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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood fhan of being misunderstood”-Friedrich Nietzsche

SummerSlam is in the books and only one of the Raw titles changed hands. Payback is only a few days away and we will learn, tonight, someof the major matches for the last minute PPV.

Roll the opening montage!

We are back in Thunderdome. I really like the concept. Wish I knew how to get our faces on one of the screens. Maybe soon…

Sasha Bamls gets her rematch for the Women’s title.

Roman Reigns is getting an immediate shot at the Universal title at Payback.

Drew McIntyre made his way to the ring. He was still holding the WWE title. HIs match with Randy Orton was a tough contest but the Scottish Psychopath managed to overcome all the odds. We got highlights of the epic confrontation. Orton brutalized the champ for a good portion of the match but Drew somehow survived to take out The Viper. Orton needed medical attention for a busted open forehead, after the match.

Drew worked the video crowd by getting them to give a united Thumbs Up. Drew said Orton was the greatest challenge he has ever faced and he still has the belt. Drew shared the secret of his success…he is hungrier than Orton was. He also works harder than anyone else. Drew has been through Hard Times and he has had to fight all the way along. He knew Orton was protected, no matter what. Drew said Orton was great but not anymore. Drew taunted Randy about his so-called “Greatest Match Ever”. Drew felt that since he won, he is NOW the greatest ever. Drew was ready for whoever was next in line. Drew was only unhappy that he didn’t get to take out Orton with the Claymore. Drew headed to the back. Randy Orton came out of nowhere to attack the champ. Randy just tore into Drew, on the ramp. They fought towards the back. Refs rushed in to stop the Orton broke loose and Punted Drew in the skull. Drew did his best to shake it off. Randy came back for a 2nd Punt. The crowd was going berserk as the officials checked on the WWE title holder.

Drew was just barely able to stand as we returned from break. Drew swore he was fine as he went in search of his mortal enemy. The announcers couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

We got a promo for one of my new favorite wresters…”Limitless” Keith Lee. We have some mutual friends and he was trained by the legendary “Killer” Tim Brooks (RIP).

Nia Jax walked backstage. She was questioned about the suspension. Nia said she was going to have to apologize to Pat Buck to get back in WWE. Shayna Baszler came up and confronted the large woman. She was seriously rude to Nia. Shayna was getting ready to fight Bayley. Nia called Shayna an “Addams Family Reject”.

Bayley (w/Sasha Banks) vs Shayna Baszler
Non-Title Match

There is major tension within the Golden Role Models Nia Jax came out to watch this battle. We took a break before the match got rolling.

Shayna immediately went after Bayley’s arm. Bayley headed to the relative safety of the corner. Go Behind by Bayley but Shayna powered out and started to go for an Arm Lock or Kimura. Bayley got free and headed tothe floor. Shayna yelled at both members of rhe Golden Role Models.

Bayley returned and kicked and clubbed Shayna. Side Headlock Takeover by Bayley, multiple times. Push Off by Shayna into some hard Forearms. Knee Strike sent Bayley to her knees. Shayna went into a Triangle. Sasha provided a distraction. Bayley clocked Shayna nad then kicked away. Suplex by Bayley for a one count. Bayley talked trash and threw punches. Sliding Elbow SMash to get a two count for the Smackdown champ. Shayna boxed the ribs of Bayley but Bayley dumped Shayna out of the ring. Nia Jax stared at the downed competitor. Nia rushed down and attacked Shayna.

Your WInner (by Disqualification): Shayna Baszler
Raw Score: 80 out of a possibel 100

Nia and Shayna tore into each other as Bayley and Banks scooted to a safe distance. Nia and Shayna put their issues aside and went after the champs. Payback? Title defense of the tag belts?

Kevin Owens was in search of Aleister Black. He found him and asked him to come to the K.O. Show, which is next. Black did not respond but pulled the door shut. I seem to remember Black’s warning about knocking on his door.

The K.O. Show

Owens liked the Thunderdome concept. I’m getting used to it. Kevin then introduced his guest…Aleister Black. Black came out with his eye bandaged, thanks to an attack by Seth Rollins. Black would not use the ring steps to get in the ring. Owens asked Black to take a seat. Owens was happy that Aleister agreed to beon the show. Owens was concerned about Black’s injury. Black said to just show the footage on the attack. This happened one month earlier. Nasty looking thing. I have a major problem with eye injuries, since I lost most of my sight 40 years ago.

Kevin said Seth and Murphy are good at playing mind games. Black seemed to have a seizure. Instead, he just exploded on Owens, nailing the Black Mass. What the heck?

Sasha and Bayley were interviewed, backstage. They just didn’t want to get in the middle of the Baszler/Jax scuffle. They do want to deal with them, eventually.

R-Truth came out for the next match.

R-Truth vs Shelton Benjamin vs Akira Tozawa vs Cedric Alexander
Fatal Four Way for the 24/7 title

All the guys went after each other. Cedric sent Shelton sailing. Cedric was laid out with a Knee Strike. Truth then went after Shelton. Truth missed the Ax Kick. Akira rushed in and went after Shelton. Benjamin threw him intot he arms of his ninjas. SHelton was thrown out and Akira rolled up Truth for hte title.

Your WInner (and NEW 24/7 CHampion): Akira Tozawa
Raw Score: 40

Randy Orton was asked for his comments regarding Drew McInytre. Randy was on his way out to discuss things.

Randy Orton came out to cut a promo. The video fans showed how much they hated The Viper. He drank it in like a thisty man int he desert would absorb water. Orton was upset that he didn’t win the WWE title. He admitted his failure and was ready to learn fom it. Randy talked about all those he has taken out as the Legend Killer. Orton said he enjoyed kicking Drew in the head, twice. He said he did it because Drew offered a rematch out of pity.

Randy was stopped by the arrival of Keith Lee! This flashes me back to Chris Jericho’s arrival during the Rock’s promo, many, many years ago.

Lee just grined at Orton and walked around him. He took a microphone to give his thoughts. Lee said they haven’t been properly introduced and he was ready to take care of that. He had an opportunity for Mr. Orton to bask in Lee’s glory. Lee mentioned the various names that have been called. Keith offered a match, right here and right now. Orton seemed amused. He turned down the match invitation.

Charly was set to interview but she stopped to talked with Zelina and her group. Charly asked Zelina is she was ready to admit she poisoned Montez Ford. Angel said Zelilna did it but it was ok. Vega freaked out. Angel asked out both Charly and the blonde chick. Wow! I’d hate to have his nerve in my jaw.

Angel Garza vs Montez Ford

There were Red Solo Cups all around. Someone has been listening to Toby Keith, again. The Street Profits did an insert video before the match.

Angel with a Side Headlock. Universal into a Ford Dropkick. Ford was flipped onto the apron. FOrd flew off he ropes but got Dropkicked on the way down. Angel ripped off his outer pans. Garza put Ford up on the ropes in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Knee Strike into a Rear Chin Lock. Ford punched free. Ivar came out to talk tot he blonde girl. He brought her a turkey leg. He escorted her away from ringside. Angel was tripping out. Ford took advantage with a hard kick. Garza came right bck with a hard kick. Ford and Garza fought on the ropes. Twisting Frog Splash by Ford!

Your Winner: Montez Ford
Raw Score: 85

Nia and Shayna chatted in the back. Nia wanted to unite with Shayna to go after the tag belts. SHayna agreed if Nia would get off her back. Shayna slaped the taste out of Nia’s mouth. The Riott Squad then ran into Bianca Belair. They were getting readyf or the Six Lady Tag Match. Awesome.

USA and SYFY are running another Harry Potter marathon. That’s cool but I recently completed my collection. I now have all 10 films and me and my little nephew, Casey, often sit and watch them. Smile. He also joined me for Saturday Night Dynamite. He gives me such a fun new opinion on wrestling. What to expect from a six year old?

So the Universal Title Match, on Sunday, will NOW be a Triple Threat.

Zelina Vega, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair
Six Woman Tag Team Match

Billie and Liv opened the contest. Quick tag tto Peyton. Double team to Liv. Liv sent Peyton into the corner and tagged to Ruby. Go Behind by Ruby but Peyton Back Elbowed free. Billie took the tag and dropped Ruby. 2 count. Tag back to Peyton. Double team on the emerald princess of ink. Zelina came in and threw Ruby intothe corner. Running Knee Strike to Ruby’s face. Ruby kicked out at two. It broke down into cahos. Bianca hit a GlamSlam and Moonsault for a near fall. The Riott Squad negated the Iconics. KoD by Bianca to take this one home.

Your WInners: Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott
Raw Score: 80

Ricochet and Cedric were playing around on the Arm Wrestling table. MVP gave Cedric grief for playing after losing. Mark Henry had already taken away the table. MVP tried his best to stir the pot between the two buddies.

Mark Henry brought out Apollo Crews.

Arm Wrestling COntest

I thought they retired this lame concept. Everyone was banned from ringside for this mess.

Bobby Lashley vs Apollo Crews
Arm Wrestling “Match”

Lashley mentioned he was going to win this and then take the U.S. title, at Payback. Apollo handed the title belt to Mark Henry. Bobby kept doing the typical Heel back off. Yawn. Apollo stomped on Lashley’s foot and then beat him.

Your WInner: Apollo Crews
Raw Score: N/A

Lashley tried to take out Crews but he got laid out. The other members of the Hurt Business rushed out but Crews was just too quick for them.

We looked back at Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins in a SummerSlam Street Fight. Dom’s mom, Angie, was also there. Dom lost but gave one Hell of a performance for a Rookie. He will obviously be a top contender for Rookie of the Year. Charly interviewedd the entire Mysterio family. Dominik has some really cool ink, much like his dad does. Charly asked Dom if he was nervous. He was but he had his family to boost his courage. Rey was so proud of his son. Rey said he has been dreaming of working with his son and now he gets to.

Natalya and Lana were in the ring. They were going to induct someone into the Hall of Fame. They were going to praise and celebrate Mickie James as her career comes to an end. They sent it to a video package about Mickie James. Well, we thought they were. The screen stayed blank.

Mickie James rushed down and laid out both Lana and Nattie. They didn’t take long. I so wish the Powers that Be would get with the program to bring in Nick Aldis, Mickie’s hubby.

The Hurt Business triedt o invade Raw Underground. Shane stopped them and then decided to let them come in and fight.

Raw Underground

Bobby Lashley just destroyed some poor kid in seconds. Dolph Ziggler stepped up to face Lashley. Bobby caught Dolph and beat him silly. Dolph took Lashley down and pounded away. This new style works for Dolph. Bobby stopped and kicked but Dolph answered. Sleeper by Dolph. Bobby tried to roll out but Dolph refused to let go. Lashley sent Dolph flying out of the ring. Lashley laid out another victim that was thrown into the ring.

Back to the REAL wrestling:

Randy Orton vs Keith Lee
Special Challenge Match

Joe called Keith a “Tank with a Rocket Engine”. They locked up and went to the corner. Side Headlock by ORton. Lee lifted Randy and walked a bit. Push Off into a wild Universal. Shoulder Tackle and Randy went down. Randy hesitated to lock up. He kicked the ribs. Lee caught a punch and crunched the hand. Orton got launched with a Standing Overhead Belly to Belly. Orton flew out of the ring. Lee went to get him. Orton sent Lee intothe ring post. Lee has an issue with his shoulder. Orton/Garvin Stomp to Lee.

Lee pushed out with authority. Rear Chin Lock by Randy. Randy rode the back but Lee would only stand up. Lee back rushed intot he corner. Steam Roller by Lee into a nasty Crossbody. Pounce by Lee sent Randy all the way to the floor. Lee went to retrieve him. Orton attacked as Lee went to get back in the ring. Draping DDT by Orton.

Randy went into his evil place. Drew yanked him out of the ring. McIntyre just annihliated his mortal enemy.

Your WInner (by Disqaulification): Randy Orton
Raw Score: 88

Randy ran for the hills as Drew stared at the man who Punted him, twice.

The announcers focused on the return of Roman Reigns. He is coming back as a major league HEEL. The Fiend had just beaten Braun Strowman when Roman hit hte ring and attacked everyone in sight. Roman, Bray and Braun will square off in a Triple Threat for the Universal title, on Sunday. It will be No Holds Barred. They will sign the contract, on Smackdown.

Charly stopped Drew to chat with him. Drew apologized for interrupting Lee’s match but he had to get back at Randy. Randy came out of the shadows to Punt Drew, again. The refs forced him back. This is getting ridiculous.

2nd time to see the Harry Potter commercials. Think I’ll fire up the Blu-Ray, after Raw, and head to Hogwarts.

Charly said Drew MIGHT have a skull frcature. This could end Drew’s career. The announcers were upset about the disgusting situattion.

Sasha Banks (w/Bayley) vs Asuka
Raw Women’s Title Match, under LumberJack Rules

It is official: Baszler and Jax vs Bayley and Banks at Payback for the tag belts. There was a mix of men and women around the ring to serve as LumberJacks and Jills. Quick Roll Up by Sasha for a two. Sasha was tossed out and she got into it with Ruby Riott. Banks kept getting pushed off the apron. Bayley tried to protect her friend. WE went to break.

Asuka was down and pulled out of the ring by Banks. Bayley attacked Asuka as Sasha held her. Asuka was thrown back in the ring. 1-2-no. Thrust Kick by Asuka. Wild Leaping DDT was partially blocked. 2 count for Asuka. Back Heel Trip into an Ankle Lock by Asuka. Banks crawled towards Bayley. Asuka was dumped tothe floor. Banks flew off he apron and took out the Riott Squad. Asuka laid out Sasha. Bayley threw several women, including Natalya and Lana, at Asuka. She laid them all out. Sasha jumped Asuka and hit a Frog Splash to ALMOST take this one. Sasha called for a chair. Shayna stopped her and took her out. Asuka with a vicious Asuka Lock. She had to tap out!

Your WInner (by Submission): Asuka
Raw Score:83

An ambulance took Drew off to a “local Medical Facility” to be checked out. He will be tested.

Keith Lee was interviewed about what just went down. Lee didn’t want Drew to spoil his debut but he really hated what his friend had to deal with. Keith was ready to take revenge on Randy Orton.

Los Mysterios walked together. The camera angle so reminded me of when Hulk Hogan would walk the halls at MSG, a lifetime ago. Yes, I’m feeling a bit old today. Smile.

Raw Underground, Part Two

Lashley tookt he fight to Cedric Alexander. He just mutilated the poor Alexander. Ivar rushed in but got stopped by Shelton Benjamin. All Hell broke loose as the Vikings went after the Hurt Business. Kimora by Lashley. Shane was happy that he Hurt Business was in his house.

We got an updated Payback card. Randy Orton will have to battle Keith Lee at Payback.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins and Murphy

The Mysterios went after Seth and Murphy, before the bell. Rey was sent over hte announce desk. Seth pitched Dominik into the ring and set Murphy on him. Arm Drags by Dom. Wicked Dropkick by Dom. Slingshot Slide to Dropkick Seth. Murphy was sent to the outside. Rey took out both enemies. The Mysterios sent Seth intothe ropes. Dom flew over the top to take down both the Messiah and the Disciple. We needed a break, I guess.

The pizzas looked good but Mama Dee just pulled an Apple Cake out of the oven. So darn good with vanilla ice cream. Yeah, I know it isn’t exactly healthy but who cares? Grin.

Rey made a dive for his corner but fell to a Gutbuster by Seth. Seth stomped on Rey’s arm. Rollins taunted Rey to tag out and then cracked Dom in the face. Rey started to fight back. He hit the Wheelbarrow Bulldog, as well as Murphy with a Double Boot while in mid-move.

Murphy made the tag and stopped Rey’s progression, for a moment. Hot Tag to Dominik. Dom tore into Murphy with punches nad a Clothesline. Murphy threw Dom onto the apron. Springboard Crossbody by Dom for a two. Boot by Dom to a charging Murphy. Excellent Rana to send Murphy into the post. Tornado DDT by Dom. 1-2-broke up by Seth.

Dom came out and got Murphy. Chop Block by Murphy as Seth distrated. Tag to Seth. Dom escaped a Buckle Bomb and tagged his daddy in. Tilt-a-Whirl to send Seth into the ropes. Murphy tagged in. Roll Up for a two by Murphy. Rey sent Murphy into the ropes. Stereo 619s. The lights did weird stuff and Retribution hithte ring.

Your WInner (by Disqualification); Rey and Dominik Mysterio
Raw Score: 84

Rey and Dom were annihilated by the masked men. Rey was launched into the post. Took me back to when the Outsiders did that, back in WCW. Murphy and Seth just watched the carnage and enjoyed themselves. Tonight, there were six but just how many members are there?

Jean: Good Luck on the new home.
Caludia: Great talking to you “Mom”
Niecy: Enjoyed our talk, tonight.


–Jay, Candya nd LeeAnne

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