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Do I really need to write an introduction? Everyone saw what happened on Monday. After 8 years away from the WWE, former UFC, WWE, and NCAA champion Brock Lesnar made an incredible impact on the world of sports entertainment.

This week was jam packed for myself. The hometown Kentucky Wildcats won an NCAA Tournament, The Cincinnati Reds inked Joey Votto for the next 12 years, and of course, WrestleMania. Through all of that, I didn’t hear one crowd reaction near the level of Brock Lesnar hoisting John Cena on his shoulders to deliver an F-5.

Only three months after losing his final UFC bout against current number one contender Alistair Overeem, Lesnar is back in the spotlight. Rumors circulated throughout the weekend that Lesnar would appear at WrestleMania 28. When he didn’t there was a collective disappointment among fans. All of this changed Monday, as Brock emerged from his run in the UFC to an insane ovation, F-5’ing John Cena in the process.

Before you say Lesnar’s MMA career was a failure, stop in your tracks. Lesnar was able to win the UFC Heavyweight title, defeat three former champions, defend his title twice, all while battling a severe case of diverticulitis. Throughout his UFC run, he competed against top level talent as well, with all but one of his fights being against former or current world champions.

Lesnar, while successful, has never seemed comfortable in any situation, whether it be the WWE or UFC. The man admittedly hates travel, is reclusive, and prefers to be home with his family. It also appears not even he can deny his own talents, understanding he needs to utilize them. His career in the UFC is over. 35 is an age in MMA in which careers typically tend to decline, while in the WWE, 35 is an age where many enter their prime.

Pro Wrestling is where Brock Lesnar belongs. Not to say he couldn’t have made a living off of the NFL, and he sure could have continued in the UFC, being their biggest draw by far in the company. However, Brock’s personality, his skill set, his aura, belongs in professional wrestling. Being a former WWE Champion, Royal Rumble winner, King of The Ring winner, his return opens the door to completely revolutionize wrestling, with the revamped cast of stars he will have to work with. I’m sure CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger,  The Miz and company are chomping at the bit for a chance to work with him.

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