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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized”-Sun Tzu

AEW is back on Wednesdays, at least this week. We are closing in on the next big PPF so expect a lot of top stars to get featured.

Roll the opening montage!

I love Sky Flowers (fireworks). That term comes from “Land of the Dead’ by the legendary George A. Romero. The announcrs gave us a quick rundown on tonight’s show.

Santana and Ortiz vs Trent and Chuck Tayloer (The Best Friends)

The Bet Friends jumped the Inner Circle members even before the bell sounded. Santana with a Suplex, on the floor. Trent flew off the stage to take down both opponents. The bell hasn’t even wrong yet. They tied to Suplex Santana on the ring steps but Ortiz made the save. Santana was flipped out into No Man’s Land. Chuck dragged out a lot of steel chairs. Ortiz sent Trent into the barrier but Trent came right back with a mini Spear. Chuck was setting up the chairs into a modern art kind of thing. Smile.

Santana wanted to Powerbomb Chuck but it was turned into a Back Body Drop. Chuck was thrown into the mass of steel chairs. The bell finally rang.

Santana and Trent traded wild shots. Universal into a Meteora by Trent. Knife Edge by Trent. Santana reversed a Whip and nailed a Pump Kick. Trent grabbed at his knee. Ortiz made himself legal and they hit a Double Suplex on Trent. 2 count. Gut Wrench Throw by Ortiz. Trent was sent intot he corner. Tag to Santana. Trent turned the tables. Tornado DDT by Trent to send his fore out of the ring. Tope Suicida into Ortiz. Trent crashed into the Bicycle Rack Barrier.

The ref checked on Trent, who still wanted to go. Kick by Trent. Chuck was finally back. He got hte tag and blasted both opponents. Ortiz fell out of the ring and Santana followed. Tope con Hilo by Chuck. Soul Foord and Falcon Arrow by Cuhck. 1-2-Ortiz made the s ave. Sunset Flip on Santana for a near fall. Jumping Knee and tag to Trent.

Trent went tothe apron. Ortiz grabbed the ankle. Santana hit Trent and he fell off the apron and onto the ring steps. Street Sweeper converted into a Vertebreaker. 2 count, though I thought it was a 3. Santana had a steel baton in his hand. He cracked Trent in the back with it. The ref was shadowed out. Street Sweeper.

Your Winners: Santana and Ortiz
Dynamite Score: 92 out of a possible 100

MJF cut a promo about his title match but he was interrupted. He was told that Lawyer, Mark Sterling, had locked himself in the locker room. He was looking for a way out of the match. Wardlow change his mind. MJF warned Mark not to get in the way of his goals. MJF asked Mark “Which Monster do you want to deal with?”

Excalibur is back on the desk. He and Tony Schiavone ran down the other things going on, tonight.

SCU (Frankie Kazrian and Christopher Daniels) and Private Party (Isaiah Cassicdy and Marq Quen) vs Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry) and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)
Eight Man Tag Team Match

Jack and Kaz opened up this contest. The winning team will face each other at the PPV. Kaz rolled up Jack for a two. Both men went for fast pins. Tags to Marq and Matt. Arm Wringer but Jackson bashed away. Whip but Marq laid out his foe. Double Team by Private Party. Matt was in a bad mood. Daniels came out to attack Matt. Inverted Atomic Drop but Nick made a blind tag. Kick by Nick.

Tag back to Matt. Gut Buster. The Bucks won’t tag to Jurassic Express. Dainels was hit with a Double Team by the Bucks. Daniels shoved the two brothes into each other. Back Drop on Nick. Jack got the tag but Kaz, who wa legal, erupted on Jungle Boy. Nick went for a Springboard but a hard punch put him down. Daniels hit a Moonsault to the floor. Kaz punched away on Jack. Springboard Twisting Leg Drop by Kaz for a two. Jack was sent intothe corner. Cassidy was tagged in and exploded on Jungle Boy. Marq tagged in and Private Party laid out Perry with a wild Double Team. Tag to the Fallen Angel, Daniels. Suplex for a two. Headbutt to Jack. Daniels stompedand punched away. Tag back to Kaz. Time for Spli Screen. Sigh.

Kaz stoodon Perry’s long hair and pulled up the arms. Perry pushed towards his corner but Kaz used a Suplex to send him further away from the friendly corner. Wild Double Team by Private Party. Rear Chin Lock by Marq. Perry was ttacked by all four foes. Cassidy with a nice Suplex to garenr a deuce.

Daniels went after the other opponents. Cassidy sent Daniels down, by accident. Perry with a Back Drop Suplex. Luchasaurus finally got to play. He went to town on everyone in sight. He waned a Double Suplex but fell to a pair of Double Dropkicks by Private Party. Double Clothesline to Quen and Cassidy. He so reminds me of Beta on Walking Dead.

Matt got the tag. Stereo Risky Business by the four men. Cassidy blocked a Superkick. Jack got hte tag. SCU double teamed Jungle Boy. Swanton by Cassidy for a seriously near fall. Tag backt o Daniels. Jack Elbowed free. Jungle Boy got laid out by an accidental SUperkick. BME by Daniels. Shooting Star by Cassidy but Luchasuarus made the save. Discus Kick by Lucha. Double Team but Kaz mad ethe save. Lucha got the tag as Jungle Boy flew out of the ring with a Tope. Blind Tag by Matt Jackson. BTE Trigger by the Bucks.

Your Winners: Jurassic Express and Young Bucks
Dynamite Score: 95

Jake Hager had his own video camera crew. He went to chat with Orange Cassidy. He told Orange to come ringside for Jericho’s match, tonight. Cassidy brought his foot up on Jake’s leg. He pushed it away and told Orange it would be in his best interest to be out there. After Jake left, Orange went looking in his backpack. Hmmm…

T here is going to be a Countdown to All Out Special on TNT on Saturday.

Tully Blanchard talked with FTR. Tully discussed how Cash and Dax won the Gauntlet to get the title shot, this Week-end. He said they had one more step to reach the peark. Cash said their legacy would be gone if they lost. Dax said he likes Page but he still had to beat him and Kenny Omega.

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to talk with Kenny Omega. It was interesting that “Hangman” Adam Page wasn’t out there with his partner.

Tony brought up the issues between Page and the Elite. Kenny said Page just made a mistake and would have to deal with the results. He said the cockroaches, FTR, fooled Page. Kenny said he and Page would bring their “A Game”.

FTR strolled out with a cooler. Dax was impressed that two singles guys could mesh into tag champs. Dax wanted a toast with Omega. They gave him chocolate milk. Omega took it and shook it up. Kenny called FTR something obscene and said it was time to fight. Kenny laughed as he looked at Tully. Kenny told them to go ahead and fight. Kenny made fun of Tully’s age. Adam Page walked from the back. Dax said Page made his own choices, so don’t blame FTR. Dax told Adam to tell Kenny just how big a piece of Sh*t he is. Kenny told Adam not to fall for this. FTR continued to disrespect Page and Omega. Page went to hand one of the tag belts to Omega, who was on the floor.

ALex talked with Chris Jericho. Chris asked Marvez when he last experienced a First. Jericho said his Mimosa Mayhem match would finally bring his feud with Orange Cassidy to an end. Chris mentioned about his strategy for drowning Cassidy in 500 gallons of Mimosa. Joey Janela will be a sarificial lamb tonight, thanks to Jericho.

“Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs “Le Champion” Chris Jericho

Joey looks a lot like a young Michael Hayes. It was time for a full break.

Jake Hager came out with Jericho. Another cool jacket for Chris. The ring announcer messed up on Jericho’s weight, putting him at 335 pounds. That’s just Chris’ ego size. LOL! The crowd sang Jericho’s entrance music. It might Chris smile. Orange Cassidy strolled through the arena to watch this match. Jericho looked aggravated. Cassidy just sat down after dropping his backpack. Jericho was wearing an Orange Cassidy shirt.

Joey got beaten silly by Chris, right at the bell. Hard Whip and Corenr Clothesline by Jericho. Chris punched away and stared at Orange. Back Drop Suplex by Jericho. More hard punches by Chris. Another Back Drop Suplex by Jericho. Jericho did the hair stand/arm pull thing. Running Thrust by Jericho off the Irish Whip. The fans chanted for Joey, who was virtually helpless.

Joey flipped free and took down Jericho. Massive Clothesline by Jericho. Knee Strikes by Jericho and he threw Joey outof the ring. Joey tried to fly into the ring but a Code Breaker stopped him cold. Walls of Jericho.

Your Winner (by Submission): Chris Jericho
Dynamite Score: 75

Chris kept pounding away on Joey. TNT kept blacking out. Jericho tore off the corner padding. Chris bounced Joey, face first, intothe metal turnbuckle. Nasty. Joey was busted open. Jericho kept punching the bloody skull. Jericho wiped bloodon the shirt, ripped it off and threw it at Orange. Cassidy rushed hte ring and a Hockey Fight broke out. Jake got in to contiue the fight. Sonny Kiss came out to even the numbers. Jake was sent out by Orane. Tilt-a-Whiel DDT by Orange. Jake pulled Jericho out before Cassidy could deliver the Orange Crush (Superman Punch). Cassidy had some Bubbly and he popped the cork. He poured it out and gave it a Thumbs Down. Jericho was losing it, ringside.

We got a video preview of the Sammy Guevara vs Matt Hardy match at All Out. These two have bruatlized each other for a couple weeks. They will battle in a “Broken Rules Match”, whatever the heck that is. Matt said if he loses, he will leave AEW.

Sammy was out with his signs. Matt Hardy watched on as Sammy showed off the cards that we have a hard tme reading, because we are in Split Screen. Matt had cards of his own.

Team Taz strolled from the back. Ricky Starks and Brian Cage walked aside their leader, Taz. Taz said one of his men will win the Casino Battle Royale. Taz threw out names for those who would get annihilated.

Jake Roberts came out to break up things. He had the Murder Hawk at his side. Jake promised Taz’s boys won’t get anywhere. He called them losers. Jake did his best to keep Lance Archer calm. Eddie Kingston then came out with his crew to shut everyone else down. Tully came out with Shawn Spears. Eddie insulted everyone in sight.

It broke down into complete chaos. Billy Gunn and Darby Allin also got involved. Pentagon and Rey Fenix jumped in the mix. The Inner Cricle and Best Friends joined the party. Shawn Spears jumped in, as well. I’m betting Shawn takes it. We went back to Split Screen.

Jake grinned at the chaos. Ortiz found a chair but dind’t get to use it. The was totally out of control. Archer brutalized anyone he could reach. Eddie was alid out. Ricky and Cage worked together to go after Archer. The fight went all over the ringside area.

Refs finally tried to come down and break it up. Good luck, Skuppy. Jim Ross called for security and then sent it to a video package about the Dark Order. Brodie Lee demolished Cody to take the TNT title. Arn Anderson was also injured. Dustin Rhodes wants revenge for he Nightmare Family. Dustin has enlisted Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky and Q.T. Marshall to aid him in a huge war. Dustin promised that the Dark Order WILL fall.

Thunder Rosa vs Serena Deeb
Non-Title Match

Collar and Elbow tothe ropes. Arm Bar by Deeb. Drop Toe Hold by Rosa. Rosa rolled around to confuse Deeb. Serena with a Inverted Bear Hug. Uppercut by Deeb. Arm Drags by Rosa. Knife Edge by Thuder. Neckbreaker by Serena. Deeb locked up Rosa’s arm and leg. She rammed Rosa’s knee into the canvas, over and over.

Deeb with a Neckbreaker, in the ropes. 2 count. Rosa with a Drop Toe Hold to send Deeb onto the ropes. Skidmark by the NWA champ. Multiple Neckbreakers by Thunder. Running Leg Drop by Rosa. Rear Chin Lock by Thunder. We went to a regular break.

We are back and Deeb was down. She came up swinging. During the break, Deeb was in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Rosa hit a Dropkick while Deeb was trapped. Rear Chin Lock by Rosa into a Cross Tie Clutch. Deeb powered out and nialed a Lung Blower. Running Clotheslines by Serena. Octopus by Serena. Rosa barely kicked out of a pin attempt. Full Body Clothesline by Rosa. Low Dropkick by Thunder. 2 count. Serena countered a weird variation of the AIrplane Spin. Death Valley Driver by Thunder for a two. Body Scissors. German by Thunder. Dropkick by Thunder. Thunder Driver!

Your Winner: Thunder Rosa
Dynamite Score: 90

Jon Moxley cut a promo against MJF. Moxley said all of MJF’s crap would go out the window, at All Out. Jon warned MJF that he better bring his toughest side to their fight. Mox was ready to baptize MJF by fire. He told MJF things were about to get hard.

Tony talked with Big Swole. She will face Britt Baker, at the pre-show. Swole warned that Baker will not be able to dodge her. A pizza was delivered to Tony. It was distraction so Baker could attack. She put Swole in the Lockjaw. The poor pizza got destroyed. My little nephew was almost ready to cry to see food wasted. Smile.

The announcer ran down the entire All Out evens.

MJF’s theme hit and Mark Sterling was tossed out by Wardlow. Mark tried to leave but Wardlow wouldn’t allow it.

Mark Sterling vs Jon Moxley
Non-Title Match

Mox came through the arena. He has been the champ for slightly over six months. Mox is also Number One in the PWI 500. Need to find that mag in the next few days.

Mox prayed in the corner. Mark scooted around to avoid Mox. Jon almost looked amused. He scared the poor lawyer with a yell. Mox offerd Mark a “Free Shot”. Mox had to show Mark how to make a fist. Hard Slap by Mox. He barked at Mark, who scooted tot he floor. Wardlow cmae to force Mark back in the ring. Mox told the guy to attack him. Mox stepped aside and the lawyer went through the ropes.

Mox was tired of playing. He caught Mark’s foot. Poke to Mox’s eyes. Clothesline by Moxley into a La Bandera. Moxley went to get Mark. He threw him into the barricades. Moxley dumped chairs on the guy. J.R. compared Moxley to Terry Funk. Moxley went off on Sterling with his own shoe. Moxley got a chair and took a seat in the ring. Jon went to the eyes and finished off the guy with the Paradifm Shift.

Your Winner: Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 80

Wardlow attacked Moxley as MJF came out with a walker. MJF came down to the ring and went off on the champ. THe ref kept calling for the bell. Stomps by MJF. Knee Choke as MJF screamed at the camera. MJF asked for his Diamond Ring. Wardlow held the champ as MJF blasted Mox in the face. Moxley was busted open adn MJF bit hte face. Friedman kept punching the open wound. MJF cradled the title belt like an infant. He called himself the future of AEW.

Match of the Night: 8 Man Tag Match


–Jay Shannon

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