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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Always look on the bright side of life”–Eric Idle for Monty Python

Clash of the Champions is this Sunday. On the Go-Home edition of Raw, the final pieces of the puzzle should be placed.

The opening WWE thing messed up, yet again. Retribution rushed the ring as the show began. Retribution is now an official part of the Raw Roster. Mia Yim got on the microphone. Sure, she was still wearing a mask but it was obvious. She said they were tired of getting passed over. Various members made their comments. I believe the other girl might be Chelsea Green.

They were cut off by the arrival of the Hurt Business. They were ready to fight. Retribution tucked tail and ran tothe floor. MVP got ont he stick and accused Retribution of not being so tough. More Retribution members showed up. The fight was on, big time. Jerry Lawler wondered how many members did Retribution have. ITt was complete anarchy as we headed to a first break.

Things seemed to be back to semi-normal. We have Rom Phillips and Jerry Lawler at the announce desk. Byron Saxton was also with them.

Sarah chatted with the Mysterio Family. Dominik was getting his first chance to win a title. Not sure which title but it sounds like it might be the tag belts.

Amdrade amd Amgel Garza vs Seth Rollins and Murphy vs Humbetrto Carrillo amd Dominik Mysterio
Triple Threat to determine the Number One Contenders to the Raw Tag Belts

Zelina Vega was not with her former charges. Seth and Murphy still seemed to have issues, especially after Seth brutalized Murphy at the end of last week.

Angel ripped off his pants at the bell. The Street Profits were watching from the desk. Humberto workedon Murphy’s arm. Murphy yanked on the arm. The two switched position on the arm holds. Murphy was thrown out of hte ring. Garza took the tag and Superkicked Humberto. Andrade was thrown into the ropes. Murphy came in and went after Humberto. Lots of flippy dippy stuff and Humberto stood tall. Dominik with a Crossbody tothe floor. DOm tried to pin Andrade but only got a two. Dom bothched a move but recoverd to hit a Destroyer. Garza with a wild Uppercut. Dom swung threw the ropes and kicked away. Murphy laid out both Garza and Dom. Pump Knee by Murphy. Seth stepped away so Murphy had no one to tag. Andrade almost pinned Murphy. Judas Effect like Back Elbow. Wing Clipper!

Your WInners: Andrade and Angel Garza
Raw Score: 85 out of a possible 100

Dabo Kato will fight Braun Strowman on Underground, in the third hour. Shane promised some serious surprises, tonight.

The leader of Retribution said Hurt Business could have been part of the solution but they are part of the problem. They threw out a challenge to the Hurt Business.

The K.O. Show

He mentioned about being attacked by Aleister Black the last time he did this show. Owens has taken care of that problem. Kevin brought out Shane McMahon. The old phrase says it best “Never say Never, Brother”. Shane danced around and soaked in the love of the video fans. Owens enjoyed the dancing aroud but asked Shane to have a seat. Owens and Shane could not believe they were there. K.O. said their past was all said and done. He told Shane to go ahead and promote the Underground.
Shane talked about Dabo Kato and Braun Strowman. Ok, I guess the spelling is Dabba-Kato. My apologies to the big man for spelling his name wrong. We got highlights of the hugs warrior.

Owens has a problem with how Dabba-Kato treated him in the ring. Owens said he wanted another shot at the big man. He smacked Kato, big time. Owens then called out Braun Strowman.

Shane tried to keept hings calm. Shane would NOT let them fight in the Raw ring. They had to go to the Underground. Aleister Black attacked Owens and posted his crotch, multiple times.

We looked back at how Retribution interrupted the Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee match. Drew was asked about his fractured jaw and fractured friendship with Lee. Drew understood Lee’s motivation to be the best. Drew was ready to beat the Hell out of each other…next.

Retribution was attacking people in the back. Titus O’Neil and Humberto were laid out. They even went after a cameraman.

Keith Lee vs Drew McIntyre
Non-Title Match

This is a rematch of sorts for last week’s main event. Again, if Lee wins this one, he will face Drew if Randy Orton can’t show. It will be an Ambulance Match. I should have a household full for that show. My 2 nephews will likely be here, along with Mama Dee and our new friend, Stacia. She’s the youngest daughter of Mam Dee’s best friend, Miss Anne.

Back to business. The fire blew out all over the place. Drew went for an early Claymore but Lee saw it coming and side stepped it. Side Headlock by Lee. Drew took over with his own Side Headlock. Float Over by Drew but Lee hit him with a Shoulder Block that sent Drew out tothe floor. Keith came out to get his buddy but Drew punched away. Drew pushed Lee to the floor. Huge Knife Edge Chops by both men. Keith with his Grizzly Magnum to send us to break. Drew was put on the announce table first.

Drew kicked away at Keith. Lee fought back with body shots. Clothesline by Lee and a Corner Splash. Amateur Roll and anoher Splash. Drew lifted up Lee but couldn’t hold him. They traded massive shots and Drew ended up on his back. Keith had taken a huge kick tothe face. Lee got a near fall. Lee seemed hesitant to take the fight to his friend. Drew with a Rana to block the Spirit Bomb. Spinebuster by Drew for a two.

Drew lifted Lee and then put him down with a Flying Neckbreaker. We saw an Ambulance off to the side. Drew punched away on Keith. Lee blocked the Future Shock DDT. He Bum Rushed the champ tothe corner. Monster Uranage by Keith Lee. 1-2-no.

Drew blasted the ribs of Lee. Keith answered with a huge Clothesline. 1-2-not yet. That was a good ol’ Texas Lariat. Lee yelled that this was his chance. Keith set for the Spirit Bomb but Drew escaped and hit the Claymore. Randy Orton rushed the ring and attacked Drew with a steel chair. He drove it into the broken jaw of Drew McIntyre. Randy then Punted Keith Lee. Drew clutched his jaw in agony.

Orton said the fans should be ashamed for doubting him. Randy said he was determined to be the one constant, as he has been for the last 20 years. Orton stared at the ambulance and then headed out to look at the rig. He opened the back of the ambulance and talked about riding in the vehicle, a few weeks back. Randy was having some trouble with his promo. Orton said he now can relate to the feeling that all his victims f elt when the Legend Killer took others out. It made him smile. Randy remembered what it takes to become champion. Randy is determined to earn his 14th title run. Orton is ready to end Drew’s championship reign and maybe even his career.He promised an RKO to get it done.

Sara was back to talk with Asuka. She danced around. Asuka was asked who was the bigger threat: Mickie James or Zelina Vega. Billie Kay walked in and went off on Asuka. Peyton Royce was ready to get a shot at the title. Asuka wondered if Kay and Royce were still friends. Asuka said no one was ready fro her but she is ready for Peyton.

Zelina Vega vs Mickie James
Number One Contender’s Match

The Vikings are now doing commercials for Dominio’s Pizza. Great and I hope Ivar heals quickly and returns soon.

NXT looks really good, this week. A female Battle Royal and a Men’s Gauntlet Match. I’ll be watching…

Mickie did an insert video. She talked that she never gave up, last week. It was a major botched call by the ref. Mickie was ready to destroy Vega.

Zelina want Mickie intothe corner and kicked away. The two women traded position and talked trash. Vega jumped on James’ back and went for a Sleeper. Mickie escaped and hit a huge kick tothe jaw. Vega reversed a Suplex into a Roll Up. Universal into a Vega Octopus. Mickie went to her knees but then powered back up. They ended up in the corner. Zelina released the hold. Huge kick byVega. Zelina rolled through a Powerbomb Roll Up. Vega went intothe ropes and tied up Mickie. Zelina climbed up top for a Tornado DDT. Mickie pushed out and hit a few kicks and a Running Forearm. Flapjack by Mickie. James went up the ropes and waited. Super Thesz Press for a two. Zelina blocked the Mick-DT. Back Stabber by Vega to take the win.

Your Winner: Zelina Vega
Raw Score: 85

The Hurt Business was beating the stuffing out of members of the Retribution squad.

We got a video feature about Bianca Belair.

The announcers talked about the 24/7 title. R-Truth is being stalked by Akira Tozawa. They were on the beach. Akira and the ref hid int he water. Truth dropped the title belt to run away from a shark. He came back to get his belt. The shark was bak. It looked like Akira had been eaten by the shark. He got his belt back. That was just goofy.

Apollo Crews vs Cedric Alexander

MVP had an official announcement for Retribution. He said there would be a Six Man tag match, later on. Cedric then cut a scathing promo against his former friend, Apollo Crews. Ricochet came out with Apollo. They had a war of words on the house microphones. Apollo gets a reamtch against Bobby Lashley for the U.S. title, on S unday.

Apollo with a Takedown and wicked Dropkick. Cedric bailed out of the ring. Crews with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. We cut to break.

Cedric has taken control. Apollo fought to his feet. Kitchen Sink by Cedric into a Dropkick to the back of the head. 2 count. Modified Keylock by Cedric. MVP and Ricochet urged their guys to fight harder. Michimoku Driver but only a two count. Crews barely kicked out of that one. Enziguri by Apollo into a Frog Crossbody. Both men were now down. Running Sledges by Apollo into some corner shots. Big Splash into a Samoan Drop. 2 count only. Tope Suicida by Cedric. Ricochet and Cedric argued. As Ceddy got back in the ring, he was rolled up.

Your Winner: Apollo Crews
Raw Score: 84

The rest of the Hurt Business came out to destroy Ricochet adn Apollo. Lashley applied the Hurt Lock to Apollo.

Raw Underground

DOlph Ziggler was up first. The other guy was an outstanding amatuer fighter. Dolph went after the legs but was countered. HIgh Five Slam to ZIggler. Dolph blocked the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Ground and Pound into a sleeper by Dolph. Wicked Knee Bar on Dolph. He got free and went back tothe Sleeper. The guy was out.

Shane tried to talk with Braun but Strowman was not in the mood. Braun said he was sending everyone home without their teeth. He even threatened the same fate for Shane.

Seth Rollins returned with something to say. Murphy was not with him, this time. Seth thought he was through with the Mysterio family, after last week. The problem is something is still bothering him. Seth asked them to put the family photo of the Mysterios on the Tron. He mentioned the differences between father and son. Seth invited the Mystterio family to come learn what he has found.

Rey said the family was tired of Seth’s mind games. Seth said he has grown to respect the family. He was inspired by them, as well. Oh Lord, it’s a Maury Moment. Seth has a DNA Report. We already knew this form many years ago. Rey went off on him in Spanish. Mama Dee asked me what he said and when I told her, she suggested soap for his mouth. Seth said “Rey, you are NOT the father”. Rey dismissed his claim and asked him to quit running his family name through the mud. Seth said maybe Rey wasn’t the papi of his daughter. Seth showed the footage where Aaliyah showed concern for Buddy Murphy. Seth asked Aaliyah about how motivation. Rey said his daughter was caring and compassionate. Rey didn’t want Seth talking about his daughter. Aaliyah got angry and headed to the back. Angie went to check on her. Rey then left, as well. Finally, Dominik headed to the back. Weird.

Seth said he didn’t mean to drive a wedge in the Mysterio family. He guessed that just happens to all families. He gave a phony sounding apology.

We got a video progile of the Women’s tag champs, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. They have been so dominant, since winning the titles.

Lana and Natlaya vs Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax
Non-Title Match

The Riott Squad watched from the announce desk. I like to call the tag chaps, Brutality Unlimited. Nattie tried to keep Nia off her feet. Lana made the tag and sent Nattie into Jax. Leg Lariat by Lana. Jax blocked a Sunset Flip. Tag to Shayna. Nattie was sent off the arpon. Baszler cinched in her finisher.

Your WInners: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax
Raw Score: 30

Shayna and Nia ame out to confront Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. Nia with a Smoan Drop to send Lana through the announce table.

USA messed up and reran the entire last segment.

It now looks like Randy Orton will face Drew McIntyre, on Sunday. Drew was interviewed, backstage. Drew was livid and ready to beat the p*ss out of Randy Orton.

Aaliyah was upset with her dad about what was happening to their family. She stormed off.

Raw Underground, Part 2

Riddick Moss vs Erik

The two with punches until Moss took down Erik. Moss with a brutal pumch to the face to knock out Erik.

Dabba-Kato was asked about his match with Braun. He was going to make sure Braun felt him.

Asuka vs Peyton Royce
Non-Title Match

Before the match, we were reminded that Mandy Rose is heading to Raw. Lawler said it would now be Mandy Night Raw. I love puns.

THe girls tied up and went tothe corner. Strikes by Royce but Asuka with a Kick and roll up. Knee Strike by the champ. Hip Attack, in the corner., led to a German and Slider Dropkick. 2 coutn. Toyce caught Asuka’s leg but Asuka rolled up Peyton. SPin Kicks on both sides but only Asuka’s hit. Backpack Buster by Peyton for a two. Peyton escaped the Asuka Lock and almost pinned Asuka. Peyton went up top but got caught. Asuka was pushed off the ropes. SHe came back with a vicious kick. Asuka was trying for the Asuka Lock when Zelina Vega rushed in and attacked the champ.

Your WInner (by Disqualification): Asuka
Raw Score: 75

Asuka tried to take out Vega but she ran up the ramp.

Murphy came up to apologize to Aaliyah. He never wanted to hurt her. He walked away adn it was unclear what as on Aaliyah’s mind.

Raw Underground, Part Three

Braun Strowman vs Dabba-Kato

The two tested the waters with jabs. They hooked up but neither would give up their position. Knuckle Lock and Braun cinched in a Sleeper. Dabba tried to slide away but Strowman kept the pressure on. They slid out of the ring. Dabba threw some poor dude into Braun. He was taken out. Huge punch by Braun and clubbing blows.

Your WInner: Braun Strowman

The announcers ran down the updated Clash of the Champions card.

Retribution vs Hurt Business
Six Man Tag Team Match

Slasher, T-Bar and Mace were announced as the names of the Retribution members. MVP led his troops into battle.

So, I went back and looked at the opening segment. The one girl was definitely Mia Yim. On a 2nd look, I believe the other girl was Mercedes Martinez. The guy with the weird face paint was most likely Dominick Dijakovic. Unclear ont he others.

Lashleyore into Mace. Lashley crashed intot he corner. T-Bat got the tag. That may be Dijakovic. Tag to Cedric. T-Bar with a brutal Knee Strike. Clubbing blows to Cedric as a tag was made to Slapjack. Heard them wrond in the opening of this one. Tag back to T-Bar. He beat down on Cedric. Huge Bielt o send Cedric flying. 2 count.

Lethal COmbination to T-Bar. The vdieo feed kept going in and out. What the heck is up with Raw tonight?

Wow. We went back to Peyton Royce vs Asuka. We all know Asuka won by DQ. This is just ridiculous. Seriously unprofessional as Hell. 3 hour show stretches into hour 4 because some doofus can’t hit the right buttons. Jeez.

While I was waiting for Raw to get caught back up to where it was, I did some quick research on Dabba-Kato. The 6’9″ battler is from one of my facorite places in the universe, Warsaw, Poland. It’s been several years since I was there but I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Ok, let’s try this again…

Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley vs T-Bar, Slapjack and Mace (Retribution)

I’ll just start at the new parts. Shelton came in and worked over all three rogue members of Retribution. knee Strike by Shelton. Mace distracted Shelton and T-Bar laid him out. Double Team SUplex to Benjamin. 2 coutn. Back Drop Suplex by Shelton. Punches and kicks by Mace. Tag to Slapjack. He punched away on Shelton. Back Body Drop by SHelton. Tag to Lashley. He ran over all three opponents. Dominator by Lashley. Huge CHokeslam to the masked man. Hurt Lock byt Slapjack made it to the corner. T-Bar cracked Lashley in the head. The other members of Retribution hit the ring. THe match was thrown out, I guess.

Your Winner: No WInner
Raw Score: 80

Drew McIntyre and others from the locker room rushed hte ring to try and neutralize Retribution. Randy Orton laid out Drew with an RKO. Fantastic ending to an ohterwise lousy show.

Stacia: Nice to have a new friend for me and Mama Dee
Cooper: Congrats on getting accepted in your new school
Candy: So proud of you, my sweetie


–Jay Shannon

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