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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”-Winston Churchill

Clash of the Champions was a bit odd. Several matches got changed or pulled all together. At least one wrestler got injured. Very few titles actually changed hands. Ok, the 24/7 title changed twice, but it often does. Smile. Now, we move forward towards Hell in a Cell.

Ric Flair’s music hit and the Nature Boy made his way from the back. Flair got his revenge on Randy Orton by driving the ambulance in the WWE tittle match. It was awesome. Our regular announce crew was back at the desk.

Big Show then came out to add to the fun. He Chokeslammed Randy through a table. Christian then joined the party. He got his shots in on The Viper, as well. Finally, HBK danced from the back. He hit a bit of Sweet Chin Music on Orton. The only one missing was Edge. We got stills on the various attacks by the Legends that weren’t quite Killed by Orton.

Shawn had the stick. Shawn welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw. Shawn then brought out Drew McIntyre. Drew did the Flair Strut as he joined his friends and idols in the ring. Lots of love all around. Drew threw up the arm in victory. The fireworks erupted all over the Thunderdome.

Drew thought it was cool to have all these guys around him. Drew talked about running the roads with Big Show and Christian. He saw Show as a big brother. He admitted that Shawn was his mentor and helped him, especially in NXT. Drew mentioned stories from and about Flair. Drew had good news to share. He put Orton in the ambulance and retained his title. Shawn said they were all there to thank Drew for kicking Orton’s behind. Shawn said they wanted to get some revenge and even the odds, so to speak. Shawn said it was Naitch’s fault. Grin. Drew welcomed anyone who would help him against Orton.

Randy came on the Tron. Randy said this moment will not last. Orton isn’t done, just yet. Randy kept teasing “Hell”. Orton is determined to fight until he wins the title. Orton said he will be given a title match because of his legacy. Randy said there was a price to be paid for crossing him. Randy then left the building, or so it seemed. Drew mocked Orton for bailing. Drew decided to put his title on the line in an open challenge. He wants someone he has not faced, yet. Drew begged someone to “step up”. I’m hoping for Andrade.

We got highlights of Asuka vs Zelina Vega , from Clash. They will have a rematch, tonight.Zelina was asked about coming up short. Vega was still confident that she can beat Asuka. Asuka came in and told Vega she was ready for her but Vega would not be ready for her. They square off, next.

Zelina Vega vs Asuka
Raw Women’s title match

Before the match, the announcers ran down some other things to expect, tonight.

Vega looked ready to give Asuka a real run for her money. The pyro and lights exploded all around the ring. The introductions were made for this title bout. Vega got serious boos from the video crowd. They finally have the audio sync’d up right for this.

Zelina dropped Asuka nad slugged away. Asuka reversed things and worked on the arm. Asuka then sent Zelina down. Vega wetn after the arm of Asuka. Vega with a modified Grounded Octopus. Asuka would not submit. Zelina assaulted the exposed ribs of Asuka. Asuka tried for a Roll Up but Vega kicked out. Vega flew out of the ring but Asuka blasted her. Break time.

Vega kicked away at Asuka. Asuka’ left arm was in bad shape. She still managed to hit seveal strikes. Hip Attack by Asuka into a Release German. Kick to Vega’s jaw. 2 count. Vega fought out of another attempt at the Release German. Vega went right back to work on the arm. Vicious Handing Arm Bar. Asuka got free but Vega took the hold back. Asuka finally got loose by way of a Suplex.

Vega snapped Asuka over but the champ rolled through and almost got the Asuka Lock. Back Stabber by Zelina. 1-2-no. Asuka reached the ropes. Vega was losing control of herself. Vega went up for a Moonsault but Asuka got he knee up. Asuka Lock!

Your Winner (By Submission): Asuka
Raw Score: 94 out of a possible 100

The Legends were playing pokwer in the back.

Drew’s Open Challenge is official. It willhappen.

Andrade was in the ring. He was givnig Zelina Hell for not being at his side, anymore. He mocked her for giving up, too easily. Andrade then discussed trying to hold his team together, as well as the company. Andrade wanted to fight someone. He got his request answered by…Keith Lee.

Keith Lee vs Andrade
Special Challenge Match

Go Behind by Andrade. Lee powered free. Shoulder Tackle by Keith. Lee with a brutal FlyingArm Bar, ala George “The Animal” Steele. Lee was sent intot he top turnbuckle. Hard kicks and chops by Andrade. Universal into a Flying Crossbody by Keith. He is so impressive. biel and Andrade sailed across the ring. Corner Splash. Dropkick to Lee’s knees. Lee tossed Andrade over the ropes. Andrade came off he top and got cauhgt. He escaped and Chop Blocked the knee.

Double Knee in the corner by Andrade. Spirit Bomb!

Your Winner: Keith Lee
Raw Score: 83

We got an update on the Hurt Business. They hassled someone who was simply trying to have some dinner. Lashley forced the guy to leave the plate behind. Jeez.

Remember, this week-end, we get another NXT Takeover. Usually, they run on the Saturday before a Main Roster PPV.

The announcers pushed the Takeover show. They then discussed the recent issues with the 24/7 title. Supposedly, Akira Tozawa got eaten by a shark. R-Truth was playing chess with Little Jimmy. R-Truth thought about fighting Drew McIntrye. A ninja came in and gave Truth a letter. The note said Akira was eaten by a shark. Akira had feelings of honor towards his foe. There was a black belt in a case that was supposed to be from Akira. Tozawa showed up and won the belt. It would change twice more as Truth ended up with the strap. Truth will face the two men, Drew Gulak and Akira, later on.

The announcers then brought up the situation between the Mysterio family and Seth Rollins. Seth is rehashing the whole Maury thing that didn’t work when Eddie did it, years ago. Now, Seth said Aalyah wasn’t Rey’s daughter. That is so low.

Murphy was texting when Seth came up and tried to reclaim his disciple. Seth was excited to see what Rey and his wife were going to say about Princessa Mysterio. Seth told Murphy to go get dressed in the suit he brought for him. Seth then looked at Murphy’s phone, which Buddy had left behind. Seth had an interesting look on his face as we headed to break.

For those who may not have heard, we lost a unique celebrity, last week. Jackie Stallone, who was the storyline promoter of the original G.L.O.W group, died at the age of 98. She was also the mother of Slyvester and Frank Stallone. Rest in peace.

The WWE Draft is returning. It started on October 9th on Smackdown and continues on the following Monday Night Raw.


Seth interrupted the Court to show off the texts from and to Murphy. Seth laughed at the group in the ring. Seth said he wanted to show “the truth” Aaliyah said Murphy was not like Seth and walked to the back. Rey and Angie chased after her. Rey called to her in Spanish. Murphy walked up and confronted Seth for doing what he just did. Seth accused Murphy of hiding things. Murphy grabbed Seth but Dominik jumped Murphy and wailed away.

Natalya and Lana came down tothe ring. Cute semi-matching outfits. They have something to say, right after this break.

Dominik and Murphy will battle, later on.

Nattie said they were ready to wait, all night, until Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are stripped of the tag belts. Lana want the tag belts. Adam Pearce came out and explained that stripping the champions was not an option. Adam said they could face…Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. Mandy and Dana did a fun entrance, together.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose vs Lana and Natalya

Dana tore into Nattie. Snap Suplex by Mandy and Dana with a Cartwheel Kick. Tag to Lana. Dana was taken down by Lana. 2 count. Tag back to Nattie. Snap Mare by Nattie. Nasty double team by the heels. Rear Chin Lock by Lana. She is getting so much better. Lana threw Dana down, backwards. Big shot to Mandy. Enziguri by Dana. Tag to Mandy.

She hit wild Clotheslines to Lana.Wicked Reverse Snap Suplex. Nattie made the save. Flying Knee Strike to end this one.

Your Winners: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke
Raw Score: 84

Aleister Black was the next subject to discuss. Black has been attacking Kevin Ovens, over the last few weeks. Black cut a promo against Kevin Owens. He accused K.O. of being a manipulator. Black discussed how his father was a cruel man that taught himthrough pain. Black said he would not forgive or forget.

Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black

The Legends wwere still playing cards, in the back. They all wondered who would fight Drew. Big Show thought about it but couldn’t go there, because he already challenged. The Street Profits came up to continue the party.

Back to the ring, K.O. waited for his new rival to arrive. Black as new graphics and new music. I liked the old entrance better. Black marched to the ring as the ref held Kevin back.

Dropkick by Owens. They went tot he floor. Kevin erupted on Black with multiple strikes. He threw Black back into the ring. Black jumped on Owens and went to town. Owens reversed things but so did Black. K.O. with wild chops. Aleister blasted Owens. K.O. kicked away. He followed up with clubbing blows and a hard Whip. Black fought back with straight hard punches. Knee Strikes by Black. Owens revesed a Whip and hit a Back Elbow. Superkick by Owens. More chops to Black’s chest. Black punched away to even things up. Knee Choke by Aleister. Owens almsot got hte surprise pin. Clotheslines by K.O., followed by a Senton. Wild Suplex taht sent Black sailing out of the ring. Owens flew off the apron with a Senton to take us to break.

Owens almost got the duke as we returned. Owens had nailed a DDT. Black took out Owens at the knees. Black stomped away. Full Mount Punches by Black. 1 count only. Yakuza Kick by Aleister. Both men traded wild kicks. Corner Knee CHoke by Aleister. Owens opened up with a series of kick. Black blasted Owens and almost took out Owens with a BK. Front Face Lock by Aleister. Arm Drage by Owens but Black quickly hit a Crescent Kick. 1-2-nope.

Superkick by Owens after Black missed the Brogue Kick. Owens pounded away and then went up the ropes. Not a good move. Black caught h im up top. Kevin blocked the Superplex and popped Aleister in the jaw. Swanton failed as Black got the knees up. Pump Knee Strike but Owens kicked out, three times. Black was livid.d He punched away. He also got up in the ref’s face. Hard punch byOwens. Black accidentally hit the ref, who called for the bell.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Kevin Owens
Raw Score: 83


The Hurt Business walked backstage. They tried to start a fight but Ricochet adn Apollo Crews came in to even up the sides.

R-Truth vs Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa
Triple Threat Match for the 24/7 title

Truth was double teamed. He has held the title 41 times. Truth was thrown in the corner and Drew and Akira punched away. Hard Whip to send Truth into the corner. Akira and Drew both tried to pin the champ. Truth laid them both out and almost got hte pin. Truth worked over both foes. Akira witha Pearl Harbor on Truth. Drew joined in to hit a Double Suplex. The two would not allows the other to pin Truth. Akira worked over Truth’s shoulder. Wicked Double Bow and Arroe by Drew and Akira. Truth would not submit. Akira tried to pin Drew. Headbutt by Drew to Truth. Drew and Akira took turns working over Truth. Drew threw Akira intot he ref. Truth started to fight back. Drew with a Scoop Slam into the Gu-Lock. AKira went up the ropes and hit a Swanton. Truth with a Face Plant Suplex to Akira. AA to Drew, sending him onto Akira. 1-2-3.

Your WInner: R-Truth
Raw Score: 85

Truth ran for the hills.

Chalry was ready to chat with someone. She brught in Mandy and Dana. They were asked how they came together. Mandy and Dana praised each other for being inspirations to others. Mandy said they were coming for the tag belts. Dominik warmed up for his pending battle.

It was around 3 yers ago that I got very sick. The doctors told Mama Dee to pull the plug, more than once. She refused and kept the faith that her baby boy would rise up out of the Death Bed and return to the real world. It took over a year to do it but I’m now almost fully healed (except an issue with my kidneys). Much love and thanks to Mama Dee for never giving up.

Murphy vs Dominik Mysterio

Dom needs a mask. Not that he is ugly, but it would so further his career. The ref held Murphy back. Murphy threw his shirt at Dom and Mysterio exploded all over him. They took turns punching away. The fight went out to the floor. Dom threw Murphy into the barricade and then back intot he ring. Dom went up top but Murphy rolled to safety, at least for a moment. Dom slid out nad sent Murphy intothe annoucne desk. Murphy threw Dom over the desk. Murphy came out to continued the punishment. Dom thrw Murphy back in the ring. Crossbody but Murphy rolled through. Mysterio rammed Murphy intot he corner, over and over. Dom with a vicious Right as Murphy tried to reverse a Whip. Dom stomped away and thrw hard punches. Back Elbow by Dom but Murphy answered with a Flying Knee Strike.

Murphy stomped away on a downed Mysterio. Murphy stomped the head of Dom to more insult than injure the 2nd gen star. Both men traded blows. Wicked Tornado DDT by Dominik. He planted him like a row of taters. Dom stomped away on Murphy, in the corner. The ref tried to hold Dom back. They went out to the floor. Murphy was sent intot he ring apron, barricade and back to the ring apron. Dom rolled Murphy back intothe ring. DOm looked for a kendo stick and found one. The ref warend Dom not to go there. Aaliyah came out to ask her brother to put the stick down. He ordered her to go away. She begged him to stop. Surprise Roll Up with a handful of tirghts.

Your WInner: Murphy
Raw Score: 84

Dominik went after Murphy with the kendo stick. Aaliyah begged her big brother to please stop. He called her naive and she slapped him.

The Hurt Business were on their way to go to war.

Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley and NVP vs Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Apollo Crews
Six Man Tag Team Match

We looked back at how Apollo tried to refain his U.S. title, only to fail. The Hurt Lock made all the difference.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler asked Adam Pearce about he Open Challenge. Dolph didn’t want to fight Drew but he had someone in mind.

MVP cut a promo before the match. MVP accused Apollo of being insane for making the same dumb mistakes, over and over. Cedric is at Hurt Business Boot Camp to learn from his mistakes of last week. Lashley said the U.S. belt looked better on him than Apollo. They joked about how Apollo kept getting dropped by the Hurt Business, especially by Lashley.

Oh Lord, are we going to get the same flashback crap of last week? Time for a ham sandwich and a fresh Sprite to make me feel better.

Yep, slight flashback. Dang it.

Ok, Mustafa and Ricochet attacked before the bell. MVP pulled Ali outside and ranhim intothe ring steps. The Hurt Business took control and basically destroyed everyone. The lights started doing the weird stuf and the Retribution logos showed up. Cut to break.

I will be so glad when the Political Circus is done for the year. I refuse to discuss politics with people but I still love Jerry Lawler’s comment: “I wouldn’t beliefe a word out of any of their mouths, even if their tongues were notorized”.

We were back tot he six man match. Apollo threw some wild moves but the Hurt Business took over. MVP tagged in and worked over Crews. Enziguri by Apollo. German to Lashley. MVP pounded away. Crews fought out of hte enemy corner with a Crossbody, from the ropes.

Hot Tags on both sides. Ricohcet went off on Shelton. Moonsault and Standing Shooting Star by Ricochet. Running Up Knee by Shelton. Tag to MVP. Double Flapjack by the Hurt Business. MVP punched away and went for the Playmaker. He didn’t get it and Ricochet with a Mule Kick. Ali got hte tag. He went through MVP like a buzzsaw. Running Dropkick by Ali. MVP with a Kitchen Sink off a reversed Whip. Flying Neckbreaker by Ali. Lashley made the save. Crews took out Lashley. Ricochet went all Foley with a flip. Satelite DDT by Ali to set up the 450.

Your Winners: Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews adn Ricochet
Raw Score: 85

We were back to the card playing Legends. Flair got a Royal Flush. Ric did the Strut. Too much fun.

It was time for another promo video for Bianca Belair. I’d like to see her vs Asuka.

We got another message from Retribution. The Core Five have tons of back up. WE got video highlights of their recent actions.

Drew McIntyre vs ?
Open Challenge for the WWE Title

Who would accept? Who did Dolph Ziggler convince Adam Pearce to let have the shot? Dolph came out to introduce the opponent…

Drew McIntyre vs Robert Roode

Awesome! Roode finally returns to action. Drew almost looked amused. I’m digging the Flair-like robe. The introductins were made as Drew talked trash to his challenger.

Charles Robinson was the Zebra-in-Charge. Roode went after Drew’s legs. Knife Edge Chops. Drew shook out his leg. Roode escaped a Slam and raked the back. Chops and kicks by the challenger. Drew with Knife Edges to rock Roode. Float OVer failed as Drew slammed Robert’s face intothe top turnbuckle. Alabama Slam onto the ring apron. Final break of the night.

The two were on top. Drew got crotched. He fell into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Drew arched up and launched Roode. Dolph pulled Robert out ofthe ring. Drew flipped Dolph intothe ring. Chop Block by Roode. He stomped the knee and twisted the leg. Drew was down and hurting. Roode tried to Post Drew but settled for slamming the legs into the metal post. Roode reset the count and then went out to get Drew. Drew pushed him away with a kick. Roode kept the pressure on the knees. Roode rolled Drew in and went up top. Flying Clothesline, from the top, by Roode. Near fall. Figure Four by Roode. Flair taught him that, years ago, from what I’ve heard.

Drew fought to reverse the hold. He did it. Roode inched to the ropes to force the break. Glasgow Kiss! Clothesline and Release Belly to Belly Overhead Throw. Drew hit a 2nd one. Kip Up butthe knee gave way. Duble R Spinebuster. 2 coutn. Roode with a Knee Strike. Robert blocked the Future Shock, at first. Drew would come back and hit it anyway. 1-2-nope.

Claymore but it was Dolph that got knocked out. Glorious DDT but Drew still kicked out. Roode wanted another Glorious DDT but Drew twisted out of it and hit the Claymore!

Your WInner: Drew McINtyre
Raw Score: 85

I’ll be making a personal appearance, this Saturday, at Oscar’s to watch Desperado.

A guy pushing a cleaning cart had a steel chair. He waited by the door. It had to be Orton. Yep. He put on goggles and opened the door. He turned off the lights and you could hear the chips flying and the sound of a crashing chair. We couldn’t see a thing. When the lights came back on, all the Legends were laidout. Randy then went back to the cleaning cart to get away from the suits.

Sunny/Rey: Looking forward to Saturday Night Music Therapy
Niecy: Hope you can go
Paula: I’ll be there for the memorial


–Jay Shannon

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