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•In the opening segment, WWE COO Triple H welcomed everyone to SmackDown. He then said that one month ago he was doing nothing and now he is the COO and the Special Guest Referee for the match between WWE Champion John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk. He also said his phone won’t stop ringing and he has a line a mile long outside his office – and that the job is a lot of pressure – but he loves it. He then said as COO, he will make sure that RAW and SmackDown are the most exciting and unpredicable shows they can be.

•Then, Triple HHH announced an Intercontinental Championship match between Champion Ezekiel Jackson and Cody Rhodes, as well as – for the first time ever – RAW Money In The Bank Winner Alberto Del Rio vs. SmackDown Money In The Bank Winner Daniel Bryan. In addition, Triple H made a match between Randy Orton and The Great Khali. He was about to announce Christian’s opponent when Christian interrupted Triple H and came out.

•Christian said on RAW that he was going to make a major announcement, and that Triple H could have at least called him to find out what it is. Triple H said he would have – but he doesn’t give a crap. Christian then said his announcement was that he was going to sue the WWE because he has medical documents stating that Randy Orton has anger management issues, and if Triple H does not remove the No Holds Barred stipulation – he is putting Christian in an unsafe work environment – and he will sue Triple H, the WWE, Triple H’s children, all the fans in attendance, and every fan that buys the pay-per-view. Triple H then said that the match is still on and said that Christian would be in breach of contract if he does not compete at Summerslam and he would strip Christian of the World Heavyweight Championship if he does not compete in the match.

•Christian then started asking Triple H why he is doing this to him. Triple H then said he does not like Randy Orton, but he respects him – and that he does not respect Christian because of the way he won the championship and the way he has been acting – and that if he wants the respect back – compete at Summerslam and earn it back. Christian then said he would drop the lawsuit, compete at Summerslam – and fight his opponent tonight – who was Sheamus.

•Sheamus defeated World Heavyweight Champion Christian by count-out when Christian walked away from the match and let the referee count him out.

•The newly formed team of Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated Natalya’s former proteges A.J. & Kaitlyn when Beth Phoenix pinned A.J.. After the match, Beth Phoenix and Natalya attacked Kaitlyn and A.J. and Natalya put Kaitlyn in the Sharpshooter.

•In his first match since being injured at Money In The Bank, Sin Cara defeated Tyson Kidd.

•In the battle of Money In The Bank winners, Alberto Del Rio defeated Daniel Bryan. After the match, Wade Barrett came out and gave Daniel Bryan the Wasteland, and it was announced that Daniel Bryan would face Wade Barrett at Summerslam.

•Cody Rhodes defeated Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson to become the new Intercontinental Champion with the Crossrhodes. He then made Ted DiBiase, Jr. put a paper bag on Ezekiel Jackson. Then, Ezekiel got up and viciously attacked DiBiase, finally pressing him over his head and throwing him out of the ring.

•Mark Henry easily defeated Johnny Curtis in his debut match. After the pinfall, Mark Henry attempted to break Curtis’ leg, but Sheamus came out and Henry ran away. Sheamus then said that Mark Henry always tells people how tough he is and that they do not have to wait for Summerslam – and Mark Henry walked away – but not before powerslamming Johnny Curtis on the outside of the ring and telling Sheamus that that is going to be him this Sunday.

•Randy Orton defeated The Great Khali with the RKO. After the match, Christian came out and said that the match at Summerslam is going to change everything. He then said he has the best thing going and that he will see him Sunday at Summerslam.


  1. By Brian, posted

    Quite a good Smackdown .

    New COO HHH is already ruling the WWE with an Iron fist . In just 2 weeks on the job He has alreafy screwed Rey Mysterio out of his WWE title belt that so well eraned after winning 3 grueling elimination tourny matches over the course of 2 weeks only to force him to defend ( and lose ) to Indestructo one hour after winning that belt.
    He then named Himself as the only Man he could trust to be the referee in the historic SS champion vs champion match between Punk and Cena
    Then, on this week’s SD he gave Cody Rhodes an Ic title match against Big Zeek .
    I thought Big Zeek was gong to crush Cody .
    I Thought wrong .
    Does this mean Big Zeek is going to be de-pushed ? hope not but I think so .

    HHH wasn’t done .

    He made an historic match pitting the SD MIB winner Daniel Bryan agianst Raw MIB winner Alberto Delrio . Delrio won clean via submission . I definatley huge things ahead for the Man with the wink . would you be really surprised if after the dust settles by the end of Raw that Delrio were WWE champion ?

    And if all of that still weren’t enough HHH
    had both World champion Christian and Randy Ortan compete in seperate one on one matches
    against very worthy opponents .

    Ortan defeated The Great Kahli and Christian escaped the clutches of Sheamus by taking a count out loss . and when I say escaped, I really meant He ran away And is so doing became the only SD participant that did not look good in their last appearance before Summerslam .

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