Posted January 4th, 2011 by Bob Ryder

What did you think of RAW (Jan 3)

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  1. By Jesus Rivera, posted

    I thought WWE Raw was awesome tonight. There was more fights than talk. Morrison and The Miz gave us a hell of a match so did the triple threat cage match. The only downfalls I saw was Melina getting pin by Eve Torres wtf? Ain’t Melina the #1 contender? That made her look weak. And the Alberto Del Rio match was entertaining but I would of rather watch a Raw guy like DiBiasie or Bryan getting that slot. Overall I give Raw an 8.5 out of 10 great start to the new year for them. Can’t wait to see what happens with Barret now.

  2. By The Universe, posted

    Another huge show! Bravo WWE!

  3. By Lavon Watson, posted

    Iam not going to lie but wwe was actually good for a change. Maybey because John Cena wasn’t there i’m very skeptical until after the rumble because the road to wm start at the rumble and then wwe starts getting good. When Cena talks next week I think raw will be slow once again im so mad at WWE why couldnt they be pg when i was rowing up to be tv 14 now i just think hey are goin bakwards. But maybey it is just me. TNA better wake up non title matches dont equal ppv buy unless it is really really hyped up and i dont think this match is hyped up enough with only one more IMPACT left til the ppv. I’m happy they gave EY the title but hey its a shame they are not taking him seriously. Who knows maybey they will take him seriously with a match with hardy at Destination X who knows.

  4. By The 86er, posted

    Best Raw I’ve seen in a long time. I do agree that Melina was made to look like a chump in that match and Alberto Del Rio should stay on SmackDown if he is a SmackDown guy. Best part of the night? No Cena!

  5. By Travis Weberling, posted

    Raw was good this week,I only hope they start giving more guys a push.I hope they’re gonna take the belts off of Santino & Koslov & put them on the USO’s.Have a great week everybody.

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