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The following results are from the CWF Mid-Atlantic’ s “Cinco de
Mayhem” TV Taping event held Saturday, May 5th, at the Carolina Sports
Arena located in Burlington, NC. All bouts are sanctioned by the AWA,
the American Wrestling Association.

1. Brass Munkey defeated Michael McAllister by submission in singles
action (4:25)

2. Alex Adonis defeated Trent Wylde & Louis Moore by pinfall in
Three-Way action (10:03)

3. “A Very Handsome Man” Mitch Connor w/manager Brad Stutts defeated
Marcellus King by pinfall in singles action (12:15)

4. Mustafa El Mabrouk w/manager Sheik Lumpkin forced a fan to submit
in $3,000 three minute challenge action (2:20)

5. AWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride
& Tank Lawson defeated the New Age Freebirds (Matt Houston & Johnny
Lightning) by pinfall to retain the titles (10:36)

6. AWA World Tag Champion Ric Converse & Kamakazi Kid defeated AWA
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion “Infamous Icon” Joey Silvia, AWA
Mid-Atlantic Television Champion “Simply” Steve Greene & CWF
Mid-Atlantic Commissioner Ty Dillinger by pinfall in 3-on-2 Handicap
action (27:18)

Officials: Charles Richardson, Katie Kincaid & Redd Jones

Sheik Lumpkin introduced his investors from Abu Dhabi who had flown in
to watch their Middle Eastern Heavyweight Champion, Mustafa El
Mabrouk, in action in the United States. The entourage had a whole
section of the Carolina Sports Arena blocked off for them to watch the
night of wrestling action. Lumpkin informed the fans that El
Mabrouk’s originally scheduled opponent was so scared to face “The
Arabian Nightmare” that he had never showed up. To make it up to his
investors, Lumpkin then offered any fan the opportunity to enter the
ring for a special 3-minute challenge. If any fan could simply last
for three minutes without getting pinned or submitting, he would pay
them $3,000. No one appeared to want to risk getting in the ring with
the Egyptian monster, but eventually one fan did. The young kid spent
most of the time running from El Mabrouk, but Sheik Lumpkin tripped
him with his UAE flag, allowing Mustafa to grab the fan and force him
to submit in the camel clutch hold in under three minutes.

Gemini Kid and Jesse Ortega made a brief appearance before leaving to
celebrate Cinco de Mayo to gloat over Ortega’s victory over the
Kamakazi Kid the night before in Asheboro. Gemini announced that he
would finally meet Kazi in a one-on-one match on June 16th, but that
the stipulations of the bout would be determined in two weeks as
Ortega would face Kazi again in singles action. If Kazi wins, Gemini
will agree to the “Hair vs. Mask” stakes match that Kazi has demanded.
However if Ortega wins, the June 16th match will be held under
“shocking and personal” stipulations meant to infuriate Kazi,
according to Gemini.

Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride & Tank Lawson successfully defended
their AWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles, turning back the challenge of
the New Age Freebirds. The win extends their title reign to 9-months
as champions.

Commissioner Ty Dillinger’s plan to get rid of Ric Converse and the
Kamakazi Kid in a handicap match backfired and in a big way. While
Dillinger’s Destiny Team looked to be en route to a win, their
cockiness got the best of them as Dillinger asked to be tagged in when
he thought he could jump off the top rope onto an apparently
down-and-out Kamakazi Kid. Instead Dillinger was tossed from the top
as Converse used a steel chair to take out Joey Silvia and Steve
Greene. As Dillinger begged for mercy, Converse brought out a bag
with handcuffs, asking Dillinger if he remembered these from WarGames.
The fan favorites then cuffed both Silvia and Greene to the bottom
rope as payback for what happened to them at the violent WarGames
match that brought Dillinger to power and nearly ended the career of

With Destiny members cuffed, Converse and Kazi took turns dishing out
a giant plate of retribution to Ty Dillinger, dragging him through the
Sports Arena, and launching him into the chairs like a bowling ball
until there was barely any chairs left standing. Dillinger was
eventually returned to the ring to absorb an incredible frogsplash
from Kazi, only to be pulled up at the 2-count. Kazi then handed over
a nearly unconscious Dillinger to Ric Converse who then dropped the
commissioner with his famous “Ric-ter Scale” maneuver to score the

Fans demanded more, so after the bout, Converse delivered another
“Ric-ter Scale” on Dillinger, who had to be carried from the ring. We
have been informed that both Joey Siliva and Ty Dillinger were taken
to the hospital for treatment due to injuries suffered during the
contest. Dillinger has not spoken directly to the CWF Mid-Atlantic
offices to update the situation and his status is uncertain at this point.

Don’t forget next Saturday, Ric Converse faces Steve Corino at the
Boys & Girls Club in Greensboro, NC for Hermie Sadler’s UWF!!!

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to action on May 19th with a TV Taping at the
Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, a live event in conjunction with
South Atlantic Wrestling at Hooker Stadium in Martinsville, VA, and
with CWA in Sharon, SC. Three events in three different states all in
one night!!!

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CWS featuring many stars of CWF Mid-Atlantic along with a special main
event AWA World Tag Team Title bout!

1. Mr. Extreme defeated Flying Ryan via pinfall in singles action (7:19)

2. Las Chivas Numero Uno, Las Chivas Numero Dos & Mark Van Hook
defeated Mustafa El Mabrouk, “Jersey” Nick Richards & Shawn Mayhem by
pinfall in six-man tag team action (10:39)

3. Marcellus “Mid Atlantic” King defeated Trent Wylde by pinfall in
singles action (9:42)

4. Jesse Ortega defeated Kamakazi Kid by pinfall in singles Grudge
Match action (17:38)

5. AWA World Tag Team Champions Dynasty (Xsiris & Ric Converse)
defeated Destiny (Joey Silvia & Steve Greene w/Ty Dillinger) by
pinfall in World Tag Title action to retain the titles (22:09)

Official: Rob McIntyre

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The 2007 Weaver Cup will kick off in the coming weeks. The 4th annual
single elimination tournament lasts all summer and will conclude on
Saturday, August 25th. The legendary Johnny Weaver will be in
attendance to present the championship trophy cup to the winner of the
grueling tournament. The participants will be announced during the
next four weeks as we enter the “Summer Actions Series” kicking off in

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The CWF returns to live action on Saturday, May 19th, at the
air conditioned & heated Carolina Sports Arena, in Burlington, NC!
This is a special TV Taping event with a full card of action
sanctioned by the American Wrestling Association! Will Commissioner Ty
Dillinger be able to return???

To reserve the best seats, visit our website to reserve seats or e-
mail cwfmidatlantic@ yahoo.com with your name and number of seats to
hold. You can now also order your tickets in advance online. Only
advance ticket holders are entered into a special FREE PRIZE drawing
held that evening.

The CSA is located at 3667 Alamance Road inside Air Park West. From
I-40/85 take Exit 143 and follow Hwy. 62-South for 1.5 miles just
past the Burlington Airport. For door-to-door directions, please
visit our website.

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Stay in constant contact with CWF Mid-Atlantic, get important
bulletins, and meet your favorite wrestlers by adding us to your
friends list on myspace!

www.myspace. com/cwfmidatlantic

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You can now access the CWF Mid-Atlantic website specifically for
your mobile phone! Get all your news updates, schedules, and even
reserves seats when you’re away from home directly from your mobile

Our mobile phone website can be accessed from the cwfmidatlantic. com
main page link or you can bookmark it at www.awamidatlantic. com/i/

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Now anyone can watch, anytime, anyplace!

The weekly television program will now be available for download
exclusively at Highspots.TV! Don’t miss “the fastest half hour of
wrestling anywhere!” PLUS there will be never-before- seen bouts
available for download including the BLOODY BLOODY Steel Cage Match
from BattleCade VI, Corino-Converse II, WWE’s Mickie James in
action, and much more!!

Now you’ve got no reason to miss out on all the great action from
CWF Mid-Atlantic! !!

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* May 11 (Sat., 8:00pm)
Join our friends with UWF featuring Raven, James Storm,
Kishi, Chris Harris, Gail Kim and more!
Lake Norman High School – Mooresville, NC

* May 12 (Sat., 8:00pm)
Join our friends with UWF featuring Raven, James Storm,
Kishi, Gail Kim and more including former AWA World
Champions Grudge Match: Ric Converse vs. Steve Corino
Boys & Girls Club – Greensboro, NC

* May 18 (Fri., 7:30pm)
Grace Park Rec. Center – Statesville, NC

* May 19 (Sat., 7:30pm)
TV Taping!
Kamakazi Kid vs. Jesse Ortega
Carolina Sports Arena – Burlington, NC

* May 19 (Sat., 7:30pm)
AWA Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Title: Joey Silvia vs. Brandon Day
Hooker Stadium – Martinsville, VA

* May 19 (Sat., 7:00pm)
Ivan Koloff, CW Anderson, and more!
Sharon Rec Center – Sharon, SC

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Believe Again: The Mid-Atlantic Tradition Continues Here…

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The CWF is the Official Mid-Atlantic territory of the AWA covering
the Mid-Atlantic states of North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia!
http://www.awamidat lantic.com

Now sanctioned by the American Wrestling Association
“The Major League of Pro Wrestling” since 1959
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