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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “CandyMan” Jay Shannon

“There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man”-Sean Connery

We started with a preview about Rady Orton’s interesting situation. Several men are after his WWE title, including Drew McIntyre, The Miz and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

Roll the opening montage!

Ramdy Orton strolled out from the back to open the live portion of the hshow. The announcers discussed the pressure The Viper was under. Randy said that eight days ago he proved he was the Best of the Best…no, wait…he is just THE Best. Randy dismissed all allegations that he was handed everything and protected from on high. He said he was where he was because of how good he is. Randy is no longer the Legend Killer. He is now simply…A Legend. Orton said he knew he had a Bulls-Eye on his back. He gave out an Open Challenge for anyone to come out a nd face him.

He got…Alexa Bliss. I like her new “Fiend-ette” look. Randy circled the diminutive Diva. She was quiet at first and said he could be HERE. The lights went red and the screeching music kicked in. Randy got Claymored by Drew, instead of getting attacked by Wyatt. Drew promised to make Randy’s life “Pure Hell”. Miz and Morrison rushed down and a ref rushed out. Miz cashed in…

THe Miz vs Randy Orton.
WWE Title Match

Drew returned and attacked both Miz nad Morrison before the bell rang. The Cash In was NOT official.

Your Winner: No Match
Raw Score: N/A

Miz and Morrison were ticked that Drew got up in their business. Miz said Drew was jealous of him and wants to ruin everyone else’s dream. Morrison challenged Drew to a 2-on-1 Handicap Match.

Elias vs Jeff Hardy
Guiatr on a Pole Match

Welcome back to the 1980s. Elias was ready to perform. He still blames Hardy for hitting him with a car, a few months back. Elias crowed about his hit recording. Elias hates the idea of the Guitar on a Pole Match. Elias decided to play his hit “Amen”. He was cut off by the arrival of Jeff Hardy. We got a brief recap of the issues between Elias and Hardy.

Jeff went to climb the pole but Elias stopped him. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle by Elias. Scoop Throw by Elias. Elias wanted to get the Gibson but he was stopped. Hardy flew off the steps to lay out Elias. Hardy began to climb the pole. Elias threw a stool at Hardy to stop him. Break time.

Elias was back in control. Hardy escaped a Suplex but got sent intothe corner. Mule Kick by Hardy. Elias drove his knee into Hardy’s lower back. Knife Edge Chops by Elias. Elias choked Jeff in the ropes. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but ate a Flying Knee, instead. Elias started up the pole but Jeff brought him down, hard. Elias’ face bounced off the top turnbuckle. The two men traded hard shots but Hardy got hte best of the situation. Hardy went Vintage on Elias. Elias just barely prevented Jeff from getting the guitar. Twist of Fate! Jeff haeded up for the guitar. He almost had it when Elias grabbed him. He kicked him away and flew off the top with the guitar. Hrady did his best Jeff Jarrett impression with the guitar shot that brought him the win.

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Raw Score: 84 out of a possible 100

Dana and Mandy warmed up and warmed up a lot of men around the country. Sorry, I had to go there.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke vs Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax
WWE Women’s Tag Title Match

We saw how Lana earned her way onto the Raw Women’s team. Lana got taken out, by Nia, after the match with a Samoan Drop. Lana came out to watch the match.

Nia threw down Dana but Brooke grabbed a Sleeper. Mia smashed Dana intothe corner. Tag to Mandy. She couldn’t move Nia. Octopus by Mandy. Nia powered out. Tag to Dana. Chop Block by Dana. Knee Strike and Flip Splash by Dana. Shayna got the tag. Kick by Dana and tag to Mandy. Shayna worked over her foes. Dana dodged a kick and hit Clotheslines and an Enziguri. Whip by Dana. Backstpring Back Elbow into a Bulldog. Mandy took out Nia. Shayna got rolled up while gotng for The Clutch.

Shayna attacked Lana and that let her get kicked by Dana. Dana went for the Backspring but Shayna with The Clutch. Lana goton the apron and Dana went for the pin. Shayna finally got The Cutch locked in.

Your WInners (by Submission): Shayna and Nia
Raw Score: 84

Charlyasked Randy Orton if he could survive the target on his back. Orton said Drew needs a reminder about how dangerous Orton is. Randy was ready to deliver an RKO.

R-Truth bounced from the back and rapped to the video crowd. He was interviewed about his match against Bobby Lashley. Truth got all confused about who he was dealing with.

R-Truth vs Bobby Lashley
Non-Titles Match

MVP came from the back with Lashley but then just walked to the back. Truth offered to take a dive for Lashley. Truth faked him out and kicked nad punched away. Spear by Lashley. Hurt Lock! Truth passed out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 30

Drew Gulak came down to pin Truth. Lashley grabbed him and slammed him before locking in the Hurt Lock. He threw Drew on top of Truth. 1-2-3.

Your Winner (and NEW 24/7 Champ): Drew Gulak


The Lucha House Party were heading to the ring when they ran into Mr. Jordan and A.J. Styles. Styles and Jordan headed to the ring.

Nia Jax was interviewed backstage. She didn’t want to hear the name “Lana”. Nia did not like that Lana got in her match. Nia said Lana will need to pick herself up or Nia will end Lana’s career.

Styles and Jordan came from the back. Styles asked Mr. Jordan to step out. Styles knew Raw has the advantage going into the 5-on-5 Men’s Match. Styles felt he was the perfect captain for Team Raw. Styles really tooted his own horn about Team Raw. He brought out Sheamus as a teammate. He then introduced Keith Lee. Keith stopped Styles and doubted the claim of captaincy. Keith was not intimidated by Mr. Jordan. Styles tried to blow him off and turn to Sheamus for support. Sheamus agreed with Lee on this point. Sheamus saidhe would never take order from Styles.

Braun Strowman walked from the back. Braun wants to be on Team Raw. Keith told Braun taht Strowman he needed to qualify to be on Team Raw. Braun not only wanted on the team but he wanted to be the Captain. Adam Pearce came out and said he was looking for someone to qualify against Braun but couldn’t find one. Sheamus got up in Keith’s face and siad he would take care of teh Monster. Sttyles stepped up and suggested a Triple Threat Match. If Braun wins, he is on Team Raw. If he loses, he doesn’t.

Keith Lee vs Sheamus vs Braun Strowman
Triple Threat Match

Styles watched this qualifying match. Braun tore into Keith. Lee escaped the Running Powerslam. Keith sent Braun out to the floor. Sheamus attacked Lee. Kick by Shamus off a Whip. Sheamus went tothe fllor to attack Braun. Tope con Hilo by Kieth Lee! It was a touch sloppy but it worked.

Sheamus rubbed Lee’s face into the apron. Braun with the Freight Train to both foes. Braun cleared off the announce desk. Double Goozle failed Braun. Braun was sent into the ring steps. Sheamus and Lee drove the ring steps into Braun. Sheamus then pitched Lee back into the ring. 10 Beats by Sheamus. Lee pulled Sheamus out of the irng and threw him into the barricade. Sheamus locked in a Sleeper. Braun nailed a Crossbody on both of them and we went to commercial.

Sheamus had Keith down on the canvas. Styles kept yelling for the guys not to injure each other. Keith punched free. Braun ran through Keith and sent him tothe cloor. Corner Splash adn Biel by Braun. He did the same thing again. White Noise by Sheamus for a near fall. Sheamus stomped on Kieth and then went up top. Keith with a Goozle on Sheamus. Sheamus went tothe eyes and then punched the skull. Huge punch by Braun to Sheamus. Tower of PowerSuplex that took down all three men. How the Hell did the ring stay together?

Lee blocked a Low Blow and exploded on Braun. Cross Buick by Lee. Braun escaped a Scoop Slam. Sheamus sent Braun to the floor. Standing Belly to Belly by Keith. Sheamus blocked the 2nd one and hit a hard knee. Sheamus called for the Brogue Kick but Braun stopped him withone arm. Lee kicked Braun and hit a vicious Clothesline. 2 count. Brogue Kick to Keith. Bulldog Bounce by Braun.

Your WInner: Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 85

Styles got in the ring to praise “his team”. Styles told them to bury the differences because they are on the same team, now. Braun agreed that needed to work together to beat Smackdown. Braun and Keith shook hands. Sheamus was still grumpy about losing and hugged Braun. He then hit a Brogue Kick to Braun. Lee took out Sheamus and Styles laid out Lee.

Angel Garza cut a sexy promo for that “special person” out there. He hada rose for the mystery woman.

We got a preview of the Firefly Funhouse. It airs next. For this, we lost Raw Underground and maybe Retribution?

The announcers mentioned that Survivor Series will be a tribute to Undertaker. Undertaker showed up on Jimmy Fallon, the night before Halloween. So cool.

Charly cahtted with Drew McIntyre. Drew knew others were also wanting the WWE title. Drew said he will be Randy’s Guardian Angel, right now. Dew was ready for Miz and Morrison.

Firefly Funhouse:

Bray and Alexa welcomed everyone to the show. They poked fun at Randy Orton. Alexa went off on Abby for her foul language. Alexa broke out the Curse Jar. Bray said Randy corrupted his world. We saw clips of the house being burned to the ground. Bray said “He never forgets”. Alexa showed her best Exorcist impression by bringing up some red goo as the Fiend-ette.

Nia Jax (w/Shayna Baszler) vs Lana

Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce joked about how Lana would end up through the announce desk. Shayna removed the top of the desk. Lana cameout with her weird music. Lana cut an insert video. Lana promised to turn the tables on Nia.

Nia ran Lana into the corner. Kicks from Lana had no effect. Nia threw Lana around and talked trash. Nia No SOld any offense by Lana. Corner Splash by Nia. Lana doged a corner charge and wenton the attack.Nia laid her out with a Clothesline but pulled her up. Headbutt by Jax. She pulled up Lana at 2. Scoop Throw by Nia. Jax ordered Lana to quit but she wouldn’t. Samoan Drop. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: 50

Nia sent Shayna back intothe ring. Baszler tossed Lana out tot he floor. Lana still tried to fight but failed. Samoan Drop #7 through an announce table. The ref ordered the tag champs to back off.

R-Truth walked backstage. HE ran into MVP and the Hurt Business. They poked fun at the former champ.

The VIP Lounge

The entire Hurt Business came to the ring. MVP had a special announcement. The various members talked about Lashley vs Sami Zayn at Survivor Series. Lashley promised to put Sami to sleep. MVP wanted the Raw tag championships. Shelton Bemjamin and Cedric want the straps.

Kofi and Xavier danced from the back. Woods said he was a big fan of Bobby Lashley. Woods abd Kofi joked about the ages of the members. Kofi talked about their successes. MVP was proud of Kofi’s WWE title run, until he lost to Brock Lesnar in like 8 seconds. Kofi made some serious insults about Bobby’s timein bed with Lana being only 8 seconds.

MVP got all serious about bringing pain to the New Day. Xavier said the Hurt Business was failing. New Day brought up the Street Profits.

Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander vs Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods
Raw Tag Team Title Match

The bell rang and the fight was on. Woods and Cedric started it off. Tilt-a-Whirl by Woods and Stall Suplex by Xavier. 1 count only. Tags on both sides. Shelton with a Shuolder Tackle. Benjamin with a Hammer Throw. Kofi fought out but ate a Big Boot. Cedric tagged in and sent Kofi tot he corner. Monkey Flip but Kofi landedon his feet. Monkey Flip by Kofi.

Cedric clocked Kofi and sent Kingston into the corner. Roll Up and Dropkick by Kofi. Shelton came in and attacked Woods. Xavier witha Skidmark on Cedic and Dropkick to Benjamin. Hard knee laid out Woods. Shelton whipped Woods intothe barricade. Woods was then rolled back into the ring. 1-2-no.

Cedric stopped a tag but he couldn’t stop cheesy commetcials.

New Day was still in a bad way. Enziguri by Woods to Benjamin. Tag to Kofi. He went wildon Cedric. Boom Drop! Cedric avoided Trouble in Paradise. Top Rope Rana by Kofi. Stomp by Kofi. 2 count. Michinoku Driver by Cedric. Tag to Benjamin. Blind tag to Woods. Kick to Benjamin’s face. Fly-in DDT by Woods for a deuce. Spinebuster by Shelton. 2 count, again. Flying DDT by Woods but Cedric made the save. Shelton laid out Kofi. Roll Up by Woods. Roll Up by Shelton. Kick by Woods. Hot Shot by Shelton. Tag to Cedric. Paydirt!

Your Winners: Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin
Raw Score: 88

They must have changed this match at some point because the titles were NOT on the line.

Nikki Cross tried to chat with Alexa Bliss. Cross couldn’t believe that Alexa was letting the Fiend think for her. Nikki turned Bliss around and she had Demon Eyes. Cool

Ricochet vs Tucker

Before the match, they were interrupted by Mustafa Ali. Ricochet didn’t know why Ali was there. Ricochet punched and kicked away. Foreram by Ricochet and Tucker with a Double Underhook Throw Superkick by Tucker. Ricochet with the Recoil.

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 60

Ali brought out his forces. T-Bar through Ricochet out of the ring and mauled Tucker. Slapjack wentto get Ricochet. They circled the former “Primce”. Ricochet tried to fight but got decimated.

Drew walked backstage. He ran into Sheamus. Sheamus wanted Drew to join the Survivor Series team. Drew liked the idea but he had other irons in the fire.

Miz and Morrison vs Drew McIntyre
2-on-1 Handicap Match

This is our main event of the evening. John tried for some quick moves but Drew stopped him. Morrison was blasted by Drew. Tag by Miz. He attacked from behind. Drew threw Mizintothe corner and lit him up with Knife Edges and punches. Suplex Throw by Drew. Tag by Morrisonl Drew brought Drew in. Chop Block by Miz. Knee Strike by Morrison. 1 count only.

Double team by Miz and Morrison. Drew caught Miz’s foot and nailed a Knife Edge. Those damn things hurt. Tag to John. Miz missed a Baseball Slide. Drew also tripped John. Alabama Slam to put Morrison onto Miz. Break time.

Drew launched Morrison. John with a Jawbreaker and tag to Miz. Drew put on the brakes and hit a Back Elbow. Double team by Miz and Morrison. Drew was sent out of the ring. Drew was thrown into the barricade. Miz drove his boot into Drew’s jaw. It Kicks by Miz. Full Body Clothesline by Miz. Morrison dropped Drew and got a two. John with some serious boxing moves on Drew. 2 count. John with a Rear Chin Lock. Boot by Morrison as Drew charged. Drew blocked Starship Pain. Drew worked over John’s back. Clubbing blows by Drew. Drew fell into the Sullivan Tree of Woe but arched up to launch Morrison.Miz begged for the tag. Clotheslines by Drewt o Miz, who was now legal. Neckbfeaekr by Drew. Future Shock DDT avoided but the Spinebuster wasn’t. Morrison made the save with a Shooting Star Press.

Tag to Morrison. He kciked Drew in the ear and hit a Rapid Spin Neckbereaekr. Drew threw John into the ropes. Miz was legal. He nailed the Skull Crushing Finale but only got a two. Miz could not believe it.

It Kicks but Drew nailed the Future Shock DDT. He set for the ending by going to the corner. Morrison pulled Miz out of the ring. Drew took them both out. He threw Miz back in. Claymore.

Your WInner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 89

RandyOrton slid in and nailed the RKO. Suddenly, T he Fiend’s laughter took us to dark.

Carl/Kathy: Looking forward to lunch on Thursday.
Wanda: Thanks for helping me live
Paula: You are loved


–Jay Shannon

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