Posted October 21st, 2010 by Bob Ryder

What did you think of iMPACT!? (October 21)

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  1. By James, posted

    TNA was better this week. More wrestling and the wrestling was TNA quality. I am learning to accept the gratuitous violence as part of the transition to the They regime. I was most impressed by the Mickey James and Sarita match with involvement by Tara. Kudos TNA for ressurecting the womens division. But please immediately fire The Jersey Snore people. What was the Kazarian Anderson match supposed to be a One armed bandit match. Anderson did not stand a chance. The Mike Tenay rebellion was awesome i want to see more of that. Jeff Jarrett looking all sadistic and insane was great acting. Kurt Angle smashing the limo window was awesome, but one question if he was “BRUTALLY INJURED” last week why is up and about so quickly? Maybe the attacks aren’t 100 % real. I don’t get it. Maybe just maybe TNA wrestlers are able to act better than WWE superstars in this respect with slight of hand and smoke and mirrors. They had me fooled for a very long time, but now i am catching on to there magic show and even though it is different from the previous version of TNA, i am starting to like it. I hope this momentum lasts for TNA and the fans seem to think it will. Hell hath freezeth over James liked an episode of TNA.

  2. By Rob79, posted

    Thumbs down, and for once reason alone, the chair shot to the back of the head, thats crazy and wrong on so many levels.

  3. By John, posted

    Great introduction of “Winter” to TNA! Kind of startled me when I saw her appear and then disappear. Very good way to start it off. I’m now intrigued.

  4. By llavonw, posted

    I love Tna because Iwas like watching the BFG again and totally understand why it only had three matches last week because they had alot of explaining to do and this week i was thinking jeff hardy the champ why not give him an easy opponent then he would not have to defend his title at Turning Point and then I was thinking that they could have match with rvd n anderson at turning point for the number 1 contender to get a shot at final resolution. But the only part I didn’t like was Kurt Angle at the end it should have been JJ. But still tna left me wanting more.I cant say it about wwe no more because I quit watching the raw n sd. I went COLD TURKEY. Because I kept thinking it was going to get good and it didn’t.

  5. By chris, posted

    Impact was the worst wrestling show I’ve seen since Vince Russo’s WCW. I’ve been a wrestling fan for 30 years and this is quite posssibly the most boring show I’ve ever watched.While I do believe there is a place for promos, the entire show should not be promo after promo. The wrestling quality has vanished. 3 or 4 matches per show just doesnt cut it unless they’re 20 minutes each. Unless They change directions soon TNA will lose all their real diehard fans like myself cause they’re getting as boring as wwe.Everybody knows the same diehard fans are the reason TNA has gotten a 1.0 rating foir the last how many years. If they lose our interest it will only be a matter of time before they go out of business.

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