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AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of the hottest new international wrestling promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Live every day like it was your last. One day, you will be right.”–Benny Hill

Things are changing, bit time, in AEW. We’ll get right into it…

Roll the opening montage!

Ricky Starks vs Darby Allin

We got a wild promo video before the contest got rolling. The two men stared each other down. Dropkick by Darby to send Ricky to the floor. Front Chancellory by Darby as Ricky tried for a Spear. Allin flipped Starks around and went for a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Ricky made it to the ropes. The two fought for a Suplex. Darby hopped onto the apron and then Suplexed Ricky onto the edge of the ring. Ouch!

Tope Suicida by Darby. Brian Cage came from the back. He was met by Will Hobbs, who took him to the back. Ricky yanked Darby off the apron and Darby landed badly.

Starks kicked away on Darby. Taz was on the announce team and loved seeing his guy dismantle Allin. Hard Whip and Darby collapsed. Ricky with another hard Whip. Double Boots by Darby. Ricky caught the legs and wrenched on the back. Back Drop Suplex by Ricky but it only brought a two.

Brutal Stomp by Starks. 2 count. Darby escaped a Powerbomb and nailed a Destroyer. 1-2-no. Darby went back to the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Starks was a mile away from the ropes, this time. He barely made it.

Slap Fest between the two. My little co-host, Casey, couldn’t believe how hard they were hitting. Stunner. Spear as Darby came off the ropes. Could be…might be…DENIED!

Ricky put Darby up on the top rope. Darby escaped a vicious Reverse Super Powerbomb. Darby kicked Ricky off the ropes. Coffin Drop! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Darby Allin
Dynamite Score: 95 out of a possible 100

Tony Schiavone has the night off, which is why Taz is at the desk.

Cody came out to the ring. The dark hair is such a better look for him. Brodie Lee has challenged Cody to a Dog Collar Match. Will he accept? We will find out…next.

Cody was asked how he was feeling. The crowd welcomed him back. Cody threw out major respect to his trainer, Al Snow. Fun Side Note: I’m wearing my official “Collar/Elbow” sweat shirt. Cody talked about wrestling hurt vs wrestling injured. Cody suggested that his spirit may well have been affected. Cody drew back the curtain to explain why wrestlers shake hands…they need each other. Cody was still hurt that he lost his title in under 4 miutes. Cody second guessed himself when he was surrounded by “Legit” superstars, like Snoop Dogg. Cody threw out major respect to several top wrestlers.

Cody was asked if he would accept the Dog Collar Match challenge. He discussed how vicious the match will be. Cody refused to be part of anything like that. He started to leave. We were all shocked.

Cody turned around and said it was actually a true and honest “Yes”. The Dark Order came out to attack Cody. The ring filled up for forces from both sides of the fence to try and stop the carnage. Brandi ran out to check on her husband and then hit a Flip Senton to wipe out the Dark Order, on the floor. Brandi tore into Anna Jay and others. Just when we thought it was over, Brodie rushed the ring and continued the war. I once served as the ring announcer during a Dog Collar Match, in Reno. It was amazing and scary.

Tony was in the house, only backstage. He interviewed FTR and Tully Blanchard. Cash really talked trash about the Best Friends. They did have respect for SCU. They also talked about what losers The Young Bucks have been. Dax gave a mod to Dave Meltzer. Matt walked up and Superkicked Tony Schiavone. What the heck?

Dasha chatted with Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. Sky was excited to get back on pace. Kaz swore they would become two time champions. They were wished “Good Luck” but it was a very sarcastic remark.

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky vs Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood
AEW World Tag Team Title Match

Tully Blanchard and Christopher Daniels served as managers for the teams. “Hangman” Adam Page was on the announce desk for this one. FTR so have that Brainbusters feel to them. Makes me miss the days of my youth, when tag team wrestling was top notch.

This was a 20-minute challenge match and the straps were on the line. Cash and Kaz opened up this battle. They did some basic takedowns to test he watters. Shoulder Tackles to Dax, who had tagged in. Clothesline by Kaz and tag to Sky. Nice Dropkick. 1 count only. Tag by Cash.

Go Behind by Cash. Standing Switch. Shoulder Tackle by Sky. Universal but Daniels tripped Cash. Even though the ref didn’t see it, he ejected Daniels. Crossbody by Sky for a near fall. Tag to Kaz.

Double Back Body Drop and La Bandera Clothesline by SCU. Tully checked on his men. Kaz went after both champs and their manager. Cash laid out Kaz with a Clothesline, on the floor. We went to Split Screen.

The fight continued both in the ring and on the floor. Vicious Uppercut by Cash. Dax came in and hit a Legdrop. European Uppercut by Dax and a tag to Cash. Dax ripped at the face of Sky. Front Face Lock by Dax to Sky. Hard Headbutt and back to the Front Face Lock.

Sky almost made it to his corner but a European Uppercut stopped him. Kaz with Clotheslines and Leg Lariats. Kaz flipped Cash onto Dax. Tag to Cash. 2 count on a Roll Up. The time was half gone.

Double team on Kaz for a near fall. Dax and Kaz both tried for Backslides but failed. Sky got blasted. Double team on FTR failed. Sky hit a Crossbody to stun both Dax and Cash. 2 count. Double Team by FTR as Cash got hte tag. Dragon Suplex for another near fall for the champs. FTR went for a Rocket Launcher but didn’t get to hit it. Kaz and Cash fought on the ropes. Dax got a semi-blind tag. Roll Up for a deuce. Sky with a Crossbody for a two. Sky hit numerous finishing combos but couldn’t pull the trey. Page kept drinking as he watched this contest. Tully tripped Sky and held his leg so FTR could win.

Your WInners: FTR
Dynamite Score: 93

Isiah Kassidy vs Chris Jericho
Special Challenge Match

Marq Qren and Matt Hardy were with Isiah. All of the Inner Circle were with their leader. Jericho is celebrating 30 years in the business. Matt Hardy was brandishing a steel chair.

Jericho with a Face Wash to insult the young kid. He then turned his back, which is never a good idea. Kassidy exploded on Jericho with Clotheslines and wild punches. Rana by ISiah after Jericho reversed a Whip. Roll Up to give Isiah a two. Jericho shoved Kassidy down. Hard punches to Isiah’s face. Isiah blocked a Code Breaker and used a SLingshot to send Jericho tot he floor. Luther laid out Jericho when Chris shoved him. Kassidy hit a Tornado DDT on the floor. Kassidy with a Swanton off the top for another close call. Obviously, the Hardy influence is there. Isiah with Knife Edges and punches. Split Screen time, once again.

Jericho punched awaymore to insult than to injure. Jericho kicked away at the youngster. Chris used his own Slingshot to send Isiah up into the bottom rope. Back Drop Suplex by Jericho. The two men traded wild punches and Chris walked across Isiah’s chest. Arrogant cover and Kassidy easily kicked out.

Jericho with a Stall Suplex into a Neckbreaker. Chris punched Isiah. Isiah boxed the ribs. Jake Hager attacked Isiah, as the ref was distracted. Jericho straddled the turnbuckle. Clothesline and Enziguri by Isiah. Kassidy punched away and hit a Springboard Stunner. 1-2-not just yet.

Jericho flipped Isiah onto the apron. Kassidy came back in with another SPringboard Stunner. 2 count. Forearms by Kassidy. Jericho popped Isiah and went for the Lionsault. It missed by Kassidy’s version didn’t. 2 count. Code Breaker by Isiah. This kid has done his homework. As Isiah came off the ropes, Jericho hit the Judas Effect.

Your Winner: Chris Jericho
Dynamite Score: 89

The Inner Circle got into it with several guys in the audience. Looks like Jericho’s next feud may be with Luther.

Kip Sabian and Miro talked about Kip’s Bachelor Party. Billy Mitchell showed up and offered to help.

The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy were about to be interviewed when FTR showed up. Dax and Cash poked fun at the “mid-Carders”. Orange stepped up and called FTR “Weinies”.

Orange Cassidy then made his way out tot he ring. Trent and Chuck, the Best Friends, were at his side. We were in Split Screen. They helped Orange warm up.

Orange Cassidy vs “10″

The Dark Order came out as we went to full commercials. 10 took Orange’s shades and gave them to Jon Silver. 10 hit an End of Days but Cassidy easily kicked out. Stall Suplex by 10. Quick Kick Out. 10 ut Orang’es hands in the pockets. Roll Up by Cassidy. Spinebuster by 10/ Cassidy was thrown out to the arena floor. Cassidy was sent into the barricade and then back into the ring. The Dark Order mocked the Best Friends Hug. Orange was up on the top and hit a modified Frog Splash to the floor. He laid out seveal members of the Dark Order. Swinging DDT by Cassidy. Orange Crsuh Punch. Vertebreaker aka Beach Break.

Your Winner: Orange Cassidy
Dynamite Score: 85

MJF cut a special promo. He crashed an Inner Circle party. He had a gift for Chris Jericho. It was a series of jackets for the various members of the Inner Circle. There wasn’t a jacket for Sammy. Jericho said they appreciated the gesture but was confused. Jericho wondered if MJF wanted to join the Inner Circle. MJF wanted to know if Chris wanted Friedman to join. They went back and forth. Jake and Wardlow looked rady to fight. Chris adn MJF kept praising each other. Jericho mentioned that Sammy needed a jacket too. The Inner Circle thought MJF was a loser but Jericho wasn’t so sure.

Dr. Britt Baker (w/Reba) vs Red Velvet

Reba took Britt’s fancy new jacket. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by Britt. Red worked over Britt’s arm. Baker flipped Red over. Side Headlock by Red into a Takedown. Britt slipped free. Double Underhook aka Barbed Wires on Red. 2 count. The women traded Arm Bars. Arm Drag by Red. Baker came through and applied a Hammerlock. Solid punch by Baker. Leg Lariat by Red. Wheelbarrow Bulldog by Red for a near fall. Hannerlock Clothesline by Baker. Britt punched away and hit a Butterfly Suplex. Bow and Arrow by Britt. Baker kicked Red intothe ropes.

Red popped Britt in the jaw. Sling Blade by Baker but Red with a Roll Up. 2 count. Fisherman’s Neckbreaker by the not-so-good doctor.

Your Winner: Dr. Britt Baker
Dynamite Score: 75

After the matchBaker applied the Lockjaw. JR even brought up Dr. Sam Shephard. Google him if you aren’t sure who he is. You might be amazed. Smile.

We got a preview for next week.

Eddie Kingston came out with a ref and the mebers of his “family”. We cut to a quick break.

Eddie was impressed by Mox but he did not Tap Out. Eddie took shots at Tony Khan. Eddie gets to pick Mox’s opponent, tonight. Eddie went off on the ref for calling the match, last week. The ref said Eddie was unresponsive during the match. He said he was trying to protect Eddie from himself. Eddie and the Lucha Brothers were going to hurt the ref but Moxley showed up. Mox had a barbed wire bat. The ring cleared at warp speed. Eddie ordered the music to be cut. Butcher slid into the ring.

Jon Moxley vs Butcher
World Title Match

Butcher laid out Mox with a brutal Clothesline. Knife Edge bu Butcher. Mox with his own Knife Edges. Side Spin Slam by Butcher. Knee Drop by Butcher. Forearm shot to Mox’s chest. Knife Edges by Butcher. Mox fought back with Forearms. Butcher laid out Mox with a Clothesline. Rope Leg Choke by Butcher. Eddie and his troops mocked Mox.

Split Screen Time. Whip by Butcher. Butcher wasted a lot of time exercising around the ring. Mox with a hard kick. Butcher was dumped to the floor. Mox went for a Tope but got clocked. Mox may have hurt his knee. Butcher stayed on Mox’s leg. He drove the knee into the canvas. Full Mount Punches by Butcher.

STO modified by Butcher. Mox kicked with the good leg. Mox escaped a Powerbomb and hit a Rude Awakening. Punt by the champ. Cross Armbreaker by Moxley. He learned that during tours of Japan. Butcher escaped and clamped on a Single Leg Crab. Butcher kicked at the knee. Oklahoma Stampede by Butcher, who then went back to the Single Leg Crab.

Butcher kicked at the injured knee. Knee Choke, in the corner, by Butcher. Mox pushed Butcher intot he corner. Butcher blocked the Paradigm Shift. Butcher continued to work on the knee. Variation of the SIngle Leg Crab and Mox was in a bad way. Clothesline by Butcher. Mox rolled out to the floor to “walk it off”. Butcher came out to get him. Mox’s knee gave way on a Whip. Butcher crashed into the barricade and Mox went back in the ring.

The two traded Forearms when they got back in the ring. Crossbody by Butcher. 2 count. Moxley’s knee is toast. They went back to Forearms. Butcher blocked a Suplex. Pump Handle Uranage by Butcher for a deuce. Leg Drop that would make Hogan smile. 2 count. Mox caught Butcher on the ropes. Superplex! Mox started to roll over but Butcher grabbed the leg for yet another Single Leg.

Piledriver by Moxley. 2 count. Mox sat Butcher up top. Butcher shoved Mox away. Crossbody by Butcher but only a 2 count followed. Butcher stompd away at Mox’s chest. Paradigm Shift out of the blue. Bulldog Choke and Butcher tapped out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 94

Eddie was having a meltdown at ringside. Lucha Brothers tried to calm him down.

Match of the Night: Starks vs Allin

As I wrap things up, I want to send a very special Thank You out to my buddy, Joe Guenther. He sent me some of Jim Ross’s BBQ sauce and a wonderful “Fight for the Fallen” Sweatshirt. I so appreciate it, my dear friend.


–Jay Shannon

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