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Tammy Sytch: Are the Sunny Days Back Again?

Sunny and columnist Brady Hicks

Get out that suntan lotion. We’re ALL in for some Sunny days these next few weeks as WWE prepares to make Tammy Sytch its youngest-ever inductee into the Hall of Fame at the age of just 38. Throughout the 1990′s, I was a huge fan of Sunny, much like any other red-blooded male who watched her on TV. Since the time I started chipping in at Pro Wrestling Illustrated as a Contributing Writer, though, I came to know her on a much more personal level. We were never close friends, but I did have many opportunities to talk to her on a number of different shows, appearances, and conventions over the years. Or, rather … I had always only had the chance to talk to TAMMY SYTCH.

It wasn’t until this past Sunday at a show in Voorhees, New Jersey that I FINALLY got to meet Sunny.

Like I said, something has definitely been missing for Sytch in the time I have known her. Maybe it was that deep feeling of inexplicable loss anyone would feel when they lose someone very close to them, as she did in longtime companion Chris Candido. Maybe it was her confidence, or maybe even just the feeling of being really desired once again on that larger platform. Maybe it was that gleam in her eye that I saw when I sat down with her, just knowing that she is on the cusp of coming back – even in whatever limited amount she will be used – to continue her legacy as one of WWE’s most popular stars and its first Diva.

“I’m so excited,” Sunny told me with a radiant, glowing smile as we sat, face-to-face backstage at the recent Tri-State Wrestling Alliance show. “I mean, obviously I’m excited. I always kind of hoped I’d get the call to go in [the Hall of Fame]. I just figured it would be many, many years down the line and not at a point when they could still promote and market me.”

That last line was a very telling one for me.

What it said is that Sytch – despite no longer actually looking to appear every single week on WWE programming – misses that feeling of seeing the red light on the camera and knowing there are millions hanging on every move she made and every word she spoke. For her, the Hall of Fame means even more than just being recognized for all of her contributions as a Diva, a personality, and a valet. It means the chance to once again feel some of what she used to have. For somebody who shot to the top of her profession in such a short period of time, it isn’t very tough to see why Tammy Sytch would want to get back for just a taste of being a huge television star once again.

A lot of people don’t realize that Sunny was only 25 years old when she left the WWF. In about three years with the company, Sunny left this legacy that will not be forgotten for a long time. She is widely considered WWE’s first Diva, as well as one of the most storied managers the company had in the mid-to-late 1990′s. I can say as a big fan that it will be very fulfilling to see her get the recognition for all that she did for WWE – and for wrestling as a whole – in just a few short years.

And it will be even more gratifying if this appearance (and any subsequent ones with WWE) can get her just a little bit closer to rediscovering that Sunny deep inside her that we all came to both know and love.

Even though the rigors of a full-time WWE schedule are no longer for her, Sunny believes, because of her age, she would still be able to contribute in WWE for years to come, in a role much like Trish Stratus has filled in recent months. “One thing that jumped out at me was when I refereed the women’s match at Madison Square Garden [for a March 19th house show],” Sunny smiled. “These girls were talking about that tough schedule on the road and all I could think was ‘I wish I had their schedule back in the day. It might have kept me on top for quite a few more years’.”

For the first time I can remember in the few years I have seen her around, I get this feeling that all is bright once again in Sunny’s world. I really hope so at least. Even though Sunny was on top of the wrestling world for a few years, I can’t help but think this girl could really use a break.

Are we all in for Sunny days once again once the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony airs from Atlanta? I like to think so. Sure, the seasons have changed for Sytch and it may be a bit colder outside, but the thing is she is just as beautiful and uplifting now at 38 as she was in her early 20′s.

And no matter how cold it gets outside, there is always the chance for that warm Sunny day to break through.

Brady Hicks is a journalist, blogger, columnist, wrestling reporter, color analyst, and Pro Wrestling Illustrated Contributing Writer, as well as the host of his renowned wrestling podcast, IN THE ROOM, which airs each week on thebradyhicks.com.

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  1. By Stephen Faust, posted

    I wish Tammy”Sunny” Sytch all the best now and in the future. She has done so much for the WWF/E as well as ECW and WCW. She deserves to be in the WWF/E Hall OF Fame.

  2. By Doug, posted

    I haven’t watched much wrestling since she left, but I would definitely start back up again to see her comeback!

    What has she been doing all these years since she was 25?

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