Posted September 30th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

To view the classic Ric Flair/Mick Foley segment from iMPACT!, click here

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  1. By james, posted

    Phony bull crap. I dont care what Flair or Foley have to say. I am tired of TNA and the canned crap they serve to us as a wrestling show. WWE is better now. The only compelling part Of TNA right now is Nash , Sting , and Pope trying to educate everyone. They are right Hogan and Bishlap are greedy money grubbing phonies. They dismantled TNA and revived WCW IT IS SAD TO SEE AND I WISH PEOPLE WOULD STOP THE F%^$#ING HERO WORSHIP AND WAKE UP!!!!! TNA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. By Gil, posted

    Finally someone speaks out the truth. Thanks James. TNA does suck. When you watch TNA it’s like watching WCW. Same sound and feel. Same wrestlers. Corny crap between these two washed up guys. Boring. Wwe needs to pick up there game too

  3. By Rob79, posted

    This segment was horrible, it was like watching two guys trying to live on their past glory, when it’s all over. Please guys, instead of cutting promos, show the young guys how to cut a promo.

  4. By Scott, posted

    You 3 are complete idiots! At least Foley and Flair,and and most of T.N.A. don’t read scripts. All of W.W.E. is full of writers,and scripts. You can tell when the so called young talent talks,they are trying to remember what they read. It’s so sad.
    T.N.A. RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    W.W.E. SUCKS and BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. By matthew, posted

    This was not good to watch. I was embarrassed actualy. Also it was done and dusted in WWE a few years ago. If this was to be done properly )like WWE did a few years ago) there should be a slightly slower drip-feed of a potential clash. Not…next week we settle the score…just too quick so we dont care. I see Mick is also saying how he ‘felt it again’ out there. He clearly doesnt mean that…its a complete work

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