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It’s Open Fight Night. Who would get called out? How would this month’s Gut Check contestant do? Would Aces and Eights make another appearance? We will find out the answers, plus witness James Storm go after Bobby Roode.

Impact looked at Tara’s attack on Miss Tessmacher. Al Snow went off on Joey Ryan. James Storm tore into Bobby Roode. Joseph Park said he would have one key piece of evidence that he should get, very soon. Aces and Eights were still in the mix. Jeff Hardy beat Bully Ray to retain his Bound For Glory Series Title Shot.

Hulk Hogan welcomed Shaq to the show. Shaquille O’Neal was there to have his back, since hey went after Brooke. Shaw said he was ready to get all up in Aces and Eights’ business. Shaq showed off a wicked tattoo that he got from Hogan (not quite sure I understood what that meant).

A.J. Styles’ music rang out and P-1 came from the backHe was joined by Kurt Angle. They are ready for Christopher Daniels and Kazarian and the World tag titles. This team will get a future shot at Daniels and Kaz, thanks to Styles’ win over Kaz, last week. Kurt took the stick and discussed holding the tag belts. He felt Daniels and Kaz screwed them over, several times. Kurt talked about Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez also earning a future title shot. Kurt was ready to find out who the real number one contenders are. He called out Chavo and Hernandez.

A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez (Los Texano Tornadoes)
Open Fight Night Challenge Match

Styles and Chavo to open Standing Switch and Chavo took Styles down, by the arm. Styles used a Head Scissors to get free. Tag to Hernandez. Kurt also tagged in. Kurt with a kick and clubbing blows. European Uppercut by Kurt. Hernandez with the Brick Wall off the Irish Whip Reversal. Scoop Slam after a tag to Chavo. Springboard Senton into a European Uppercut by Chavo. Kurt with hard fists but Chavo with a Drop Toe Hold into a Side Headlock. Back Drop Suplex by Kurt to escape. Uppercut and fists by Kurt. Kurt ate a boot but came back with an Over-the-Head Release Suplex. Daniels and Kazarian came out to watch the match. Break time.

Rear Chin Lock by Styles on Chavo. Styles rolled over Chavo’s back but Chavo with the Back Body Drop. Tag to Hernandez. Springboard Spear on Styles and then Hernandez nailed Kurt. Pounce by Hernandez. Hernandez wanted the Border Toss but Kurt kicked the ribs. Double team on Hernandez backfired as Hernandez nailed a Double Flying Clothesline. Chavo with a Stereo Missile Dropkick. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors by Chavo. Styles blocked the Three Amigos and laid out Chavo. Tag to Kurt. Huge German Backdrop Suplexes on both Chavo and Hernandez. Kurt with the AngleLock on Chavo but Hernandez broke it up. Styles went after Hernandez. Kurt with the AngleLock on Chavo.Chavbo rolled over and kicked out. Blind Tag by Kurt. Gut Wrench Samoan Drop by Hernandez. Three Amigos minus one on Kurt. He switched gears and hit the full Three Amigos on Styles, the legal man. Chavo went to the top. Hernandez took himself and Kurt out with a La Bandera Clothesline. Chavo missed the Frog Splash. Pele! Daniels and Kazarian rushed the ring and attacked both men.

Your Winner: No Contest
Grade: A (94%) (Would have been higher, had there been a definitive winner)

Daniels and Kazarian bailed out when Hernandez got back in the ring. Hulk Hogan came out to address the situation. He didn’t look happy. He pointed a black baseball bat at the tag champs. Hogan set the Bound For Glory Tag Team Title Match: Daniels and Kazarian vs Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles AND Chavo Guerero and Hernandez…Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match.

Al Snow talked about cutting his hair after many years. Snow talked about the kid in Gut Check. He was also asked by Joey Ryan. Snow was on his way to a meeting about striking Joey Ryan, last week. Snow felt like he was going to the principal’s office. Elsewhere, Evan Makopoulos was warming up for his Gut Check.

Avengers hits DVD, next week. Already ordered from the Smile on the Box guys, online. Just a hint, if you haven’t seen it…watch ALL the credits.

Hulk Hogan walked backstage. He was talking with Joseph Park. Hogan said he would get someone from security to go get Park. Park has evidence.

It was a look at Bound For Glory 2008. Samoa Joe went off on Sting. Joe did a wicked Legdrop, in the crowd. Evan Makopoulos talked about climbing through the business since he was 13 years old. He was there to impress the fans and the judges.

Dixie Carter talked with Bruce Prichard about the problems with Aces and Eights. Dixie needed to find out who the people under the masks are. Al Snow came in to chat. Dixie left so Bruce and Snow could discuss things.

Evan Makopoulus vs Douglas Williams
Gut Check Challenge

Evan’s dad was at ringside. The crowd loved the 19 year old kid, who rallied them. Standing Switch into the Hammerlock by the veteran, Williams. Doug took Evan to the corner and slapped his face. Evan took Doug to the corner and took another slap. HE slapped back. Short Arm Clothesline by Doug. Side Headlock by Doug into a hidden punch. European Uppercut by Doug. Williams talked trash to the young kid. Sunset Flip by Evan but Doug rolled through and and nailed a Kneelift. Flying Kneedrop by Doug. The kid might have a broken nose. Dropkick by Evan into a Flying Crossbody. Running Clothesline and stomps by Doug. Forearm Shot by Doug. Taz felt Evan was taking his “*ss-Kicking” quite well. Stall Suplex by Doug. This kid was just getting beaten like a red headed step-child. Evan with hard punches. He was distracted by the fans’ cheers. Side Hip Throw by Doug Williams into an Inverted Crippler Crossface. Taz called it the Oh-Go-sh Evan tapped out.

Your Winner: Douglas Williams
Grade: B- (80%)

James Storm walked towards the entrance. He appeared ready to beat Bobby Roode into oblivion.

A promotional video for the James Storm/Bobby Roode feud. Roode cost Storm the Bound For Glory title shot, thanks to Roode smashing a beer bottle on Storm’s head. Storm came back to brutalize his former Beer Money tag partner. On to tonight and James Storm stormed down to the ring. He was ready to fight. I love the duster jacket he now wears.Storm listened to the “Cowboy” chants before speaking. He said hearing that never gets old. Storm said he was getting pretty good at talking trash…and backing it up. Storm said he was there to call out one “coward”, Bobby Roode. Storm was ready to kick the crap out of Roode and see Roode’s blood on his hands. Storm said this was not going to be a Wrestling Match. It was going to be a Kicking a Coward’s *ss Match. He called out Roode. Roode took his time to come out…in a suit.

Roode wanted to clarify that Storm wanted to fight him. Roode said he wasn’t prepared to fight Storm. Roode told Storm that James he (James) would never be as good as Bobby Roode. He said he would prevent Storm from winning the World title. Roode refused to fight. He felt the situation was done. He told Storm to find someone else to fight. Storm was ticked off, to high heaven. Hogan ran into Roode, backstage. He told Roode that he would fight or be suspended and never get another title shot. Hogan gave Roode three minutes to either get to the ring or get out of TNA. Roode was ticked off to levels like never before.

The spin-off of Smallville, Arrow, starts early next month. Looks good.

Storm was still waiting in the ring. He screamed at Bobby Roode to get his *ss to the ring. Roode arrived for his forced fight, still inm a suit.

James Storm vs Bobby Roode
Open Fight Night Challenge

Roode removed his coat and took off his watch. He then removed the tie. Storm was ready to charge up the ramp, as Roode removed his dress shirt. STorm broke free from the ref and started beating on Roode with Roode’s own shoe. Storm choked Roode with the dress shirt. Storm with hard punches. Roode with a kick but Storm drove Roode into the staging area. Haymaker by Storm. Storm and Roode fought near the announce booth. Roode caught Storm in the ribs as Storm flew off the stage. Roode with a shot from the other dress shoe. Roode punched Storm over to the ring. Roode ran Storm into the ring barricade and then pitched him in the ring.

The bell finally rang and STorm exploded with punches, including corner ones. Inverted tomic Drop had no eggect on Storm. Storm and Roode fought on the floor after a Clothesline sent Bobby to the outside. Roode flipped Storm up and over the ropes, when they returned to the ring. Roode with solid punches to his former friend. Storm whipped Roode into the steel steps. Roode clutched his knee in agony. Roode blocked having his face rammed into the ring steps. Roode sent Storm into the barricade. Roode then whipped Storm into another section of ring barricade. Roode smashed Storm’s face intothe steel railing, twice.

Roode went under the ring for a beer. He sprayed Storm down. Storm got it and shared the brew with a fan. Storm with a thumb to Roode’s throat. Roode dropped Storm. Roode missed with a steel chair, which hit hte ring post. Storm had sans put up their shoes so he could run Roode into them. Too funny. Roode ran Storm into the ring post. Roode went in and out of the ring, to break the count. Roode raked Storm’s back and then punched away. Roode got into it with several fans. Storm reversed a whip and sent Roode into the barricade. The fans had their sneakers up, again, for Roode’s face. Storm wanted a Suplex on the floor but Roode ended up hitting the move.

The guys finally got back in the ring. Running Clothesline by Roode. Brian Hebner told Roode to wrestle. Roode got in Brian’s face and then threw Storm to the outside. Brian checked on Storm. Storm with a hard punch. Storm pushed Brian away. The ref called for the bell as both men beat on each other.

Your Winner: Double DQ
Grade: B+ (88%)

The fight kept going, out into the crowd. The two traded punches all around the arena. Storm ran Roode into a retaining wall. Storm continued with punches, as did Roode. Roode threw Brian Hebner out of the way. The two took their war out the door and into the parking lot.

Hulk Hogan asked the security guy where Joseph Park was. Hogan sent the security guy to find Park. Hogan’s phone rang and it was The Leader of Aces and Eights. They now have a corporate lawyer. Hogan said he would consider an (unheard) offer from The Leader. Hogan then knew where Park was. (With Aces and Eights?)

Austin Aries ran into Jeff Hardy, backstage. They talked about Bound For Glory. Austin said he was a little miffed that everyone was talking about Jeff, not him. Austin said he wanted to reach the same level as Hardy. He wanted Mindless Sheep to follow him. He knew he would have to beat Hardy to get there. Aries said he was now chasing Hardy, not the other way around. Aries said he was ready to prove something to Hardy.

Tar came out. Impact looked at Tara’s turn on his former protege, Miss Tessmacher. Tara took the house mic, looking very Cher-ish. Tara has been asked why she did what she did. She was tired of being used by the fans to get on TV. Tara’s new Hollywood Boyfriend opened her eyes. If she brings out Jason Hervey, I am going to hurl day-glo. Huge “Tess-Macher” chant. Tara called out Christy Hemme to fight her. Tara said she could fight anyone she wanted.

Tara vs Christy Hemme
Open Fight Night Challenge

Christy tried to talk her way out by explaining she was now an announcer. Tara got in Christy’s face about respect. Tara wanted to know who Christy’s favorite Knockout was. Wrong answer… Miss Tessmacher. Miss Tessmacher rushed down to save Christy. Tara bailed out of the ring. I think Christy could take the Black Widow.

Your Winner: No Match
Grade: N/A

Hogan was ready to address the fans…next.

Brooke Hogan went off on Tara for her actions. Tar said she was there to become the Knockout Champ, not to make friends. Brooke said there would be consequences, next week.

RVD did his Bound For Glory memories. He looked at the matches against Abyss and Jerry Lynn. Bound For Glory is the best thing TNA does. I have several B4G DVDs. Next week, the new TV Champ will be decided on Championship Thursday. Devon got screwed out of the belt.

Hogan came out to a huge pop. He had the baseball bat with him. Hogan said things were getting red hot in the Impact Zone. Hogan had an update on Aces and Eights. The renegade group were holding Joseph Park hostage. Aces and Eights want Hogan in their clubhouse, next week. Hogan was willing to do it. Hogan said he wanted The Leader to release Joseph Park, per their previous agreement. Hogan wanted Park…immediately. The Leader came on the Tron. He thanked Hogan for accepting the invitation to come to the clubhouse. It was Clubhouse Rules, next week. The Leader said Park was getting into Aces and Eights business. He said Park was good in his research. The Prospect destroyed the laptop. Park was cracked in the skull by a hammer. Hogan looked ready to explode.

Tenay and Taz talked about Hardy vs Aries for the World title at Bound For Glory. That led to a Jeff Hardy promotional feature. Hardy said wining the World title would be the final step in his return from the depths to which he fell.

Austin Aries came out, ready to fight. Aries said he had something to prove, earlier. Who would he call out? Aries liked the video package. He wasn’t thrilled it ran just before his arrival. Aries said he was the Hunter…not the Hunted. Aries said Hardy beat Bully Ray, twice in the last month. Aries has had issues with Bully Ray, in the past. Aries said it was time to prove that he didn’t need luck to beat Bully Ray!

Austin Aries vs Bully Ray
Open Fight Night Challenge

Ray was surprised that Austin dared to call him out. Ray just knew he couldn’t have heard the challenge. Ray demanded to have his music stopped. Ray thought maybe his hearing was off. Ray still couldn’t believe Aries had the stones to call him out. Ray was ready to beat the crap out of Ray. Bully felt Aries had a lot of nerve to call him out. Ray said he was the caller not the called. Ray got offended that someone touched hm. He threatened to punch the guy and Aries said he would do it too. Ray wanted to know if Aries knew…

Corkscrew Flip Dive by Aries. Aries took Ray’s hat and put it on. He beat on Ray, in the ring barrier. Aries with shots to the ribs and back. Aries slammed Ray’s face into the ring steps. Ray wanted a time out. Aries gave him a boot. Aries went after Ray’s calves with kicks and stomps. Aries flipped over the ropes and snapped Ray’s neck on the middle rope. Ray shook the ropes to cause Aries to fall. Big Boot by Ray sent Aries off the apron. Impact went to break.

And yet another stupid Ghost/Possession movie is about to hit theaters. Get back to the Zombie films, already.

Ray almost pinned Aries in the insert video between commercials.

Ray pounded on Aries’ chest, in the ropes. Ray dug his fingers into Aries’ eye. Ray told Earl Hebner to start counting Aries, who had rolled to the floor. Hip Toss to send Aries back into the ring. 2 count. Bow and Arrow by Ray but Aries wouldn’t submit. Aries with a questionable kick tot he lower region. Jumping Splash by Ray for a two. Ray accused Earl of slow counting. Scoop Slam by Ray for a two. Elbow Drop by Ray for a two. Aries with a set of hard punches to Ray’s jaw. Running Back Elbow by Ray. Bionic Elbows by Ray. Falling Elbow Drop by Ray.

Aries popped Ray’s ears to break the pin. Ray went off on Earl, calling him old. Earl tore into Ray for his disrespect. Aries with punches and a flip out of the Back Drop Suplex. Palm Strikes by Ray. Aries with a Spinning Forearm. Ray went to the eyes. Aries witha Discus Forearm to stun Ray. Ray sent Aries over the ropes and onto the apron. Aries snapped Ray’s neck on the ropes. Missile Dropkick for a two by Aries. Ray went after Aries’ ribs. Ray blocked the Brainbuster. Bully went to sit on Aries but Austin had moved. Aries wanted a whip but his back wouldn’t go. Ray went Aries into Earl Hebner. Last Chancellory by Aries and Ray tapped out. The ref didn’t see it. Ray went to get his steel chain. He popped Aries in the face. Ray rolled Aries over fo the count. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Bully Ray
Grade: A (94%)

Bully Ray hugged Earl, after the match. Eww! Christy Hemme gave Ray the World title belt. Ray got back in the ring with it and held it aloft. Ray was reay to crack Aries with the belt. Jeff Hardy rushed down to make the save. Hardy picked up the World title belt and held it up. Aries wasn’t happy to see Hardy with his belt. He snatched it out of Hardy’s hands and shoved the challenger.


–Jay Shannon

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