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Several main stream media outlets are reporting that Chris Benoit may have been depressed over being demoted from main event status. A New York Daily News story today says, “Sources said the 40-year-old athlete had been told this month he was being demoted by WWE from a main event fighter to more of a coaching role.” Nancy Grace last night made a fool of herself by saying Benoit might have been depressed because he was demoted from the Four Horsemen and moved to RAW.

These comments are totally ridiculous. Benoit was moved from Smackdown to ECW, another WWE brand. His pay didn’t change. If anything he stood to be featured in a better spot on ECW and was someone the promotion would have shined a spotlight on. He was traveling with the same group of people he had traveled with on Smackdown and his schedule would have stayed the same. As the top star at ECW he would have been in a position to mentor younger talent, but that’s something he had always done.

Benoit, like almost every wrestler who was involved in the original ECW, always spoke with admiration of ECW and there is no indication that he was unhappy with the move.

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