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EMLL is sending Angel de Oro, Hijo del Fantasma, Metro, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr., Damian el Terrible, Escandalo, Hijo del Texano, Kid Tiger, & Puma King to Brazil for the Virada Cultura Festival from April 16th to April 17th where they will wrestle four times in those two days.

Sin Cara made his WWE debut last night at a house show in Champaign, Illinois where he defeated Primo Colon.

In my favorite news story of the week, Sangre Chicana gave an interview with Reforma saying that fans cheering the rudos is ruining lucha libre and the rudos themselves should be disgraced. Chicana said that rudos aren’t evil anymore because true scoundrels don’t give autographs or ask for applause from the fans but go in there to destroy the tecnicos. Chicana said that he would’ve never imagined someone like RenĂ© Guajardo giving autographs because he was a true rudo to the end and the fans were afraid of them which made them want to come to see them get beat by the tecnicos. Chicana said that everybody now wants to be a tecnico but the rudos still want to show they are evil when they actually aren’t which kills their credibility.

Hijo del Santo was asked about this and he said that the rudos when he was making his name like Los Misioneros de la Muerte or Sangre Chicana were out to put fear in the hearts of the fans because they had that personality. Santo said that those guys wanted to see kids crying and it added an extra excitement to the matches when the tecnicos were able to get the revenge.

Canek was also interviewed and he said that when he was coming along rudos weren’t out to hear their names cheered by the fans because they cared less about what they thought just as long as they bought tickets to see them.

There was even a psychologist interviewed about this as Dr. Octavio Rivas said that this phenomenon is becoming a problem in everyday life where people think that being evil is a good thing and this could be partly a reason why violence is escalating in Mexico. Rivas said that young men thinking being evil is cool is killing the family values that was once so cherished in Mexico and now there are kids killing their parents with the public becoming bloodthirsty more by the day.


EMLL 3/25 – Arena Mexico
1. Bengala & Leono beat Camorra & Semental
2. Dark Angel/Goya Kong/Marcela defeated Amapola/Princesa Sugei/Mima Shimoda with Goya Kong going over Amapola which is probably setting up a CMLL Femenil
Title match down the road.
3. Torneo Gran Alternativa – Block A – Quarterfinals: Mr. Niebla & Hijo del Signo beat Blue Panther & Angel de Plata
4. Torneo Gran Alternativa – Block A – Quarterfinals: La Sombra & Diamante defeated Atlantis & Fuego
5. Torneo Gran Alternativa – Block A – Quarterfinals: Ultimo Guerrero & Escorpion beat Brazo de Plata & Magnus
6. Torneo Gran Alternativa – Block A – Quarterfinals: Damian el Terrible & Mortiz defeated Toscano & Rey Cometa
7. Torneo Gran Alternativa – Block A – Semifinals: La Sombra & Diamante beat Mr. Niebla & Hijo del Signo
8. Torneo Gran Alternativa – Block A – Semifinals: Ultimo Guerrero & Escorpion defeated Damian el Terrible & Mortiz
9. Torneo Gran Alternativa – Block A – Finals: Ultimo Guerrero & Escorpion beat La Sombra & Diamante
10. Black Warrior/Mascara Dorada/Rush defeated Hector Garza/Hirooki Goto/Hijo del Texano by DQ when Goto fouled Rush.

IWRG 3/24 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Dragon Fly & Imposible beat Alan Extreme & Tonatiuh
2. Freelance/Golden Magic/Turbo defeated Carta Brava Jr./Hammer/Pollo Asesino
3. Eterno/Multifacetico/Veneno beat Los Oficiales (AK-47/Fierro/911) by DQ due to excessive violence.
4. IWRG Intercontinental Trios Titles: Joe Lider/Silver Kain/Ultimo Gladiador defeated Los Perros del Mal (Damian 666/Bestia 666/X-Fly) after Los Oficiales attacked SK which angered Los Perros and there were challenges thrown around afterwards.

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