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This is Sal LaSardo and tonight this is the WWE 3rd major PPV Event of the year SummerSlam.

My Predictions —

Dolph Ziggler will retain over Kofi because he is rapidly becoming a solid wrestler for the WWE, especially with Vicki Guerrero at his side. It makes no sense to pull the belt off Dolph after already pulling the WWE title off Jack Swagger and he seems to have lost his niche. Dolph retains with the help of Vicki.

The Big Show will demonstrate why you don’t mess with this man as the Straight Edge Society will fall one choke-slam after the other.

I like to see Melina win tonight but I do believe Alicia Fox pulls a tight move and retains, thus escalating the feud longer. Melina will be champion if not tonight by the Night of Champions. The woman’s division is rather weak and having Alicia win tonight gives us more drama for the time being.

Kane retains over Rey in a long hard fought battle and at the end, the lights will go out and The Undertaker will appear. Welcome back Taker!

If Randy Orton does not win tonight then it its evident the WWE does not see Randy as the future of the company. I been pulling for him for sometime and feel he deserves a solid company push and its now or possibly a very long while before he gets the belt. Go Randy, you deserve it, your time is now. R K O !!!

There is no swerve coming in this Team Nexus vs Team WWE, what I see is Bret, and John Cena are left and either Edge and Jericho are joining forces with Nexus, or this will be another NWO type beat down. The only swerve that I could see is if HHH joins Nexus and is revealed Stephanie McMahon is behind the GM role for RAW and is pushing these guys. That’s the only swerve that can happen but in the end, I do believe all the hype for this match will be a major letdown and the fans will be left pondering their empty pockets on a major disappointment to the end the summer.

This is Sal LaSardo, Jr for Summer Slam predictions. May all of your matches be a main event. Your feedback is appreciated to slasardojr@yahoo.com

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