Posted July 12th, 2012 by Bill Apter

I wonder if any of you “old school” fans think that Joseph Park facially looks like the late-great-ex-Freebird Terry Gordy … Are wrestlers and promotions TNA, WWE, and others) too obsessed with Twitter (Bully Ray sending a Tweet during his match against Park). Isn’t it counterproductive to tell them to go to their computers when they are trying to keep them watching TV? … I am still amazed how Bully Ray can spit high up in the air and catch it back in his mouth (I’ve seen it for years but it always amazes me. When try it it always winds up somewhere on my head). Good hardcore style fight with Ray winning and lots of blood on Park that triggered him into attacking Bully after the match.

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  1. By Stephen C. Smith, posted

    The younger generation, i.e. the core demographic, is very geared to multi-tasking. I guarantee you they have no problem sitting on the sofa with their iPad reading Twitter while watching the TV and probably doing two or three other things at the same time.

    I think the Twitter gimmick is a great idea.

    • By Bill Apter, posted

      Agreed, I know what you are saying and it reminds me of watching the news on CNN. I always found this funny (some comedian mentioned it once) as the newscaster is on the air, there is news ticker to read below him so the question is, “do they want you to watch/listen or read!” If Tweets etc. lead to more TV views then it’s important of course as it’s the TV product that is the heartbeat of the company.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. By Stephen C. Smith, posted

    Plus, there was this tweet that “Joseph Park” sent out just before the show went on the air:

    Joseph Park ‏@JOSEPHPARK_esq
    I think I made a mistake. ‪#PrayForPark‬

    Just laughed my ass off at that one, especially the #PrayForPark hashtag.

    Bubba, er, Bully and his mates have been having huge fun on Twitter swapping insults and cheap shots. The Joseph Park account has its own running stream of consciousness, but Bully has been sending him messages that were pretty funny too.

    The whole gag is very clever, and appeals to both marks and smarks.

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