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Report of Honor – 7th June 2011

Welcome to the latest column on – The Report of Honor. This will be a weekly
column and will bring you all the latest news in Ring of Honor Wrestling. ROH is widely regarded
as the third biggest promotion in the United States and is the real alternative for Professional
Wrestling. Anyway, on to the latest news:

- The ROH World Championship will be on the line later this month at ROH ‘Best In The World
2011′. We recently found out that the challenger to Eddie Edwards’ title will be none other than
his American Wolves tag team partner Davey Richards! Tension has risen between these two
and the fans finally get to see the match they have been asking for for months. They are widely
considered two of the best wrestlers in the world and rightly so but only one man can really claim
to be ‘Best In The World’ and that is whoever holds the ROH World Title.

- All three titles will be defended and that includes the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Current
champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) will defend their
belts against The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli), The All Night Express (Rhett
Titus & Kenny King) and Jay & Mark – The Briscoes. This will be a Four Way Elimination match and
will be Haas & Benjamin’s toughest test to date. They only won the belts a couple of months ago
but already face a tough battle to keep the titles against three other brilliant tag teams.

- ROH implemented the ROH World TV Title last year during their run on HDNet. Eddie Edwards
won a tournament to become first champion but lost the belt to Christopher Daniels in January.
ROH has been off TV since April but will return in September following the announcement of the
sale of ROH to Sinclair Broadcasting Group. With the news, ROH Officials announced Daniels will
start defending the belt again after a brief hiatus. His challenger is not yet known but the two men
who look most likely are El Generico & Colt Cabana who both hold non-title victories over “The
Fallen Angel”

- The ‘Best In The World 2011′ iPPV will also see the return of Jay Lethal to ROH! This will be
Lethal’s first match in ROH for five years after he was recently released by TNA Wrestling. Lethal’s
opponent has not been named yet but whoever he goes up against, Lethal is certain to put on a
great match as he is allowed to showcase his true abilities.

- No other matches have been announced but the ongoing Homicide-Embassy feud took a turn as
Barrister RD Evans announced that The Embassy’s ‘bodyguard’ would deal with him at ‘Best In The
World 2011′. He also said that he will be filing court papers against “The Notorious 187” due to his
actions against Prince Nana and the rest of The Embassy. It’ll be interesting to see who the
bodyguard of The Embassy will be and what will happen to Homicide after these legal proceedings.

- Jimmy Jacobs returned to ROH last month at ‘Supercard of Honor VI’ as Steve Corino’s sponsor.
Both of these men are trying to redeem themselves after admitting that they were evil men.
Jacobs has been told he is not wanted in ROH but he has since sent a letter to ROH Officials
pleading to be allowed in the company so he can assist Corino on the road to recovery. It will be
interesting to see if Jacobs is welcomed back into the fold.

- Never watched ROH before? Check out a brief highlight video of ROH’s HDNet programme that
ended in April after two years of broadcast here:
v=OMQDRSvBL44&feature=player_embedded. You can be assured that ROH provides the best in
Pro Wrestling action from the United States. If you’re a disillusioned Pro Wrestling fan then check

out Ring of Honor and you’ll fall back in love with the sport – I know I did.

- If you want to check ROH out then you’ll be able to later this month as ‘Best In The World 2011′
will be live on iPPV! You can order the iPPV over at:
ROH__Best_of_the_World_2011/1052. The show costs just $15 and gives you more value for your
money than any other promotion. I promise that you won’t be left feeling disappointed
afterwards, rather, your wrestling needs will be completely fulfilled.

Many thanks for checking out my first ‘Report of Honor’ and I hope you’ll be back here next week.
If you have any feedback at all or want to discuss something then please e-mail me at: or tweet me: @TiltonWarrior.

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