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-The show started with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon coming out for the first time in three years on SmackDown. He said that selecting a GM for SmackDown was a hard task. He then announced that the new GM will be Booker T. Booker T then thanked Vince and the Board of Directors. Alberto Del Rio then interrupted Booker T and congratulated Booker T for becoming General Manager. Booker said to Del Rio that he should not suck up to him. Alberto said Sheamus is beneath him and he is a peasant. Sheamus then came out and congratulated Booker T on becoming General Manager and said the first pint is on him. He then said to Del Rio that he is proud of where he came from. Booker then said that Del Rio and Sheamus will compete – and that Del Rio’s opponent will be Randy Orton – amd that Sheamus’ opponent will be Lord Tensai.

-Sheamus defeated Lord Tensai (accompanied by Sakamoto.)

-Antonio Cesaro (accompanied by Aksana) pinned United States Champion Santino Morella.

-Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz defeated Kane, Chris Jericho and Christian when Daniel Bryan pinned Chris Jericho.

-Ryback defeated Jinder Mahal by disqualification when Mahal hit Ryback with a microphone.

-Darren Young defeated R-Truth.

-Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio by disqualification due to interference by Ricardo Rodriguez. After the match, Sheamus came out and threw Del Rio back in the ring so Randy could give him an RKO as the show went off the air.

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