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So No Surrender is in the books. Bully Ray is upset and ready to “rain on everyone’s parade”. Why? Keep reading, my friends.

The show opened, of course, with a look at No Surrender. Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray advanced to the finals. Bobby Roode cost James Storm the chance to win the title. Jeff Hardy was attacked by Aces and Eights. Ray and Hardy showed major respect to each other as the match started. Jeff Hardy overcame his brutal beat down to become the number one contender. He will face Austin Aries at Bound for Glory, very soon.

A-Double came out to a huge pop from the Impact Zone crowd. Aries had a huge war with Aces and Eights, on Sunday, that led to an arena lock down by Hulk Hogan. Aries showed off the World title belt, which he felt represented power. He said the belt was the reason that every wrestler laces up their boots. Aries said he didn’t take any masks, on Sunday, but he did take some of their *ss. Aries said the man he was going to face at Bound For Glory beat all the odds. He brought out Jeff Hardy. Another huge pop for the Charismatic Enigma.

Aries congratulated Hardy for winning the Bound For Glory Series. He praised Jeff for beating Bully Ray and Samoa Joe, in the same night. Aries said Jeff definitely deserved the title shot. Aries was amazed how the fans cheer for both of them. Aries said Hardy had many things that Aries wants.

Out came Bully Ray. The crowd broke into a “You Suck!” chant. He said both Aries and Hardy were lucky. Bully said he would have taken Aries World title. Ray said he felt bad for Hardy when he got drilled by Aces and Eights. Ray said the weakness of being compassionate cost him the World title shot. Ray was ready to fight Jeff, again. Aries reminded Ray that he made the Bully tap out, the last time they fought. He also reminded Ray that he lost to Hardy. Aries suggested that Ray and Hardy fight again. Ray dropped off the ring. I guess the match will happen, later tonight.

In the back, James Storm was looking for Bobby Roode.

Zema Ion vs Sonjay Dutt
X-Division Title Match

This was a rematch from Sunday. Tenay and Taz showed major respect to Jerry “The King” Lawler. His recovery is going well. That was seriously a classy thing to do, guys. Thank you.

Ion rushed Dutt but Sonjay moved. Dutt flipped Ion over the ropes but Dutt with a Headscissors to flip Dutt tothe floor. Amazing outside moves, including a Moonsault, by Dutt, off the apron. Dutt pitched Ion back in the ring. Flying Headscissors by Dutt to send Ion flying. Ion snapped Dutt on the top rope. Ion with a hard kick. Jumping Hurancanrana by Dutt. Wow! Ion dodged a corner rush but ate a Pendulum Kick. IOn pulled Dutt off the ropes and right into a Dutt Headscissors. Ion with a Kneelift and Sunset Flip. Dutt missed a Standing Moonsault and locked in a Crucifix Crossface. Dutt with a Snap Bulldog. Double Warrior’s Way off the Moonsault. 1–2–Ion’s foot on the ropes.

Dutt went out and got Ion. Dutt went to the top but got caught. Ion curled up the sstunned Sonjay Dutt and got the three count. After the match, Dutt attacked Dutt from behind and slapped on a Falling Cross Armbreaker.

Your Winner: Zema Ion
Grade: A- (93%)

Kaz and Daniels were saiting in Hogan’s office. Daniels gave Hogan an Appletimi. Kaz was even wearing a Hulkamania shirt to kiss up. Kaz would face either Hernandez or Chavo. Daniels would battle either A.J. Styles or Kurt Angle. If both champs were to win, there would be no rematch for either team. If Kaz or Daniels were to lose, then the winning person and his regular partner would get a rematch for the titles. Hmm…do I smell a Triple Threat Tag Team Match?

Bobby Roode walked, backstage.

A.J. begged Kurt Angle to let him fight Kazarian. ANgle was concerned that Styles would let his personal issues cloud his justice. Kurt agreed to let Styles take the fight. Wes Brisco came up and chatted with Kurt Angle.

A video about Bobby Roode costing Storm the match, on Sunday. Ray didn’t see any controversy. The ref was knocked out. Storm hit the Last Call Superkick. Bobby then got in the ring and cracked Storm with a beer bottle. Roode was on his way to jail, in cuffs, when Storm jumped Roode, backstage.

Bobby Roode made his return to the Impact Zone. Roode took the microphone and told everyone “I’m Back!”. Roode was ready to deliver a History Lesson. Roode felt he was screwed in his title match against Austin Aries. Roode said he took some time off and watched was going on in Impact. Roode said a man who rode his coattails (Storm) shouldn’t get a World title shot. Roode took it upon himself to help eliminate Storm.

Enter James Storm. The two men tore into each other. Storm took immediate control and destroyed the former World champ, both inside and outside the ring. He choked Roode with Roode’s tie. Storm ran Roode into the ramp wall wall. He then ran Roode into the steel barricade the threw him out the door. Impact took a break.

Avengers hits DVD/Blu-Ray in less than 2 weeks. I so want that in my little case to watch on the plane, heading to Poland. It was one of the few movies that I actually went to the theater to watch.

A profile of A.J. Styles and his Bound For Glory history.

Kazarian vs A.J. Styles
Special Challenge Match

It took a dozen guys to split up Storm and Roode, outside.

Collar and Elbow and Styles went after the arm. Flip in the ropes by Kaz. Arm Drags by Styles. Kaz went between the ropes but still got clocked. Kaz fell to the arena floor. Styles flipped Kaz into the ropes. Kaz blocked the Styles Clash. Universal into a wicked Dropkick by Styles. The two ended up fighting on the floor. Styles was in total control. Styles ran Kaz into the barricade and got in the ring as Impact took a break.

Kaz had taken control of the match. Styles reversed an Irish Whip but ate a Big Boot. Side Backbreaker by Styles. Kaz flipped Styles over the ropes. Kaz tried to Suplex Kaz in but Styles brought him over and hit an evil-looking DDT on the apron. Kaz went to Styles’ eyes. Styles whipped Kaz into the barrier but Kaz moved and Styles crashed and burned. Monkey Flip, on the floor, by Kaz. Kaz got the two count as Styles barely avoided the countout. Styles kept kicking out of pin attempts by Kaz.

Daniels with a series of wild Haymakers. Flying Corner Forearm by Styles. Kaz lited Styles and sat him on the apron. Springboard Flying FOrearm into the Kip Up by Styles. Kaz went for hte cheat pin but didn’t get it. Pele! Styles Clash!

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Grade: A (95%)

Hulk talked with his daughter, Brooke. He asked her not to go anywhere without two bodyguards. Joseph Park came in to update Hogan. He rambled in Legalese. Joseph said he would have the final huge piece of evidence, next week. Hogan was heading to the ring. He asked Joseph to bodyguard Brooke. Joseph felt Brooke was so beautiful.

Time for the Hour Turner segment. Bully Ray came in and said Jeff Hardy did not punk him out. Ray asked Jeff to put up his Bound For Glory title shot in their match. Ray didn’t think Hardy had the b*lls to risk the title shot. Ray called Jeff a coward that he saw right through him. Hardy agreed to put up his spot at Bound For Glory. Those creepy painted eyes take me back to an old Three Stooges bit.

Impact showed the Aces and Eights melee on Sunday. That led to the arrival of The Hulkster. Hulk drank in the “Ho-Gan” chants. He felt TNA was in high gear, right now, thanks to the Bound For Glory Series. He couldn’t believe how intense the series was. Hogan said Jeff Hardy was from a whole different universe. Hogan said he wouldn’t stand in Hardy’s way in letting Hardy prove himself worthy of winning and then keeping the Bound For Glory title shot.

Hogan was ready to get real about all the gaga going on around the Impact Zone. Hogan said he got rid of Aces and Eights, on Sunday. Hogan said the Impact Zone was on total lock down. Aces and Eights came on the Tron. Their leader asked “Did you lock us out…or in?” The Leader said he surrounded himself with people he could trust. The Leader said Hogan needed to keep his head on a swivel because Hogan never knows where an Aces and Eights member might be. Checkmate.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez talked about their recent loss. Chavo said he was going to beat Daniels in the match, coming up. Chavo psyched himself up.

Christopher Daniels vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Special Challenge Match

Chavo brought back his “Warrior” serape. Guerrero translates, in English, to Warrior. Daniels immediately headed to the floor to throw Chavo off his game. Chavo waited and then locked up with Daniels. They moved to the corner. Chavo dodged the cheap shot and tore into Daniels. European Uppercut by Chavo into an Irish Whip. Daniels threw Chavo into the corner but Chavo wasn’t phased. Side Headlock by Chavo. Float Over into a Backbreaker over the shoulder by Chavo. Back tot he Side Headlock by Chavo. Chavo flipped Daniels with a Monkey Flip and Snap Mare. Daniels slid out of the ring. Chavo with a Somersault off the apron onto Daniels. European Uppercut by Chavo. He pitched Daniels back in the ring. Daniels rushed to send Chavo flying off the apron and into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Daniels went for a pin but only got one. Kitchen Sink by Daniels for a two. Locked Arm Kneelifts by Daniels. STO by Daniels for a two. Reverse Bear Hug by Daniels. Chavo Back Elbowed free. The two men with back and forth shots. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Chavo. Running Shoulder Tackles by Chavo into a Flying Hurancanrana. Dropkick by Chavo for a two. Chavo with a Hip Toss to flip Daniels out tot he floor. Daniels went to get the tag belt. Daniels missed with the wild title belt swing. Three Amigos Suplexes! Frog Splash! Uno…Dos…Tres!

Your Winner: Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Grade: A- (91%)

Evan Markopoulos, the next Gut Check contestant was profiled. He talked about growing up watching wrestling. His dad and mom supported him when he joined the Killer Kowalski Wrestling School. Next week, Evan gets his shot.

Tara was ready to talk with the fans.

Impact looked back at th war between Bobby Roode and James Storm, earlier in the night. Storm said he didn’t get enough of Bobby Roode. Storm was ready to make Bobby’s life a living Hell. Next week is Open Fight Night and he had plans for Roode.

Impact looked at Gail Kim winning the very first Knockout championship.

Tara came out to talk. She started by congratulating her best friend, Miss Tessmacher. Tess came out to join her mentor and amiga in the ring. Miss T is on SI.com, this week. Hot as the Vegas summer sun. Tara admitted that Tess beat her. She was a bit upset, at first, but she was also proud of her student and her boo. Tara told Tess that she loved her. Tara wanted to present Tess the championship belt. Tara held the belt high and then strapped it on Tess’s waist. Tara then announced the champion, Miss Tessmacher. Tara then stood back to let Tess soak up the limelight. I was expecting an attack. Nice swerve on the fans. Oops, I spoke too soon. Tara attacked Tessmacher with a hard kick and then laid her out with the Widow’s Peak!

A flashback to the lock down on Sunday was shown. Bully Ray ws asked to hold off fighting the injured Jeff Hardy. Hardy was willing to fight. Ray actually showed respect to Hardy’s fighting spirit. Hardy had a separated shoulder, going in. The Twist of Fate and the Swanton took the victory for Hardy.

Dixie Carter talked with the Powers that Be in TNA. Dixie was concerned about Aces and Eights. Hogan talked about having to walk away from his own brother, due to this kind of behavior. D’Lo Brown, Al Snow, Bruce Prichard and Brooke were all ready to fight. They talked about having a mole in the industry. Dixie wanted protection for herself and Brooke. Bruce said Aces and Eights had everyone at each other’s throats. Bruce said to open the door and let them in. Brooke wanted to know how to stop the group. D’Lo said to bring them out into the open. Hogan agreed.

Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy
Bound For Glory Title Shot Challenge

The winner of this match will get Austin Aries at Bound For Glory. Taz and Tenay were uncertain if Hardy’s risk was a good idea or foolish. Ray jumped Hardy as he stood on the ropes. Ray clubbed Hardy, focusing on the hurt shoulder. Hardy started fighting back and hit a Flying Forearm and Clothesline. Corner Punches by Hardy but Ray took him out. Headscissors into a Dropkick by Hardy. Ray ended up on the floor and Hardy with a Cross Bodyblock to take down Ray. Impact took a break.

Hardy with punches and kicks. Both men ended up on the mat. Ray almost got a pin. Back to the ads.

Ray blasted Hardy in the corner. Double Boots by Hardy. Benoit Diving Splash for two. Big Boot by Ray for a two. Elbow Drop for a two for Ray. Rear Chin Lock by Ray. Hardy punched and kicked free. Huge Back Body Drop into a monster Splash by Ray for a two. Running Clothesline by Ray into another Elbow Drop. Ray bashed Hardy in the head, several times. Ray loaded up the boot but missed. Ray blocked the Twist of Fate and send Hardy into the turnbuckles and then into the steel post. Hardy fell out to the floor.

Hardy rolled in to break the count. Ray came out and attacked the hurt shoulder. Hardy scooted across the ring and started kicking. Ray with an Open Hand Slap to the chest by Ray. Whisper in the WInd by Hardy, out of nowhere. Both men were down and stunned. The two bgan trading fists. They fought up to their feet. Ray with a Big Boot. Inverted Atomic Drop into the Double Legdrop and Basement Dropkick by Hardy for two plus. Ray reversed the Twist of Fate into the Bubba Bomb for a two. Ray went for a second Bubba Bomb but Hardy with the Standing Switch into a DDT. Hardy went up top but Ray hit the ropes. Ray climbed the ropes and punched away on Hardy. Superplex by Ray for a two. The crowd got hostile towards Ray. Ray pulled Hardy to the corner and went for the Avalanche. He missed and Hardy missed the Swanton. Bubba Bomb for a two. Amazing kick out.

Ray missed the Big Booot. Twist of Fate and a second one. Hardy ripped off his shirt and nailed the Swanton! Could be…might be…it is!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Grade: A (96%)

Now that’s how you end a television show!


–Jesse “Jay” Shannon

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