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What Happened NXT — Season Three, Episode Three

NXT was back for another night of challenges, and maybe a little wrestling, as well.

Before I begin, I wish to make a correction to my Indy Buzz, PWD show recap, from the other night. During the Reno Rumble match, I incorrectly named one of the great competitors as “Rockstar” Johnny Vegas. His name, in fact, is “Rockstar” Johnny Vega. Vega is an outstanding performer and I really felt bad that I accidentally misnamed him. I hope this makes up for my error. Look forward to your next battle, Johnny, October 23rd at the Neil Road Rec Center.

Now on to tonight. The show opened with last week’s Obstacle Course. Vickie Guerrero was running it to show her Rookie how it was supposed to be done. She tripped over her own feet and had a hissy fit. Kaitlyn still managed to win. After the craziness of the course, Michael Cole had a meltdown and quit the show.

Roll the cool new opening montage. That thing is kinda like the trailer from most movies. That one or so minutes of clips is the best thing about the show.

Josh Mathews was alone at the announce table. josh made fun of Cole’s decision to leave the announce desk. Suddenly, C.M. Punk came out in a suit jacket over his normal wrestling gear. Punk put on the headset and sat down. Josh gave Punk a picture of Big Show. Punk ripped it up and threw it to Matt Striker. Striker brought out the girls. Kaitlyn was in a fire engine red dress. Maxine was in a black leather dress. Aksana was in a zebra-striped dress. A.J. came out looking a dead ringer for a young Mickie James in a white short dress. Naomi was in a Gold body stocking with a white top over it. Jamie was in a sparkly, little blue dress. Matt started talking to the girls, until Vickie came out in what looked like a modified hospital gown over black pants. Vickie said the only reason Kaitlyn won the Obstacle Course, last week, was due to Vickie’s help. Vickie put Kaitlyn in a match against Jamie and brought out Lay-Cool to aid Kaitlyn.

Lay-Cool told Kaitlyn that she should be thanking her lucky stars that Vickie was her Pro and Lay-Cool were there to help her. Lay-Cool made fun of the Bella Twins as Pros. I kinda nodded off as Lay-Cool went off on the various Diva-Wanna-Bes. Good Grief. Could this get any worse? Kelly Kelly came out to finally shut up Lay-Cool. Kelly wanted a six-Diva match: Lay-Cool and Kaitlyn v Naomi, Kelly Kelly and Jamie. Matt said after the break, it would be the first Rookie Challenge. Great.

WWE ran another “Try to save this Train Wreck of a film” promo for the quickest movie to hit DVD in movie history. Legendary hits Wally’s World…Next Week! Heck, they don’t get Pay-per-Views in the stores THAT quick.

It was time for another Rookie Challenge. This time around…Musical Chairs. What’s NXT…Hopscotch? After several minutes of walking around in an oval, it came down to Naomi and A.J. Even though Naomi really should have won this “contest”, they gave it to A.J.

Segment Grade: D (For Dull)

Josh and Punk sent it to a video of Aksana. She talked about her physical fitness background. She is a mix of beauty and ability, even if she is a bit hard to understand.Backstage, Goldust talked with Aksana about the video. Aksana looked like she was ready to cry. Aksana said there was problems with her immigration status. SHe may end up deported, unless something happens. Goldust promised that he would fix the problems. Goldust told Aksana that she could still NXT but they need to re-focus her. Goldust told Aksana that she needed to show aggression.

Josh showcased the situation between John Cena and Nexus. John Cena will work a match at Hell in the Cell. If Cena wins, Nexus must disband. If Barrett wins, Cena must join Nexus. I’m thinking Cena joins, then turns heel and boots Barrett out into the cold.

Maxine and Alicia Fox came out for the first actual wrestling of the night. NXT went to break before the battle.

Maxine (with Alicia Fox) v A.J. (with Primo)

Maxine with a Kneelift and a throw to the mat. Maxine pounded away. A.J. dropped Maxine with a Shoulder Tackle. She then rocked Maxine with a Cartwheel into a Deep Arm Drag. A.J. then hit a Spinning Leg Lariat. Maxine whipped A.J. to the ropes but took a knee to the cleavage. Maxine with a Drop Toe Hold. Maxine then used her knee to choke A.J. on the ropes. Maxine with a Twisting Rear Chin Lock. Maxine with a Suplex as Punk oozed sarcasm about how “good” NXT was. A.J. with a pair of Clotheslines and a Dropkick. A.J. with a sweet Brainbuster to take the win.

Your Winner: A.J.
Grade: C+ (77%)

Michael Cole suddenly waltzed from the back. He urged the crowd to boo him. Cole said 1000s have requested that he return to NXT. Cole said NXT without him was unwatchable (Like it is WITH him?) Cole said a Cole-less NXT was just bad, so for his Cole-Minors he decided to return. Oh, joy (ultra-sarcasm alert). Cole started his grumbling almost immediately.

The ladies were back in the ring with Matt Striker. It was time for the 2nd Challenge of the night. Now, it was time for Talk the Talk. (sigh). The topics:

Jamie — Teeth: Jamie didn’t want to talk about teeth, she wanted to talk about how she would rock the WWE Universe with passion and motivation. Suddenly, her voice started to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

Naomi — Toupee: Naomi seemed a little lost The crowd was bored silly. She didn’t have anything to say about toupee. Naomi said she was there to wrestle, not participate in this mess. YEAH! Naomi was DQ’d for being off topic. Jamie was DQ’d as well.

A.J. — Caffeine: A.J. said she didn’t need caffeine for her natural high, she had wrestling. She said she was natural dynamite and didn’t need caffeine.

Aksana — Llama: She flirted with Matt for his blue eyes. She wanted him to explain what a Llama was. She didn’t know what a Llama was. The torture was over way too slowly.

Maxine — Foot: Maxine said she could squash A.J. with her foot. Maxine wants to be at the top (not going to happen with speeches like that)

Kaitlyn — Ignition: Kaitlyn could only think of the people in the crowd in the underwear. She rambled on about underwear. YAWN.

The Winner was: A.J.

The Losers were: All of us forced to watch this.

Grade: F (33%)

Kelly Kelly strolled from the back, looking awesome. Her partners, Naomi and Jamie, were already in the ring. Lay-Cool then walked out to join Kaitlyn. Vickie Guerrero was with Lay-Cool. Josh said BoomerSooner32 wrote that “Michael Cole makes Mike Adamle sound like Gordon Solie”. OUCH. True, but OUCH.

Kelly Kelly, Jamie and Naomi v Michelle McCool, Layla and Kaitlyn
Six Diva Tag Team Match

Layla and Kelly started it off. Kelly slapped Layla in the face and hit a Thesz Press. Kelly rammed Layla’s face into the mat and tagged out to Jamie. Layla pulled the flower off Jamie’s hair. Layla mad fun of Jamie and Jamie shoved her into the corner. Jamie with a sharp kick to the leg of Layla. Scoop slam by Jamie. Kaitlyn tagged in and Jamie with a Side Head Lock. Spear by Kaitlyn. Cole just about lost his mind. Kaitlyn missed an Elbow Drop. Naomi took the tag but Kaitlyn rushed her to the enemy corner. Michelle tagged in and stomped away. Fore-arm shot to Naomi’s face. Naomi with a Roll-Up and a Flying Back Elbow and Dropkick. Naomi with an Irish Whip and a slightly off-the-mark Leg Lariat. Michell with a Belly to Belly Suplex on Naomi. Kaitlyn made the tag and went for the pin. Naomi rolled over and took the pin.

Your Winners: Kelly Kelly, Naomi and Jamie
Grade: D (65%)

Lay-Cool got in Kaitlyn’s face. Kaitlyn shoved Michelle. Layla grabbed Kaitlyn’s ankle and Michelle hit a Crescent Kick to Kaitlyn’s face. Vickie shrieked at her Rookie. Punk said he would return, next week, for NXT.


–Jay Shannon

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  1. By Jose, posted

    As unwatchable as the actual show was, (musical chairs?!?), I give high marks to C.M. for trying to make the show entertaining. There were several moments where I literally laughed out loud at some of his dumb jokes, from intentionally getting the names of the women wrong, to the sarcastic mocking of the show as a whole. Heck, he even made Michael Cole somewhat palatable. If he’s back next week then I definitely will be watching.

  2. By simonsebs, posted

    Every week I think about watching this season of NXT. Then I read the review and I’m glad I didn’t.

  3. By Neil Raines, posted

    If you recall, the movie “Legendary” was advertised, NOT in wide release, but only in “selected theaters”, just so it would be considered for any awards…the fact that the DVD is coming out three weeks after release is not new…it has happened with lots of Disney TV movies, and this is no different.

  4. By TNA FANATIC, posted

    I like when the two security guards on TNA had a match against Anderson and was it Jeff Hardy? That’s all I needed for this kind of thing. Wrestlers with the story of trying to break in the business. I don’t need a whole season of NXT taking up an hour of television time each week just for this angle. Danial Bryan is enough for this sort of thing.

  5. By Joseph Douglas, posted

    A couple of things.

    First with the movie. I’m pretty sure the only reason that they put it in the theaters is to put it in nomination for one of the award shows. Most of them have a criteria that they have to have been in the theaters.
    I haven’t seen the movie so really can’t comment on it’s quality but it will make it’s money back in DVD sales and overseas sales.

    C.M. had the line of the night. Think it was meant to be off mic but you could hear him tell cole during their hug “With or without you cole this show is still bad”.
    And that’s the entire feeling i had about the show.

  6. By Neil Raines, posted

    This is my proof that the movie was only in a few theatres…according to boxofficemojo.com
    In case you think I am “shilling” as it were, here are the box office numbers for the ONE week it was in theatres…

    Opening Weekend: $126,964
    (#38 rank, 177 theaters, $717 average)
    % of Total Gross: 66.2%
    > View All Weekends
    Widest Release: 177 theaters
    In Release: 10 days / 1.4 weeks

    Notice…only 177 screens…hard to “tank” when you only had limited release, as I said.

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