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The Raw Draft Score

A special edition of Monday Night Raw, where talent is up for grabs by both the red and blue brands.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus

Welcome to night 2 of the 2020 WWE Draft. Friday night, the first part of the draft broke up the New Day and sent 2/3rds of them to Raw. Plus, A.J. Styles went red. Seth Rollins and the Mysterios went to Smackdown. Stephanie McMahon will host the draft, tonight. For every 2 picks of Smackdown, Raw will get 3. Up to 60 stars are available to move. Those that don’t get assigned tonight will become “free agents” that can pick either show to perform on. Let’s see how this goes…

Our regular announce team was in the house. They ran down Night One of the Draft. We got Naomi and Miz and Morrison on the Crimson Flagship. Tons were ready to be shifted around.

Randy Orton opened the show. They mentioned how Randy was likely a high draft pick. We saw the end of last week’s six man match. Orton hit an RKO to pin Drew McIntyre.

Orton said no matter which brand he ends up on, he still plans to take Drew’s title at Hell in a Cell. Orton knew Drew has had an excellent year, so far. Drew, in Randy’s opinion, has been elevated to the top tier. Randy said the pin last week was an omen for things to come. Orton was certain that he would pin Drew in less than two weeks and take the title he so deserves. Randy was talking how he was going to do it when…

Enter Drew McIntyre. Drew congratulated Randy for being the first to pin him in a year. Drew said Randy made a huge mistake…he let Drew get up. Drew said all suffering from now on will be for him, not others. Drew was ready to kick the crap out of Randy. Orton tried to attack but got blasted with punches and kicks. Randy got a kick in and slid out of the ring. WHen Drew followed, Orton jumped him. Drew ended up itching Orton into the ringpost and then hitting a Urangage onto the announce desk. Drew rolled Randy back in the ring but The Viper scooted out the other sidee. He slithered up the ramp. Drew wanted him to return but Orton was staying back.

Stephanie was ready to give us the first round of Drafts, right after these messages.

We got a promo for the Hell in a Cell event. This one just might be one of the better shows of the year.

Stephanie came out to a huge pop. She had the envelope with the draft picks.

Round One:

Raw: Bray Wyatt! Yeah!
Smackdown: Bayley
Raw: Randy Orton
Smackdown: The Street Profits
Raw: Charlotte Flair

Kevin Oens vs Aleister Black
No Disqualification Match

The fight went wild even before the bell. They hit hte floor and then each other. Big kick by Black. Owens was sent into the apron. Black pitched Kevin back in. Black Mass and Stunner both blocked. Double Leg Trip and Owens pounded away. Kevin went to the outside nad rammed Black’s face into the ring steps. They traded punches and kicks. Aleister was in complete control, at this point.

Owens reversed a Whip and sent Black into the barricade. Cannonball! K.O. found a table and was determined to use it. Black blocked a Powerbomb through the table. Black with a Rocket Launcher off the barricade and onto the announce desk. Break time.

There was a chair in the ring as we came back. Both men wanted Suplexes but couldn’t get it. Owens’ leg was injured. Leg Sweep and Owens went face-first into the seat of the chair. Black sat in the chair and punched away. He added some kicks to the mix. Aleister went out and found a bunch of steel chairs. Owens tried to brag one of the chairs but Black stood on it. Crescent Kick by Black. On the Knee Strike, Owens cracked the leg of Black. DDT by OWens for a near fall.

Both men wer hurting. Owens drove the chair into Black’s hip. Kevin sat up four chiars and picked up Aleister. He wanted a Superplex. Aleister fought out of the move. They countinued to battle until Owens came off the ropes. Meteora to send Owens through the quartet of chairs. 1-2-no. Are you kidding me?

Black went out to get a table. He slid it into the ring. Owens was down and stunned. Aleister positioned the table and went to get Owens. Kevin tried for a Srunner but was pushed into the post. Black Mass hithte ring post. Stunner and Powerbomb through the table. 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Score: 93 out of a possible 100

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were in the back. They were set to go onto the first Raw episode of MizTV, since Miz and Morrison are now on the Red Brand.

Stephanie was back for ROund Two of the Draft.

Round Two:

Raw: Braun Strowman
Smackdown: Daniel Bryan
Raw: Matt Riddle
Smackdown: Kevin Owens
Raw: Jeff Hardy


Miz and Morrison crowed about being moved to Mondays. They also joked about the split of New Day and maybe Heavy Machinery. They brought our Mandy and Dana.

Miz tried to take credit for moving Mandy to Raw. She said it was just a stunt to ruin her and Otis’ life. M and M mentioned that Mandy has a new look and was finally winning. Dana said there was no jealousy in their friendship. Miz mentioned the Battle Royal that both were in.

Natalya and Lana stormed from the back. Lana was confused why they were picked to be interviewed. Dana and Mandy poked fun at the two for spending too much time on Social Media. All Hell broke loose as the four women went to town on each other. Dana and Mandy held the ring as we headed to the world of food commercials.

MIZ TV, part two

Miz had back up guests planned, just in case. Miz decided to interview…Jon Morrison. They played it up, big time. Lars Sullivan crashed the party. Miz ran for his life as Lars annihilated Morrison.

The announcers talked about the split of New Day. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods won the Smackdown Tag straps, only to get drafted to Raw. Big E was left on Smackdown. The internet has been exploding with negative thoughts on the split.

In the back, Adam Pearce wanted the Street Profits and New Day to switch the straps. They did and Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode came up and demanded a title match.

Elsewhere, Steh Rollins prepared to give his “Farewell Address” to the Monday Night Raw fans.

Stephanie is back.

Round Three:

Raw: Retribution
Smackdown: Lars Sullivan
Raw: Ketih Lee
Smackdown: King Corbin
Raw: Alexa Bliss (no surprise there)

Seth Rollins came out to a mix of cheers and boos. Murphy was not at his side. Seth wanted to soak in the End of an Era. Seth had mixed emotions about leaving Monday Nights. Seth ran down his resume to the fans to push what they were losing. Seth wondered if anyone could fill his spot on Raw. He brought up that the Mysterios were also heading to SMackdown.

Jeff Hardy shut down Seth’s rant.Seth thought Jeff was there to bid Rollins a fond farewell. Seth knew Hardy was facing Lars Sullivan, on Friday. Seth bailed out of the ring but they got caught by the arrival of A.J. Styles. Styles dissed Seth and headed to the ring. Seth came down to confront Styles. Jeff went after both men. Jeff threw Styles intothe ring steps. Poetry in Motion, off Styles, to drop Seth. Jeff wanted a Triple Threat Tag Match, next…

Jeff Hardy vs A.J. Styles vs Seth Rollins
Triple Threat Match

Styles worked over Hardy. Whip Reversed by Hardy. Sling Blade by Hardy. 2 count. Styles’ face was bounced off he turnbuckle. Corner Shoulders by Hardy. Seth tripped Jeff, from the outside. Double teamcorner attackes on Jeff. Styles rolled up Seth for a two. Enziguri and Neckbreaker/Knee by Styles. Near fall.

Styles choked Jeff on the ropes. Jumping Knee Drop by Styles for another two. Styles kicked Seth off the apron. Jeff battled out of a Suplex and threw Corner Shoulders to Styles. Whip by Styles.

After a power blip, Seth nailed a Tope Suicida to head to break.

Seth clubbed Hardy and also took out Styles. Seth screamed that he ran this house. Hardy was sent intot he corner. Jeff fought out with punches. Whisper in the WInd to take out both Seth and A.J.. Hardy may have injured his knee on the landing. Double Leg Drop and Low Dropkick by Hardy. Snap Mare to Seth with a Neck Snap. Kick by Styles to Hardy. Face Drop Suplex to Styles by Hardy. 2 count. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Hardy but Styles stopped the pin attempt.

Reverse DDT by Styles to Jeff. 2 count. Seth flew in as Styles went for the Styles Clash. Falcon Arrow by Seth to Styles. Hardy came off Styles’ back to nail a DDT on Seth. Seth was going for The Stomp, at the time.

Styles tripped Jeff as Hardy climbed the ropes. Seth went under Styles but A.J. locked in the Calf Crusther. Swanton by Hardy. Styles threw Jeff off and almost got the pin. Seth rolled out of the ring. Hardy blocked the Styles Clash and hit hte Twist of Fate. Suddenly, Elias came in and attacked Hardy. Since this was a no-DQ match, the ref let it go.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Raw Score: 95

Stephanie seemed amused at the Round Four picks. We’ll learn what they are…next.

Round Four:

Raw: Lacey Evans
Smackdown: Cesaro and Nakamura
Raw: Sheamus
Smackdown: Smai Zayn
Raw: Elias

Lana and Natalya vs Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose

Nattie tore into Dana but Brooke with the Spin to send Natalya sailing. Tag to Mandy. Wild rm Drag, off he ropes, by Mandy. Tag back to Dana. Double Handstand Kicks. Roll Up by Dana for a two. Blanchard Slingshot Suplex by Nattie. Tag to Lana. Snap Suplex by Lana.

Lana worked over Dana’s arm. Dana fought back but got thrown down. Lana slapped Mandy but got rolled up for a two. Tag to Mandy. Clotheslines and punches to both opponents. Vicious kicks nad knees. Hard Suplex by Mandy. Rolling Clothesline by Rose. Roll Up by Mandy and Knee Strike. Tag to Dana. Dana with a Top of the Tower Senton.

Your WInners: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke
Raw Score: 83

Natalya and Lana had heated words. Nattie said she was done with Lana. Lana looked ready to cry.

The Hurt Business had a team meeting in the back. Ricochet had one last match in his book against the Hurt Business. Ricochet knew that their feud was not helping anyone. Ricochet said if he wins, the feud is done. If they win, Ricochet must join the Hurt Business. Cedric Alexander stepped up to answer the challenge.

Angel Garza vs Andrade

Zelina Vega was at the announce desk. Botn men jockeyed for position, early on. Vega talked trash. Garza had a taped up thigh. Go Behind by Andrade. Vega said she was done with the two men. Superkick by Angel. Quick kick out by Andrade. Andrade blocked the Wing Clipper and Hip Tossed Garza into the corner. Garza got to the ropes to block a move. Back Elbow by Andrade.

Andrade told Zelina that he was doing this for her. He went for the Hamemrlock DDT but Garza blocked it nad sent Andrade intothe apron. Wing Clipper!

Your WInner: Angel Garza
Raw Score: 85

The lights went out and The Fiendette, Alexa Bliss, showed up. She did the Spider thing. Bray was behind them. Sister Abigails in stereo! Cut to break.

Round Five:

Raw: Nikki Cross
Smackdown: Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode
Raw: R-Truth
Smackdown: Apollo Crews
Raw: Dabba-Kato

New Day vs Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler
Raw Tag Team Title Match

Dolph with a Front Face Lock but Woods got free. Roll Up by Dolph for only a one. SDie Headlock by Woods for a two. Arm Bar by Woods. Stomp to Woods’ foot. Hammerlock by Ziggler. Tag to Kofi. Kofi flew off the top to land on the shoulder. Tag to Roode.

Side Headlock by Roode. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle. Univesal into a Kofi Back Elbow. 2 coutn. Cheap shot by Roode but Kofi laid him out. FullNelson SLam by Roode. Assisted Famouser by Dolph. Break time.

The fight was still going hot and heavy. Tag to Roode. Double Team Whip onto Kofi. Neckbreaker by Roode. 2 count. He was frustrated. Kofi punched up from the cnavas. Boot Choke by Roode. Dolph got in a cheap shot, as well. Elbow Drop off the ropes by Roode but only a two count. Roode ran Kofi into the corner and threw shoulders. Stomp by Kofi. KIngston may be hurt. Hot tags on both sides.

Dolph missed a Corner Splash. Rana by Woods. Roode attacked Woodes. Honor Roll Clothesline to Roode. Woods threw Dolph tot he outside. Skidmark off Roode into a Dropkick on Dolph. DDT by Woods. 2 plus count. Gorilla Press but Dolph blocked the Drop Kick. DDT by Dolph. 2 count, again.

Tag to Roode. Double team failed. Kofi made the save. Woods rolled up Roode for a two. Spinebuster by Roode as Woods went for the Honor Roll. 1-2-not yet. Enziguri by Woods as Roode taunted the crowd. Kofi wanted the tag but Dolph yanked him off the apron. Kofi flew off the steps to lay out Dolph. Tag to Kofi. Midnight Hour!

Your WInners: New Day
Raw Score: 92

Elias was interviewed, backstage. Elias had Payback for Jeff Hardy. Elias thinks Jeff Hardy is the one who hit him with a car, several months back. Elias was ready to do anohter concert.

Cedric Alexander vs Ricochet
Special Stipulation Match

If Ricochet wins, the feud with Hurt Business is done. If he loses, Ricochet must join the Hurt Business.

We saw how Mustafa Ali revealed himself as the leader of Retribution.

The two former friends quickly tor einto each other. Cedric took an early advantage with kicks and stomps. Snap Suplex by Cedric for a two. Rear Chin Lock by Cedric. Ricochet threw Forearms and punches. Clubbing shot by Cedric. Cedric pushed Ricochet’s face into the canvas. Ricochet reached the ropes to force a break.

Both men threw hard punches. Ricochet weas thrown out of the corner. Small Package for a two. SNap German by Ricochet. 2 count. MVP yelled at his man to get up and fight. Ricochet missed the 630. Sep Up Kicks by Ricochet. Michinoku Driver to give Cedric a two.

Ricochet tricked the Hurt Business by pulling an “Eddie” with the steel chair.

Your WInner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 88

We saw the match between Braun Strowman and Keith Lee, from last week. It was a Double Count Out and it was brutal.This feud should be amazing. They will have an official match, next week.

Round Six:

Raw: Titus O’Neil
Smackdown: Carmella
Raw: Peyton Royce
Smackdown: Aleister Black
Raw: Akira Tozawa

Dual Brand Battle Royal

Asuka sat at ringside to find out who would get the next shot at her title. Nia Jax got on the microphone. She said either her or Shayna would win this one. She suggested all the rest just leave, now. The bell rang and all of them went after Nia and Shayna. Nia and Tamina stared each other down. Double Headbutt to Lana. Tamina was tossed out. Bilie Kay tried to take out Nia. Billie threw a shoulder but a Headbutt sent Billie off the apron. Shayna put Dana and Mandy on the apron. Nia helped her tag partner eliminate them both. Gang Up on Nia. This was an Andre moment. Shayna helped oust her partner. Nia was ticked off, big time.

Nia lifted up Lana and put her through the announce desk witha Samoan Drop. Break. Wait, in the back, RandyOrton and Drew McIntyre fought. Drew threw Randy into a stell door and Orton came back punching away.

Nikki Cross and Lacey Evnas fought. Lacey flipped Nikki to the apron and used a Forearm to send her off the apron. Peyton was eliminated during the break. Bianca Belair dumped Shayna! Nattie jumped Bianca. Riott Squad knocked Bianca off the top rope. She’s gone. Liv Morgan, Natalya, Ruby Riott and Lacey Evans were your final four.

The Riott Suqad took down both opponents but Ruby and LIv were eliminated at the same time. Nattie flipped Lacey onto the apron but she rolled over the top to get back in. Lacey would not go gently into that good night. Strikes on both sides led to a slap fest. Lacey was Suplexed onto the apron. Lacey pulled Nattie over the top. Lacey was sent into the post but she didn’t hit the floor. A kick and Nattie almost hit the floor. Lacey kicked Nattie’s hands to try and make her fall. It didn’t happen. Nattir slung Lacey into the post and then Evans hit the floor. Lana, who was never actually eliminated, came in and got rid of Natalya.

Your WInner: Lana
Raw Score: 75

Drew and Randy made it to ringside and continued to fight. The advantage continued to go back and forth as officials ran out to try and keept hem apart. Good luck with that. Fade out.

Paula: Just as soon as get over the flu
Jean: Happy 25th month friendaversary
Casey/Cooper/Maisin: Miss you kids


–Jay Shannon

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