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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of the hottest new international wrestling promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“To be the MAN…you have to beat the Man”-Ric Flair

Tonight, Jon Moxley has his toughest challenge to date…”Murder Hawk” Lance Archer. Even Mox is uncertain who will hold the belt at the end of the night.

Joining me for tonight’s show, my six-yer old Great Nephew, Casey. His little brother, 2 year-old Cooper, is running in and out of the room. Casey is a huge fan of pro wrestling, like his beloved uncle. Smile.

This is the one year anniversary show for AEW on TNT. Three titles will be on the line.

Roll the opening montage!

I have been here for every single show and hope to be here for many more.

FTR vs Trent and Chuck Taylor (Best Friends)
World Tag Team Championship Match

Tully Blanchard came out with Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler. Orange didn’t join Trent and Chuck because of his own title match, later on.

Shoulder Tackle by Cash to open. Tag to Dax as Cash held Chuck’s arm. Kip Up and rebersal by Chuck. They jockeyed for position. Shoulder Tackles and Arm Drag by Chuck. Tag to Tremt. Double team on the champ. ARm Bar by Trent. They went to the corner to force a break. Knife Edge by Dax, followed by a European Uppercut. Trent and Dax traded vicious Knife Edges and punches. Dax wanted the Blanchard Slingshot Suplex but couldn’t get it. Trent was dropped onto the ropes. Snap Back Drop by Dax. Kicks and Elbow Smashes by Cash. Knee Choke on Trent and tag to Dax.

Double team on the challenger. Snap Leg Drop by Dax. The annoucners talked about how great the last year has been for them. Back Elbow by Dax. Tag to Cash. Double Slingshot to send Trent into the middle rope. Stomps by Cash. Trent tried to fight back. He was knocked off the apron.

Knife Edge by Dax but Trent threw hard Forearms. Tag to Cash. Seted Abdominal Stretch by Cash. Cash added pain by twisting the neck. Arm Drag by Trent. Uppercuts and Clotheslines by both men. Tag to Dax. Dax clocked Chuck to stop a tag. Flair Flop-like Flip. German Superplex! Both men were hurt on that one. Tag to Cash. 2 count.

Straight Right by Cash. Cash wanted the Avalanche but Trent got the knees up. Hot Tag to Chuck. Taylor exploded on both champs. La Banderas to both men. He followed with a Tope con Hilo. Flacon Artow by Chuck for a near fall. Chuxk went for a Suplex but Tully sweot the leg. 2 count. Trent sent FTR into each other. Sunset Flip to get a near fall. Trent with the blind tag. Wicked double team on Cash. Shining Wizard gave Trent a two. Dax pulled Chuck off the apron. Wild Forearms by Trent. Cash was rocked to his core. Short Arm Clothesline by Cash. Chuck is still down on the floor.

Assisted Powerbomb. Gory Special and Trent just barley kicked out. Snap Back Drop by Dax. 1-2-no. Trent was put up top and cracked in the back. Headbutts sent Dax off the ropes. Trent popped Cash in the face. Dax tripped Trent on the top turnbuckle, crotching him. Trent countered a Superplex in mid-air. Tornado DDT to Cash. Snap DDT by Dax for a two. Dax called for Cash to help him. Strong Zero! Cash made the last second save.

Brainbuster, on the floor. Trent went after Cash. Trent crashed into a video game, detroying the video cabinet. Kip Sabian sent Penelope Ford to get someone.

Trent was carreid to the ring. Trent collapsed on a Whip. Goodnight Express blocked. DDT by Trent. Chuck got a desperate tag. Forearms and Knife Edges to beat the band. Chuck saw Cash coming in with the belt and avoided him. Cash cracked Chuck in the head and Dax made the pin. The ref was unaware of the under-handed antics.

Your WInners: FTR
Dynamite Score: 94 out of a possible 100

Big Hug for the Best Friends. Miro came out and attacked both Trent and Chuck. Kip Sabian joined in on the assault. Break time.

Miro and Kip Sabian vs Shawn andLee

Miro just annihalted the membver of the Anoi’a family. Miro looked at the other kid. Lee got laid out. Tags back adn forth between Miro and Kip. Mito stomped the back adn applied “Game Over” (The Accolade).

Your WInenrs: Miro and Kip Sabian
Dynamite Score: 50

Kip was livid that his video game got destroyed. Miro yelled in Bulgarian. He promised Game Over to everyone.

We went to the back where Lance Archer was destroying Jon Moxley. Others tried to stop Lance but Archer just took them out. Jake Roberts finally pulled his man away.

Next week, we will start a tournament to get the next shot at the World title.

MJF came out from the back with Wardlow. MJF knew the fans wanted to boo him because he was so much better than all the fans. MJF wanted to get to the top and stay there. MJF was ready to call out Chris Jericho. MJF had a major announcement to share with Chris.

Jake Hager came out with his leader, as did Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara. The theme music rocked the house and most everyone sang along. MJF told everyone to shut up. MJF finally got Sammy his jacket that he promised. Sammy would not wear the jacket until Jericho ordered him to wear it. The jacket was about 3 times too big. It looks like some of my old clothes before I lost 100+ pounds.

MJF then talked about Jericho’s hari and physique. MJF wanted to touch Chris’ hair. Jericho agreed to let him. Jericho told Max to cut the S**T, Chris demanded to know what MJF had to share with the world.

MJF praised Jericho but there was a touch of sarcasm in his words. MJF talked about how Jericho and he have never faced off. MJF brought up Animal Planet, which Chris hates. MJF said he and Chris had mutual respect for ech other. MJF wanted to work WITH Jericho to take over. MJF wanted to join the Inner Circle but he had a hard time asking for it. Ortiz took the stick and said the Inner Circle did NOT want MJF. Chris said they needed time to think it over. Jericho invited MJF to a steak dinner, next week. MJF accepted as if it were a World title match, not just some cow on a plate. Jeez.

Tony Schiavone interviewed Britt Baker at the spa. Baker ordered Reba to come in with paperwork to share. She was ready to be the best b*tch on the bloock. Tony made her scream when she found out he was naked. They did the 40-year old hair ripping thing. Baker said her comeback will be epic. Baker gave Tony grief for taking time off after getting Superkicked by the Young Bucks. Baker will fight, next week.

We got video highlights of the last year while in Split Screen. Mama Dee walked in to check on us and was so impressed.

Orange Cassidy vs Cody
TNT Title Match

Cody’s new entrance is awesome. Brandi walked out with her hubby. Cody has gone back to the bleach job on his hair. He lookred better with the dark locks. Arn Anderson was also in Cody’s corner.

Cody jogged around Orange. Cody tried to startle Orange but he stood his ground. Orange ducked a charge for a Colar and Elbow. Cody was all taped up. Orange slid his hands in his pockets and I could hear Tyson Raines screamed all the way from Nevada. Orange’s sunglasses were knocked off. Orange kicked them out of the ring.

Collar and Elbow, finally. Break by both men. Collar and Elbow, again. Cody and Orange ended up in the ropes. Clean-ish break. Waist Lock Takedown by Cody. Go Behind by Cody. Cody slid his hands into Cassidy’s pockets. Drop down and Kick Up by Cassidy. Side Headlock Takeover by Cody. They got to their feet. Orange went all around and then flipped Cody. Various roll up attempts by Cassidy but he couldn’t score the trey.

Stall Front Drop Suplex by Cody. We went to Split Screen, once again. Hard Whip by Cody and Orange collapsed. Front Face Lock by the champ. Cassidy blocked a Corner Whip and tripped the charging Cody. Orange flew off the top and got Suplexed out of his tennies. Snap Mare by Cody into a Front Face Lock. Both men tried for Hip Tosses but it was Cody that sent Orange up and over the ropes. Cody came out to get his challenger. He threw Cassidy back in the ring and then went up top. Ax Bomber by Cody and a near fall. Cody focused on Orange’s arm as we came back to live, full screen action.

Scoop Slam by Cody. Rhodes went up top but missed the Ax Bomber. Cassidy with the Baby Kicks to irritate Cody. GolDustin Uppercut by Rhodes. Thrust Kick and Tope Suicida by Cassidy. The Dark Order were right at ringside. Jon Silver grabbed the TNT title belt. Orange took it back. The ref ejected the entire Dark Order from ringside. Orange handed the belt to Arn and then flew off the top. Cody rolled through and set for CrossRhodes. Cassidy countered it and almost piunned the champ. Stundog Millionair by Orange. Cody flew off he ropes and put down Orange, at least for a moment or two.

The two men traded wild punches. Cassidy with rapid fire shots to the chest. Dropkick to Cassidy’s knee. Cody slammed the knee into the ring post. Darby Allin watched on. Arn was ticked off at his charge for his behavior. Darby will go after the TNT title at Full Gear. Disaster Kick by Cody. 2 count, only. Single Leg Crab by Cody. He didn’t have it fully set. Cody was still hurting from last week’s Dog Collar Match. Cody dropped Orange and almost got the duke. Cody did Push Ups to be cocky. Double Underhook but Cassidy dropped down and crawled to the corner. Cody put Orange up top. Cody twisted Orange’s knee in the ropes. Inverted Super-DDT by Cody. 1-2-kick out.

Cody pulled Orange to the corner but Cassidy dragged Cody intot he corner. Diving DDT by Cassidy. Could be…might be…DENIED! Orange’s knee gave out but he was determined to hit the Michinoku Driver. Time was running out.

Cody blocked Beach Break and applied the Figure Four. Orange would not quit. Cassidy rolled to reverse the move but Cody roleld on through to take back the advantage. They rolled into the ropes, which forced the break. Beach Bresak (Vertebreaker) on the ring apron. Both men went to the floor. Orange struggled to lift Cody. They barely made it in. Orange went forthe pin. Crucifix revesal by Cody. 2 counts. We were down to the final minute. Orange converted the CrossRhodes into the Beach Break. 1-2-not this time. Mousetrap. 1-2-the bell rang to signal the time limit was up.

Your WInner: Time Limit Draw
Dynamite Score: 95

Alex talked with Jake and Lance. Moxley rushed in and attacked the Murder Hawk. Aubrey Edwards told them to save it for the ring.

Tony interviewed Matt Hardy and his family. His kids are getting so big. Hardy said he was 100% healthy and about to return. Pictures of Matt were burned on the Tron. It was Sammy Guevara. He admitted that it was him that took out Hardy at the previous PPV. Sammy said it was not over until Hardy went home…for good. Matt swore to gain revenge on Sammy. Break time.

Four teams will compete, next week, to see who will get FTR at teh next PPV.

1. Private Party
2. Jon Silver and Alex Reynolfds (Dark Order)
3. Butcher and Blade
4. The Young Bucks

Tony was not happy to see their name. They came down to the ring and Tony backed off. Handshakes between the Bucks and FTR were serious. The Jacksons were not there to Superkick Tony. They Superkicked Butcher and Blade and then attacked everyone else. Santana and Ortiz got laid out, too. Cash and Dax took off. Superkicks to Private Party. FTR were impressed.

Hikaru Shida vs Big Swole
AEW Women’s Title Match

Collar and Elbow but they broke quickly. SIde Headlock by Swole. Top Wrist Lock by Swole. Shida took back over the advantage with a Roll Over. Shida worke don the ribs but Swole dropped her. Shoulder Tackle by Shida. Universal into a Sleeper by Swole. Shida lifted Swole, who converted it into a Sunset Flip. CLose calls for both women. Roll Up by Shida for two. Snap Arm Drag by Swole. They crashed into each other. Shoulder Tackle took them both down. Kick by Shida and a running knee. Shida was sent itno the cameraman.

Shida inspected the damage she caused. Swole was in the crowd but Shida brought her back over the railing and dropped her on her head. Shida tossed Swole back in the ring. Swole just rolled back out. Back in the ring. Shida with a modified Brain Buster for a near fall. Shida with a Samoan Drop. Camel Clutch variation by Shida. Swole fought free and wetnf or kicks.

Shida fell into the corner. Shida flipped Swole over the ropes. Shida powered up Swole to the rop. Swole fell off the ropes. She pulled down Shida. Huge Kick into a Cutter through the ropes. Hikaru’s face was put into the rampway. Swole thought she had it won. Not just yet. Uppercuts adn Headbutts by Swole. Shida blocked Diry Dancing. Straight Jacket German by Shida. (love that move). Knee Strike by Shida. Falcon Arrow by the champ for another two count. Swole nailed Dirty Dancing but Shida grabbed the bottome rope. Shida rolled up Swole and hit a Knee to the back of Swole’s head. Shining Wizard to take this one home.

Your Winner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score: 90

Eddie Kingston and his crews came out as we saw a proo about the issues between Scorpio Sky and Shawn Spears. Shawn said he was not stalking Sky. He considers Sky a thief for stealing one of his moments. Shawn and Tully plan to collect on the theft.

Jon Moxley vs Lance Archer
No-DQ Match for the World title

Archer has new ring gear. Casey thinks it’s cool. Mox stormed through the arena to face his ultimate test. Quick DDT by Moxley for a two count. Eddie laughed at the craziness. Lance blocked the Paradigm Shift and took Mox to the floor. Lance pounded away on Mox and threw him into the barricade. Lance pitched Jon back in the ring. Mox nailed Lance and hit a Tope Suicida. Jon threw Lance into the barricade. Archer went off on the champ with Sledges. Straight Punch by Lacne into a Cravat. Mox was sent back into the ring.

Clothesline by Moxley as Lance charged. Archer shrugged it off. Pounce by Archer. Moxley rolled out of the ring. Cannonball Senton by Archer.

Archer punched away and went under the ring to get a table. He dragged it around and set it up on the floor. Jake grinned as Lance found another table. he placed it right next tot he other table. Moxley urged Lance to get back in the ring. He laid out Mox. Knife Edge by Lance. Moxley was in a bad way. Shot to the groin and Mox went up int eh Razor’s Edge. Big Boot when Mox escaped. Short Arm Clothesline by Archer. Crossfaces by the challenger.

Archer wanted the Chokeslam ontot he tables but Mox hit a Clothesline to flip Archer back into the ring. mox went up top and waited. Archer caught Moxley but Jon with a Go Behind. Back Elbow by Archer. Hard Forearm dropped Mox. Archer urged Mox to hit him and blew him off. Mox laid out Lance. Jake yeleld at his guy. Clotheslien and Sling Blade byt hte champ. Mox went looking for toys. He found several steel chairs. He thrwe one into Lance’s face. Moxley set up several cahirs. Fireman’s Carry but Lance escaped the Death Valley Driver. Chokeslam by Archer to drive Mox into the chairs. 1-2-kick out.

Lance got a chair but Moxley took a Leg Lock. Archer crawled towards the ropes but it would not force the break. Jake pulled Archer out of the ring. Lance found a trash can. Mox rushed in and took a can to the jaw. Lance threw the can in and clobbered Mox with it. Double Underhook by Lance but Mox went down and nailed a Low Blow. Paradigm Shift, off the apron, through the tables. moxley scooted back in the ring. Moxley was bleeding at the nose. Paradigm Shift, again. Lance kicked out. Bulldog Choke by Mox. Lance got to his feet nad sent Mox intothe corner. Roll Up by Jon for a two. DDT by Lance. Chokeslam intot he corner. Black Out! 1-2-Reversal by Moxley into a pin.

Your WInner: Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 98

Lance with a Big Boot. The Lucha Brothers rushed down to attack…Archer. Fenix hit Archer with a chair. Jake held beack his man. Eddie showed respect to Moxley and called off the Lucha Brothers. Eddie asked for Mox to be handed his title belt. Eddie said he was proud of Moxley. Eddie then popped Moxley and applied the Rear Naked Choke. Teh Lucha Brothers blocked anyone from coming in to help. Eddie demanded the title belt. Eddie promised to take the strap from Jon Moxley.

Match of the Night: Jon Moxley vs Lance Archer


–Jay Shannon

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