Posted October 9th, 2020 by 1Wrestling News Team

PWInsider.com is reporting that Alberto Del Rio was indicted by a grand jury in Texas yesterday for Aggravated Kidnapping.

He was also charged with Sexual Assault.

He will be arraigned today. He had previously been released on a $50,000 bond. That may change now that formal charges have been issued by the grand jury.

The charges are related to an incident alleged to have been taken play on 5/9. The victim said that on 5/3 she was assaulted and sexually assaulted. Del Rio is alleged to have tied the victim with boxing straps, put a sock in her mouth, and then sexually assaulting her for hours.

The charges are serious, and if convicted of the most serious charge of Aggravated Kidnapping, the sentence could be up to 99 years.

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