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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They are just braver for five minutes longer.”-Ronald Reagan

Our wrestling world lost a brave soul, over the week-end. James Harris, better known to us all as Kamala, lost his long battle against numerous illnesses. I had the honor of meeting him, in New Orleans, a few years back. He gave me one of my most beloved memories between myself and my grandfather. I thank him for that and I wish him a safe travel to the next reality. I also send my love and respect out to his family. God Bless and Rest in Peace.

SummerSlam is quickly approaching and the pieces are starting to fall in place. Dominik Mysterio will make his in-ring debut, against Seth Rollins. Drew McIntyre will defend his WWE title against Randy Orton. Other matches should be announced tonight.

We began with an “IN Memory” for Kamala. Thank you.

Roll the opening montage!

The announcers ran downt he night’s card. Kevin Owens will battle Randy Orton. Asuka will also battle Bayley to secure her shot at Sasha Banks, at SunnerSlam. And, sigh, Raw Underground will return.

Samoa Joe was in the ring. He welcomed everyone to the show. It was contract signing time. This was a Double signing. Joe first brought out Seth Rollins, someone that Joe doesn’t care for. Joe is under orders to not get into a physical confrontation with Rollins. Murphy joined his mentor in the ring.

Joe then brought out Dominik Mysterio. Dom has a cool graffiti graphic. I hope he comes out wearing a Lucha mask, at SummerSlam. Dom carried a kendo stick with him. Seth questioned Dom for being a scared little boy with his stick. Joe took the kendo stick to make things safer. Seth and Joe got into a war of words. Joe said Seth got all caught up in his hurt feelings and took it to make himself rightous. Joe wondered what Seth would have done if Dom didn’t show up, last week. Joe said Dominik had no choice.

Seth said he gave a lot of people, including Joe, choices. Seth said he was the one who never got any choices. Seth felt he was being forced into this role. Seth said he had to make sacrifices for the Greater Good.

Dom told Seth that he was using the Greater Good as an excuse for his evil actions. Seth claimed he made Dom a WWE Superstar, which is Dom’s dream. Dom said his new dream was to kick Seth’s *ss at SummerSlam. Seth just chuckled. Seth said Dominik would not last 10 seconds with him in a standard wrestling match. Seth told Dom he could bring the kendo stick or any tool in the toolbox in their fight. Seth wanted no excuses when he ends Dom’s career, before it really ever starts. Seth then signed the contract for their match. Dominik signed both contracts, includiing his contract to become a WWE Superstar. Seth ordered Dom to get out of the ring so Rollins could destroy Humberto Carrillo. He suggested Dom sit at ringside and take notes. We went to break.

Humberto Carrillo vs Seth Rollins

Collar and Elbow around the ropes. Humberto with shots tot he ribs. The ref forced them to break. Cheap Shot by Seth, in the corner. Arm Bar by Seth. Humberto with a Double Leg and punches. Disaster Kick by Carrillo. They went to the floor. Knife Edge CHops until Seth threw Humberto into the barricade. Murphy started to jump Humberto but Dom stepped up to protect him. Kicks missed all around but Humberto did connect with a Windmill Kick to drop Seth. He punched away on Seth. Seth slipped free fromt he corner and then Rollins worked over the back. Humberto fought out of a Belly to Back Superplex. Murphy got on the apron to distract. Dom smacked Murphy. Superkick by Seth into a Powerbomb. Stomp!

Your WInner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 84 out of a possible 100

Murphy ambushed Dominik and threw him intothe ring. 2-on-1 beat down on the newest WWE Superstar. Dom got free and took down Seth. Murphy got involved nad the numbers took control of the situation. Seth ordered Murphy to get the knedo stick and give it to Seth. Seth wore out Dom with the bamboo weapon. Murphy ripped the shirt off Dominik and tied him up in the ropes. Seth kept smacking Dom with the kendo stick. No one came to help the kid. Murphy threw more kendo sticks intot he ring. Murphy was gifted oe of the singapone canes. They then took turns assaulting DOm with the canes. This was just stupid. Seth kept taunting Dominik. Dom has some seriously cool ink on his arm. Seth said the feud with Rey and the Mysterios will continue. Dom had some nasty cuts and bruises from the kendo stick assault. Thankfully, we took a break. Time to grab dinner.

We got a video package for Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre.

Back to the show and we got lowlights from the last segment. I’ve been struck with a knedo stick and it stings like all get out. I still have a receipt for “Big Tony” somewhere down the road. The announcers talked over things. Joe said he was handcuffed at the desk and couldn’t help his friend’s son. They then talked about the new group, Retribution. We got a video package about how they messed with production, last week. The masked group destroyed Smackdown, as well. Who is under the hoods? NXT people? This reminds me of the old Aces and Eights faction in TNA.

We looked back at the whole Street Profits vs La Familia incident from last week. Zelina got on the stick and talked abouthte poisoning thing. She swore she was innocent. Vega would not ruin her men’s chances at the tag titles. Vega warned Biance Belair to keep her man and herself in line. Vega repeated that she had nothing to do with the poisoning. SHe promised that her men WOULD take the tag titles, at SummerSlam.

Andrade vs Angelo Dawkins

The lights started acting all funky, again. THe music cut out, as well. We went to break.

Before the match, we saw a preview of the Big Show show. It looks so ashes back to an 80s feel. Shame I don’t get Netflix.

The bell rang and Angelo exploded on Andrade. Leap Frog by Dawkins into a huge Dropkick. Andrade did get a kick to Angelo’s ribs. Andrade hit the floor The ref started Andrade slid in and out to reset the count. Andrade tripped Angelo and then started stomping away. He also threw in several vicious punches. Rear Chin Lock by Andrade. Angelo Elbowed his way free. They traded vicious Forearms. Angelo got the better of it. Clotheslines by the tag champ. Flying Back Elbow by Dawkins. Clutch Suplex by Angelo. Corkscrew Splash missedin the corner. Andrade took advantage and threw Forearms and the Shotgun Knees. 2 count.

Andrade flew off the top but got blasted. Bianca Belair rushed down to take care of Vega. Spinebuster to take this one home.

Your Winner: Angelo Dawkins
Raw Score: 85

Vega tried to run away from Bianca. They are on deck to fight.

Bianca Belair vs Zelina Vega

Vega was on Bianca’s back. She kept going for Sleepers. Suplex by Belair. Vega begged off and tried to escape. Vega tried to run and attacked Bianca. Crucifix into Triangle by Vega. Bianca powered out. Choke Drop by Bianca. Vega was sent into the corner and Bianca just pounded away with punches and kicks. Vega went tothe eyes. Tornado DDT by Vega.

Bianca reversed a Whip. Float Over into a Go Behind by Vega. Zelina went after the hair. Step Up Kick to Bianca’s face. Modified Hip Attack by Vega. 1-2no. Bianca pushed out of a 2nd Tornado DDT. Vega escaped the KoD. Bega used the ropes to take down Bianca. Vega flew off the top but got caught. Gorilla Press Drop to Vega. The omen fought on their knees. Bianca snapped and just blasted the Hell out of Vega. Biels by Bianca. Bianca rushed and struck the post. Vega kicked away at Bianca’s ribs. Corner Mount Punches as Vega screamed she didn’t do it. Powerbomb and Alley Oop to stun Vega. K.o.D.!

Your Winner: Bianca Belair
Raw Score: 89

Bianca was asked about the poisoning of her husband, Montez Ford. Charly asked if Bianca had any proof that Vega or her men were involved. Dawkins stepped up and said Ford would be at SummerSlam to defend.

The announcers took it back to last week’s United States title match. Apollo Crews retained his title over MVP. Backstage, the Hurt Business chatted. They were ready for a special edition of the VIP Lounge.

So, Hockey is coming back to TV. I’ll don my Emerald and White to support my Dallas Stars.

We got a look at Kato, who destroyed a bunch of people in Raw Underground.

The VIP Lounge

MVP said this was a different version of the Lounge. He was not happy and wanted to cause people pain. MVP said there was a conspiracy against him and others. He grumbled it was the lights, not Apollo, that beat him. That brought out Crews.

Apollo couldn’t believe MVP was making excuses. MVP mocked Apollo for playing off an injury. Crews crowed about having the belt that MVP spent so much money for. MVP said Apollo constantly makes bad choices, like coming out alone. Apollo said he was a bad man who can make bad choices. Apollo said he dind’t care about anyone in the Hurt Business, except Porter. Crerws said he would put out MVP’s lights at SummerSlam. It broke down into complete chaos but Apollo held the ring.

Apollo Crews vs Shelton Benjamin
Non-Title Match

Shelton escaped the Toss Powerbomb. MVP and Lashley were still at ringside. Benjamin worked over Apollo. Float OVer into a Dropkick and Back Elbow. Snap Suplex by Crews. Gorilla Press blocked. Kick by Shelton. Powerbomb by the former 24/7 champ. 2 count.

Rude Awakening Neckbreaker by Shelton. Apollo was dumped to the floor, right at MVP’s feet. MVP taunted the champ until Shelton dropped Crews on the apron and threw him back in the ring. Crossbody by Crews and an Enziguri to slow down Shelton. Benhamin was having issues with his knee. Corner Splash by Shelton fell to a Snap Poweslam. Standing Moonsault for a near fall. Lashley tried to trip Crews. The distraction allowed a Roll Up.

Your Winner: Shelton Benjamin
Raw Score: 74

Lashley went for his Full Nelson but MVP called him off. MVP wanted Crews healthy. Crews popped MVP in the face and bailed out of the ring.

Retribution sent a cindre block through a glass door at the Performance Center. This is getting boring, already. Break time.

Mickie James is Back! Lana and Natalya came up and made fun of the former champ. Mickie couldn’t believe that Nattie had sunk so low as to act that way. Cool feud.

We got a look at Raw Underground. We get more, later tonight. Ivar flirted with some blonde chick. Break time.

We looked back at the brutal assault on Dominik Mysterio, from earlier. Dom’s back and chest were chredded by the bamboo shots.

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander and Erik and Ivar vs Akira Tozawa and the Ninja Squad
8 Man Tag Team Match

Ricochet did his inner Ralph Macchio to start. Ninja I got laid out and then Ninja 2 went down. Tag to Ivar and then Erik. Knee Strike on the hapless Ninja. Ninja 3 didn’t want any part of this. Akira was ticked off. Viking Experience to Ninja 2.

Your WInners; Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, Erik and Ivar
Raw Score: 30

One of the Ninjas rolled up Akira. It was R-Truth and he began his 38th reign as title holder. Jeez.

Charly talked with Drew McIntyre. She wondered if Drew would watch the K.O. vs Orton match, later on. Drew stood by his words from last week. Drew knew Randy was desperate to stay on top as long as possible. Drew told Randy he would rip the torch from Randy’s hand and how him that Evolution has passedhim by. Drew left the door open for a feud with Kevin Owens.

.Liv Morgan (w/Ruby Riott) vs Peyton Royce (W/Billie Kay)

The Iconoics mocked the Riott Squad for joining up. Liv exploded at the bell. Peyton dumped her to the floor. Liv smashed Royce and threw her in the ring. Spin Kick by Peyton. Crossfaces by the Iconic One. Liv with a Roll Up for two. Corner Dropkick by Morgan. Ruby got on the apron. Peyton with the Deja Vu Powerslam.

Your WInner: Peyton Royce
Raw Score: 50

Liv was confused and a bit angry at what just went down.The announcers discussed the troubles within the Riott Squad.

We went back to Shayna Baszler vs Sasha Banks. Asuka got in the middle of things and took down Sasha. Banks put her bestie, Bayley, up against Asuka for this week. If she beats Bayley, Asuka will get Sasha at SummerSlam.

It was time for (sigh) Raw Underground. I can’t stand these segments. So darn amateur looking.

Raw Underground

A couple of kids were doing the indoor backyard wrestling thing. They went out ofthe ring and into a metal wall. This is NOT wrestling! The two went backand forth. Nasty headbutt and a shottothe skull. The match was stopped. Riddick Moss won that one. We wemt back to REAL wreseling.

Asuka vs Bayley
Special Challenge Match

Dropkick and Hip Attack by Asuka. Snap Mare by Asuka. Bayley went tothe floor. She got thrown into the plexiglass barrier. Bayley was sent back in the ring. Banks distracted Asuka. Face Plant by Bayley for a near fall. Suplex gave Bayley a two.

Rear CHin Lock by Bayley. Vince McMahon recently told everyone he is so UP on Bayley. The lights started doing their thing, again. Elbow Drop by Bayley for a deuce. Bayley kicked away at Asuka’s chest. Backslide by Asuka. Kick by Asuka. Shoulder Tackle intoa German by Asuka. Hip Attack! 1-2-mot yet.

Bayley blocked a 2nd Hip Attack. Bayley missed a Corner Knee Strike. Asuka with a Step Up Stomp. Bayley fell out of the ring as we headed to break.

Asuka with a Missile Dropkick for a near fall. Sasha kept the cheerleader position at ringside. She got up on the apron to distract. Bayley cinched in a Grapevine variation of the Ankle Lock. Asuka reached the ropes. Leg DDT to the ankle by Bayley. Asuka still kicked out. Sasha yelled at Asuka to give up. Sasha taunted Asuka with the Raw Women’s title belt. Banks got involved but he ref didn’t see a thing. Bayley kicked away at the Empress.

Surprise RolL Up by Asuka into the a wicked Seated Octopus. Bayley managed to escape but Asuka went intoa Fujiwara Arm Bar. Bayley caught Asuka in an Indian Death Lock. Nice. Asuka converted it into an Ankle Bayley stood up and almost pinned Asuka. Dead Lift but Asuka turned and Splashed Bayley. 1-2-no.

Double Knee Strike by Asuka for a two. The two threw wild punches and kicks. Knee Strike by Asuka. Bayley was set up top. Bayley climbed the ropes and threw Forearms. Bayley shoved her off the ropes. Savage Elbow by Bayley. Ein–Zwei–NEIN!

Spinning Back Fist by Bayley. Sunset Bomb intot he turnbuckles by Bayley. Asuka rolled Bayley intot he Asuka Lock. Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Asuka
Raw Score: 94

Arturo Ruas vs some guy
Raw Underground

Arturo quickly beat the poor kid into chopped meat. Move this show to The Network and give us a full 3rd hour of wresling, please. Arturo easily won.

sked if anyone else wanted to fight the guy. They didn’t so we went to break.

Daba-Kato was unleashed in the Underground. He just destroyed some poor black kid. Crotch Claw by Kato. K.O. Punch. Done.

Shayna Baszler got in the ring to fught. No one wanted to face her. She went out and got some girl and annihilated her in mere seconds. Another blonde rushed in and also got destroyed. A third chick attacked failed, as well. Several women attacked Shayna nad they all got laid out.

We wemt back to the main arena. We cut to the outside, where a car was turned over and Retribution kicked away at it. Whatever.

Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens

Ric Flair was at Randy’s side. Randy struck his famouis “O” pose as we went to another break.

The two circled each other and went into a Collar and Elbow. They refused to let it go. Side Headlock by Randy. Push Off by Owens but Randy with a Shoulder Tackle. Universal and Randy got sent out of the ring. Orton tripped K.O. and pulledh im out to the floor. They threw violent punches and Randy went tot he eyes. Randy bounced Orton off the announce desk. Owens threw Randy back in the ring just before 10. Owens mocked Randy’s Legend Killer nickname. Orton kicked and chopped away. Stunner and RKO blocked. Cannonball by Owens. Cannonball on the floor. Time for another break.

Owens stomped away on Orton as we came back on. Knife Edge Chops by Owens to stick it in Flair’s face. Clubbing blows by Owens. Randy bailed out of the ring. Flair was concerned. Randy sent Owens into the ring steps. Randy ran Owens intothe barricade. Randy broke the count and went after Owens. Owens was sent into another set of ring steps. Randy slithered back into the ring. Owens beat the count, just barely.

Orton stomped the ankle of Owens. It ended up being a slow-mo version of the Garvin/Orton Stomp. Laces across the eyes. Stomp to Owens’ chest. Knee Drop by The Viper. Rear Chin Lock by Orton. Randy tore at Kevin’s eyes. Owens Elbowed his way free and rocked Orton with brutal shots. The two went back and forth until Kevin hit the Backsplash Senton. Both men were exhausted.

Orton slid out of hte ring to avoid the Pop Up Powerbomb. Kevin was dumped ontothe annouce table with a Belly to Back Suplex. Randy sent Kevin in and got a near fall. Owens was placed up top. Randy borrowed from his legendary daddy for an Orton Family Superplex. He didn’t get it as a Headbutt sent Orton. Modified Swanton by Owens. 1-2-Kick out!

Owens wanted the Stunner but Orton twisted into hte RKO.

YOur WInner: Randy Orton
Raw Score: 90

Randy asked for the microphone. He waned to ask a favor from his old friend. We took a final break.

Randy said he should be mad at Flair for setting him against Kevin Owens. He just couldn’t do it. Randy said Flair’s ego got him into this battle. Orton praised Flair for helping him for 20 years. Randy talkeda bout getting in trouble in Illinois, around 2002. Orton got in major trouble and Flair saved his bacon. Randy lost all love and respect for Flair because Flair is now a liability. Orton brought up Flair’s kids which started Ric crying. Randy said this version of Ric Flair is gone. He called Flair “a Junkie for the Spotlight”.

Flair took the stick and said this was getting very personal. Flair said the old Flair is gone. Flair said he did like to be in the spotlight. Flair wanted Randy to break Ric’s title reign record. Flair broke down when talking about his health issues. Flair said he knew Randy could break the record. They hugged. Low Blow by Orton. Randy eased Flair to the canvas. Randy whispered into Flair’s ear. Randy went for the Punt buthte lighWts went out. Rabdy appeared to Punt Flair but we were in the dark. Nice way to show it without showing it. Drew McIntyre ran in to protect Flair. Medics and officials rushed down to check on Flair. Drew stared daggers at Orton. Drew went backt o check on Ric as Randy seemed to be oblivious. Drew promised to hurt Randy at SummerSlam.

Joe: Glad you are felling better, brother
Sara and kids: Welcome Home
Jean: Congrats on the new job


—Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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