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Ray Mullan reporting for 1Wrestling.com. This week on TNA Xplosion, the Xplosion Championship Challenge heats up as we reach the halfway point of the Quarter Finals. The undefeated Crimson, goes head to head with Devon for a place in the Semi final, find out what went down and much more…

Before we kick off the action, let’s take a look at where we are in the tournament bracket:

Xplosion Championship Challenge – Round 1:
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero def. Suicide
Crimson def. Robbie E
Devon def. Anarquia
Douglas Williams def. Amazing Red
Magnus def. Orlando Jordan
Alex Shelley def. Okada
Shannon Moore def. Jeremy Buck
Hernandez def. Max Buck

Xplosion Championship Challenge – Quarter Finals:
Alex Shelley def. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
Magnus def. Shannon Moore
Crimson vs. Devon
Douglas Williams vs. Hernandez

Xplosion Championship Challenge – Semi Finals:
Magnus vs. Crimson or Devon
Alex Shelley vs. Douglas Williams or Hernandez

Xplosion Championship Challenge – Final:

We open with the Xplosion promo video and “Welcome to the gun show” by In this Moment . We cut to crowd shots and we join JB and Taz at the announce booth to take us through what’s in store this evening. New format tonight as we kick off with the “IMPACT Wrestling Rewind” as we take a look back at highlights from a very good episode of IMPACT Wrestling this week, including the Hogan and Angle face off, Sting’s shenanigans and the superb Steel Cage match main event between Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle.

Next up, this week’s IMPACTWrestling.com classic match of the week, from Hardcore Justice 2010 – Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu. I actually hadn’t seen this match since I watched the Pay-Per View last year and I must admit I had forgotten just how good it was. The crowd was loud throughout and both competitors gave their all with Rob Van Dam leaving the Winner following a five star frog splash. This is definately something you should seek out if you haven’t already seen it.

Back to the studio and it’s time for the latest edition of the TNA Spin Cycle with Jeremy Borash. This week’s guests are Mickie James, Bully Ray, Scott Steiner and Angelina Love. This should be an interesting one given the presence of Ray and Steiner, both men don’t hold back. And we don’t have to wait to have that confirmed as Bully Ray grabs JB by the tie during the introductions. Honestly, this guy has few peers when it comes to badass heels right now in the business.

The panel discuss who they think is going to win the Bound For Glory series. Of course Scott Steiner and Bully Ray argue that’s its them. Mickie James asks if she can win, however JB informs her she is unfortunately not eligible. Bully Ray reminds Mickie that she’s sitting next to him, so she won already!…this is going to be a long night for the Knockouts. We don’t seem to get a clear answer from Mickie as Scott Steiner takes the conversation off in a very non-PG direction, were a family site dear readers, I can’t repeat what was said. Angelina thinks the two front runners are on the panel tonight, Steiner and Bully Ray.

JB then asks a question from the fans, namely who each panelist’s secret crush is on the roster! Scott Steiner has no secret crush’s, apparently he’s been with over 200,000 women and is in the Guinness book of records…I on the other hand have my doubts. Bully Ray doesn’t find a single knockout attractive and refers to Mickie James’ face as “bust”. Mickie James’ crush is Cody Angle, the young son of Kurt.

JB talks about how this show is now on Prime Time in the UK and asks what each of the panellists favourite thing was about the UK, meanwhile I place a call to Challenge TV to ask them to get more staff for their complaints department, I have a feeling this one will not be pretty. Scott Steiner hates the UK, especially Big Ben which apparently isn’t correct as it doesn’t match the time on his watch which is always right – I think it’s referred to as SMT or “Steiner Mean Time”. Bully Ray begins running down David Beckham, Soccer and all the women in England. Mickie James and Angelina on the other hand love the UK and think it’s a fun place. That’s it for this week’s Spin Cycle, we now send it to the ring and SoCal Val with the introductions for this week’s Main event.

Match 1: Devon vs. Crimson
As well as being an Xplosion Championship Challenge match, this is also a Bound For Glory Series match with points at stake. Devon’s sons are in the front row of the crowd for this one, that never bodes well. Jackson James is the official for this one as we get under way with a lock-up. Headlock from Devon. The winner of this one of course will face Magnus in the semi-finals, and according to JB, Magnus doesn’t mind as he can beat anybody. Roll up from Devon for a two count. Devon and Crimson exchange armdrags, before a staredown much to the delight of the IMPACT Wrestling Zone. Devon’s attentions turn to the entrance way though as “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero makes his way out, joining Devon’s sons at ringside.

Devon decks Crimson with a big right hand. We come back from the break and the action has spilled to the floor as Crimson drives Devon head first into the ring apron. Devon fights back though and sends Crimson into the barricade. Spear from Crimson sends Devon back first into the side of the ring, as Crimson rolls him back in and goes for the Pin, but can only get a two count. Taz makes a great point and advises Devon to avoid all this conflict with the Pope by simply leaving his kids at home! Knee to the gut and a suplex from Crimson, covers but again only a two. The Pope leading a “Devon” chant from ringside. It appears to be working as Devon hits a running splash and a sidewalk slam on Crimson. Devon losing focus again exchanging words with Pope.

Devon with a running shoulder block and follows up with a Thesz press, really taking it to Crimson tonight. Big clothesline sends Crimson over the ropes to the outside as Devon follows. Devon grabbing a fans bottle of soft drink and smashes it over the head of Crimson as the Cola flys all over the crowd! Irish whip attempt by Devon but Crimson reverses sending Devon careening into the barricade! But it just happens to be the barricade that one of Devon’s sons was standing at, it looks like he’s been injured as a result of the collison. The Pope takes exception to this and jumps the guardrail attacking Crimson and Devon’s up now too as this turns into a brawl. And the ref signals for the bell as both men have been counted out.
Winner: Draw due to Double Count-out

This means two points each in the Bound For Glory series but what does this mean for the Xplosion Championship Challenge? JB advises us to tune in next week to find out as we fade to black.

Well folks that’s all for this week, join me next time as we find out what’s next for the tournament given Crimson & Devon’s draw as well as the conclusion of the quarter finals as Douglas Williams takes on Hernandez in the next matchup in the Xplosion Championship challenge. As ever, if you have any questions, comments or feedback concerning this report, feel free to drop me a line at my blog The Daily Dropkick, E-Mail me at raymullan@gmail.com or tweet me at @raymullan.

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