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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Live every day like it’s your last. One day you will be right”-Benny Hill

Well, the kidney transplant surgery got put on hold. The kidney that I was supposed to receive was too damaged to use. That allows me to be here to kick of my 16th year with 1Wrestling.com. Thank you all for all these years of living my dream. Let’s see what AEW has to offer us.

Well, I guess the basketball thing ended a little earlier than expected. That’s why we get AEW on Wednesday, instead of Thursday. I’m not a major basketball fan. I amquickly becoming a fan of hockey. Go Dallas Stars!

Roll the opening montage!

The pyro exploded as Jim Ross welcomed us to the show.

Jurassic Express vs FTR
Non-Title Match

The Young Bucks rushed down before the match to confront…the ref. Mike Posey was laid out as part of the Superkick Party! The Bucks then headed to the back. Huh? They threw a stack of bills at Tony Khan and said Hi to FTR.

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood are now both billed as from North Carolina. Tully Blanchard was at their side. Jingle Boy and Luchasaurus watch all the showing off by the tag champs. They were not impressed.

Jack and Dax started but Cash came in quickly. The champs worked over Perry’s arm. Jack flipped around to almost get a pin. Jack with a flip of the ropes, Dropkick and Deep Arm Drag. Jack wanted a tag and got it.

Luchasaurus just waited for the champs to figure out who wanted him first. Cash came in and they double teamed Lucha. Quick tags between Cash and Dax. Lucha with Clotheslines. Lucha caught Dax on the fly and hit a Powerslam. 2 count. Tag to Jungle Boy .Jack Perry.

Jack stayed on the arm of his foe. Straight fist laid out Jack. Back Roll and Double Rana on the champs. Powerslam dropped Perry like a bad habit. Wicked Bow and Arrow by Cash. Dax tagged in and stomped away. Snap suplex and a Leg Drop for two. Double Team Gutbuster by FTR. Kneeling Abdominal Stretch to Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy fought both opponents. Double Team Flatliner-like move for a near fall. Knife Edge Chop by Dax. Tag to Cash. Cash taunted Lucha but he wouldn’t bite. Cash missed a Dropkick and crashed hard. Dax got the tag but ate a vicious Clothesline from Jack.

Hot Tag by Lucha. He took out both champs with Clotheslines. He threw Cash into Dax. Goozle into a huge Chokeslam. 1-2-no. Lucha crashed into the corner. Lucha got free of the double team from FTR. Discus Kick by Lucha. Jack hit a modified Shining Wizard. 2 count.. Perry al-most got the pin. Rick Steiner-Slam. Jumping Knee. Near falls all over the place. Victory Roll for Perry. 2 count. Time was beginning to run out. Crossbody off the top but Dax rolled through. Close call until Cash got involved. Double Team on Luchasaurus. Perry went for a Roll Up. 2 only. Perry flipped off the ropes and almost pinned Dax. Luchasaurus was sent out intothe crowd. Tope Suicida by Perry.

Sunset Flip but the mass was rolled over to steal a win.

Your Winner: FTR
Dynamite Score: 95 out of a possible 100

Tully helped his boys win that one by holing onto Jungle Boy.

Alex Marvez rushed over to check on a downed Matt Hardy. Chris Jericho came up and mocked Private Party for their concern. Jake Hager laughed, as well.

Kenny Omega was at the announce desk.

Frankie Kazarian vs “Hangman” Adam Page

I so love Page’s graphic. Always had a soft spot for horses. I so miss my girls, Lacey and Gracie, but they went to a good home when I left Nevada.

Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Go Behind and amateur Takedown by Kaz. Sunset Flip by Page for a two. Drop Toe Hold by Kaz. Inverted Cravat by Kaz. Rolling Neckbreaker by kaz. Push Off but Kaz with a knee. Shoulder by Page. Kaz caught and slammed. Page with nasty Knife Edge Chops. Snap SUplex by Page. Kaz rolled to the corner.

Page pulled Kaz up to his feet. Kaz with brutal chops. Whip but Kaz was sent tothe apron. Kaz was sent to the floor and Page with a Plancha.

Split Screen time. Kaz dropped Page and stood over him. Kaz with a Whip Neckbreaker off a Whip. Kaz clubbed away on Page. Page blocked a Suplex. Fisherman’s Suplex for a two for Kaz. Front Face Lock by Kaz to keep Page on the canvas.

Page got to his feet and punched away. They traded wild shots tot hte body and face. Kaz blasted Page as he came off the ropes. Page returned it, in kind. Double Clotheslines, multiple times. Kaz with a Trapped Arm German but Page landed on his feet. Both men ended up on their backs. Page kept throwing Forearms to Kaz and then sent him intothe corner. Kaz gotthe boot up. Kaz flew off the ropes but got caught in a Fallaway Slam.

Running Shooting Star Press by Page. Nice. Kaz with a boot and an elbow. Page missed a Clothesline. Kaz with a Springboard DDT. 2 count.

Page escaped an Unprettier and a Backslide. Kaz came back and nailed the Unprettier. 2 count. Slider Lariat by Page. Gut Wrench Death Valley Driver to give Page a near fall. Page went for a Springboard move but Kaz converted it into a Cutter.

Kaz clubbed away and hit a Scoop Slam. Kaz came off the ropes but Page turned it into a Powerbomb. 2 count, once again.

Kaz dodged the Buckshot by sliding out of the ring. Page with a Moonsault but he missed. Kaz punched Page, in the ropes. The two fought on the apron. Buckshot Lariat!

Your WInner: “Hangman” Adam Page
Dynamite Score: 97

Kenny left the announce booth. Everyone expected him to head to the ring but he just walked to the back. Page was confused by Kenny’s exit. He made himself feel bettter with a brewski.

We got a video package about hte feud between Santana/Ortiz and Trent/Chuck Taylor.

Next week, Dynamite will be on Tuesday. It will air right after the basketball game.

MJF (w/Wardlow) vs Shawn Dean

MJF locked in Salt of the Earth (Fujiwara Arm Bar). Immediate tap out.

Your Winner (by Submission): MJF
Dynamite Score: 25

MJF decided to grace us with a promo. He was still grumbling about how Moxley cheated to keep the AEW World title. The fans all chanted “You’re a Loser!” MJF demanded to be called the Uncrowned World Champion. He actually forced the announcer to do the introduction, just like he wanted. Justin Roberts hated doing it but he was threatened into making the ridiculous introduction. MJF felt like he almost had to be part of a group. He is about ready to build his own Wolfpack.

We got a Taz-analysis on Ricky Starks. I enjoy these segments by Taz.

Eddie Kingston was in the ring with his group. He is still complaining that he never lost the Battle Royal. Butcher and Blade stepped out of the ring. Eddie said these five were a family. He sent Butcher and Blade to find victims. The two guys were just annihilated by Rey Fenix and Penta. Butcher and Blade took out the other guy. Flying Double Stomp by Rey. Eddie told Blade to get his house in order. I’m guessing they are talking about Allie (his real-life wife).

I want to welcome a new reader to our little site. Our friend, Miss Anne, has a wonderful daughter around my age. She asked for the website to see my writings and those of the other great people here. Welcome on board, Debbie.

Marq Quen and Isaiah Cassidy (Pprivate Party) vs Chris Jericho and Jake Hager

Matt Hardy was supposed to be out there with Private Party but he got injured, earlier. I’m betting Sammy Guevara had something to do with that. The crowd sang along with Jericho’s theme music.

Jake and Marq opened this contest. Jake powered Marq down to the canvas. Go Behind by Quen but Hager with a Back Elbow. Float Over nad tag to Cassidy. Double team on Jake. He ended up on the floor. Stereo Topes by Pivate Party. Front Face Lock by Quen but Jake pushed him off. Tag to Jericho. Chris punched athe thead of QUen. Huge Knife Edges by Le Champion. Back Elbow by Jericho. Back Drop Suplex by Chris and then a tag to Jake.

Hager with brutal body shots. Big Boot by Quen. He hit a Missile Dropkick to rock H ager. Tag on both sides. Springboard Senton by Cassidy. Cassidy almost pinned Chris and Jericho was upset. Cassidy flipped onto the apron. Jake blasted Cassidy in the back adn Jericho kicked him out of the ring. TIme for a few Split Screen ads.

Jake threw Cassidy into the barricade. Jericho dropped Cassidy over the barricade. Jericho threw Isaiah back in the ring and tagged in Jake. Huge Irish WHip and Cassidy collapsed in the corner. Hager Bomb but Jake didn’t go for the pin. Cassidy tried to fight back but didn’t have much success. Jericho got in a cheap shot. Monster Clothesline by Hager. Jake cinched in the Rear Chin Lock but let it go to hit Crossfaces.

Jake went for a Sleeper as the fans chanted for Private Party. Cassidy fought out of the enemy corner but Jake laid him out. Double Team into a Tornado DDT by Cassidy. Quen ripped off his jacket. Hot tags on both sides.

Quen went to townon Jericho with an Inverted Atomic Drop and a set of Dropkicks. Tope con Hilo onto Jake. Crossbody onto Jericho for a super near fall. Tag back to Cassidy.

Double team. A variation of Poetry in Motion. Cassidyhurt his back on the next double team move. Jake crashed into Jericho. Quen took Hager over the ropes. Isaiah almost pinned Jericho. Wild Forearms by Cassidy. Cassidy dodged the Judas Effect and rolled up Jericho for a two. Cassidy dropped Jericho with a Rana with help from Jake (not on purpose). Springboard Stunner by Cassidy. Isaiah went up the ropes, even with the bad back. He missed the Swanton. Judas Effect.

Your WInners: Jake Hager and Chris Jericho
Dynamite Score: 94

Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho on Isaiah but Marq Quen laid out Le Champion.

Ivelisse vs Thunder Rosa
NWA Women’ts Title Match

Diamonte came out with Ivelise. They won the Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament. Shida watched from the crowd.

The two tested the waters as the bell rang. Arm Drags on both sides. This was a stalemate. Slap by Ivelisse. Rosa responded with the same kind of Slap. Deep Arm Drag off the ropes by Rosa. Rana by the NWA champ. Ivelisse blasted Rosa and then hit a Springboard Arm Drag. 2nd Rope Rana by Ivelisse. Shotgun Dropkick by Rosa. Corner SPlash by Rosa. Running Boot to Ivelisse’s face. 2 count. Gory Special but Diamonte distrated. Knee Strike by Ivelisse after she escaped. The fight went tot he floor.

Knife Edge Chops by Rosa but Thunder hit her own. Ivelisse ran Rosa’s back intot he apron and then rolled her into the ring. Sleeper by Ivelisse. Rosa drove her knee up into Ivelisse’s face to try and get free. Rosa with Back Elbows and a Snap Mare. Rear Chin Lock by Rosa. Ivelisse powered up to lessen the pressure. Kick by Ivelisse. Ivelisse grabbed a Rear Chin Lock. Rosa reversed it. Knee Strikes on both sides.

Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Thunder Rosa. Full Body Clothesline by Rosa. Weak kick by Rosa. Hesitation Dropkick by Rosa for another near fall. Butterfly Bomb by Ivelisse. Rosa rolled into a Crippler Crossface. Iveliaaw made it tot he ropes. Kick by Ivelisse. Rosa caught Ivelisse on the ropes. Death Vallery Driver to give Rosa a two. Rolling Snap Mare by Ivelisse into a Face Kick. 2 count.

Running Kick by Rosa. Rosa caught Ivelisse and nailed the Tombstone Piledriver to take this one to the barn.

Your WInner: Thunder Rosa
Dynamite Score: 88

Duamonte jumped THunder Rosa and stole the title belt. Hikaru Shida got involved and took out both Ivelisse and Diamonte. Shida returned the belt to Rosa and then walked tothe back. Classy.

We saw the debut of Miro, last week. The former Rusev is now aligned with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. Kip cut a promo as Miro worked out with heavy weights. Miro was ready to produce the Best Bachelor’s Party.

Lamce Archer came out and attacked the wrestlers in the crowd. Jake Roberts cut one of his cryptic promos. Jake was out to choose Lane’s two partner for next week’s six man match. Jake asked Taz to come out and join him. He was alone, not a wise idea. Team Taz was ready to do business with Roberts. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks will join Lance Archer, next week. Taz said part of the deal will be when Lance wins the World title, Brian Cage gets the first shot. Lance went off on Eddie Kingston and then said he and Cage would be like Godzilla vs King Kong.

Jon Moxley’s music hit and the AEW Champ came from the side door. Starks and Cage jumped Moxley, out of nowhere. They just punished the champ and threw him into a case. Will Hobbs came in with a chair to protect his friend. Mox chose Darby Allin as his other tag partner.

Next week’s card should be amazing.

Chuck Taylor and Trent vs Santana and Ortiz
Parking Lot Match

The fists flew hard and heavy. Santana and Ortiz were driven into cars. Santana and Ortiz were wearing makeup like Dia de Muerte characters. Ortiz got a hood slammed on him, over nad over. Chuck flew off the top of the vehicle to stomp the hood into Ortiz. The Best Friends set up a plywood sheet on the bed of a truck. Ortiz tried to fight back. Santana found a metal baton and he cracked the Besties with it. Trent was sent up into the tailgate of a truck. Sledge Hammer missed its mark and shattered a windshield. Chuck climbed up on the car adn dragged Santana with him. Chuck was Suplexed by Santana. Trent rammed Ortiz off he hood of he damaged car. Ortiz cracked Trent with the baton. Trent was almost sent through a door. Tret drove Ortiz through the door. Trent ripped open his arm in the process.

Santana used the door pieces as a weapon against Chuck. Incredible Crossfaces by Santana. Atomic Drop onto the car and Santana with a shriek. Dustpan brought into play and Trent was down. Chuck set a barrier piece on a car. Ortiz punched away. Chuck bent the bicycle rack with a Suplex. Santana broke a board across Chuck’s back. Trent exploded on Ortiz. Low Blow by Ortiz intoa Powerbomb onto the roof of a car. Double Powerbomb and Tretn crashed into the windshield. Damn! Chuck found a bat and went off on both foes. Ortiz got a board broken, twice, across his back. Chuck was Back Dropped onto a plastic trash can. Ortiz went off with a piece of boad. Trent’s back was absolutely shredded. Santana punched away on Chuck. He passed out.

Santana went and got a lead pipe. Orange Cassidy came out of a trunk and hit hte Orange Crush punch with a steel chain around his fist.

Cassidy handed Santana to Chuck. Piledrivedr by Tretn. Chuck with a Vertebreaker through the wood plank on Ortiz to take this one home.

Sue came up in the van and took her son and his best buddies away. She hugged her bloody soon. As she left, she flipped off Santana and Ortiz. Too Funny. That tipped the voting in their favor.

Your Winners: The Best Friends
Dynamite Score: 97

Match of the Night: Close call but I’m giving it to Best Friends vs Santana/Ortiz.


-Jay Shannon

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