott Armstrong that Ryback is being pushed too fast. Do I want to see something different than Punk vs. Cena? Yes I do, is that something Punk vs. Ryback? Not sure that it’s going to do it for me. I don’t want Punk to be a stepping stone, but I also don’t want to see Ryback’s “undefeated” streak ended in a crap way like Goldberg’s was. Guess we’ll just have to see how the WWE chooses to do this.

  4. By Joseph, posted

    Honestly, Bill, I think Ryback is just a placeholder for John Cena. If Cena was ready for Hell In A Cell, he would have definitely been the guy to face CM Punk at the PPV. I’m guessing Cena’s arm still needs time to heal and that is why we are getting Ryback. Otherwise, I think the build Ryback was having was perfect. I think his next step would have been the US or IC Title. After carrying that belt for months, he would have turned his attention toward the WWE Championship or the World Title. Instead, Vince had a problem with Cena’s absence and chose to go with his latest “monster”. It is a tremendous opportunity for Ryback to prove himself. Unfortunately, Hell In A Cell is a dangerous place for his first real challenge. Let’s hope CM Punk can pull a great match out of Ryback. I know CM Punk can do it, after all he is The Best In The World.

  5. By David Masters, posted

    I disagree as the WWE should let Ryback carry the belt as believe he could be the next Goldberg plus he could rival Cena & Hogan as fans seem to take a strong liking to hgim

  6. By Nick Krieger, posted

    Hi Bill,

    I would lean towards the placeholder thought as well. Tracking backwards from the upcoming Royal Rumble, where Rock has a shot waiting for him, who will be the opponent?

    Ryback may have a short run as champion, only to break up the “330+day” talk for Punk, but when Cena is ready, Punk will regain the title, and then the choice will be made for Rock’s match.

    I agree with you that the any buzz is a good buzz. Hopefully, there is something more for Ryback after this momentary rise to the top.

  7. By anthony rivieccio, posted

    I have said from the beginning and even more after tensai that ryback is not ready

    But mcmahon needs a pop so get someone who’s only resemblance to goldberg is his forehead turn the chants wild and mcmahons pocketbook crazy and the quality of wrestling-Poor! Oh wait-its sports entertainment?

  8. By Charles, posted

    How is this theory:
    Ryback wins hell in the cell, punk gets up give him the GTS or Big Show drops the WMD on him, and then Ziggler finds a way to use his money in the bank briefcase and takes the title away from a layed out Ryback.

  9. By BigDaddy, posted

    The Ultimate Warrior Part II…

    Just like the Warrior, Rybeck’s matches are less than anything that looks like Iron Man matches.
    The fact that there’s been no one to go toe to toe with this guy or who can carry a match and tell the story, leads me to believe that Rybeck will be what Vince has been dreaming about: a muscle head with strings to pull.
    Eventually he’ll have his moment in a big match where a legit worker will have to carry him and go longer than four minutes, and when that happens, he’ll either be exposed or heralded.
    For Vince and co.’s sake, I hope he can handle a marathon mach.
    Not many muscled up guys can go long in the ring, those muscles need oxygen and you can’t depend on the other guy to lay on the mat in a head lock or head outside to buy you time all day, you must be ring ready.

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