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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Always look on the brihgt side of life”-Eric Idle

Roll the opening montage!

Drew McIntyre gets a chance to win back the WWE title, tonight. He did get the crap beaten out of him by Jimmy Uso, last Friday. Plus, the Hurt Business gets to go after New Day for the tag belts.

Drew McIntyre came out, looking ready for war. I wnat to welcome our family friend, Tammy, to tonight’s show. She helped me when Mama Dee tok a bad fall on Monday afternoon and she is much appreciated.

We saw how Drew took out Jimmy, lat week. Drew welcomed everyone to the show and brought up Thanksgiving. Drew was thankful for the fans and for the doubters. They make him work harder and believe in himself. Drew brought up Roman Reigns and how he has his head up his arse.

Randy Orton interrupted and ran down what he is thankful for. Randy was thankful that hte fine he got for roughing up Adam Pearce didn’t faze him. Orton talked about all his suspensions, over the years. Randy said he was still here because he is the greatest wrestler…ever. Randy was ready to prove it, once again. Drew was inmpressed. He mocked Randy’s usual RKO tag line. Drew promised a Claymore to recalim his title.

Miz and Morrison came out to confront Drew. They pushed Miz and Mrs.. Morrison pushed that Miz does have the Moneyin the Bank briefcase. Miz and Morrison promised to be at ringside to watcht he title match. Drew threatened to destroy them if they got near his match.Miz suggested that he could well take the title off whoever wins the main event for the WWE title. They smarted off about Bray Wyatt (never a good idea). Miz taunted Drew with the bright green briefcase. Drew said he was not a patient man. Miz and Morrison bailed out of the ring. Miz promised to laugh “all the way to the Bank”. Drew looked annoyed.

The announcers discussed the situation betweeen Lana and Nia Jax. Jia keeps hurting people, including Lana. 8 times, Lana has been put through the announce table. We have a Six Women Title coming up. Lana has to team with Nia and Shayna.

Lana talked with her partners. Lana wants to prove that her gettingon the team was NOT a fluke. Nia warned Lana not to tag into their match.

Lana, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs Asuka, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke
Six Woman Tag Match

Shayna forced Lana out of the match. Shayna with a cheap shot on Asuka and she pitched Dana out of the ring. Tag to Nia. Vicious double team by the tag champs. Mandy may have a dislocated elbow. We went to break.

Shayna worked over Dana’s arm in a similar hashion to what they did to Mandy, before the break. Asuka got the tag and went to town on Shayna. Shayna blocked a German but took a Code Breaker. One Legged Dropkick but Nia boke up the pin. Dana went after Nia. Asuka wanted the Asuka Lock but had to stop and attack Nia. Lana tagged herself in as Shayna went for her Clutch. Shayna was ticked. Lana kicked Asuka in the face. 2 count. Nia and Shayna screamed at Lana to get out. Crescent Kick intothe Asuka Lock. Tap Out!

Your WInners (by Submission): Asuka, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke
Raw Score: 85 out of a possible 100

Shayna and Nia attacked Lana, post match. Samoan Drop #9! Thisis just annoynig now.

We saw the issues within the Men’s Survivor Team. They were all raising Hell backstage. A.J. Styles tried to clam them all down. Styles knew it was going to be a tough road for them, because of their differences. Styles pushed that all five of them hate to lose. Styles wanted them to battle Retribution to become a team.

The Funhouse is back!

Survivor Series holds a special place in my heart. 12 years ago, Linda bought me the PPV in advance. She died the day before the show and I had to watch it alone. This year, the show takes place on the 12th anniversary of her death. I know she will be right beside me, cheering on the good guys and callingt he bad guys all kinds of names. Smile. Gone but NEVER forgotten.

Dana asked how Mandy was feeling after the attack. Reckoning then attacked Dana. The former Mia Yim drove Dana’s head into an equipment cart.

Firefly Funhouse

Bray and Alexa welcomed everyone to the show. Bray has an issue with Miz. Bray wants to battle Miz, tonight. Bray threatened to unleash his “Bad Side” (Fiend). Alexa and the Puppets helped Bray train for Miz.

Snelton Benjain and Cedric Alexander (Hurt Business) vs Xavier Woods and Kofi KIngston (New Day)
Raw Tag Team Title Match

MVP cut a promo about how great the Hurt Business is. He praised Bobby Lashley and promised that Lashley would destroy Sami Zayn. Shelton knew he and Cedric would take the tag straps and then humiliate the Street Profits.

Tney were cut off by the arrival of New Day. Woods and Kofi talked trash about the men in the ring. Kofi accused the Hurt Business of being liars. New Day kept irritating the Hurt Business as we went to break.

Kofi started against Cedric. Alexander kept Kofi off his game, early on. Gator Roll by Cedric. Mandy and Dana are now out of the women’s Survivor Series match, due to injuries.

Universal into a Flying Back Elbow by Kofi. Tag to Woods. Wild double team on Cedric for a two count. Tag to Shelton. Universal into a slide by Woods. Discus Forearm by Woods, followed by KnifeE dges and Corner Mount Punches. Woods nailed a sweet Dropkick. Shelton blasted Woods and then nailed Scoop Slams. Spinebuster by SHelton for a deuce.

Cedric took the tag and punched away. Snap Mare into a Yakuza Kick by Cedric. 1-2-no. Cedric assaulted Woods’ lower back. Cedric with a Textbook Dropkick and another near fall. Rear Chin Lock . Woods tried for a tag and finally got it. SPringboard Clothesline. Shelton threw Kofi intothe corner. Crossbody by Kofi from the top. 2 count. kofi miaaws rhw Boom Drop as Shelton hit the Buckle Bomb. Cedric tookthe tag and almost got he pin. Break time, again.

Woods with a wild Dropkick. Cedric got free. Tag to Kofi.  Double Team on Cedric. Flying Stomp to Ceddy’s chest. SHelton made the save. Shelton took out Woods. Kofi was flipped over the ropes. Cedric with a Tope SUicida. He then hit a 2nd one. The 3rd Tope was modified. Shelton got the tag and took out Kofi. Kofi was thrown intothe post and rolled back in the ring. MVP was excited. Angle Slam! 2 count only. MVP could not believe what just happened. Tag to Cedric. Double team on Kofi. Brainbuster but Woods saved the day. Kofi flipped out ofthe Lumbar Check. Low Bridge on Shelton. Trouble In Paradise on Shelton. Daybreak!

Your WInners: The New Day
Raw Score: 96

Sheamus chatted with Drew McIntyre. Sheamus gave Drew and old antique chest filled with family treasures. Sheamus gave Drew a ceremonial sword. Too cool.

Sheamus, Braun Strowman, (Matt) Riddle and Keith Lee vs Retribution (Ali, T-Bar, Slapjack, and Mace
8 Man Tag Match

Mustafa and the rest cut a promo. Styles and Mr. Jordan joined the announce team. Someone recently asked me about the symbol on Sheamus’ trunks. It is the “Ouroboros”. That is hte snake that devours itself, a symbol of infinity. Thanks to Red Dwarf for that knowledge.

Retribution came down and stood face to face with Team Raw. Riddle asked to start against Slapjack. Riddle reversed things on the masked man. Riddle with a Sleeper on Slapjack. Russian Lifts by Riddle. Tag to T Bar. He clubbed Riddle but took an Overhead Kick. COrner Attack. T Bar fought out of a Half anf Half. Riddle came back and hit it and nailed a Broton. Kick out at 1. Braun and Sheamus got into it until Styles broke them up. Braun shoved Styles and Mr. Jordan was ready to kick behind. Styles held him back as we took a break (and I grabbed dinner out of the microwave).

We are back and T Bar almost got a pin. Shapjack came in and almost won it. Sheamus made the  save. Tag to Ali. Rolling Neckbreaker by Ali. He talked trash to Styles as he continued to punish Riddle. Tag to T Bar. Boot Choke by the big man. Tag to Mace.  Huge Double Team on Riddle. 2 count.

Slapjack quickly took the tag. He taunted the other members of Team Raw. Slapjack countered the Ankle Lock. Weird knee Strike. Suplex by Riddle.

Lee and Mace took the tags. SHoulder Tackles by the big Texan. He threw Slapjack into Mace and T Bar. Pounce by Lee. Lee used Slapjack as a weapon on his teammates. Double La Banderas. They pulled Lee tothe outside. Ali with a Tope Suicida into Lee’s back. Keith was rolled back into the ring but still kicked out at two. Braun and Sheamus took out various members of Retribution. Spirit Bomb. Sheamus took the tag. Braun did the same. Sheamus wouldnot let Braun hithte Bulldog Bounce. Braun attacked Sheamus. Braun then laid out Riddle. Roll Up by Ali on Riddle.

Your WInners: Retribution
Raw Score: 85

Nikki Cross was looking for Alexa. Cross knew Fiend has brainwashed her friend. She was determined to get Alexa away from Fiend. Jeff Hady was seen tearing down flyers. It was something that Elias has been posting. Jeff was ready to teach the Drifter a hard lesson.

The annoucners discussed Undertaker.

The Miz vs Bray Wyatt

These two have battled, many times, in the past. Both Miz and Morrison looked nervous. Miz cut a scathing promo but he wanted to smooth things over to calm things down. Miz wanted to find a peaceful solution to solve their issues. Miz wanted to work WITH Wyatt to get Miz the title.

Alexa Bliss strolled out, looking sexy as all get out, in a zombie kind of way. Sne declined the alliance. Nikki came out to talk with Bliss. ALexa then attacked her old friend. Nikki fought back until officials broke them apart. Bray’s music calmed Alexa down. Alexa and Bray almost danced down to the ring.

Bray thought abuot forgiveness and offered a hand shake. Miz blasted him. Bray got almost giddy. Miz with kivkd snf punvhrd. Bray with a vicious Back Elbow. Morrison with a cheap shot. Uppercut and Hedbutts and Forearms by Wyatt. Miz went tot he floor. Bray sent Miz into the ring steps. Bray then tossed Miz back in. He blew kisses to Bliss. Kick by Miz. Bray grabbed Miz but Miz snapped hte neck. Ax Bomber by Miz. Seated DDT to give Miz…a ONE! Punches by Miz but Bray shrugged them off. It Kicks. Wyatt with a brutal Clothesline and Uranage. Neck Snap by Wyatt. Morrison grabbed Bray. Alexa tok out Morrison. Miz jumped Bray but Wyatt went into Sister Abigail!

Your Winner: Bray Wyatt
Raw Score: 85

Alexa walked along the barricade like a tight rope walker. Fiend’s music kicked in and all went dark.

We got an extended promo video about both Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton. It was a fullhistory lesson about both men.

Stephanie McMahon was voted the most powerful woman in sports.

We looked back at how Mandy and Dana were injured, earlier. Adam Pearce came in and said Mandy and Dana have been pulled from Sunday’s match. They are being replaced by Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. Asuka was then interviewed. S he was so excited to beat Sasha Banks.

I should have a house full for Survivor Series. Tammy, Mama Dee, and a few other friends will be here. The announcers ran down the updated Survivor Series card, as it stands.

Randy Orton did not want to be interviewed as he had so many distractions, right now.

Angel Garza cut another semi-sexy promo.

Nia and Shayna bickered about their team issues. Peyton and Lacey came up to talk strategy but quickly backed off. Nia was not happy with the replacements.

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton
WWE Title Match

Drew came out in full Scottish war garb, including the Claymore Sword. Mark Henry was watching through the video wall. Randy then came out to join this epic main event match.

The introductions were made. Randy and Drew both stared coldly in each other’s eyes. They hooked up. Side Headlock by Drew. Randy got free and kicked away. Drew threw major bombs and the Glasgow Kiss Headbutt. Garvin Stomp and another Kiss by Drew. 2 count. Orton bailed out of the ring to catch his breath. He gothis belt and started to leave. Drew wasn’t having that. Drew attacked and threw Randy back in. Randy avoided the Claymore and went back outside. Drew clutched his lower back. Pearce would not allow Randy to retian by countout. Pearce changed the match to no-DQ and no Count out. One last set of commercials.

Randy and Drew tgrew gard sgits, Twusted Suster Backbreaker by Orton. Randy got a steel chair. He attacked with it. Randy taunted Drew before going off witht he chair. Drew tried to hold the chair away from his jaw. Randy nailed the back with the chair. 2 counts by Randy than moved to one counts. Drew bailed out to the floor. Back Suplex to send Drew into the barricade. Randy dismantled the ring stairs. Randy drove the steps into Drew’s face. 2 count. Orton Stomp. 2 count. Drew and Randy with hard shots on the floor. Randy went tot he eyes. Side Drop Suplex put Drew on the table. Randy with measured punches. Randy screamed at Drew that the title will never be Drew’s. McIntyre was dropped on the tale, again. Drew blocked a 3rd drop. Drew then put Randy on the desk, twice. Drew wanted the Claymore but Randy moved.

We went picture-in-picture. Both men were down and near exhaustion. Randy went looking for toys, as did Drew. Randy found a table. Drew blocked Randy’s attempt to send him into the ring steps. Randy was sent into them, instead. Randy almost got a pina nd went into a Rear Chin Lock.

Drew got loose and unloaded on the champ. Overhead Belly to Belly by Drew. Drew contuned to launch The Viper. Flying Neckbreaker by Drew. Ramdy blocked the Future Shock DDT. They went to the ropes. Superplex! -2-kick out.  Backlside and then Future Shock DDT to get the nearest of near falls. Orton escaped a Fireman’s Carry. Drew popped Randy and sent him off the paron and through the table. Drew rolled Randy but still couldn’t pull the trigger. Drew set for the Claymore but Randy with the Snap Powerslam. Draping DDT. Randy went to his dark space. R-K-Oh No Way….Claymore!

Your Winner (and NEW WWE Champion): Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 98

Gary: Welcome to the family, my new brother
Tammy: Thanks honey for all your help and the offer still stands

Mama Dee: Come home soon


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