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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Take your job seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously.”-Alex Trebek

The world of entertainment lost three major stars, last week. 2 were North Americans, while the 3rd was British. Alex Trebek (Canadian) lost his valiant fight against cancer. Comic Norm Crosby left us at 93. Sir. Geoffrey Palmer also passed on at 93. They were all highly respected in their individual fields and will be seriously missed. God rest ye, merry gentrlemen.

Survivor Series is almost here. This year, WWE will honor Undertaker on his 30th anniversary with the company. Undertaker is supposedly retired but the rumor mill is running white hot that he might have one more brutal battle in him. If it happens, the match would be quite “FIEND-ish”. (hint).

We started by looking at the odd Quadrangle that revolves around the WWE title. Randy Orton holds it and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, The Miz and Drew McIntyre all want it. Drew kept Miz from cashing in Money in the Bank, last week, to prevent Miz from taking the title. Miz and Morrison took on Drew in a Handicap Match…and lost. Orton then laid out Drew with the RKO.

Roll the opening montage!


John Morrison joined his buddy, Miz, for this opening segment. Miz discussed their six man tag match. Miz hinted that he just might Cash In on Orton, later tonight. Miz pushed the return of Miz and Mrs.  They were cut off by the arrival of Randy Orton.

Randy knew this was a set-up to get the title off him. Orton urged Miz to take the shot to try and get the strap. Miz and Morrison locked him down. Miz said they just might go after New Day’s tag straps, later tonight.

That brought out Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. Kofi and Xavier mocked the trio in the ring for their ramblings. New Day got in the ring to…get RKO’d. Drew McIntyre hithte ring and repeatedly hit Randy. Miz blasted Drew with the briefcase. The heels headed to the back.

The final farewell of Undertaker is scheduled to happen at Survivor Series.

Elias vs (Matt) Riddle vs Jeff Hardy
Triple Threat to determine the final member of Team Raw

That guitar looked just like Ford Fairlane’s ax that he got from Jimi Hendrix. Google it if you don’t recognize the film reference. Elias was ready to sing for his millions of fans. Elias was about to get going when Hardy showed up. Eventually, Riddle showed up.

Shouldn’t Riddle come out in all green with question marks all over his gear? Yes, I’m really tired tonight. LOL.

All three tore into each other. Quick roll ups all around but nothing stuck. Mr. Jordan and A.J. Styles watched from the back. Riddle was flipped onto the apron. He dropped down and pulled Hardy out ofthe ring. THey fought on the floor. Elias with a Double Slide Dropkick through the ropes. Riddle got thrown intothe barricade, as did Hardy. We  took a break.

Riddle was still down on the outside. Elias stomped on Hardy til Riddle returned. Back Elbow by Elias to the former MMA star. 2 count. Jawbreaker by Hardy. Jeff punched away at Elias’ head. Inverted Atmic Drop to Riddle. Back Body Drop byHardy to Riddle. Backsplash Senton to Elias. Riddle was pushed out ofhte ring. Elias nailed Drift Away on Jeff. 1-2-Riddle made the save. Fisherman’s Buster by Riddle to Elias for a two count. Bro Derek failed. Poetry in Motion off Riddle to lay out Elias. Twist of Fate reversed by Riddle. They threw hard punches. Elias hit a Jumping Knee Strike as Hardy went for another Twist of Fate. Bro Derek!

Your WInner: Riddle
Raw Score: 89 out of a possible 100

Adam Pearce chatted with Styles. CHarly asked A.J. about Riddle joining the team. Styles thought it was a great addition. Sheamus came in and disagreed. Styles wanted to have a Team M eeting. Sheamus said A.J. was not his captain.  Braun agreed by saying Styles wasn’t his captain, either.

Mustafa Ali discussed his former friend, Ricochet. Ali said there was a chance that Ricochet could be accepted by Retribution. Ali introduced his teammates and swore they were going to shut things down.

We looked back at how Lashley destroyed R-Truth, last week. Lashley also took out Drew Gulak and then just threw him on top of Truth, so the title switched hands. We also saw the Hurt Business win in a non-title tag match against the champs. Drew Gulak walked up and suggested he should be allowed to join the Hurt Business. MVP refused to allow him to join. They then made fun of him for wearinga  clip-on tie. Beat down by the Hurt Business. R-Truth slipped in and won back his title for the 43rd time. Jeez.

Lana vs Shayna Baszler

Lana has been put through the announce table, 7 times, in recent weeks. She had to step up and prove herself worthy of her spot on the women’s team for Survivor Series.

WWE idid a tribute to the veterans. I have a nephew in the service right now. His kids spend a lot of time with me and Mama Dee. We miss you, Lane.

Lana jumped Shayna before the bell. Shayna tossed her off. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke watched from ringside. Lana with kicks and slaps. Shayna rushed Lana into the corner. Shayna clubbed away on Lana. Twisted Wrist Stomp by Shayna. Shayna crashed intothe corner but came back with a kick and Gut Wrench. Knee Strike but Shayna pulled her up. Shayna cinched in the Clutch.

Your WInner (by Submission): Shayna Baszler.
Raw Score: 66

Nia started to dismantle the announce desk for S-D-8. Mandyand Dana wouldn’t let it happen. Shayna stepped up and kept the forces from tearing each other apart.

We looked back at the issues with the male Team Raw. Styles is ready to have his team meeting, next.

Lana came up to thank Dana and Mandy for saving her. Dana said they did it to send a message to Nia and Shayna. They blamed Lana for the loss of the tag titles, last week.

A.J. Styles and Mr. Jordan came from the back. It was time for the Team Meeting. We looked back to see how Braun Strowman earned his spot on Team Raw. Styles brought out his teammates for the Raw Quintet. Styles knew they got off to a rocky start but they are complete now. Keith Lee had a receipt to deliver to Styles. Sheamus said Lee attacked himi, also from behind. Lee warned Sheamus not to cross him. Bruan had issues with Sheamus. Styles did his best to play peacemaker. Riddle told everyone to chill. Riddle started giving out nicknames, including to the birthday boy, Lee. Sheamus was christened “Fire Face”. Styles said they needed to fight together. Styles set up a tag match to makehis people respect each other. This is NOT going to work.

Riddle and Keith Lee vs Sheamus and Braun Strowman
A.J. Styles as Special Guest Ref

Sheamusand Lee worked over each other. Tag to Riddle. Snap Mare and kick by Riddle. Easy kick out by Sheamus. Sheamus lifted Riddle and ran him into the corner. Tag to Braun.

Hammer Throw by Braun. Braun stood on Riddle’s hair. Tag to Sheamus. European Uppercut by Sheamus. Sheamus choked Riddle on the ropes. Riddle blocked an Irish Whip. Riddle with vicious Forearms to the jaw. Ankle Lock by Riddle. Sheamus blasted Riddle with a Knee Strike. Sheamus screamed at Styles that A.J. was NOT his captain. Riddle hit a Gut Wrench to lay out the Celtic Warrior. Riddle hit a Knee Strike, on accident, to Styles. He also got laid out by Sheamus. Keith and Braun sandwiched Styles. Mr. Jordan got up on the apron and then into the ring. Styles held him back and we cut to commercial.

Mr. Jordan stepped back down as Riddle and Sheamus tore into each other. Irish Curse Backsplash Senton by Braun to Riddle. Rear Chin Lock by Braun. Thow by Braun but he hith te post. Tag to Keith. COrner Splashes. He threw Sheamus into Braun. Spirit Bomb of RIddle onto his foes. Steam Roller by Lee for a super close call. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick but Riddle with a German. Riddle threw Knee Strikes all around. Clothesline by Sheamus. He set for another Brodgue Kick but Braun witht he tag. Corner Splash as Braun  set forthe Bulldog Bouunce. Brogue Kick to Braun and Riddle with a Roll Up.

Your WInners: Keith Lee and Riddle
Raw Score:85

Nikki Cross wanted to talk with Alexa Bliss about her relationship with “Him”. Nikki felt it was her fault that Fiend had control over Bliss. Cross said Bliss would have to choose between her and Him.  She chose Bray.

Next week, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander will get a title shot at the New Day.  Bobby Lashley had a message for Sami Zayn.

A few weeks ago, I retired my green wheelchair in favor of a new wonderful office chair. Tonight, I retire my old TV. After 12 years, it was starting to wear out. I have a brand new big screen unit in my closet to install on Tuesday.

MVP had the stick. He and Lashley were ready to deal with Sami Zayn, at Survivor Series. MVP had a Spoiler Alert. It would be short and sweet as the Hurt Business will face the Street Profits at Survivor Series. Then, Bobby Lashley will detroy Sami Zayn. Lashley said Sami has kept his mouth shut all week.  They were cut off by the arrival of Titus O’Neil. He still wants to join the Hurt Business. Titus was offended by the disrespect. MVP warned Titus that he should walk away. Titus wanted a title shot. Lashley accepted and promised to takehim apart.

Titlus O’Neil vs Bobby Lashley
United States Title Match

Back Elbow and boxing punches by Titus. Lashley came back with punches but Titus unloaded on the champ. Corner Shoulders by O’Neil. Short ARm Clothesline missed. SPear! Hurt Lock! Titus almost got to the ropes but not close enough.

Your WInner (by Submission): Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 82

Drew and Sheamus chatted, backstage. Sheamus hates his Team Raw partners and the New Day, as well. Drew mocked Sheamus with the New Day Rocks clap. Sheamus wanted to reform his alliance with Drew.

Asuka vs Nia Jax
Non-Title Match

Nia was interviewed, backstage, prior tothe match. The other members of Team Raw watched from ringside. Shayna was, of course, at Nia’s side.  Nia has an issue with everyone feeling that they are running the show. Nia stood and said she was the Leader of the team and the entire division. Nia made it clear she is interested in the Raw Women’s championship.

Nia pushed Asuka down and away. Asuka went after Nia’s arm. She locked in an Octopus. Nia powered out but Asuka applied the Fujiwara. Nia got tot he ropes and slid out to the floor. Jax sent Asuka into the barricade, hard.

Asuka converted a Powerbomb into a Rana. 2 count. Spinning Back Fists and a Hip Attack by Asuka. 2 count, only. Asuka took out Lana, who got on the apron. Asuka Lock! SHayna rushed in and attacked.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Asuka
Raw Score: 65

All the members of Team Raw got involved. Jax set her sights on Lana. She left the ring too get the announce desk ready. Shayna pitched Lana out to Nia. Table #8 bit the dust. Jax took the house microphone and told Lana to just quit.

R-Truth was interviewed. Truth has a 7 way match, next, for the title.

Angel Garza cut a promo.

7 Way Match

Truth took a Trouble in Paradise by Akira. He was quickly pinned. Erik then pinned Akira. Drew Gulak pinned Erik. Tucker then made a pin.  Truth with a Leg Lariat to Tucker. Drew escaped a AA. Everyone kept fighting Lince Dorado and Gran Metallik hit a Savage Elbow to become the champion. Lince rolled up his biddy to become the champ. Truth with an AA to Lince to reclaim the strap for the 44th time. Truth ran to the back.

Raw Score: 70 (biut dang that was fun)

We saw the lead in to the next match. Mustafa Ali came out with his allies for a huge match against Ricochet.

Mustafa Ali vs Ricochet

Ali asked his troops to give him room. Ricochet tore into Ali with chops . Ricochet talked to Ali as he destroyed the cocky youngster. Elbow Drop off a Scoop Slam by Ricochet. Ricochet said Ali was sending the wrong message. Ali pulled Ricochet into the corner. European Uppercut and toss by Ali. Straoght punches on both sides. Rear Chin Lock by Ali. Whip reversed but Ali with kicks and slaps. Back Body Drop by Ricochet. Ricochet Suplexed Ali onto the apron. Ricochet with a Rana off the apron. His Lucha Underground training is showing. The troops swarmed Ricochet as we went to break.

Ali with a seated Rear Chin Lock after a Dropkick to the neck. Ali was  sent into the corner. Snap Dragon by Ricochet. Ricochet boxed and punched Ali. Discus Clothesline to Ali. Rocpcjet b;pcled a Tprmadp DDt amd jot a wocled Braombister. 1-2-no.

Ricochet took Ali to the corner. Ali fought from the top and Ricochet went up top to meet him. Ali went tothe eyes and did a top rope Backbreaker. How was that NOT a 3?  Poison Rana by Ricochet. Ricochet then dove off the top to lay out the other members of Retribution. Phoenix Splash failed. Koji Clutch and Ricochet had to tap out.

Your WInner (by Submission): Mustafa Ali
Raw Score: 94

Randy Orton got up in Adam Pearce’s face and slammed him against a wall. Randy lost it when he heard he will have to fight Drew McIntyre, next week. Orton told them all to Go to Hell. Randy’s music then called him to the ring.

Randy Orton, Miz and John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods
Six Man Tag Team Match

Drew and John kicked this one off. Drew laid out Johhn in mere seconds. John was tossedinto the corner and Knife Edged into oblivion. Ta to Woods. Huge Knife Edge by the tag champ. John reversed things with a Shoulder Tackle. Woods with a brutal Forearm. Randy Orton just stared at his partner. Miz took the tag and Kofi hit a Crossbody after getting legal. ORton rufused to take the tag. Morrison came back in. Roll Up by Kofi for a two. Kofi with a Spinning Rana off the top. Stomp by Kofi. Miz rushed in and got laid out by the tag champs. Double Flip Dive by New Day. Drew begged Randy to get in the ring buthe refused.

Woods nailed a wild Dropkick on Miz. Miz reversed a WHip. Honor Roll by Woods. 2 count. Woods fought out of the enemy corner until MOrrison snapped Xavier’s neck on the ropes. Double Team to stomp Woods’ neck. 2 count.

Rear Chin Lock by Morrison. Orton just waited and watched. Morrison prevented a tag. Woods bashedthe back of Morrison. Samoan Drop and tag out to Miz. Double Team rush of kicks. Miz went to Orton, who still refused to tag in. Miz and Morrisono combo for a two. Tag back to Miz. It Kicks by Miz. Clothesline by Woods.

Drew and Morrison both got tags. Double Suplex to Miz nad Morrison. Drew stared at Randy. Future Shock DDT to Morrison. Drew threw Morrison into the corner and begged Randy to tag in. Orton just would not make the tag. He got down and headed up the ramp. Morrison with a Roll Up with the feet onthe ropes. IT failed. Spinebuster on Miz. Disastedr Kick failed thanks tothe Glasgow Kiss. Claymore!

Your Winners: Drew McIntyre, Kofi KIngston and Xavier Woods
Raw Score: 85

Drew stared at Randy as we went to black.

Jack: Feel better, my brother.
Kathy: Looking forward to later this week.
Esther: Happy BIrthday


–Jay Shannon

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